Haloview MC7109 7” 720P HD Digital Wireless Rear View Camera System

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Brand Haloview
Screen Size 7 Inches
Installation Type Surface Mount
Video Capture Resolution 720p
Real Angle of View 120 Degrees

  • Compared with MC7108, using a smaller camera, Comes with a camera mounting bracket adapter for prewired RVs.
  • 10-32V wide voltage input, Support 4 wireless camera input,120° wide viewing angle, Wireless Line of Sight Range Up to 984 feet (This kit include 1 monitor+ 1 camera)
  • Split mode, auto-scan mode and single-display mode available, Normal, mirror, FLIP, MIRROR-FLIP viewing options available
  • HD 720P Digital Wireless Backup camera system, Built-in recorder. Real time recording, video playback, it has far better image resolution, stronger lens and longer transmission distance, which will bring you a whole new driving experience
  • The camera’s waterproof level is IP69K rating (highest IP rating) and the vibration rating is 5.9G, Built-in SMART IR-CUT filter image color and more realistic.


Product Description

Haloview MC7109 with a mini camera, it has far better image resolution, stronger lens and longer transmission distance, which will bring you a whole new driving experience. The camera captures crystal clear images with 1280×720 resolution, it also features a wide viewing angle of 120 degree, which eliminates all the blind spots, a feature that comes in handy when backing up in dim areas. It is pretty easy to install, and the kit comes with all the necessary cables and accessories needed and a guiding instruction manual. Instructions are simple and easy to follow whether or not you’ve done a similar installation in the past and the process can take less than one hour.



  • HD Digital Wireless
  • High Resolution:1024*600
  • IPS Panel , You can see the image at any angle
  • Video recording
  • IR LEDs enable night vision up to 32ft
  • IP69K Waterproof
  • Smart IR-CUT filter

HD 720P


Video recording

120 degrees

High Resolution

720P, high definition image quality improve your viewing experience

Long Range Signal Transmission

A long monitor antenna allows better reception for long range signal ,wireless signal range up to 984 feet.


Monitor support 4-channel composite and single-channel recording in AVI signal format.

120 degree

A wide viewing angle of 120 degree



Backup Camera Bracket Adapter

Haloview MC7109

IPS Panel

IPS Panel , You can see the image at any angle.


This camera system built-in SMART IR-CUT filter makes image more realistic. If you use 650nm filter at daytime, it will automatically switch to 850nm at night. It makes color more realistic and avoid color blur.

Backup Camera Bracket Adapter

Comes with a camera mounting bracket adapter for prewired RVs.

What’s in the Box

  • MC7109 Rear View Monitor
  • MC7109 Rear View Camera
  • Center Mount Bracket
  • U-support Bracket for Monitor
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Camera Conversion Cable
  • BMW Connector Adapter
  • U-support Bracket for Camera
  • Comes with a camera mounting bracket adapter for prewired RVs.

Additional information

Weight 4.14 kg
Dimensions 11.3 × 9.17 × 4.8 cm
Package Dimensions

11.3 x 9.17 x 4.8 inches

Item Weight

4.14 pounds





Other display features


Country of Origin


Date First Available

May 19 2020



10 reviews for Haloview MC7109 7” 720P HD Digital Wireless Rear View Camera System

  1. JimB

    Easy to install, great options, amazing picture.So far it has been an excellent experience. The wireless install was simple. I actually purchased the 7″ monitor and backup cam, the sidelight cams, and a separate cam to use as a “rear view” when driving. This is in prep for a 5,000 mile one month cross country “glamping” trip with my 26′ Heartland Wilderness travel trailer. Although Halovision recommended going with the “max” option because of the distance between the back of the camper and the location of the monitor, I elected to try the standard setup since I have a fiberglass trailer. This saved money and simplified the installation. I also did not connect the automatic backup and turn signal options as I wanted full control of what cameras are on when.So, the good news is that the cameras connected flawlessly and operated without a problem on a short highway test drive. No picture drop-out at 55 mph. The signal is fine even though it’s at the outer reach of the “standard” range for highway driving. I assume the fiberglass trailer just doesn’t have as much interference. The picture quality is amazing – easy to see what’s out there and in addition to the backup view I really enjoy having a great “rear view” which makes seeing trucks, buses, and other vehicles that might blow me around on the highway long before they catch up to me. Fellow travel trailer owners will understand how helpful that can be. I cut the sticky mount to fit in a center tray on my Ford Expedition and the mount location works perfectly. I was able to run the wire connecting to the power connection discretely and it was long enough that I keep the line coming from the monitor curled and tied behind the monitor. This allows me to unplug the monitor and remove it without having to undo everything – the plug in the middle of the power line was an unexpected benefit. Also, I should mention that the included sun shield works great. It’s plastic, so I try to be careful with it, but nice to have.I should add that I reached out to haloview support both prior to and after my purchase. They have responded overnight and professionally answered my questions. Given that they are in Hong Kong the overnight response is understandable. I did appreciate that they were responsive and professional.So, one and only one “con” in my mind, and it’s a minor thing. The monitor has options of viewing one camera at a time, all four at once (quad view), or three at a time (triple view) and within the triple and quad view there are a couple of nice options for arrangement on the screen. The triple view only allows the backup camera with the two side cameras. I use the view that has the backup camera across the top half of the screen and the left and right side cameras on the respective halves of the bottom half. For backing up this is a great view as you can see the back as well as the blind side of the trailer when backing up. My extremely minor disappointment is that I can’t do a similar view with the backup camera and two side cameras. So, while traveling I just use the rear view. It’s possible to switch cameras around and have the rear view with two sides, but then you lose the backup with the two sides. Not a huge deal and I can’t evaluate if having the rear view with two backups would be a big advantage. In any case, I traded messages with Bella in support and she is submitting my request to their engineering team, so maybe this will be available in the future.So, finally, I am really, really happy with the Haloview solution. Given that it was half the cost of some of the packages I looked at I’m even happier with this purchase!The only disappoint

  2. James W.

    Super simple and reliableI’ve installed this camera on the back of my motorhome with great success. I just tapped into one of the roof running light wires and then mounted the screen on my dash with the awesome sticky tape supplied. The 12v cigarette lighter plug has a red on/off button on it’s top which makes it easy to turn on without having to unplug the whole thing. So I turn on the screen and then turn on my driving lights and within about 1-2 seconds, the rear camera image appears without fail. The menu items are all via buttons on the front of the screen (not a touchscreen) which I kind of like. Very 2010 but nice image and never any wireless signal problems. It even has a microphone on the camera and a speaker on the screen so if someone’s back there you can hear them talking to you. I usually mute it so I don’t have to hear road noise.Very happy with this $300 unit. Jimmy 7-1-22

  3. Dave

    Much better camera and monitorI installed this on my 41.5 ft. 5th wheel and the difference in picture quality from the Furrion is no comparison.Much nicer for half the cost of the Furrion.I haven’t taken the unit on the road yet, but so far it’s good.Will update review after 1st trip with new system.

  4. T-Bone

    Great Camera, But…The camera has a great picture. But has really no installation guide. Luckily the installation is fairly straight forward. But little things like letting you know that the trailer the camera is mounted on has to be plugged into the tow vehicle and the headlights need to be turned on for it to operate would help.The guide tells you to pair it first with the included pairing cables before actually mounting it to the trailer. The camera will fire right up. If you then mount it to to the trailer and turn it on it will not connect. That’s where letting you know that the 7 pin trailer cable needs to be connected to the tow vehicle and headlights turned on would help in avoiding unnecessary frustration. Because it didn’t need to be when using the pairing cable.

  5. Tom

    Looks great after installation, have not yet taken on the road.Install was pretty easy. My RV was prepped for a Furrion camera and the adapter bracket provided was a perfect fit. One downside is that the Furrion plastic cover plate has an appendage that looks like it was filling the antenna cutout in the bracket that remains on the trailer. While this camera is waterproof, water can get to the back of this camera through that cutout and I’m a bit paranoid it could travel down the wire into the wall as there are a few inches of cable stuffed in there. Need to make sure there is a drip loop before it enters the trailer. I had to cut the Furrion bracket seal a bit to get the connectors through. I may try to shoot some extra caulk back there and/or fill the antenna cutout with JB Weld or something. I did caulk around the Furrion bracket even though it has a full seal, just to be sure. Truthfully it might have been easier to just toss the Furrion bracket and use the basic U bracket that was also included.I also installed the side cameras. One was a bit of a pain as I had to move the new assembly forward so the camera could clear the basement door. That put one of the screw holes into the punched hole for the wires so I had to move it up a bit. At least three screws have plenty of bite and I used plenty of caulk so it should be fine.I installed the side cameras at the storage yard but brought it home to do the back camera as I was blocked by a trailer behind me. Those cameras alone helped me back into the driveway, avoiding the overhanging tree, on my first attempt to back up a 30′ trailer without a spotter. I call that a success.I have not taken it on the road yet to test the range, but no issues in my driveway with a 30′ trailer and short bed Ram 1500. Picture quality is great. Still trying to figure out the best way to mount the monitor but that is a truck issue. They do provide a large U bracket in addition to the more adjustable stick on mount.

  6. Steven P. Spinella

    A great addition for safety and convenienceWhy is this great for safety? We leave it on going down the road and we can see what is behind us. (We have it mounted near the top at the back of a class C RV.Why is this great for convenience? We can see (and optionally hear) while backing up. This is of course also safer, but mainly it means not always having to deploy a second person behind the RV where the camera shows where we are at and what is there.Limits: It’s an extremely wide angle lens, so when driving down the road people look like they are farther back than what we’re used to seeing in a rear view mirror.We did NOT deploy additional cameras on the side of the RV. While this is possible, it would have added expense. We have what we need with one camera.We did NOT install a wired connection between the display and the camera. The wireless works great, we’ve never noticed any issue, and we keep both antennas horizontal, which keeps them out of the way.We DID install the camera using power from a running light. Making this connection was the hardest part of the install, since it had to be done, in our case, at the light at the top back of the RV. The camera only runs when the running lights are on. We also replaced the bulbs in the running lights with LEDs.NOTE: There appear to be various packages, and it’s hard to tell which is which. The one we got has a 7″ display and we got various brackets for installing the camera (and display). There is no shield over the top of the camera, such as would be present in a premount installed on some newer RVs. When it rains, there is occasionally some water on the lens, but it seems to clear when going down the road.

  7. Toby267

    See what is behind you clearly, day or night!I was in the market for a camera system for our new motorcycle trailer. I considered Tadi Brothers, Falcon Eye, and this one. The Haloview had just as good as specs and warranty as the others at a lower price, so I chose it.I mounted the ca109 camera which came with the system, on the rear of the trailer as a backup camera. I also bought a ca108 camera which I mounted inside the trailer so we could monitor the motorcycles while driving to make sure they stayed secure. Both camera were wired into the running light circuit and will stay on while the truck is running.The pro’s of my choice: The build quality of both the monitor and the cameras is high. Excellent (720p) camera and monitor resolution. The image from the ca108 camera in the trailer looks like bright daylight inside while it is closed up. The ca109 cameras’ night vision is even better. Wireless signal from the rear of the 16 foot trailer to the crew cab truck is strong.The cons: the antenna on the ca108 camera extends out the rear, instead of out the side like the ca109 which comes with the system. This required me to make a bracket to extend it out from the rear wall of the trailer. I wish I would have bought another ca109 instead since it has a side mounted antenna.I wish the monitor came with a suction cup mount instead of the U-bracket. We will move the monitor between pickup trucks while pulling the trailer, and a suction cup mount will make it much easier.In short, this system has excellent resolution day and night, is easy to pair the second camera, and has a strong signal between the cameras and monitor (the trailer is a 16 foot long Ironhorse Widebody fiberglass motorcycle trailer pulled by a crew cab Tundra). It will be a very useful tool to monitor what is behind (and in) the trailer.

  8. Jerry Massey

    Has a lot of lag time between cameras and monitor.Install was pretty easy even though the instructions were vague. The overall picture quality is good but has a lot of lag time which can be distracting.

  9. Ortega

    Effortless hook up on a 17 ft Geo pro travel trailer.The camera hooked up easily, paring was very simple. The adapter cable for the wiring that was originally made for a furion camera worked perfectly. We installed this on a 17 foot Geop pro trailer that was originally wired for a Furion camera. The Haloview is less expensive and the 7 inch display screen is definitely worth the upgrade from a 5 inch screen.

  10. Don

    Very good quality for the price.Adapter to accept Haloview from Furion was very easy. Overall quality is exceptional for a observation camera or backup camera. Would highly recommend.

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