Godox V860III-N Camera Flash for Nikon Camera Flash Speedlight Speedlite Light,2.4G HSS 1/8000s,480 Full-Power

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Compatible Mountings Nikon
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.68 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches

  • 👍【Optimal Battery Performance】The V860III uses the upgraded Li-on battery with a large capacity,escorts your shooting journey by its 1.5s recycling time and 480 full-power flashes
  • 👍【Modeling Light for Pre-visualization】A modeling light was added to help you preview the light effect,ensuring every fire had a perfect result.With 10-level dimmable brightness,The V860III also gives you a better sense of lighting techniques through pre-visualization and free adjustmen
  • 👍【Quick Switch for Smooth Control】A quick switch was added at your fingertips,allowing you to switch between manual and TTL mode in a blink.V860III provides you with an incredibly smooth shooting process
  • 👍【Quick-release Lock】The V860III uses a quick-release lock that was updated to a quick lever,ensuring the speedlight is locked safely in place while using on-camera. When off-camera,this design helps you unlock it easily and quickly
  • 👍【Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System】Built-in with the Godox 2.4G wireless X system, The Zoom V860III ensures a reliable shooting process with seamless connectivity.When using it off-camera,The V860III is also compatible with the Godox X system triggers X1,X2 and so on


Product Description

Godox V860III-N

  • Godox V860III-N Camera Flash for Nikon Camera Flash Speedlight Speedlite Light,2.4G HSS 1/8000s,480 Full-Power Flashes,7.2V/2600mAh Li-ion Battery,0.01-1.5s Recycle Time,10 Levels LED Modeling Lamp
  • Zoomable Flash Head
  • The Flash head can be zoomed from 20mm to 200mm automatically or manually, allowing for a convenient adjustment of the light range. Whether shooting in a broad setting or a focused space,The V860III will light the objects naturally
  • Flexible Shooting Angle
  • With the swivel angle from 0° to 330°horizontally, and from -7°to 120°vertically,The V860III lets you easily complete direct flash, bounce flash,and any other shooting techniques
  • Transmitter & Receiver Flash
  • Integrating transmitter and receiver in one flash,The V860III gives you the maximum flexibility and convenience to co-work with other flashes
  • Various Flash Modes for Unlimited Creativity
  • The V860III continues in TTL,Manual and Multi flash modes.All the functions,as HSS (up to 1/8000s),FEC,FEB,rear curtain sync and so on help you to capture every splendid moment quickly,precisely and creatively

godox v860iii nikon

  • What’s in the package?
  • 1 * Godox V860III-N Camera Flash
  • 1 * Lithium Battery
  • 1 * Charger
  • 1 * Protection Case
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * Instruction Manual
  • 1 * Mini Stand
  • 1 * USB Battery Charger
  • 1 * Color Filters
  • 1 * Diffuser
  • 1 * HolaFoto Cloth

godox v860iii

A Modeling Light With 10-Level Dimmable Brightness

godox v860iii-s


Multi Flash Provided (up to 100 times,199Hz)
Wireless flash function Transmitter, Receiver, Off
Transmitter groups A,B,C,D
Controllable Receiver Groups A, B, C, D, E (D,E group can be controlled by X series flash trigger)
Transmission range (approx) 100m
Channels 32 (1~32)
ID 01~99
Modeling flash Fired with camera’s depth-of-field preview button
Effective range (approx.) Center: 0.6〜10m / 2.0~32.8 feet. Periphery:0.6〜5m / 2.0~16.4feet
Color Temperature 5300K±200K
Power Source 7.2V/2600mAh Li-ion battery
Recycle Time Approx 1.5 seconds. Green LED indicator will light up when the flash is ready.
Full Power Flashes Approx. 480
Power Saving Power off automatically after approx. 90 seconds of idle operation. (60 minutes if set as Receiver)
Sync Triggering Mode Hotshoe, 2.5mm sync line
2.4G Wireless Frequency Range 2413.0MHz-2465.0MHz

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Additional information

Weight 1.17 kg
Dimensions 7.68 × 2.95 × 2.32 cm
Product Dimensions

7.68 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches

Item Weight

1.17 pounds





Date First Available

October 19 2021

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10 reviews for Godox V860III-N Camera Flash for Nikon Camera Flash Speedlight Speedlite Light,2.4G HSS 1/8000s,480 Full-Power

  1. BB49r

    Godox V860V860III-N Hot Shoe ConnectionI love my Godox V860III-N Camera Flash. I’ve had it since December, 2021 and the lighting has been consistent and even.However, lately, the connection to the hot shoe on my camera has become loose to the point that after attaching it, it would no longer flash.After taking it to my local camera shop, they found the screws were becoming loose that attach the plate to the hot shoe. In fact, one of the screws had fallen inside the flash unit and could have shortened out the entire unit.It was explained to me that even though the screws were supposed to be glued into place, it still came loose. In the picture, the red colored screws are the screws that hold the plate.So if your flash begins to wiggle when it should be tight, check the bottom of the plate on the flash. You should see the ends of the four screws that hold the plate in each corner. They slightly protrude. If the screws come loose, they will make the flash wiggle.It’s easy to disassemble the bottom piece (4 screws). It’s the same thing as if you had accidentally broke the hot shoe connection and had to replaced it yourself. Just disconnect the cable and tighten the four screws holding the plate. Add a touch of lock tight.Hope this helps since Godox does not warranty their products in the US.

  2. Skyarrow

    Liked The Godox Line So Much, I Purchased One For My FriendI am a photography instructor for more than 10 years and have been shooting for 40. One of the issues I always had was the price of a good flash and when the Godox line came out, I have to say I was skeptical. After purchasing a Fuji camera and since they really don’t have a good flash system, I tried the Godox. I was very pleasantly surprised. After coming from Canon, I think the quality is pretty good, I would not say it is as good as Nikon or Canon especially if you are working commercially, but for 90% if what most of us do, the Godox system works great. I carry two flashes and the remote transmitter in my bag and it is like having a small studio I can take around with me.

  3. Ash Jeffrey

    Way better than Nikon!I was skeptical about ordering this for my Z6ii because I have bad luck with brands outside of Nikon, but I read a ton of reviews and gave it a shot. I’ve had a Nikon SB-700 and SB-900 and neither compare to this. SOOOO easy to setup and the battery lasts a lot longer than you think. I use it for shooting weddings and I am so glad I bought this one!

  4. lourdes

    Awesome!They last an entire event. About 8 hrs.

  5. T. Donaldson

    If you use speedlights, I’d highly recommend this one!I switched to Godox a few years ago, and have everything battery-powered from the AD600 down to this speedlight. I had been using a Nikon speedlight, but then decided to go with this one for battery life. Compared to AA batteries, this thing goes forever. I needed one for my second camera for an event, so I bought this again. It’s truly outstanding, and I’ve found their products to be sturdy and reliable.

  6. Ruby_Mae

    Amazing!!The media could not be loaded.

     Coming from the V860II it is better in almost every way. I love the modeling light as it can be used as a run and gun video light in dark places. It has a faster and quieter recycle. Really like the manual-ETTL switch! I’m using it on the R5 and the quick lock foot works great, also has a slightly better on-off switch. Has a better exposure when using as a direct flash, the V860II always over exposed for me. This is my favorite so far from my godox light collection godox VING V860IIIN TTL flash. I use 2 for wedding events. If you are using a flash and you have battery issue, stop what you are doing and order this flash now! The battery life is amazing. I can get through 2 weddings without having to charge the battery (not recommended though). I purchased back up batteries and have never needed to use them. The flash is super easy to use. Especially when it comes to syncing multiple flashes. I highly recommend purchasing this flash. You won’t be disappointed. If you are using v1 its good addition in combo.

  7. Mike

    Has issues with D780 – Sorta works but hobbles the camera.I am a godox fan, and have 8 godox speed lights and studio lights. Mine Are all approx 3-4 years old and were bought to use with a D750. They have worked wonderfully and reliably.BUT – if you have a Nikon D780, I would say that Godox is not a great choice. The i-ttl exposure seems to ignore the metering settings and always meters the whole frame. That is my best guess at least. I cannot say how well they work with other cameras.The real killer for me is that you cannot use exposure preview when the flash is mounted and turned on. This may not affect all users, but I will frequently use the exposure preview to dial in the ambient and use the flash after that. I am sure I could work around it by turning the flash each time I want to do the exposure preview, But I didn’t buy this for it to “almost” work. I bought it to fit into my flow, and the V8600III just isnt there.I only gave it 2 stars because I have been happy with Godox up until now. I have also found that Godox customer service is non existent. No replies, no help, no answers, once you purchase expect to be on your own.If I buy any more Godox, I will buy from Adorama. They sell Godox under their own brand (Flashpoint), but actually will provide service and answer calls. They also provide a much better warranty.

  8. Amazon Customer

    the best features of the v1 for cheaperHands down one of the best godox speedlights i have bought to date. It has all the best features of the v1 which features a roundhead which is a bit of an oversold feature. It uses the updated locking mechanism of the v1 meaning you won’t have to be constantly tightening the locking mechanism like the old godox 860ii. It uses the newer screen layout of the v1 which was a massive improvement to the old layout. Features the same battery as the v1. Battery life is enough to let you shoot a whole day’s wedding without worrying about depleting the battery. Shooting at iso 1600 with flash at 1/16 more then enough to get amazing pictures. Its the perfect compliment as a replacement to the old godox style flashes or paired with v1 on your secondary camera.

  9. Charles

    Fantastic speedlight!I am in love with this speedlight! It works in unison with and controls ALL of my Godox lights from TT600, TT685, to AD200. Controls my other flashes as well as my X1T and X2T triggers. It performs well as a stand-alone or with others. The battery life is VERY good, too! Godox’s flash ecosystem is second to none and this was a FABULOUS addition to it! Very happy!

  10. Birimumaso Edrine Kawalya

    PerfectThe Flash trigger is new…great packaging. I love it

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