GVM RGB LED Video Light with Bluetooth Control, 60W Photography Studio Lighting Kit with Stands, 2-Packs 880RS Dimmable Led

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Brand GVM Great Video Maker
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Hardware Interface Lightning
Wireless Communication Technology app

  • 【752 high quality LED Light beads】880RS Video LED light DIMMABLE BRIGHTNESS AND 2 COLOR TEMPERATURE: With 512 White and Yellow LED long lasting bulbs, this light illuminates a variable white balance from 3200-5600K
  • 【 Android or ios Cell Phone Smart CONTROL】GVM 880RS RGB video light can be controlled wirelessly through Use the GVM LED app (Supports Android 4.2 or ISO 14.4 and above; please download it in major app stores, such as Apple Store, Google Play, etc)
  • 【 8 kind of SCENES MODES/Excellent material】including Lightning, Police car, Candlelight, TV, Bad light bulb,Party,Disco,Paparazzi. Using aluminum alloy material, sturdy and durable, but also has good heat dissipation performance
  • 【High-definition LCD screen real-time display】Clear LCD screen can show the brightness, color temperature, and power status of the light, Excellent heat dissipation design allows you to work continuously.2 separate knobs on the panel back for adjusting color temperature and brightness; Clear LCD screen can show the brightness, color temperature and power status of the light
  • 【60W RGB Lighting Kit 】: (2)RGB 880RS LED Video Light with U Bracket and diffuser boxes; (2)Light Stands, (2)Power Cable;(2)Power Adapter; (1)Carry Case, Note: Camera, phone and Battery Not included(AC adapter and NP-F Battery)
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Product Description

GVM 880 Professional Lighting Kit for Photography


GVM 880RS Dimmable Bi-color LED Light,With 256 White and 256 Yellow LED long lasting bulbs, illuminates a variable white balance from tungsten-daylight 3200-5600K Color Temperature, U-mount Bracket enables the photographers to adjust the lighting angle according to the shooting environment.

AC/DC Power Options, Power with AC Adapter (included) or Sony NP-F550 NP-F970 Li-ion battery for wireless operation (battery sold separately)

2 separate knobs to adjust the color temperature and light brightness for convenient operation.

Solid & Adjustable Light Stand,Made of aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work;Maximum Height: 6.5 feet/2 meters; Folded Height: 3 feet/92 centimeters Solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use.




aluminum alloy Material

GVM 880RS is made of aluminum alloy material, coupled with excellent heat dissipation design, durable, can shoot for a long time

Dimmable Bi-color LED Light,

With 256 White and 256 Yellow LED long lasting bulbs, illuminates a variable white balance from tungsten-daylight 3200-5600K Color Temperature, U-mount Bracket enables the photographers to adjust the lighting angle according to the shooting environment.

AC/DC Power Options

Power with AC Adapter (included) or Sony NP-F550 NP-F970 Li-ion battery for wireless operation (battery sold separately) 2 separate knobs to adjust the color temperature and light brightness for convenient operation.


Professional LED Panel lighting: composed of 720 pieces of LED ; color temperature with a range from 3200K to 5600K can be adjusted easily by two knobs on the back of the LED panel; Ultra High CRI 96+, which is a powerful color revealer, helps to restore and enrich the color of the object, providing you a natural and vivid shooting effect


APP wireless intelligent control system


Master-slave light mode,Rgb 800D support master and Slave control mode: you could set one light as the master mode and other GVM lights as Slave mode, which you could easily control all lights with the master one.The master and slave lights can be adjusted accurately according to your requirements for the color temperature and brightness of the light.


Additional information

Weight 15.4 kg
Dimensions 24.2 × 14.4 × 6.5 cm
Package Dimensions

24.2 x 14.4 x 6.5 inches

Item Weight

15.4 pounds





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Date First Available

May 4 2021


GVM Great Video Maker

10 reviews for GVM RGB LED Video Light with Bluetooth Control, 60W Photography Studio Lighting Kit with Stands, 2-Packs 880RS Dimmable Led

  1. AB productions

    GVM lights reviewI’ve used this in a couple of shoots works well in indoor shoots, if your using it outdoor with softboxes it won’t give you a very reliable light source. Though works well with additional lights on set 😇✨ If you are a beginner and you have a small budget i’d recommend them

  2. WinWin

    nice LED kitThis is a nice photography/videography LED light kit. It comes in a nice and sturdy carrying case that is big enough to store everything and more (tripod, power supply, lithium battery and the LED light panels, etc…). The tripod that comes with this light is small, compact but is very sturdy and stable when set up, at max height, it reach about 8ft to 8.5 feet high. This kit comes with 2 LED panels, which can be controlled by using my phone (running GVM app) and the lights can be set as Master and Slave device, meaning changing one will affect the other, or both can be set as Master and can be controlled individually. It’s not a full RGB spectrum, but a Bi-Color controls which allows you to change the level of brightness and hue. The benefit of bi-color LED is that it can be brighter and provide more lumen than RGB LED light, which would makes this better to use for video shooting. I’d strongly recommend you to get the lithium battery packs, which would make these light truly portable and much more versatile than using the power cord adaptor. These lights are very solid, well built and design and a great asset to have for indoor shooting or outdoor at night.

  3. sam workman

    good for the price but poor build qualitywhatya gonna do? it was worth it for what I paid but nothing is made of metal its all plastic and the stands arent great but get the job done. I’d be extra careful moving them around since its libel to break in transit or with minimal use. the case is nice but doesn’t really have any dedicated spots for things so it all slides around in the case would have much prefered a hard case. overall worth it but with a couple drawbacks

  4. Saurabh Chauhan

    Update after the first item was broken on arrivalFirst item Came broken, Amazon return window expired.I was connected to the customer service via amazon. They were kind enough to understand the problem and issue a replacement.The lights are bright enough for any kind of video work. App interface is also great.

  5. Alejandro D.

    Para parearse deben estar pegadasSi las alejas un poco ya no se coordinan. El Bluetooth entre ellas es malo

  6. iandrewstevenson

    Both lights came broken.The LED panel is in a plastic frame that attaches to the U-mount that allows the lights to be mounted, swivel, etc. This frame was cracked on both lights which left them loosely hanging by one side. The barn doors were also cracked on both units.

  7. Abraham Hill Jr.

    Arrived in pieces.. and I don’t mean to put together.. it was all broken upThe media could not be loaded.

     How can an item so broken be sold and shipped? Unusable and unfixable.. base holding the lights are both broken.. I didn’t even bother trying them.. returned the next day.. total waste of time and resources.

  8. Roman

    Don’t buyAfter just a month don’t turning on.

  9. C. M.

    A Great Budget Set that has everything you need lighting-wise.GVM has been around for a while providing lighting solutions for content creators with different lines of products and now they are also on the “budget” market, this is their latest iteration on making a full featured product with premium features available at a budget to the masses.This set does everything you’ll see except for a very few instances.It improves on the Neewer 660 Pro when it comes to CCT Lighting (Bi-Color 3200k-5600k) just based on number of LEDs and power 50W vs 60W, but falls behind on the RGB spectrum (less RGB Diodes). So depending on what you need and if this is going to be your one set of lights and you don’t have any monolights, then this could be a great choice over the Neewer based on the fact that two of these, while may not match the power of a monolight will probably be enough for your needs in CCT lighting depending on your application.What i liked:-At this price point, the best LED Arrays for CCT that also has RGB.-Easy panel controls.-Budget all inclusive POWERFUL solution for both Photography and Videography applications.-Very good RGB Saturation, maybe that higher wattage means something on less RGB diodes, if you take into account that saturation was as good on my tests as Neewer 660 Pro which have more Diodes but 10W. Results may vary on specific colors.-Carrying Case contains the whole set in a small, easy-to pack, wide portfolio.What i disliked:-Build Quality. It’s got a lot of that black plastic that feels cheap. A lot of use of generic/unbranded components, that i know that may be the same quality as “branded” components but less attention went to this details which means planning wanted to save money anywhere they could.-Barn Doors: Plastic. It feels like a material that will last and withstand heat, but is it as durable as their Neweer Counterparts which is a metal alloy or aluminum sheet? I don’t believe so.-The Android App is AWFUL. Self explanatory. 1.9 Stars on Google Play Store.-One of the panels has a very distracting CCT led that flickers while the panel is cold, not a major deal as it goes away after 10-15 seconds of panel usage, but…-The “Tripod and Panel Suede Bags” are somewhat tacky. I mean, Suede is for jewelry and things that should be scratches, yet a TRIPOD needs one, these bags are dust, dirt and hair magnets, but honestly, it’s a very minor gripe, you can just use the carrying bag (which is very nice) without them and everything will be fine.-Tripods are very light-duty. Compared to the ones on the Neewer 660 Pro, which are in the same price level.Overall, so far these lights present an alternative to the other big brands on Budget LED Lights (Pixel and Neewer) and they have so far the highest power (60W) and the highest LED count on CCT lighting budget panels today, so these could replace a monolight for certain applications.Don’t pay attention to the fact that the “disliked” list is longer than the “liked”. The fact that it is more powerful for CCT than their direct competitors makes an important differentiation on application and that itself is a reason to give it 4 stars.

  10. Jane Fairchild

    BRIGHT + useful features like Master/Slave control.GVM’s Studio Lighting Kit provides a fast and easy way to get professional grade lighting setup for your studio. GVM’s kit is more expensive than similar kits being sold on Amazon, but you really do end up getting a higher quality product overall, with brighter lights, better features, more controls, and a nicer storage case than what you’ll find being offered by competing products.This kit comes with 2x 60 watt LED panels, 2x tripods, and 2x power supplies for the lights all packed into a really nice, slim, padded case for storage.The tripods are pretty much standard fare among the various lighting kits I’ve used, with a wide range of adjustable height and a stable base.The LED lights themselves are excellent, and provide much higher light output than any of the other lighting kits I’ve received from Amazon. Each LED light is 60 watts, with 752 individual LEDs per light. The lights have barn doors pre-installed, although the barn doors are made from plastic. It would have been nice to see them made from metal like you see on other kits, but its not a big deal.The LED panels can be powered via the included power adapters (wired), or wirelessly by using 2x NP-F970 batteries (or similar), per light, batteries not included. More often than not I opt for using them with batteries since not having to worry about tripping over power cords laying on the floor while shooting is so convenient. At full brightness (100%, 5500K) battery life isn’t more than a couple hours, but I rarely find it necessary to use these at full power. Dimming the brightness down to 75% greatly increases battery life.The best part about these lights however, is the ability to set one of the two LED panels to serve as MASTER control, and set the other to SLAVE. This allows you to only have to adjust the settings on one of the lights since the two panels are synced up and the settings of the MASTER are automatically applied to the SLAVE. Such a useful feature that I haven’t seen on any competitor’s products.In addition to the manual controls made available on each LED panel, you have the option to download an App and control the lights from your phone via Bluetooth. That’s not my style of doing things so I can’t comment on its effectiveness or usability.The one negative thing I have to say about these lights is minor, although it was extremely annoying before I remedied it – the insane amount of logos and branding on the LED panels and tripods is absolutely and completely overkill. I mean there’s branding everywhere! So distracting!!!! I ended up taking some black adhesive vinyl and covering it all up before finding myself able to use these productively. Completely absurd and unnecessary.Otherwise, these have been working out really well for me. Worth the price, just make sure you purchase a roll of adhesive vinyl along with them to cover up all the logo lunacy!

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