Godox V860III-S Camera Flash for Sony Camera Flash Speedlight Speedlite Light,76Ws 2.4G TTL HSS 1/8000s,480 Full-Power

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Compatible Mountings Sony Alpha
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.68 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches

  • 👍【Optimal Battery Performance】The V860III uses the upgraded Li-on battery with a large capacity,escorts your shooting journey by its 1.5s recycling time and 480 full-power flashes
  • 👍【Modeling Light for Pre-visualization】A modeling light was added to help you preview the light effect,ensuring every fire had a perfect result.With 10-level dimmable brightness,The V860III also gives you a better sense of lighting techniques through pre-visualization and free adjustmen
  • 👍【Quick Switch for Smooth Control】A quick switch was added at your fingertips,allowing you to switch between manual and TTL mode in a blink.V860III provides you with an incredibly smooth shooting process
  • 👍【Quick-release Lock】The V860III uses a quick-release lock that was updated to a quick lever,ensuring the speedlight is locked safely in place while using on-camera. When off-camera,this design helps you unlock it easily and quickly
  • 👍【Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System】Built-in with the Godox 2.4G wireless X system, The Zoom V860III ensures a reliable shooting process with seamless connectivity.When using it off-camera,The V860III is also compatible with the Godox X system triggers X1,X2 and so on


Product Description

godox v860iii-s

  • Godox V860III-S 76Ws GN60 2.4G TTL HSS 1/8000 Camera Flash Compatible for Sony Camera,480 Full-Power Flashes,7.2V/2600mAh Li-ion Battery,0.01-1.5s Recycle Time,10 Levels LED Modeling Lamp
  • Zoomable Flash Head
  • The Flash head can be zoomed from 20mm to 200mm automatically or manually, allowing for a convenient adjustment of the light range. Whether shooting in a broad setting or a focused space,The V860III will light the objects naturally
  • Flexible Shooting Angle
  • With the swivel angle from 0° to 330°horizontally, and from -7°to 120°vertically,The V860III lets you easily complete direct flash, bounce flash,and any other shooting techniques
  • Transmitter & Receiver Flash
  • Integrating transmitter and receiver in one flash,The V860III gives you the maximum flexibility and convenience to co-work with other flashes
  • Various Flash Modes for Unlimited Creativity
  • The V860III continues in TTL,Manual and Multi flash modes.All the functions,as HSS (up to 1/8000s),FEC,FEB,rear curtain sync and so on help you to capture every splendid moment quickly,precisely and creatively

godox v860iii sony

  • What’s in the package?
  • 1 * Godox V860III-S Camera Flash
  • 1 * Lithium Battery
  • 1 * Charger
  • 1 * Protection Case
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * Instruction Manual
  • 1 * Mini Stand
  • 1 * USB Battery Charger
  • 1 * Color Filters
  • 1 * Diffuser
  • 1 * HolaFoto Cloth

godox v860iii

A Modeling Light With 10-Level Dimmable Brightness

godox v860iii-s


Multi Flash Provided (up to 100 times,199Hz)
Wireless flash function Transmitter, Receiver, Off
Transmitter groups A,B,C,D
Controllable Receiver Groups A, B, C, D, E (D,E group can be controlled by X series flash trigger)
Transmission range (approx) 100m
Channels 32 (1~32)
ID 01~99
Modeling flash Fired with camera’s depth-of-field preview button
Effective range (approx.) Center: 0.6〜10m / 2.0~32.8 feet. Periphery:0.6〜5m / 2.0~16.4feet
Color Temperature 5300K±200K
Power Source 7.2V/2600mAh Li-ion battery
Recycle Time Approx 1.5 seconds. Green LED indicator will light up when the flash is ready.
Full Power Flashes Approx. 480
Power Saving Power off automatically after approx. 90 seconds of idle operation. (60 minutes if set as Receiver)
Sync Triggering Mode Hotshoe, 2.5mm sync line
2.4G Wireless Frequency Range 2413.0MHz-2465.0MHz

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 7.68 × 2.95 × 2.32 cm
Product Dimensions

7.68 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches

Item Weight

2.2 pounds





Date First Available

October 19 2021

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10 reviews for Godox V860III-S Camera Flash for Sony Camera Flash Speedlight Speedlite Light,76Ws 2.4G TTL HSS 1/8000s,480 Full-Power

  1. 355 boy

    I love but….Overall the lens is great it. Its full sized, feels good in the hand. A snug fit on my Sony A7iv.i used it a couple time successfully but on my first time using this lens outside, it fell off my camera. I want to say its just this one copy but the flash was poorly constructed.No bumps, bangs, hard usage, no water, no improper /human error to attribute to this. In the middle of walking with my flash attached to my camera, the flash fell off and hit the ground. Luckily my camera body wasnt damaged and I was able to remove the separated piece from the hot shoe.I’ve already initiated a return and have reordered the same model. I like this flash so I want to give it another go. this time i dont think i’ll leave it attached for long.

  2. Yucong Zhao

    Great flash for all purpose photographyI used to had the second generation of V860ii , the V860iii is totally better than the previous one, and it still work with all GODOX light seamlessly.The new video/modeling LED always on light is really useful when you need to record a video, it’s bright enough and has 10 stop adjustments. The LED light also helps focus in the dark. Also when the flash point at the front it can let you preview how the light gonna looks like.The new quick release battery is even better when you need to carry it or recharge it.The new control dials are more smooth and clear.Also, it keeps the lightning fast cycling time of full power, the flash is always ready to go.Perfect flash anyway.

  3. Marcus Williams

    So far So good!I have owned about 3 godox flashes and each of them have burned out while on a location shoot (Not Good). Reluctantly I decided to give godox one more shot. So far this flash is great. It takes a little time to get use to the menu. Switching from manual mode to wireless mode takes a little time but the more you use it the more you will get use to it. It feels a little cheap compared to the pixel flash. Hopefully this model godox will hold up.

  4. yahia

    Prone for problems, but still better than the Sony one! *updateUpdate***Customer service was extremely helpful, I will keep the old review, but add that it’s still better than the Sony one, and with this customer service, I will be back and plan on buying another one. I would however suggest the V1 because it’s probably sturdier.I had the v860IIS and it broke in the same way showed in the picture.I bought this, and literally used it for 3-4 weddings, and this happened mid wedding!! Unacceptable!!

  5. Jing Lian Feng

    Very nice Sony light flashAfter receiving it, I tested it on the a7m4 camera. It has a very fast recycling speed, a lithium battery is very convenient, and the flash accessories are complete, which can soften the light. The most important point is that it is lighter than the flashes I bought before. Not too stressful to hold

  6. Look In The Lens

    Excellent ProductThis is a really good flash. That being said, these are relatively complex pieces of equipment and the way they write instruction books these days it will require some serious study and practice time to understand all the functions and the way to get the most out of this product for your own application. Using it wireless worked perfectly before my first shoot with it mounted off camera. On the day, using exactly the same settings it would not fire wirelessly, so more practice and study is required to figure out what went wrong (I presume operator error for now). Even the videos on using this flash are complicated and difficult to follow. Perhaps the engineers who design these things should have to shoot with them in a high pressure situation and they might build in a more user-friendly way. Time is always precious on the job.

  7. Jordan

    This flash really packs a punch!!! I love it!This battery lasts forever! The rechargeable Li-on Battery that comes with this flash is so much better than AA Batteries. I used it for many headshots and events and products. It’s incredible. I shoot full time so its important for me that my gear works and doesn’t crap out on me. This speed light is very reliable. Sometimes if I shoot too many shots too quickly on full power then I need to wait for it to cool down. I own 2! I can also adjust this pumping the ISO and decreasing the flash output. This flash renders excellent colors especially when bouncing off the walls for a softer light effect on the subjects.I use this flash alongside the Godox X Pro-S Trigger. Together these work so well together. I would recommend using a Westcott modifier for softer lighting with less harsh shadows. Most peoples will think you’re a pro if you master this system. Message me if you have any more recommendations or questions.

  8. Walter Winstead

    Another Great Godox Flash!Overall, if you are familiar with Godox you will be comfortable using this flash. For the price and value that Godox offers, it’s the best affordable option for photographers. It’s very reliable, the rechargeable lithium ion battery is far superior to AA batteries, and off camera use is simple to use once you learn the modes of the flash. My favorite improvement on this flash over my v860ii’s are the locking hot shoe. This is a superior design imo and is what you find on the round head versions. This is a great upgrade or addition to your Godox stable. I own a ad600pro, ad300, 4 ad200’s, 2 v860iii’s, and several video lights from Godox and they have yet to let me down in all types of professional working environments and harsh conditions.

  9. Haley Manning

    Best Flash! Great power and easy to use!This flash is amazing. Has a lot of power for lighting up dark spaces and is very user friendly. I find myself shifting my camera between hands and moving around a lot during weddings, so I love the “lock” feature on the buttons so my flash settings don’t change when I’m shuffling around. I used this flash to light up the dance floor at a wedding on New Year’s Eve and it was perfect. The shots look great and I had control of my flash power literally at the tip of my fingers. If you’re looking for a flash that’s a great bang for your buck, this is it!

  10. chris ambrosini

    Broke after 4 usesI don’t have the Sony OEM model to compare to, but very sad that after 4 events, the flash has started intermittently disconnecting from the camera DURING EVENTS. As an amateur photographer trying to shoot gigs, it started not working right when people would walk up and ask for their photo to be taken. This results in me standing there like an idiot troubleshooting my settings on my camera. Instead, one of the contacts in the hotshoe mount had gotten bent. I think this is due to the slop in the hotshoe mount.Sadly, the mount is very tight top to bottom, making it difficult to insert/remove from the hotshoe, but still has a bunch of side to side play which allows it to jiggle and rotate every time you twist the flash head. I think this is what caused my problem. The flash head rotation is too tight, the mount has too much wiggle room, and the ‘lock’ doesn’t clamp hard enough in the locked position to stop the wiggling. Poor mechanical engineering design.Also amazon and the seller are unhelpful with replacing it even though its costing me jobs.

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