GVM 150W LED Video Light 2700K~7500K RGB Video Light Photography Studio Light Kit with Lantern Softbox & Stand, CRI97+TLCI97

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Brand GVM Great Video Maker
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Hardware Interface Bluetooth

  • 【MAKES OBJECTS APPEAR CLEARER】 LED Video Light creates stable light resource and even illuminance this 150W light could offer 30200lux/1m (3.3 ft) with hyper reflector, 5440 Lux@1M (3.3ft) without the reflector, guarantee high light brightness. It can make objects appear the most realistic way
  • 【UPGRADED SILENT COOLING】: premium heat dissipation and built-in silent fan cooling system With temperature control function to prevent oterheating. effectively improve heat dissipation in complex shooting environments overheating, better protect the COB lamp bead, for video productions and improving their efficiency
  • 【8 KINDS OF LIGHTS EASILY SWITCH】The video light equipped with Mobile App Bluetooth control system Can remotely control the 8 color modes: lightning / police car / candlelight / TV / bad light bulb / party / disco / paparazzi, can also customize any light mode, You can easily switch all GVM video lights by simply operating through the APP, making your shooting more convenient.
  • 【Master-Slave Control Mode】: One of the lights can be set as the master mode, and the other lights can be set as the slave mode, so that one of the lights can be used to control other lights, It is also possible to control other models of GVM brand luminaires at the same time.
  • 【PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE】Products include: photography light *1 power cord *1 adapter *1 soft cover *1 instructions *1 Lantern ball and soft cover randomly two choose one,I will be the first to show up and arrange a solution for you immediately, regardless of any problems with the product.
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Product Description

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The GVM PR150R provides the perfect line-up of fixtures for content creators, portrait photography and video production.

SAT : 0%~100%

Lamp beads quantity : COB*1

Power supply mode : DC input

Color temperature : 2700K~7500K

Power :150W Voltage : AC 100-240V

Lumen : 5440lux/1m (without reflector)

Color rendering index : ≥97 HUE : 0°~360°

Product material : Aluminum alloy + plastic

Light adjustment method : Stepless adjustment

Power supply : DC 30V5A Cooling : Fan forced cooling

Functions/features: APP (Bluetooth connection), new LCD screen, joint control, high display COB lamp beads, multi-scene mode

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Master-Slave mode

No need to adjust manually.

One-click Bluetooth connection on APP to set master-slave mode

Control all GVM brand products with one click

Quiet cooling mode

Newly upgraded cooling fan

Separates heat from noise

Ensures quiet on location

Supports long-lasting outdoor shooting


Upgrade the rotating nut positioning

Make your shots without dead light

Simply adjust the tightness of the nut and fix it

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Additional information

Weight 15.82 kg
Dimensions 8.66 × 6.3 × 11.42 cm
Product Dimensions

8.66 x 6.3 x 11.42 inches

Item Weight

15.82 pounds





Date First Available

July 19 2022

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GVM Great Video Maker

9 reviews for GVM 150W LED Video Light 2700K~7500K RGB Video Light Photography Studio Light Kit with Lantern Softbox & Stand, CRI97+TLCI97

  1. I can’t remember my name right now…

    Great Value for a Bright LED for Film/VideoI bought this light to use as a daylight key for video and cinematography, so it needed to be bright, have good color, and not interfere with sound recording with a loud fan.Here is a list of other high-powered LED lights I considered, and why I chose this one instead. (Read my full review after the comparison list)1. The new Aputure Amaran 200D – I assume this light would have less output as a 200W LED compared to this GVM light at 300W. At a discounted price, the GVM seemed worth the extra money both for brightness as well as sturdier build quality.2. Neewer/Godox SL200 – again, these 200W lights are likely not as bright as the GVM 300W. Although they are significantly cheaper than the GVM 300W, I had concerns about the color matching well enough with my other GVM 80W lights. The biggest reason I avoided these lights is fan noise. Although I upgraded the fan in my Godox SL60W myself, this process cannot be used to upgrade the dual fans of the larger Godox SL200W. The stock fan of the SL60W was fairly noisy, so I didn’t want to be stuck with twice the fan noise in the bigger Godox lights!3. The GVM 150D – I liked the design and output specs of the GVM 150W especially with its built-in fresnel. But I had concerns that a 150W might not pack enough punch for a key light when lighting larger spaces when shooting films. For the extra output, the price difference of the GVM 300W with a discount was worth it to me.4. The Aputure 300D – this looks like a nice light… but I was really looking for something bright, quiet, and usable well below the $1000 mark. The Aputure 300D’s price was too steep for me, especially considering the other options. I am not sure exactly how this GVM 300W light output compares to the Aputure light of the same rated power, but the much lower price of the GVM prompted me to take the small risk that it wouldn’t be as bright or efficient.5. The Aputure 120D – another great light from Aputure, but the steep price dissuaded me for now. Like other LED’s rated under 200W, I wasn’t sure I’d be satisfied with the output of a 120W fixture.6. The Godox SL200II – This upgraded version of the 200W Godox light seems to have much better build quality and a quieter fan than previous versions. However, since the discounted price of this GVM 300W light was similar to the Godox at 200W, and because I prefer the color of my GVM 80W to my Godox SL60, I decided the GVM 300W would be a better investment.This is GVM’s brightest LED so far at 300W. It is significantly brighter than both my GVM P80 and the Godox SL60W. This light packs enough punch to push through a 64″ octabox with 2 layers of diffusion from 4-6 feet away from the subject, and still add a noticeable amount of light indoors… in a room with windows on 3 sides.The color rendering and color temperature are consistent with my other daylight LED fixtures, and I have no concerns about using them all together.The build quality feels very sturdy, and I much prefer the metal yoke to the ratcheting plastic mount on cheaper Godox lights or the GVM P80. I like that the ballast is attached beneath the light fixture itself, so there’s no need to velcro an awkward, heavy box of electronics to your light stand like other lights with a separate ballast. The ballast is still physically separated from the rest of the light head, though, which I believe allows for more efficient cooling than if everything was all in the same enclosure.Keep in mind, because this is a slightly heavier light (approaching the weight of my old school 750W tungsten fresnels), it will need at least a “heavy duty” stand from Impact, if not a full-on C-stand, to mount it safely. Smaller cheap light stands won’t cut it for this hefty beast!The fan, thankfully, is whispery quiet, kind of like a quiet laptop. It is not silent – but I doubt it will cause audio problems in most situations, especially since the high output allows me to back this light off from the subject and get the fan further away from the microphone.The bowens mount allows for a wide variety of accessories to be mounted on the front. You can really throw the light quite a distance using a cheap Nanguang fresnel attachment.However this light is so powerful that after 2 minutes, around 70% power, outside, in about 40 degree (F) weather, the plastic of the attachment was as hot as a cookie fresh out of the oven.I am less concerned about damaging the fresnel attachment, and more concerned with heating up the LED chip itself. The extra heat could cause a LED COB to fail, malfunction, or start to burn out! So beware of enclosing the LED chip with accessories like this!The included carrying case is a very nice touch, and feels sturdy and thick enough to protect the fixture from light jostles and bumps.My one major complaint about this light: you have to unplug the light from the attached ballast EVERY time you want to put it away in the case. The yoke cannot move past the ballast box with the power cable sticking out, and to fit in the case, the yoke has to be positioned just behind the ballast.Overall, a great light! I look forward to using it in productions, especially when film production becomes a little safer again.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is a great light for both videos and photographyThis review is for the GVM 300W LED Video LightI use this light with a 42″ Beauty Dish Softbox and for the past year the lighting has been more than I could have hoped for. The lighting doesn’t have any dead spots on the subject matter whether a model or object. I had a problem when I got them and GVM’s customer service responded quickly and sent a new part and even followed up to make sure that I was satisfied. I purchased two of these and after a year’s use they haven’t failed in any manner.

  3. Zac G.

    A Budget High Powered Little with No SacrificeThe media could not be loaded.

     If your looking for a 300Dmkii alternative look no further, this thing is absolutely fantastic for the price point and can be a insane key light for almost any indoor situation. Plan of purchasing a few more when work starts picking up again to use as a area overhead light for some studio setups – yes its that powerful.37k lux is pretty dam accurate to my eye, this thing packs a serious punch!

  4. Dayton Emery

    Bright but clunkyThis is a bright light but the design of the fixture didn’t work well for me. If brightness is your only concern then it’s a great value.

  5. franklin hughes

    Clean beautiful light.Amazing value, very bright and clean light for video and photography.

  6. ReRun

    Great High Power LEDAmazing output. Great value. Compares with APUTURE and NANLITE.

  7. jonas pinho


  8. Matthew J Maclean

    Quality and controllable.Work great. Added a diffuser and perfect brightness

  9. Ericson V.

    Really bright daylight colored LED video light! (Video review)The media could not be loaded.

     This is such an awesome light, needless to say, I forgot to mention in my video that the fans on this GVM 300w led don’t get loud and audible it is like a modern laptop. however, it does get pretty hot which is to be expected since this is a bigboi.I really like this LED from GVM since it comes with a big beefy bag that stores all of what I need from this LED. From power cables to the remote controller. As a cinematographer, this has been a dream tool for me. Every project is with this is made easy especially with its 300w power equivalent to 37,000 lumens This is priced incredibly competitive compared to all the other 300w options, GVM hit it this time just like their 80w LED which complements this LED super well. I really appreciate the metal construction that this LED has since you’ll know this is a tank The bowens mount allows for a wide variety of accessories to be mounted on the front like softboxes or any kind of modifiers. Another thing I haven’t mentioned in the video is that this produces a really good color rendition by having a good 95+CRI and with its 5600k color temperature, you can mimic the sun. I used this on my 42 inch softbox and it gave such a soft light which was still bright enough considering the size. Compared to the other lights within the same power range this is much more budget-friendly for sure but that is not to be negated since the build is quite premium.Overall this is a fantastic option for those who needs a beefy powerful light, it’s been 3 months since I’ve used this and it works wonders! Awesome remote controller which is compatible with the 90w led from GVM too. I don’t use the DMX functionality but it is there if you need it! Definitely check it out if you have the chance for your next project.

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