Godox V860III-C Camera Flash for Canon Camera Flash Speedlite Speedlight Light,2.4G HSS 1/8000s,480 Full-Power

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Compatible Mountings Canon
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.68 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches

  • 👍【Optimal Battery Performance】The V860III uses the upgraded Li-on battery with a large capacity,escorts your shooting journey by its 1.5s recycling time and 480 full-power flashes
  • 👍【Modeling Light for Pre-visualization】A modeling light was added to help you preview the light effect,ensuring every fire had a perfect result.With 10-level dimmable brightness,The V860III also gives you a better sense of lighting techniques through pre-visualization and free adjustmen
  • 👍【Quick Switch for Smooth Control】A quick switch was added at your fingertips,allowing you to switch between manual and TTL mode in a blink.V860III provides you with an incredibly smooth shooting process
  • 👍【Quick-release Lock】The V860III uses a quick-release lock that was updated to a quick lever,ensuring the speedlight is locked safely in place while using on-camera. When off-camera,this design helps you unlock it easily and quickly
  • 👍【Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System】Built-in with the Godox 2.4G wireless X system, The Zoom V860III ensures a reliable shooting process with seamless connectivity.When using it off-camera,The V860III is also compatible with the Godox X system triggers X1,X2 and so on


Product Description

godox v860iii-s

  • Godox V860III-C 76Ws GN60 2.4G TTL HSS 1/8000 Camera Flash Compatible for Canon Camera,480 Full-Power Flashes,7.2V/2600mAh Li-ion Battery,0.01-1.5s Recycle Time,10 Levels LED Modeling Lamp
  • Zoomable Flash Head
  • The Flash head can be zoomed from 20mm to 200mm automatically or manually, allowing for a convenient adjustment of the light range. Whether shooting in a broad setting or a focused space,The V860III will light the objects naturally
  • Flexible Shooting Angle
  • With the swivel angle from 0° to 330°horizontally, and from -7°to 120°vertically,The V860III lets you easily complete direct flash, bounce flash,and any other shooting techniques
  • Transmitter & Receiver Flash
  • Integrating transmitter and receiver in one flash,The V860III gives you the maximum flexibility and convenience to co-work with other flashes
  • Various Flash Modes for Unlimited Creativity
  • The V860III continues in TTL,Manual and Multi flash modes.All the functions,as HSS (up to 1/8000s),FEC,FEB,rear curtain sync and so on help you to capture every splendid moment quickly,precisely and creatively

godox v860iii canon

  • What’s in the package?
  • 1 * Godox V860III-C Camera Flash
  • 1 * Lithium Battery
  • 1 * Charger
  • 1 * Protection Case
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * Instruction Manual
  • 1 * Mini Stand
  • 1 * USB Battery Charger
  • 1 * Color Filters
  • 1 * Diffuser
  • 1 * HolaFoto Cloth

godox v860iii

A Modeling Light With 10-Level Dimmable Brightness

godox v860iii-s


Multi Flash Provided (up to 100 times,199Hz)
Wireless flash function Transmitter, Receiver, Off
Transmitter groups A,B,C,D
Controllable Receiver Groups A, B, C, D, E (D,E group can be controlled by X series flash trigger)
Transmission range (approx) 100m
Channels 32 (1~32)
ID 01~99
Modeling flash Fired with camera’s depth-of-field preview button
Effective range (approx.) Center: 0.6〜10m / 2.0~32.8 feet. Periphery:0.6〜5m / 2.0~16.4feet
Color Temperature 5300K±200K
Power Source 7.2V/2600mAh Li-ion battery
Recycle Time Approx 1.5 seconds. Green LED indicator will light up when the flash is ready.
Full Power Flashes Approx. 480
Power Saving Power off automatically after approx. 90 seconds of idle operation. (60 minutes if set as Receiver)
Sync Triggering Mode Hotshoe, 2.5mm sync line
2.4G Wireless Frequency Range 2413.0MHz-2465.0MHz

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Additional information

Weight 1.17 kg
Dimensions 7.68 × 2.95 × 2.32 cm
Product Dimensions

7.68 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches

Item Weight

1.17 pounds





Date First Available

October 19 2021

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10 reviews for Godox V860III-C Camera Flash for Canon Camera Flash Speedlite Speedlight Light,2.4G HSS 1/8000s,480 Full-Power

  1. Martin Shin

    Amazing Flash, Used it for some of my recent shoot!At first look, The Godox V860 III looks pretty similar to the V860 II, but it has received substantial upgrades in features. Overall build quality is great. The controls are well laid out, it works flawlessly off camera with an X system transmitter and the output is consistent. At under $230, the Godox V860 III is perfect for those who are looking for their first flash, and even for more seasoned flash photographers.The rotating head has some nice resistance to it and the tilt mechanism clicks into position nicely. The buttons offer nice feedback when pushed. The control dial is much improved over the V1, which had some quality control issues. The use of the Li-Ion battery is certainly a perk, at least for power and recycle time. Most flashes use AA batteries, which are easier to come by and cheaper, but never offer comparable performances.I have always been impressed with how Godox lights perform out in the field. The V860 III continues this trend. Once you become familiar with the controls and the menus you’ll find that the V860 III is a very capable light. I suggest getting the system to use it as a Off camera flash instead to create a REMBRANDT as the main light, with a reflector to fill.I included some photos i shot with the Flash both indoor and outdoor. Amazing flash to pair with my Canon R6, separating the subject from the background.I highly recommended this flash for all photographers.

  2. Prathyusha

    great flash in this price rangeI have used this flash for more than a month now with cannon system for all kinds of events and this never failed on me. Kit has all the gels for your OCF use and very good recycle time and battery can last 3-4hrsgodox improved locking system. definitely recommend the flash to take your photography to next level.

  3. DB

    Couldn’t help but fall in love with this light!Ok, first things first. I don’t own an original Canon Speedlite, so my review will not be a comparison with Canon Speedlites. The most expensive speedlite I have (before I ordered this one) was $120 from Amazon (not gonna name the brand here). I was looking for a decent speedlite in the $150-$200 price range as I needed something that I can use both on camera and off camera. I have several other Godox lighting equipment (AD200s, 400 strobe, etc) so it made sense to get this one since it fits nicely with the whole eco system. I had mediocre expectation when I ordered it, and boy was I wrong! This light is WOW! It has everything you need and more:1. Use as a hot shoe flash: of course2. Great build quality: Yes3. Quick lock feature on the hot shoe: Yes4. HSS and second curtain sync: Yes and the HSS goes up to 1/8000s. What!? For a $200 flash thats wicked impressive!5. Easy switch between multi mode, ETTL, and manual: Yes6. Use as a remote flash with Rx compatible with x1c trigger: done7. Use as a Tx for my other Godox lights: Heck yes! I was so happy it can do this.8. Zoomable: Yes!To me, the color temperature seemed pretty accurate, so there’s that. To be completely fair, I’m not a huge fan of the UI, but I use other Godox systems and it was not too hard to figure out how to do everything I need without looking at the manual at all. I’m sure there are a lot of niche features I may not be utilizing, but in due time I guess. Honestly, I didn’t need anything else in this flash. But there are some other cool stuff that I have to mention. It has a dedicated switch to toggle between ETTL and Manual. I didn’t think I needed this, but I’m using it all the time now. I did a quick comparison with the Manual and ETTL mode and I almost love it. ETTL may be (emphasis on the may be) a tad bit underexposed (one stop) than what I’d prefer – but I believe it’s purely preference. This is nothing a little adjustment on photoshop or lightroom can’t fix. Oh, and there is a modeling light! A modeling light on a speedlite at this price point. How do they do it!? And it comes with a Li ion battery (thank god! no more AAs) with a USB C charger.I got way more than I expected in this speedlite. If you’re thinking about getting a speedlite, get this one. If you have a Godox system, definitely get this one! And the delivery was super fast as well. I ordered Friday and it got delivered on Sunday. I almost feel bad how fast it was delivered, lol. But who’s complaining!?

  4. Mike Auvil

    Great productWorks well…plan to buy more soon

  5. Willie Walker

    It works great.I love it, I can’t think of anything that I don’t like about it.

  6. Radiance of Shadows

    Excellent flash in a small but durable packageSo far this speedlite has been fantastic, and I’ve had the chance to use it in a variety of scenarios, both in candid indoor/outdoor setups as well as for some controlled environmental images as well, and it has performed great in each situation. I work as a newspaper photographer in Las Vegas so my assignments strongly vary, sometimes I’m using a flash in an event style manner and at other times I’ll use speedlites for quick portraits as well, instead of strobes, since it’s easier to get around with.This is my 3rd Godox flash, the first being the V1 and the second the AD200. Both of them are larger but provide a lot of power/output as well. The V860 III is the perfect companion to these because it’s a lighter-weight and more portable option (easier to handhold, which is something I like to do on occasion), and the battery/overall charges have been really impressive.The one other flash I use pretty often is a Canon 600 EX RT and while it might be built slightly more durably, the V860III seems to keep up better in terms of power and recycle times overall, and I think I’ll go with the Godox more regularly on my newspaper assignments. The 600 is also a little larger, and the fact that I can get more power out of a smaller unit is a major plus for me, too. Another advantage of the Godox is the rechargeable lithium battery instead of using 4 double A batteries, like with the Canon flashes.I also tried using the flash for some product-style photos with an umbrella diffuser and it performed really well in the situation, too. I have a Godox wireless transmitter, the XProC, and it has functioned without any issue together with the V860 III. I’m able to adjust the power levels and more with the built in receiver in the flash, and it has been great.Anyways, I’m glad I added this flash to my kit I’m already thinking of getting another one since this one has been so great.

  7. Darren Thompson

    Versatile Flas and Versatile SystemThe media could not be loaded.

     Love the flexibility of this system. The Godox system and equipment is easy to use, very flexible and a welcomed addition to our camera bag! The biggest benefit for us when shooting on location is to be able to mix multiple types of lights within the same system. With Godox, you can! All you need is an additional light or available transmitter to trigger any additional units. We are excited to add more of this style of product to our camera bag.

  8. Margarita Garcia

    Excelente compra q hiceEl producto en excelentes condiciones y me ha servido muy bien me encanto

  9. Aj

    ExcellentExcellent flash, getsvthe job done.

  10. Riyashad Azim Toha

    Got it on time in a good condition. Thanks!

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