Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and Navigation

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Brand Garmin
Screen Size 2.3 Inches
Connectivity Technology Connect IQ
Map Type Worldwide
Included Components USB cable, Edge 520 Plus, Manuals, Standard mount, Flush out-front mount, Tether
Battery Life 15 Hours
Mounting Type Handlebar Mount
Scanner Resolution 200 x 265
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.9 x 0.8 x 1.9 inches
Item Weight 0.13 Pounds

  • Advanced GPS bike computer for competing and navigation
  • Features advanced navigation, including new rider alerts and the pre loaded Garmin cycle map with turn by turn directions on and off road
  • Preloaded Strava Live Segments let you compete second by second with your previous best or another rider’s PR; see real time results right on your screen
  • Stay connected with your compatible smartphone using LiveTrack and Group Track, smart notifications, rider to rider messaging and built in Incident Detection
  • Monitors cycling specific Vo2 Max and recovery time when used with option power and heart rate monitors


With edge 520 Plus, you can train smarter and discover new routes. This cycling computer features advanced navigation and challenges built right in, not to mention a bright color screen, preloaded Strava live segments and the Garmin cycle map with turn by turn directions. Whether you’re exploring new routes or pushing your limits at Race time, edge 520 Plus has exactly what you need.

From the manufacturer

Garmin Edge 520 Plus

Advanced GPS Bike Computer

With Edge 520 Plus, you can train smarter and discover new routes. This cycling computer features advanced navigation and challenges built right in, not to mention a bright color screen, preloaded Strava Live Segments and the Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn directions. Whether you’re exploring new routes or pushing your limits at race time, Edge 520 Plus has exactly what you need.

Personalized Race Day Power Plan From Best Bike Split

The preloaded Best Bike Split app allows you to see how changes in weight, power and drag can affect your goal race time, and it creates the perfect power plan for race day. With the Best Bike Split Race Sync app, your race day power plan will guide you to your best bike split ever. Simply link your Best Bike Split account with your Edge 520 Plus, and all of your current race plans will be available at your fingertips. Create a Best Bike Split account today.

Preloaded Strava Live Segments let you compete second by second with your previous best or another rider’s PR; see real-time results right on your screen.

Stay connected with your compatible smartphone using LiveTrack and GroupTrack, smart notifications, rider-to-rider messaging and built-in Incident Detection.

  • Advanced GPS bike computer for competing and navigation
  • Features advanced navigation, including new rider alerts and the preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn directions — on and off road
  • Monitors cycling-specific VO2 max and recovery time when used with option power and heart rate monitors
  • Tracks Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and cycling dynamics when used with Vector™ power meters
  • Battery life: up to 15 hours, depending on usage

Advanced Navigation with Garmin Cycle Map

Edge 520 Plus is preloaded with the Garmin Cycle Map and includes turn-by-turn navigation and navigation alerts that notify you of upcoming sharp turns. And, of course, it’s smart enough to guide you back to the route — or back to start — if you deviate from it or decide to head home early.

Messages From Rider to Rider

There’s no need to reach for the phone or worry about your fellow riders when they pull ahead or fall behind. Rider-to-rider messaging (with a compatible smartphone) lets you send prewritten notes from your Edge 520 Plus bike computer to theirs. Let your friends know if you’ll catch up in a few minutes or if they should go on without you. If you have a flat tire or need assistance, you can send a message to your fellow riders who are paired with GroupTrack — so they can find you.

Advanced Performance Monitoring

Edge 520 Plus is compatible with ANT+ technology sensors, including speed, cadence and heart rate. For even more performance data, 520 Plus is also compatible with ANT+ power meters, including Vector 3 (sold separately). Our unique pedal-based power meter measures total power, left/right balance and cadence. You can even record cycling dynamics to get a better look at your form, including where your power is being applied on the pedal and throughout the pedal stroke.

With the addition of a heart rate strap (sold separately), you gain access to a variety of physiological data. See your cycling-specific VO2 max along with a recovery advisor, which analyzes your data and tells you how long you should wait before attempting another hard ride. This connected system of sensors, accessories, cycling computer and post-ride analysis with our Garmin Connect online community allows you to keep track of how your body performs from ride to ride.

Customize Your Device

It’s easy to customize your Edge 520 Plus bike computer with the free apps, widgets and data fields you want from our Connect IQ store. Apps such as AccuWeather MinuteCast let you know when the rain will stop so you can find time for a ride. Get immediate feedback with the MPA and Power app from Xert so you can see if you’re exceeding your maximum power available. A variety of configurable data fields show your favorite stats on a single, easy-to-read screen.

Ride with Confidence and Ease

Edge 520 Plus is compatible with our Varia line of cycling awareness devices, including rearview radar and smart bike lights. By pairing these devices with your Edge, you can get alerts — right on your Edge display — to approaching cars and help drivers see you. Use LiveTrack to let your friends and family follow your real-time location, or use GroupTrack to keep tabs on up to 50 of your riding buddies — and let them keep tabs on you — if you get separated.

Strava Live Segments Help You Push to Perform

Garmin and Strava are bringing you even more ways to test your limits. You’ll still get alerts for segment starts and finishes and be able to virtually compete against your own PR and Strava friends with a redesigned second-by-second comparison that shows how you measure up. But now you’ll also be able to see how your current effort compares to your PR, your most recent efforts or the personal bests of your friends. And finally, with the preloaded Strava Routes Connect IQ app, starred routes can now be wirelessly sent to your Edge bike computer so you can navigate and compete on your favorite Strava segments at the same time.

With the purchase of an Edge 520 Plus, you get a free 60-day trial of Strava Premium, so you can sample the best tools to push yourself.

From Plan to Performance with TrainingPeaks

With the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app, bringing your planned workout with you for every ride is as easy as turning on your Edge 520 Plus bike computer. The preloaded app puts your daily workout right on the Edge device. It guides you through your workout in real time, complete with intensity targets and interval durations. After your workout, sync to TrainingPeaks for detailed analysis and to measure progress toward your goals. Create a free TrainingPeaks account, and get started with a free training plan.

Trailforks App

With the Trailforks app, you can download trail maps to use offline when you go for a ride. Featuring trails from more than 80 countries, Trailforks maps include topographic information, points of interest, heatmaps, trail conditions, photos, videos and much more. Wherever you ride, you’ll have access to the best, most up-to- date information so you can plan your ride, discover new trails and elevate your riding experience. Now with Garmin Edge integration you’ll have access to all the best Trailforks courses on your handlebar.

Additional information

Weight 2.08 kg
Dimensions 2.9 × 0.8 × 1.9 cm
Product Dimensions

2.9 x 0.8 x 1.9 inches

Item Weight

2.08 ounces





Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Connectivity technologies

Connect IQ

Other display features


Scanner Resolution

200 x 265

Included Components

USB cable Edge 520 Plus Manuals Standard mount Flush out-front mount Tether

Date First Available

April 18 2018



10 reviews for Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and Navigation

  1. Richard in Albuquerque

    Tons of features in a small packageI’ve had this unit’s predecessor, the Edge 500, for over ten years; IMO it’s still the best cycling computer ever made. But the reset button finally fell out, and the work-around (having to connect the unit to the computer after every ride) was getting too tedious to abide. So I popped for this newer version, the Edge 520 Plus. It has everything the 500 has and lots more, including rudimentary maps, and more extensive power meter features.My old Garmin heart rate monitor paired instantly. But beware: I initially had trouble pairing my cadence sensor; I simply couldn’t get it to connect until I realized that my sensor was a “cadence/speed” unit. Once I understood that, and scrolled down to the appropriate sensor on the screen, it paired instantly.Most of the more sophisticated features are pretty much lost on me because I’m not a racer and don’t keep to a strict training regimen. But if you do race and/or train hard, it’s difficult to imagine that you’ll need more than the 520+ provides.The 520 is slightly larger than the 500, but has a significantly larger screen owing to the newer edge-to-edge technology. But the buttons are somewhat harder to access, and significantly-so if you’re wearing gloves.If you don’t need mapping capability, or the sophisticated training features, the smaller Edge 130+ might be a better option. If I had it to do over again, I might go for the latter. Having said that, though, I’m really happy with the 520+.

  2. Dylon s

    The Pros, Cons, and ‘Must know’!Here is an unbiased review that I hope helps you when deciding to buy this device.First off: 1 week after buying this device I was involved in a bad bike accident. This device (must set up emergency contacts) notified my emergency list and let them know. They were able to pick me up and bring me to ER very fast because of this feature.You probably are looking at the Edge 520 Plus, the Edge 130, as well as the 530 or 1030. My opinion? Get the 520 Plus.Understand this though- much like an iPhone that cane out 2 years ago, it WILL need an update. So don’t freak out if you buy this and the firmware is outdated or not to your liking. Before going on first ride, plug in via connector to garmin express desktop app and update it.The pros:-incredibly fast sync to all sensors (HR, cadence, etc)-Ability to change map detail to less or more detail (I ride with less detail I know the areas I’m in well)-customize ride screen with dozens of different fields-live track workouts-Very accurate elevation and grade metricsThe Cons:-wasn’t ready to roll out the box-screen smudges easy-no app adjustmentsMust know:Don’t take this device out the box and try to go for a ride 5 minutes later. Sit down and experience how the device settings work. Set everything to your standard, and familiarize yourself with how things work. This is an outstanding product to track your rides and all the data you need with it. Oh and it might just save your life!

  3. Oma

    Good Device for an Avid CyclistGood device for accuracy. Great battery life. It has a lot of features…. like phone connectivity. This model does not have touchscreen. I like it for monitoring elevation, distance and heart rate. I use it indoors.. on the trainer and outdoors. I’m a Garmin fan.

  4. CoreyR

    Nice unit at the lower end of the Garmin lineupThis is one of the lower end models in Garmin’s GPS bike computer line. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad device!It’s the first in the series to have navigation, going from the 25 to the 1080. Rerouting is kinda slow, but perfectly fine on bike, it will not be suitable for car navigation though. You wont need to load new maps of any sort, if you’re in a major metro area, but might need it in more remote areas.It is somewhat complicated to get used to, and while I like not having a touch screen on it, some of the buttons require a bit of actuation, which could be good, or bad, depending on your preference.The user interface could use some help, but it’s no unusable. Just navigation through the menus doesn’t always make sense.It’s highly accurate, though, and will link up with ANT+ devices, and saves rides until your phone can connect, then it auto-syncs them to Garmin Connect.My only complaint: I wish Garmin Connect would let you manage the device when it’s not powered on, then ship the new state to the device. A bike computer isn’t something that stays on all the time, like a watch.So, this is my 3rd Garmin unit, one previous watch (Vivosmart), and my new watch (Vivoactive 3). This one does not dissappoint.

  5. Outbackwack

    Works great with 1 exception…I got this primarily for mountain biking. Once updated and screens somewhat configured I took it out for a 15 mile trail ride. When I finished and was looking at the data 1 thing really stood out…it showed a total STOPPED time of 1h15m on a 3 hour ride. I was wondering why I saw READY TO NAVIGATE showing up a bunch of times. Turns out the MINIMUM SPEED you can set it for to start recording is 6mph. This is probably ok for road riding, but I do a bunch of technical hill climbs at LESS THAN 6mph (I’m 60… give me a break). That means that my data on EVERY ride will not be accurate. I think this thing needs an option to set at 0mph if I want. Other than that it has worked great, even showing the trail names I’m riding on, although it will just say “riding west” or something, NOT “riding on white line trail”. I’ve done 3 rides this week for about 9 hours of riding, plus another hour playing around with settings and it still shows 60% battery, which I think is very good so far. Oh, another gripe was trying to find a mount for my 35mm Yeti bars, which was not easy. I wound up with a Chinese head set cap that works great for only $10 vs $40 or more for an “out front” mount. I think I’ll get another one for my wife’s bike.

  6. RC

    Reliable. Optimistic about battery life. Get a protector.Broke my 520, bought a 520+I like these devices a lot. While I would change a few things, the essential function is spot on. I never have to worry about pairing with sensors working at power-up including my Power Tap power meter. The extended battery is astounding.My previous one started shortening in life quickly after 2 years use which was a bummer but before it broke it was still covering 3 hour rides. The plus runs crazy long and should cover 5 hour rides even at half it’s current performance. I also greatly appreciate having different display settings for each of my bikes. Finally this model seems to have more processing power. My previous one used to hang occasionally during map tracking functions. Not an issue now.That being said, setting up those devices is a pain. Would be nice if they added those configuration settings to the App. Also, when charging on my PC, it sometimes starts beeping every few seconds. I think it’s following per interruptions, but whatever. Mostly it does it’s job well.Do note that THE SCREEN IS GLASS!! I had the previous 520 and washed it with my jersey. It still sort of worked but the glass screen cracked. Understandable, but you should also be aware that the screen can break when dropped. Though this is rare. This time I bought a stick-on glass protector and recommend you do the same. They are cheap and I got a set of four. You can give two to a friend and be a hero!

  7. Brian

    Great entry level optionOverall I’ve been pleased with my 520 in the last year I’ve been using it. I’m not really a serious cyclist so the longest ride I’ve taken it on is probably 4.5 hours. Once you get into that length though you will need to turn the screen brightness down to ~50% if you want the battery to last the entire ride. Overall accuracy and function are good. Now you can wirelessly import maps you build in Strava which is SO MUCH easier than hooking it to your laptop.My wife loves the fact that she can follow along with my rides from the comfort of home. Super nice since most drivers are actually not paying attention now days.My only complaint, and this isn’t just a problem with the 520, it’s all Garmin devices: if you use a Garmin watch for running, and a Garmin bike computer for riding, the work you do on the bike won’t count towards your “Garmin training status”. I’m a data nerd but unfortunately even though both products sync to the app, any work done on the bike doesn’t transfer to the training status tracker on my Fenix watch basically rendering the number useless.

  8. Gregory Mason

    It Works!!!! It really worksWhat I loved most about this computer is that IT WORKED RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX (after about 45 minutes of a clean and easy set up!) I was able to get my speed, distance, maps and three text messeges, really sweet. I had always heard about how Garmin was, mostly good but could not see spending over $200 for a bike computer, until I bought new rims for my rode bike, I spent well over $200, so I figured what the hell, I am more than a little impressed by this item. I live in Chicago, most others froze up at -12 degress, not My Garmin. Works like a charm, text messages, speed, time, Color maps, loving it!!! Seriously worth the time and the expense. Love all the features and the fact that it syncked up with my Iphone on the very first try!!!!!

  9. Robert H.

    Synching Issues Between Garmin 520 Plus and iPhoneI bought this a few weeks back. Worked great for 2 rides. On my third-fifth rides, the device would not synch with my iPhone, but both the device and phone recognized that they were connected, the synch just failed. I have had to since delete the device from my phone and phone from the device, then reinstall both for the device to synch the info to my phone. I a, trying to figure out what is going on. The device and phone have the most current software updates. Not sure what is going on. Until I figure this out, I cannot give it anything higher than a 2 star. On the flip side, the device itself works great, I even have the Garmin Varia RTL510 linked to it, which is the main reason why I bought the Garmin 520 Plus. I’ve had the two working together since I purchased both together. I’ll update if I figure out the issue……Update: 08/19/19 – Since my last update, I have used several times and updated both iPhone and 520 software along with the app on the phone. Works great! Still movie the computer on its own, and with the rear sensor! I can and would easily give it 5 stars now!

  10. Brian Fischer

    Disappointed in Bluetooth and Garmin ConnectPrevious owner of a garmin 500 and loved it!!! However, started having issues with it and figured it was time to upgrade. Really debated between the Wahoo Element Bolt and the 520 plus. I finally picked the 520 because of my great experience with the 500 and the fact that the 520 had trailforks. One of the features that I was really looking forward to was uploading my rides from the garmin directly to garmin connect and I am currently very disappointed. Continue to get upload fail. Have searched the web and this appears to be a common problem for IOS devices and you can go through various procedures to try to fix it, but it doesn’t always maintain the fix. Makes me wonder if I should have gone with the Wahoo Element. Hopefully this is something that is fixed by Garmin. If so it would definitely up my rating.Update: Wanted to come back and say this product has been great. Garmin helped me work through and fix the problem. This has been a very solid unit. I would give it a 5 if it was easier to edit the data fields using a phone like the wahoo does.

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