Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash for Sony Flash Speedlight Speedlite Light,76Ws 2.4G TTL1/8000 HSS,480 Full Power Shots,1.5s

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Compatible Mountings Sony Alpha
Camera Flash Slave
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.68 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches
Mounting Type Hot Shoe Mount

  • 👍【Round Fresnel Head for Soft Natural Light】 The 76Ws Godox V1 flash features stable color temperature at 5600±200K over the entire power range, The zooming head (28-105mm) features automatic and manual control, and it has 330 degrees of rotation and 120+ degrees of tilt
  • 👍【Fast and Convenient Magnetic Rim】Being able to work with light is the key to creating better, more creative images. Thanks to a built-in smart magnetic mount, can be easily clicked on and off or stacked to help you achieve exactly the effect you want
  • 👍【High Powered & Speedy Recycling Battery】Godox V1 offers 480 full power flashes, 1.5 sec. recycle time with a charge time of just 3.5 hours. 1/256th power to full power in 1/3 stop and Tenth’s increments, and Flash Durations is 1/300 to 1/20,000s (t0.1)
  • 👍【Perfect for on and off camera use】10 Level SMD LED Modeling Lamp. Backlit Matrix LCD. Multipurpose Buttons with Digital Marking for Faster Navigation. Laser AF Assist Lamp For Instant Autofocus. Level Lock Hot Shoe Foot Clamp
  • 👍【Compatible for Sony Camera】Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash for Sony Camera,76Ws 2.4G TTL 1/8000 HSS,480 Full Power Shots,1.5 sec. Recycle Time,Interchangeable 2600mAh Lithimu Battery,10 Level LED Modeling Lamp
  • 🌿 👍【Noted】Please let me know if there is a problem with the hot shoe mount in the 12-month warranty



Product Description

godox v1 canon

Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash for Sony Camera,76Ws 2.4G TTL 1/8000 HSS,2600mAh Li-ion Battery,480 Full Power Shots,1.5s Recycle Time

  • Godox V1 adopts round flash head to offer studio-level soft and even light effects.With powerful functions and plentiful accessories, it is suitable for portrait, wedding, event, travel photography, still life photography, etc
  • Compatible with Sony cameras, Fully support TTL auto flash,manual flash,1/8000s High -Speed Sync, Flash exposure compensation(FEC),FEB,FEL, First-curtain sync, and Second-curtain sync,etc
  • High-performance Panasonic Li-ion Battery :7.2V/2600mAh Battery offers 1.5s recycling time and 480 full power shots
  • Built-in Goodx 2.4G wireless X system offers all-in-one function and great compatibility
  • Work with Godox 2.4G Wireless X system transmitter.
  • Wireless Control&Abundant FunctionsWide angle adjustment from 0°to 330° horizontally and -7 to 120° vertically,improving the shooting efficiency in bounce flash.
  • Support USB firmware upgrade. The built-in LED modeling lamp is adjustable from 01 to 10 steps
  • Excellent Light Effects&can be Used on or off the camera
  • Distributing even light from center to edge, providing natural and beautiful light effect VI Round flash head’s light effect is softer and more even
  • Wireless Flash : Wireless flash function: Master, Slave, Off. Controllable slave groups:4(A,B,C,D)
  • Transmission range(approx.):100m. Channels:32(1-32). ID:01-99. Modeling flash: Fired with camera’s depth-of-field preview button
  • Auto Focus Assist Beam.Effective range(approx): Center:0.6-10m/2.0-32.8 feet,Periphery:0.6-5m/2.0-16.4 feet
  • LED Modeling Lamp

godox v1

  • Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash for Sony Camera Flash Speedlite,76Ws 2.4G TTL 1/8000 HSS,2600mAh Li-ion Battery,480 Full Power Shots,1.5s Recycle Time,10 Level LED Modeling Lamp
  • Package Include:
  • 1*Godox V1-S Camera Flash for Sony camera
  • 1*Li-ion Battery
  • 1*Charger
  • 1*USB Charging Cable
  • 1*Mini Stand
  • 1*Protection Bag
  • 1*Instruction Manual
  • 1*20 Color Filters

godox v1

godox v1 battery

godox v1-c


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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 7.68 × 2.95 × 2.32 cm
Product Dimensions

7.68 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches

Item Weight

2.2 pounds





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Date First Available

March 2 2022

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10 reviews for Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash for Sony Flash Speedlight Speedlite Light,76Ws 2.4G TTL1/8000 HSS,480 Full Power Shots,1.5s

  1. OM500

    Super fast cycle time! Solid flash With the litumum battery, this flash have super fast cycle time. Even when I have it on full power the cycle time is not longer than a second.Love the quick hotshoe lock, click and it is secure.It has pretty much all the function a flash should have, but the advantage here is there are a lot of buttons for quick navigation.The round flash also look very good on your subjects.Comes with 3 different color diffuser, which I only uses the white. Also comes with so many color gel. Which I don’t use but good to have.The only thing is I wish the carrying bag is little bigger so I can carry all the accessory tooBut over all. It is comprehensive and super solid.Would recommend!

  2. Prathyusha

    Versatile Flash packed with featuresThis Godox V1-S is packed with features. It operates well with my Sony A7r3. Its distinct round head makes it easy to use, even for a less experienced flash user. I have used other godox flashes and this is one of the powerful fashes with less recycle time at this price point, it offers the best value to performance ratio, and with all the kit you can get more creative.I have been using it for almost 2 weeks for marriage and events and it never gave up on me. I recommend buying a second battery for longer events.

  3. Kuchi Naga Divya

    Great Build, This Flash is priced right and packed with many features. I love the flash, as a wedding and portrait photographer i use Sony A7RII and Sony A&RIII and this flash is a go to item for me now in my immediate camera backpack. the round head delivered a great even light that I needed for my group shots. After using it for almost 4 hours straight the rechargeable L-ion battery was not touched, still at almost 100%. The build quality is also nice! I also love the fact that I can control my other Godox lights with this flash on camera!!i am also impressed with the shape of the head is one of its most noticeable features. it is similar to H200R round head adapter for Godox AD200 . so any of the modifiers and filter of Godox AK-R1 kit will fit. The battery, the new collar, and button rearrangement are very needed upgrade ,. Overall, it feels like a solid unit, with a light output and recycle time.

  4. T banks

    Godox are top tierGreat off camera flash , works for all sony cams and works best with godox pro triggers , awesome batt life , charges via usbc and matches other batts in godox system such as 300 and 100 round strobes which is convenient. Great light throw it in a small softbox on location you will be happy with it .

  5. Niahrose photo

    My go to for events and weddings!This is by far my favorite speedlight I use it constantly for weddings, and events. The round head magnetic head makes it easy to connect the awesome accessories like the dome head that is essential for my events. Another thing I LOVE about this lens is the LED lights that you can turn on to help focus in super dark situations.Bonus Section:I use it on top of my camera to control all my other godox speedlights in the room for events.If you’re on fence about this flash this is your sign BUY IT!

  6. Spencer L

    Amazing Camera Flash, HIGHLY RECOMMENDI have been using my Godox V1s for a couple of days now and I’m very impressed. The quality of my photos became much sharper and clearer in low light than in other flashes I’ve used in the past. This is especially useful when I shoot weddings where ballrooms are usually pretty dark. With the Godox V1s round head it created a very smooth light throughout the entire image. I am blown away with the quality and build of this flash, especially for this price, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the V1s for anyone looking to upgrade or buy their first flash!

  7. Nick

    Pleasantly Surprised!I was recommended this flash by a fellow photographer. I hadn’t been able to try a godox flash before, but when I received it I was pleasantly surprised at what I got! I received a flash with a nice led display, the battery and charger, a nice flash case, and also some extra filters, which was a nice surprise! I really appreciated the blue/yellow filters. Overall everything is working great right now after my test run, and I’m excited to put this to work.

  8. Haley Manning

    One of the best flashes! Super easy to use!I love using a flash to fill in some shadows during receptions – especially during dancing. This flash was perfect for me during a wedding I shot this past weekend. It worked wonderfully and did exactly what I needed it to do! If you’re looking for a flash that is durable, works great, and is easy to use – don’t look any further than this one!

  9. Cerebro

    Eigentlich ein super Blitz…… aber nur eigentlich,Ich nutze jetzt schon seit längerem Godox Blitze und war bis jetzt auch Immer sehr zufrieden mit dem System, leider sind die neueren modele mit dem schnell verschluss aber scheinbar so Konzipiert das diese das gewischt des Blitzes nicht aushalten und irgenwan abbrechen (siehe Fotos).Ich hatte die Letzten wochen das selbe problem bei drei verschieden blitzen von Godox (2x V1 und 1x V860III)Bei einem V1 habe ich mir ein Multishuh ersatz bestelt und ausgetauscht.bei dem V860III hat der Blitzschuh nach zwei tagen angefangen zu wackeln weswegen er zurückgeschickt wurde.und bei dem zweiten V1 ist mir der komplette blitz abgebrochen nach zweimal nutzen.

  10. Seila

    Gran calidadGran calidad y funcionamiento perfecto un Flas muy bueno

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