GearIT 50-Amp Extension Cord for RV and EV (50 Feet) 4-Prong 250-Volt, Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y, NEMA 14-50P to 14-50R 6/3, 8/1 STW

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Color Green
Brand GearIT
Connector Gender Male-to-Female
Voltage 250 Volts
Input Current 50 Amps

  • Power Up With A Truly Reliable Extension Cord – Trust your energy needs to GearIT’s exceptionally dependable 50-Amp Extension Cord for RVs, motorhomes, EVs, and generators. Crafted for strength and performance, sturdy connectors are male-to-female and the cord is rated for 125/250 volts charge power. Convenient to roll & store, and sealed in an appealing green exterior, keep this robust cord on hand in your travel camper, garage, or wherever else your charging needs take you.
  • Added Convenience On Your Outdoor Vacations – You love the beautiful rustic scenery at campgrounds and on cross-country RV excursions; however, you also like having easy access to electric power for temperature control, appliances, communication, and more. Equip your travel camper with a helpful 50-amp 50-foot extension cord for true peace of mind. Make memories with loved ones without a worry knowing your rock-steady, ultra-convenient outdoor power supply is there to deliver.
  • Smooth Recharging For Your Tesla Vehicles – Park your eco-friendly electrical vehicle with pride and keep its motor ready to roll with consistently easy e-charging. Your new super-portable extension cord offers the ideal hook-up, designed for cars like Tesla Models 3, S, X, and Y. Charge times vary: NEMA 5-15 (Level 1) 120V is about 4 days; NEMA 14-50 (Level 2) 240V takes 6 to 30 hours; and, Super Charger (Level 3) 480V takes 30 minutes to 170 miles range. Revved & ready!
  • From The Sunny Desert To The Snowy Mountains – When your car or motorhome takes you to intense climates, it’s crucial that your outdoor power cable accessories are built to withstand a variety of weather conditions. You can depend on GearIT’s tough components and seals as well as the cord’s flexibility to reach and adjust. Keep that generator or RV energized with our tough UL-listed weatherproof extension cord.
  • Embrace The Future With GearIT Innovation – Get exceptional power delivery & years of durability in GearIT’s 50-Amp RV & EV Extension Cord. As a longtime industry leader, we’ve been honored to provide over 5 million customers with incredible technology accessories since 2006. Staying well connected & charged up with high-quality generator and vehicle accessories simply makes life better.

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50amp extension cord for rv

50amp extension cord for rv

50amp extension cord for rv

50amp extension cord for rv

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Weight 38.6 kg
Dimensions 17 × 16.7 × 8 cm
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17 x 16.7 x 8 inches

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38.6 pounds





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Date First Available

November 14 2020

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7 reviews for GearIT 50-Amp Extension Cord for RV and EV (50 Feet) 4-Prong 250-Volt, Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y, NEMA 14-50P to 14-50R 6/3, 8/1 STW

  1. Dorin

    Tesla reduced charging, issue with cord.I assume I received a faulty product. I ran through multiple tests to figure out what was causing the hot outlet and reduced charging. Turns out it was the extension cord. Ordered a different brand and works as it should without hot outlet error and reduced charging on our Tesla.

  2. Miro

    Mostly exactly what is described. Green. Heavy. Long. Coiled.This is a sturdy cord, mostly exactly as described. I really have no issues with it. I use it to charge my Tesla Model Y, with the 14-50 Tesla adapter and the tesla charger. Everything fits together snuggly in that regard, with the connections from this cord not loose, and come apart with a firm but not difficult pull. The integrated handles on the connectors are actually useful.The cord is green, a unique color from most black cords out there. I got it because I thought it would be trendy and neat. Indoors I think it would be. But I’ve got mine running outside near my house, and it is quite bright and catches the eye. I probably should have got a black cord to be less visible. It doesn’t really blend with grass if thats the intent, it is brighter. It’s otherwise a nice bright green though.The cord comes in a coil. It is heavy and thick, and sturdy; not cheap feeling at all. I doubt I could damage this thing if I tried. However once you want it to run straight, for a distance, it retains that coiled and resembles an old school coiled telephone cord. I tried to undo the coiling toward the ends by reversing the twist, and made some progress but its a heavy cord and eventually I just made it worse. I doubt this thing will ever be straight. If it was, it probably would make it harder to gather then. It’s thick, heavy. If you’re storing it in a box or inside, you probably want it coiled anyway. I’d say its hard to manage in that sense, but 50ft is a long wire for these things too.May consider getting a 30ft black one in future, and see if I can manage the distance with that. Glad I didn’t overdo it and go for the 75ft to have some extra!EDIT:Have had this thing a year now, running outside from 50amp outlet to mobile charger most of that time. The bright green color has definitely faded to a very muted green color from the sun/elements. The tight coiling has loosened a little. Overall it handles very well and never had any issues charging Tesla or warnings about voltage, not once. It’s been through rain and snow, and charges great. Connections are tight and no issues with the elements.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great green cord!This cord is sturdy! I have to admit I wasn’t keen on the lime green color until I found it to be the same quality as the black ones at half the cost. I cut off the female end of the cord and added a second male connector to make an emergency generator connection cable to back feed my house through the RV receptacle I installed at my power panel (you must shut off the main when doing this!) this cord is quality 6/3 and 8/1 thin stranded cable. It bends nicely for a cable of this gauge. It is a heavy cord, which is expected with quality copper and thick jacketing. I did like the fact that they power the inside of the cable to help the conductors slip backs and forth so that the cable will not link or tangle easily. This also helps the cable last longer. If you can get over the safety green color, grab this cord. It’s quality!

  4. Dominik Knapp

    Will burn your house downWas wondering about the lose fit of the rv plugs as well as car charger. Well let’s just say, i should have listen to my gut feel. The fit is too lose, causing excessive heat in the connector that could easily start a fire. This is what happened after just a couple hours at less then rated loads

  5. S. Harris

    Product only worked for 8 months.This product worked great for about 6-7 months. Around the 6 month mark I noticed the Tesla charger started cutting to 15mph charge instead of the normal 28 because the cord was overheating the Tesla charging module. I wasn’t too concerned because I live in Southern California and it gets hot during the day. I started unplugging the Tesla adapter and only charging at night to avoid extra heat. After a few hours the charger would continue to overheat. At this point I was monitoring the cord every night and morning when I plugged in the cord or unplugged it. Tonight I got an update on my phone from the Tesla app saying that the charging stopped. I went outside to check on the car and the charger and the pictures are what I found. The plastic/rubber at the male end of the cord completely cracked and was melted to the Tesla 10-50 adapter. It smelled like electrical smoke and I’m lucky I caught it before a fire started or my dog got curious and put his face near it. THIS CORD IS HALF THE PRICE OF THE OTHER CORDS FOR A REASON. Save your money and don’t risk burning down your house with this knockoff extension cord. It is not designed for 50 amps (the charger was only sucking 30) and it still malfunctioned. If it was used indoors maybe it would have lasted longer but the bottom line is that I’ve never had any issues with any other cords or outlets when charging my car or anything else for that matter and using this item was extremely dangerous. I would like a full refund as well as a replacement for the $60 10-50 Tesla adapter that was melted as a result of this cord.

  6. L. Oliver Ouyang

    Good ValueI use this to extend my mobile charger comes with my Tesla M3. Since I installed the NEMA14-50 outlet in a bad place. When we purchased another Model Y, the cable of the mobile charger cannot reach both vehicle. The extension cable is here to rescue. I found this is probably the cheapest one available in all the sites I searched. It’s made of good quality material, very thick while still flexible. The mobile charger can charge at 32A, and the cable remains cool. Someone might prefer black color, but green color stands out in my messy garage. not sure if it’s easier to get dirty.

  7. Ryan

    great productgood product for outdoor use. durable

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