Garmin Forerunner 945, Premium GPS Running/Triathlon Smartwatch with Music, Black

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Brand Garmin
Model Name Forerunner 945
Style Device Only
Color Black
Screen Size 1.2 Inches
Special Feature Bluetooth
Shape Round
Target Audience Unisex
Age Range (Description) Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone

  • Download songs to your watch, including playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer (may require premium subscription with a third party music provider)
  • Performance monitoring features include Vo2 Max and training status with adjustments for heat, altitude Acclimation status, training load focus, recovery time, and aerobic and anaerobic training effects
  • Garmin Pay contactless payment solution (available for supported cards from participating banks) lets you make convenient payments with your watch so you can leave your cash and cards at home
  • Full color, onboard maps guide you on your run so you never get lost during your workout
  • Safety and tracking features include incident detection (during select activities) which sends your real-time location to emergency contacts through your paired compatible smartphone
  • Battery life: Up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode, 10 hours in GPS mode with music or up to 60 hours in ultratrac mode. Display resolution – 240 x 240 pixels


You’re an athlete, and this is your watch. The forerunner 945 running watch lets you sync with premium music services to put your songs on your wrist when paired with a compatible smartphone (may require premium subscription). It also offers our most advanced physiological features, including training load balance and more. Also enjoy the convenience of quick, contactless payments solution (available for supported cards from participating banks) from the wrist with Garmin Pay. With full color, onboard maps to guide you on your run, you’ll never get lost during a workout. Wherever you go, built in safety and tracking features — such as incident detection (during select activities), which sends you send your real time location to emergency contacts through your paired compatible smartphone.

From the manufacturer

Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 1.9 × 1.9 × 0.54 cm
Product Dimensions

1.9 x 1.9 x 0.54 inches

Item Weight

1.8 ounces




43211511 Wearable computing devices

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. included

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth GPS



Special Features


Display resolution

240 x 240

Other display features


Device interface - primary


Scanner Resolution

240 x 240 pixels



Included Components

Forerunner 945 GPS Watch; Charging cable; Documentation



Date First Available

April 29 2019



10 reviews for Garmin Forerunner 945, Premium GPS Running/Triathlon Smartwatch with Music, Black

  1. DJ

    The Garmin Coach?After more than 10 days of use, I now refer to my Garmin 945 as the Garmin “Coach” because it is the closest thing to an actual coach. Although I’ve purchased many products on Amazon over the years, this is the first time I’ve felt compelled enough to write a review. In short, this thing is absolutely phenomenal. However, it’s not for everyone. I’ll explain why later in this review, but first, let’s get to the good stuff. Throughout this review I’ll mostly refer to the 945 as the “coach.” Just thought I should mention that so people aren’t confused.My first Garmin device was the Vivoactive HR. Then I upgraded to the Vivoactive 3. And now the FR945, which is a big jump. The reason I made the leap (after weeks of extensive research) is because I need more granular metrics for my training. With the VA3 I used the stress metric to decide when and how hard to train, which was ok for a while but now I’m training for a major event in combat sports and I need a coach. In the last 10 plus days, the FR945 has been eerily accurate in predicting my performance and recovery requirements. I’ve also learned that my training is unbalanced and may very well account for my high incidents of sports injuries.For example, the body battery and recovery. I woke up one morning with a pretty low body battery after a brutal workout the night before. I also had a terrible late-night meal before going to bed. The “coach” said I had another 18 hours of recovery remaining and suggested an easy or recovery workout. I still felt the previous night’s workout, but I was at least good enough for morning yoga, right? Well, halfway through what is typically a moderate yoga class, my body felt miserable. I struggled throughout the class and couldn’t believe how difficult everything felt. This is the same class I attend twice a week, every week. And my day didn’t get better. I felt like crap the rest of the day. What I really needed was plenty of rest and a good night of sleep. This is a case where I was in one place psychologically and a totally different place physically. This is where injury happens, at least in my case. The “coach” tried to advise me, but I ignored it.Another example, the performance condition. After about 90 minutes of late afternoon drilling, I decided to go for a run. I was pretty pumped and felt great. Yet, the “coach” said my drilling workout was a lot tougher than what I had planned. The training effect was in the “VO2 Max” category with an aerobic effect of 4.1 and anaerobic effect of 3.5. Translation? It was time to chill. Instead, I decided to go on a short 2.5 mile run and to beat my previous time. Then, about 20 minutes into my run this thing pops up on my watch screen called “Performance Condition” with a value of -3. I had no idea what this was and decided to look it up later. Well, I completed my 2.5 miles and beat my previous time by 2 full minutes. But to my surprise, the “coach” suggested a 4-day recovery window, which sounded absolutely ridiculous until I woke up the next morning. Everything hurt and I was exhausted. And I looked up the “performance condition” later that day and smacked myself in the forehead. The “coach” was trying to tell me to stop and get some rest.So, the “coach” has shown me that I tend to do too many hard workouts without enough recovery time in between. Sometimes the mind wants to do what the body is not ready for, but how can you really know? It was mostly guesswork before I bought the FR945. And since I’ve been an athlete my entire life, pushing through pain has always been part of the lifestyle. Now I can finally focus on training smarter, not just harder. The only thing better would be an actual coach who reviews your stats in real time and plans your workouts accordingly. Such a coach costs far more than $600, so I consider the FR945 to be a damn good bargain.Now I will very briefly go over some of the features of the watch1. Battery life – With regular use including all-day activity tracking I get about 7 days. This is even with the sleep pulse ox on for a couple of nights just to try it out. I didn’t do much with GPS during this time but used it quite a bit for music playback and several workouts.2. Music – Next to the advanced metrics, this was a major motivator for the purchase, and it’s fantastic. At first, I had lots of trouble getting my Jabra Elites to work consistently but I think I accidentally fixed it by solving a separate problem. The watch kept crashing whenever I launched the strength app. I saw in the Garmin forum that someone fixed this by deleting outdated .FIT files on the watch, so I decided to do a full factory reset and the strength app stopped crashing. I concluded the problem had to do with me copying data from my VA3 to the FR945. Once I reset and did not copy the data back, everything ran smoothly. Then I noticed the headphones consistently connected as well. However, they still won’t auto connect. Once the headphones are on and I click “connect” from the watch, I have to give the power button on the headphones a single push. Then, they connect and stay connected. So, it’s still not as seamless as other headphones but I’m not sure if that’s a problem with Garmin, Jabra or a mix of the two.There is no music “streaming” though. I use my Spotify account to download the playlists to the watch, which can take a while for a large playlist, but it’s still an awesome feature. The first time I went into the gym without my phone, I was like a kid with a new toy. It was just freakin’ awesome. Some people complain that the sound is not as good as coming from a phone, and this is true but only barely noticeable. The music playback still sounds pretty damn good.3. Wrist HR – It’s awesome for daily activity tracking and all-day HR, but it sucks for any type of gym or strength training workouts. This is true for all devices like this though. But if you’re spending $600 on a watch like this, I suspect you’re also wearing an external HR during workouts. If not, you should.4. Sleep tracking – It’s decent enough for tracking trends but sometimes needs adjusting. Although the FR945 does better than my VA3, I still need to adjust the sleep start from time once in a while. There are also times when it does not calculate my “awake” minutes correctly. For example, it might say I was “awake” during my sleep window for 10 minutes when I know for a fact it was more like 40 minutes. And the REM vs deep sleep I take with a grain of salt. Again, great for tracking trends but I’m not confident in the absolute numbers. So, this is still a good feature but far from perfect.5. Buttons – It took me a day to get used to the buttons after coming from touch screen watches but now I could never go back to touch screens. I lost at least one workout on the VA3 due to inadvertent screen touches. There have also been complaints of the buttons losing their “springiness” and feeling mushy, but so far, I have not experienced this. Maybe it takes more time to manifest itself. However, I use the vibration feedback feature so that each button push gives off a vibration. I suspect this could be a good solution to those experiencing mushy buttons.6. Sports (lots and lots and lots of them!) – There are tons of sports categories on this thing, most of which I will never use. The level of customizable data screens for each sports category is just mind-boggling. There’s is something here for just about everyone. Honestly, this category alone requires a separate review. And configuring activities from the watch itself is very intuitive and user friendly.7. Maps and navigation – I haven’t used either of these beyond playing around with them at home but I have a couple of big hikes coming up. So, I’m really looking forward to trying these out and maybe I’ll update this review.8. Training metrics – This is another one that needs a separate review. The FR945 accurately tells me when to train, how hard or how little, and when to take it easy. It also tells me how long to rest. The training load and training focus features are amazing and will help keep my training more balanced. I haven’t even gotten to the lactate threshold or FTP because I haven’t been using the device long enough for that data to be available yet. And the body battery is so accurate it’s almost creepy. I’ve learned the hard way to listen to it.9. Garmin pay – Set up is really easy but I have not actually used the feature in a store yet. I’ve never been super excited about contactless payments anyway.10. Other stuff – Ok this includes heat acclimation, altitude, etc., etc. So, far I have 19% heat acclimation.11. Look and feel – Despite being jam packed with incredible hardware and a slew of amazing features, the watch is so light weight that I barely notice it’s there. And on top of that it looks great too. Although I liked the VA3, I wanted a more rugged, sturdier looking watch. I can take the FR945 out for a 10-mile hike or just as easily wear it to a business meeting. It has both the sleekness of Bruce Wayne and the utility of Batman.12. Smart watch features – This is not a smart watch. It’s a sports watch with some smart watch features. In contrast, the Apple watch is a smart watch with some sports features. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the smart watch stuff. So, I turned off all smart features except phone calls. While I find it convenient to reject calls without pulling out my phone, the text and other iPhone alerts are just annoying. It would be more useful if I could customize text alerts to receive them only from a select group such as my wife and kids.So, who is the FR945 for? In short, the very serious athlete. If all you are interested in is daily activity tracking, sleep tracking and recording short runs or Zumba classes, get something in the sub $300 range. This watch is for the person who trains for rigorous events such as Spartan races, marathons, triathlons, ultras, serious cyclists, combat sports and so on. In other words, the person who, despite having a day job, thinks about their event for much of the day. They get up to train early in the morning 5 to 7 days a week. They train in the evening and put away ridiculous amounts to calories to keep up. Or if you just want to splurge on a really nice sports watch, go for it. It’s no one’s business. But make no mistake about it. This watch is for serious, data-hungry athletes.This watch is now my daily driver, so I’ll be collecting lots of data and feedback over the next several weeks. If I experience anything significant whether positive or negative, I will update this review. In the meantime, however, I find it difficult to give this product anything less than 5 starts.

  2. D. Matusiak Jr.

    A paranoid schizophrenic’s worst nightmare.It tracks everything about you and broadcast it to the internet. If you cool with that, then its a lot of fun.Tldr; its great. All the features work so well. I do use a chest strap heart rate monitor during my heavy workouts, but the one built in is just fine for daily and sleeping. Sleep tracking is pretty good, its picked up pretty accurately for me, and i work nights, so my schedule sucks. You have to set your sleep tracking time from 00:01 to 23:59 for it to pick up day sleeping. Battery is amazing if you turn off everything. I keep heart rate, pulse ox, and activity tracking running 24hrs, and i can go a few days before it hits 40%.First off, I bought a refurbished/used 945. I was anxious to see if any scratches or issues. None at all, watch is in perfect condition with all the packaging and parts. Now to the watch.It is amazing. I recently got back into working out, and wanted a way to measure my metrics, to see if I’m making progress. It does that amazingly well. I use zwift for cycling, and wanted a way to track my time off the bike. It does everything, and it tells me how im feeling, amd its spot on. When my body battery hits 9, i know i feel like a 9. Its like it gets me, and i have something that knows how i feel lolThe sleep tracking is a big selling point for me because i work nights, and my sleep schedule is just so bad, i needed a visual way to display to others so they believe me. It does do that, but you need to put in a little effort to keep the results accurate. First if you sleep during day for night shift, you want to change the sleep window to encompass the entire day to “watch” for signs of sleep: 00:01(to sleep) to 23:59(wake up). This will allow you to fall asleep at any time. However, it only tracks one sleep event, so if you end up falling back asleep later, it will alter the original time’s wake up, to this new wake up, and instead of being a cumulative 7hrs, it will count the awake time between, and come up with a total of say 15hrs. It will display the awake time during the sleep, but i like my times to show the actual hours of sleep, so i edit it to add in the correct time. Not sure if thats correct or not, but i dont know another way.The workout tracking is so cool. It has nearly every sport, and if you go into connect iq app, you can download more. You can also create your own. The data screens for the workouts are so customizable, you can change anything to how you want. When i run, i like to have the 6 field layout with all the quick info: timer, heart rate, cadence, pace, and distance. For cycling, i have all that plus my power meter connects and i have that data as well.It keeps tally of everything you do, and gives you a body battery score. I found this to be extremely accurate. When its a high number, i do feel good, and when its a low number, i definitely feel exhausted. Its a good measure of your fatigue, and that helps you rest knowing you are following your plan without regret.I really like how Garmin Connect app connects to other apps. So many workout apps are an island to themselves with the data they collect. Garmin shares with everything, and doesnt cost a subscription. Get the watch, join the garmin ecosystem. Its great.I ordered cheapo pack of watch band colors. To get the original band off, you need to use 2 tiny star tools to twist them off. Blue locktite secures the threads. Take the original band off, the put the crossbar back on. The new watch bands clip on to it, and make swapping different colors easy.The battery life is kind of a different story. Its really what do you want to compromise? If you want gps on all the time, expect the be recharging by the afternoon. If you turn everything off, including heartrate, pulse ox, activity tracking, gps, it will last quite a few days. I have tested it out fully. You should really make a good decision to what you put on the watch face. Having all the up to date metrics displayed 24/7 will be the biggest drain to your battery. I put mostly weather and step tracking on my watch face, because it doesnt update every second. That saves a ton of battery. Even having the second hand displayed drains battery. Most of the good watch faces you download will tell you that, and its very true. During workouts, i havent had issues with the battery even getting close to dying during an hour long workout with gps and connected to hr strap. I do my workout, and never worry about the battery. Maybe if you were doing ultra distance that takes over a day, i wouldnt worry. Its good, especially for all it does.The phone controls work well. Its conveniet to see who is calling, and i wear my headphones a lot, to just hit the button on the watch to connect me to the call without ever pulling out my phone. I can use simple customizable messages to reply to texts. Anything else and i need to break out my phone for that.All in all 10/10 experience. I hope the devolpment for the sleep tracking continues to get better, but this thing rocks

  3. Troy A. Miller

    ALMOST as good as it gets… almost…I bought this 945 on Prime Day (nice sale!), as an upgrade to the 935 that I’ve been using for a little over 4 years. I probably don’t use even 20% of capabilities of these watches, but as a triathlete, I sure enjoy the data that they provide… and the 945 provides even more than the 935. Nice.The biggest things that I’ve noticed over my 935 are (again) the increased amount of data that this watch provides. I particularly like the significantly more detailed sleep tracking, as well as the ‘body battery’, which I find to be QUITE accurate for how I’m feeling at any given moment. Further, I’m especially loving that the heart rate sensor works in the water – not having to wear a heart rate strap when I’m swimming to get my heart data is wonderful!The bad stuff… the buttons. The buttons just suck. Where my 935 buttons are smooth with a nice, single tactile click, the buttons on the 945 feel coarse and grainy – and the top left button got mushy and actually stopped clicking at all within the first 30 days. Further, the bottom right button would kind of catch on the way in, then click – rather like a double click. I contacted Garmin support, and they were wonderful – though they did initially try to just tell me that this was just they way they felt on this new model now, and as long as they worked, everything was fine (but it wasn’t fine, because the buttons suck). Even so, at my request, they did offer to replace it, which was awesome. I received the replacement… and it’s better than the first one. All of the buttons click, though they are still rather grainy, and the top right has that double clicky feel to it – but it’s better. Not better than my 935, but still better. It will get a lot of use with me before the warranty runs out, so I’m just going to keep an eye on it. (Regarding those buttons, after a lot of reading, I found that the buttons were improved thru different revisions of the watch – currently on Rev. D, as stamped on the box. Both my first and replacement watch were Rev. D, so apparently, there are still issues within the revision.)My only other observation with this watch has been battery life. I’m an Ironman athlete, so I need a watch that will make it all the way thru a full IM race. I did a couple of fulls with my 935 with no issue – but when I began to watch battery life on this unit, I was doubtful whether it would make it thru a race – battery was dropping quickly, even with no GPS based activity. Then I remembered… I get a TON of notifications thru my phone, so that had my watch active a lot. I went into Garmin Connect and turned off ALL phone notifications, then just turned on the notifications for calls and texts (because that’s all I want to see on my watch)… and the battery life improved dramatically. Still too soon to make the final call, but I think it’s good now. Just something to be aware of.The long and short of it?… excellent watch with crummy buttons. If I hadn’t caught it on sale, I think I would’ve regretted the purchase, as I would’ve just gone straight for the 955 (which is current right now). However, if you find this watch for a nice price (like I did), it’s worth it… crummy buttons and all.

  4. Ironman&Ultrarunner

    Worth the Upgrade from Fenix 3!this is my third garmin watch as i have graduated from one to the next with latest being the fenix 3. the differences between the two is big enough for me to sink in $600 for this watch. for me, the most important functionalities are battery life on gps, music, and wrist based hr monitoring….but it offers so much more!!! i really like the design of this watch. it is a lot lighter than the fenix and slimmer. fenix was not a watch that i could wear to sleep but this forerunner makes it easy for me. there are so many added features since the fenix 3 that i feel like a kid in a candy store. although not needed, i added my credit card to the watch…so if you want to go on a shopping spree, all you have to do is lift my watch!😂 syncing my airpods 2 was a breeze. have i mentioned that this watch is awesome! the built in heart rate monitor surpasses my expectations. although the wrist type monitors are not as accurate as a chest strap, i am willing to give up that accuracy for something that puts me in the general neighborhood of how my ticker is doing. it certainly does that! as far as the battery life claim of 36hours….i have not had a chance to test that yet but will have a chance toward the end of this year. generally, i can get pretty close to the number that garmin publishes but i do have to turn off almost everything to achieve that number. although i could have continue to charge the watch on the run believe it or not, my mind was too foggy in survival mode of a 100 mile run to want to worry about that. i really like the layout of the user interface on this watch. if you are coming from a garmin watch, it is similar and the learning curve is not too steep. i was able to navigate it within a few hours for the most part. i know someone stated in a review they didn’t like the buttons….i love the buttons! they are responsive and get me from me place to another quickly. it is true that not as much pressure is required to do that but that is my preference. the display is very very good. it is crisp and bright. oh….the watch face is very nice. one of the things that i didn’t like about the fenix was that i could never get the second hand to move like an analog watch. this one does. as far as fit, it feels so light on my wrist that i noticed it for the first day but now is just there. overall, i love the added functionalities of thhhis watch and will come back to provide a more in depth review once i have a chance to swim, bike and run with it. first impression is that this is a solid well bought out watch with everything i need! highly recommend!8/10/2019i have had this watch now for about two weeks. it is awesome. here are some things that i have done with it that i haven’t done previously:- sync my apple airpods and a generic earbuds to the watch. both worked although the apple airpods worked more flawlessly.- loaded spotify and my music onto the watch. very easy to do.- the built in hr monitor is awesome! i don’t even wear my strap anymore….it gives me a rash so glad to be rid of it!- i love all the health readings! it is awesome!- i love the strength app. it actually counts your sets and reps. still has a little bit of work to do but pretty cool.- i got all my external devices like hr strap, foot pod and power meter connected to the watch- it uses about 15% per day of battery although i have everything turned on. once i am in race mode i will turn everything off to save on battery- i bought a couple of extra cables. they charged the watch pretty well.- i love the voice alerts while running. it gives pace distance and lactate readings- the watch analog face is pretty good. i especially like the red second hand.. it does eat a little more battery.- gps is quick to sync!- the apps and widgets are awesome. well thought out.that’s all i have for now as i am training for 100 miler and hasn’t had a chance to swim or bike. i am pretty sure i won’t be disappointed there either. will update once i log some distance for those activities.

  5. Webb Pickersgill

    Love this Watch for Running, Biking, Swimming, and Every-Day stuff.I had a Garmin Vivoactive 3 for many years and it served me well. The battery life was slowly becoming unusable. Prime Day gave me the perfect opportunity to upgrade, and I am SO glad I did. This watch is fantastic.I was off-put by the “Forerunner” series because I’ve always heard they are great for runners, hence the name. I’m mostly a biker, so I was hesitant. After much research, it turns out that these are great for triathletes. I was training for my first triathlon, so I figured I’d give this guy a try.The screens are much more informative than my old Vivoactive 3. It did take some time to get used to using the hard-buttons for everything (The Vivoactive had a touch-sensitive screen for most things). One of the biggest improvements is tracking HR while swimming, which is due to the hard buttons… so I’m okay with that trade-off now.The addition of an audible beep when doing run/walk intervals is very helpful. The old watch only vibrated and sometimes I would miss an interval.So this past weekend I did my first triathlon and everything went well. I decided to not use the built-in “Triathlon” mode, because I was worried that I’d hit the wrong button and mess up which leg of the event I was on. I just did 3x individual events on the watch, and I let the tracking chip do the official stuff for the race itself.Yes, I love the watch. My wife is now jealous and wants one.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great smartwatchHad the watch for a couple of weeks now and really enjoy it. Battery lasts a long time and charges pretty quickly. Lots of different categories to choose from in terms of recording your activities. The Connect App from Garmin is easy to use and provides lots of information on activities you specifically use the watch to record (a run, a walk, a swim, etc) and others the watch automatically keeps track of (sleep, steps, heart rate, etc). Lots of ability to customize the watch (watch faces, different events), including creating your own apps. Connectivity between my watch and phone via bluetooth is good–I like getting the occasional notification on my watch rather than my phone, actually.At this point, I think the only thing I’m slightly disappointed about is the built-in temperature sensor. Apparently you have to take the watch off for several minutes to allow the sensor to equilibrate to the environment, rather than your wrist temperature.Otherwise, I’m really happy with the purchase.

  7. Erin

    Great for running!Great for running. The swim tracking isn’t always reliable. The watch lights up a lot, so I generally don’t sleep with it on. It pairs well with the connect app.

  8. P. J. Hauser

    Does everything and is rock solid.I’ve had the 945 for 5 months and it has been fantastic. I’ve had several Garmin watches since 2003, including the Forerunner 201, 205, 305, 310XT, and now the 945. Every unit has always been a significant upgrade for me, with the 945 being a huge jump from 310XT. It does everything great and it’s slim enough to wear all the time. For exercise I mostly use it for biking (indoor and out) and running. When it’s warm enough, I just use the built in heart-rate sensor and it’s been very reliable. When it’s colder and I need to wear layers, I use a separate Scosche heart rate sensor under my long-sleeve shirt and wear the 945 on the outside, and that combo works great too. I have two bikes I use it with, my regular outdoor bike and an indoor bike mounted on a Kurt Kenetic trainer. Both bikes have their Garmin speed/cadence sensor on them and it works great with each of them. One advantage over the 310XT is the customized data fields are unique to each activity (e.g., “bike” versus “bike indoor”) which is handy. The 310XT shared the same data fields when used with two bikes.There is only one small negative, but it’s just a subjective thing and I suppose you can’t have everything. On the Garmin 310XT, the screen actually has a smaller area (593 square mm versus 726 for the 945), but the rectangular layout allowed seeing 4 data fields clearly, even without my bifocals on. With the 945, there’s more area but some of it is wasted due to being circular, so the fields are actually slightly smaller, even when arranged optimally (with top/bottom/left/right fields, versus 2 rows and 2 columns). Another factor is that the monochrome screen on the 310XT was easier to read in various lighting conditions, compared to the color screen on the 945. BUT… all that said, there are some pros that make up for what I consider negatives of the screen. The first is that having a color screen is just better for the many things this watch can do besides just tracking runs ((golf anyone?) . The second is that it’s possible to add extra data fields screens (not limited to 4 like the 310XT) so besides the usual screens with multiple fields, I also added some extra screens with just one big field for various things (one for distance, one for pace, one for heart rate, etc.). And that has worked very well for me.Overall I love this watch and have no hesitation in recommending. Of course if you really want to learn more, and you haven’t been there already, be sure to check out the DC Rainmaker website. That’s my first stop for anything related to fitness gadgets, and he has a TON of great reviews and information on just about everything out there!

  9. M. Rigg

    Impressive Sports WatchI bought this watch to train for, and participate in, my first Ironman. My Apple Watch in exercise mode won’t last the entire Ironman event and I needed a watch that would. Beyond that simple requirement, here is what I found after using the Garmin Forerunner for the past month:- I use TrainingPeaks to perform scheduled workouts. I sync the run and bike workouts (not swim) directly with the watch. Each day’s workout is ready for me when I am ready to start. Then during the workout, it will tell me what to do (when each interval starts / counts down the time, what pace to maintain, what interval is next, when rest periods start / counts down the time, etc.). I don’t have to remember the workout sequence and times, as it does it all for me. I just do what the watch tells me to do. TrainingPeaks is really well integrated with Garmin Connect and the watch.- The swim watch face is much easier to read and to use in the water than the Apple watch (and I’ve had trouble with the Apple watch touch screen in the water – doesn’t register a tap). The Garmin buttons start/stop intervals easily and more swim information is available real-time on the Garmin.- The sleep, stress and “body battery” functions are nice ways to keep tabs on my overall readiness to do the next day’s workouts. More generally, the amount of data available both in Garmin Connect and in TrainingPeaks is terrific.Some other observations:I don’t have any issues with the buttons on my watch (as another reviewer did). They work as intended and seem well designed. The overall quality of the watch is excellent.- If you are a runner, this watch is much lighter than the Fenix series.- I can wear the Garmin watch for days without recharging, which allows me to collect sleep information.- I plan to use the maps and navigation/routing features when I start hiking again this winter. The number of sports and data on each sport is broader and deeper than what is on the Apple watch. These are nice features.- I like that I can pair a heart rate chest strap to this watch for better accuracy; I can’t do that, or if possible haven’t done that, on the Apple watch.- I like the Apple Watch wrist strap better; the Garmin strap is more traditional and harder to put on / take off.- I really like the Apple Watch for many of its best features, and probably would not be wearing the Garmin at all but for the training need. Still, I now enjoy wearing the Garmin. In fact, I’ve started wearing both (fashionistas be damned).

  10. John

    Great watchThis watch is perfect for anyone trying to gather detail on their workout progress. Battery life is amazing. I’ll charge mine for maybe 25 minutes and will have a charge that’ll last a whole week.This watch tracks anything from your body battery, sleep, resting metabolic rate, stress, steps and much more. I don’t find this watch to be the best at determining your body battery or sleep. It doesn’t account for any naps that you may take. Oura ring does a much better job of sleep tracking and body readiness.Based on the totality of everything this watch can do, I highly recommend it.

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