GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192 Levels Pen Display with Arm Stand 1920 x 1080 HD IPS Screen Drawing Tablet with 10 Shortcut Keys

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Color Black
Item Weight 1.58 Kilograms
Series GAOMON PD1560
Connectivity Technology HDMI USB

  • 【FOR ONLINE EDUCATION & MEETING】You can use PD1560 pen display for online education and remote meeting. It works with most online meeting programs, like Zoom, and so on. 【FOR DIGITAL ART & CREATION】– It’s not only for amatuer but also for professionalists for digital drawing, sketching, graphics design, 3D art work, animation, etc. 【FOR ANNOTATING AND SIGNATURE】–It is also broadly used in annotating and signing file in excel, word, pdf, ppt, etc.
  • 【10 EXPRESS KEYS & 8192 PEN PRESSURE SENSITIVITY】– 10 shortcut keys are customizable . 8192 leves’s pen pressure gives you better control of lines. About 2 hours to 2.5 hours for full charge of pen lasts 350hours work. 【PEN HOLDER & 8 NIBS】– nibs are inside pen holder. 【HIGH QUALITY IPS FULL HD SCREEN】– Report Rate: 233PPS Viewing Angle: 178°Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080(16:9) 【PRE-APPLIED SCREEN FILM】- to protect the surface screen ,also providing paper-like drawing experience
  • 【ADJUSTABLE STAND】– You can find a perfect and comfortable position by dragging the switch to adjust the angle of pen display . 【3-in-1 CABLE】– To reduce the cable clutter.f there is no hdmi port on your computer, you need extra hdmi adapter. We don’t recommend usb to hdmi adapter.
  • 【OS SUPPORT& PROGRAM COMPATIBILITY】– Windows 7/8/10 or later, Mac OS 10.11 or later; compatible with most major drawing software. Works great Photoshop、Pant Tool SAI 2、Cilp Studio Paint, Illustrator、SketchBook Pro、MediBang Paint Pro, etc. 【FOR DIGITAL ART】– It’s a high quality product not only for beginners, but also for professionals. It’s broadly used in photo editing, sketching, digital drawing,manga, animation, etc.
  • 【Others】—Please use extra hdmi adapter if there is no hdmi port on your computers. We don’t usb to hdmi adapter. And better using one to one type hdmi adapter instead of multi ports hub. If you use Win system, please make sure there is no other brands tablet driver installed before installing GAOMON Driver.



From the brand

Product Description

GAOMON PD1560 Banner



Express Keys

Monitor Stand

​8192 Levels Rechargeable Pen

— 8192 pen pressure levels offers a more accurate and precise movement of the pen-slider, makes your drawing line smooth and natural.

–The nibs are in the pen holder, the clip is integrated at the bottom of the pen holder.

10 Express Key — There are 10 express keys available to be customized according to your own creative habits, it can make the operation more efficient, and save your precious time.

5 Menus Button —- They are placed on the left side of the display: AUTO / + / – / MENU / POWER

Adjustable Stand from 10 to 90 Degree

You can find a perfect and comfortable position by dragging the switch to adjust the angle of pen display .

protective film for GAOMON PD1560



Anti-glare Film Pre-Applied

We pre-applied AG film on PD1560 in our factory to protect it during long time sea shipping. If you find scratches after certain use of on PD1560, it’s actually on the film, not on screen. Please peel it off if you don’t need one. The pen won’t scratch the screen glass.

Work Area & Dimension

It’s 15.6” HD drawing monitor, with dimension of 16.74” x 9.92” & work area of 13.43” x 7.62”.

OS & Drawing Program Compatibility

–PD1560 works with laptop or desktop computer which run windows 7 or above version OS, or mac 10.12 or above version OS.

–Compatible with very most of popular drawing programs, for example, free drawing programs like Krita, gimp, fireplaca, meidibang, inscape,blender, etc.

Paid drawing programs like: photoshop, adobe illustrator, clip studio paint, sketchbook, sai version2, etc.


Left Hand Support

What's in the box

3-in-1 Design of Cables

USB Cable for data transferring.

HDMI Cable for signal transferring.

Power cable to provide power.

Left mode for Windows: Open GAOMON app — Workspace — Set ‘rotation’ angle to 180 ° in the right bottom

Come to computer Screen Setting Page — Select ‘Screen Resolution’ — Select ‘Horizontal (flip)’ in the orientation column — OK — Click ‘Keep Change’

Left mode for the Mac: Open the GAOMON driver — Workspace — Set the rotation angle to 180 ° in the lower right corner — Click on ‘Displays’ in Mac System Preference’ — Set ‘Rotate’ to 180 ° — Click ‘Apply’

What’s in the Box

1x Adjustable Stand

1x Protect Bag ///

1x USA STD Adapter/// 1x 3-in-1 Cable

1x Pen Holder ///

1x Rechargeable Pen /// 1x Pen Charging Cable

Quick Start Guide

8x Replacement Nibs & 1x Tip Clip (In the Pen Holder)

online teaching

1. Tablet Connection:

  • It is NOT a standalone product.Connect it to a laptop or desktop which runs windows or mac system to work. It does not work Chrome OS.
  • Make sure to completely and firmly plug USB & HDMI cable into PD1560, without gap left. (IMPORTANT)
  • If you use a desktop, please plug the HDMI cable into graphic card of tower but not on motherboard.
  • If there is no HDMI port on your computer, you need an extra HDMI adapter. For example: VGA to HDMI adapter, DVI to HDMI adapter, Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, etc. We don’t recommend USB to HDMI adapter, and multi-ports hub. We recommend one to one type hdmi adapter. If you don’t know which kind of adapter to use, ask GAOMON Tech Support please.

2. Tips For Mac Mojave New System Users:

  • If you use Mac new system v10.14 mojave or above, after you installed GAOMON Driver, please remember to put GaomonTablet and TabletDriverAgent into the whitelist first. Mac Mojave 10.14 and above versions OS upgraded in security section and need put programs you newly downloaded into whitelist first to normally use it.

3. GAOMON Tech Support:

  • GAOMON Tech Support Might Be More Supportive Than You Thought. And welcome to FAQ Section on GAOMONWeb. Or via Amazon Message.

Additional information

Weight 3.48 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 9.92 × 0.77 cm
Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080





Item model number


Hardware Platform

Windows Mac

Operating System

Windows 7 & above MacOS X 10.11 or later

Item Weight

3.48 pounds

Product Dimensions

17.8 x 9.92 x 0.77 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

17.8 x 9.92 x 0.77 inches




1 Lithium Ion batteries required.



Country of Origin


Date First Available

September 25 2017





8 reviews for GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192 Levels Pen Display with Arm Stand 1920 x 1080 HD IPS Screen Drawing Tablet with 10 Shortcut Keys

  1. Amazon Customer

    Yikes!When I first got the tablet a few months back and got it working, it was wonderful. The colors were great, it worked well with pretty much every program…and then there were issues with screen discoloration [patches of red and blue where they should not be] until it stopped turning on about a month later. I contacted customer service, who for most of this have been super great, and they sent me a new one. That worked fine. For a month. Then that screen didn’t turn on. I switched the tablet monitors and had a working tablet for about a few weeks, despite some discoloration issues. Until finally that stopped working too. Customer service as of now has yet to get back to me and I can’t say I really recommend this tablet to anyone, unfortunately. Others seem to have an issue with it turning on at all which really makes me wonder if this is a common issue. I have heard good things about this tablet, which is why I initially bought it. But for $400+? It’s really kind of a gamble. I’d advise you be wary of this one, or at least have a back up just in case. This whole mess was my first experience with a screen tablet and really soured me getting another one anytime soon.Update: I have been offered $40 to remove this review. Still no full refund!Update 2: Now 35$ with more guilting. Yikes.

  2. Martina

    Worth every dollarI’ve been a Wacom fan since I started on digital art, and always thought it was the best option, but it stayed like that till this tablet came in my mail.For not boring you, this is just spectacular, but if you want more detail, keep reading.Everything comes well packaged and secure, and the tablet includes everything you need. Even includes a screwdriver, so if you are like me (an exchange student with no tools in their room at the date I’m writing this), this lovely people will give you everything you need to set the whole thing up.The screen comes with a poorly attached screen protector that, to be honest, you can just peel it off because it doesn’t feel bad drawing in the glass.The tablet also comes with a little stiff bag, more similar to a computer’s case for you to move the device whenever you want, such a nice detail from Gaomon (you have to take off the stand to put the tablet in the little bag though).The cables are all together, meaning you won’t have a mess in the desk. Also, the tablet doesn’t come with a VGA port, so I’m still wondering how to use the two monitors option.A funny thing is that, before this tablet, I used to use a Wacom Intuos Pro 5 Large (which costs more than this tablet) and it didn’t work in Photoshop, even when I reinstalled the drivers. But in this one , HO, I had to get used to the fact Photoshop worked, it was amazing! The drivers installation didn’t give me any issue, after putting it in and restarting my PC, everything was good to go. The pressure sensitivity is incredible, it captured even small lines it was amazing.I just had one problem, and it’s color calibration. I’m extremely dependent of color, and I need to have them as accurate as possible, so I struggled a whole day to get them to the closest to my computer. In fact, the colors are pretty accurate out of the box, and maybe I’m just a perfectionist, but still, keep the color calibration in mind when you buy this.Despite the colors, everything in this tablet impressed me, from the price, to the pressure sensitivity, to the cables, to the screen. Everything is worth every single dollar, not only because it’s extremely affordable comparing it to other devices from the same size, but also because it’s super professional. It’s an amazing product, and not to flatter Gaomon, but they did an amazing job with this tablet.So yes, I really recommend the Gaomon PD1560 (which I named Bob because is shorter )to anyone who can afford it. It’s really really worth it.

  3. Donnerschlag

    4-Month final verdict: best art monitor you can find under $500. Even comes with a bonus pinky glove to make you feel dapper.I bought this tablet during the launch promo back in October, but I wanted to wait until the “shiny new toy” effect wore off before properly reviewing it. Sooo, here I am, after 200 hours of total use, a rambling wall of user experience that I’m calling a review, and with a couple attached sample photos of pieces done with the tablet. (And one side-by-side desktop wallpaper comparison that was NOT done by me, but was used to better show the color capabilities.)TL;DR version: I love it. Worth every penny–current price included.Usually with art monitors in the sub-$500 range, you will usually find some sort of quirk or shortcoming–such as poor displays with overblown colors or glitchy, defective hardware. Sometimes it will be serious enough to return the monitor and get a refund, and other times it’s not serious enough to bother, but noticable enough to bug the shit out of you every time you use it.Fortunately, I’ve yet to find any faults like that with this art monitor. The colors and values the display throws out are 100% accurate and true. (And if for some reason they are not, they can be calibrated as easily as any other monitor)The screen quality itself is second to my MacBook Pro’s retina display. Once everything’s dialed in, you have to put your nose 3 inches away and compare them side by side to notice any difference. I’ve heard some reviewers mentioning the parts that the manufacturers used are actually intended for gaming displays. While that’s both entirely hearsay and unverified, I would not be surprised if it were true. Gamers (especially PC gamers) tend to demand a lot from their gear, and I see nothing to fault in the display.As for the digitizer and stylus, both work flawlessly. There are over 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, and changes in pressure are super smooth. (arguably beyond human sensitivity, but erring on the side of unrestrictive is always good in my book.)The refresh rate is at least 60 Hz, and parallax is entirely nonexistent.One thing to note for those switching over from traditional art or traditional non-display digitizers: There is about 2mm of clearance between the display, and the actual contact surface of the monitor. It’s something you may notice when switching over from traditional art or traditional non-display digitizers, but it’s a common quirk with any art monitor, and overall pretty inconsequential. You’ll get used to it and stop thinking about it within a single session.The display comes with a screen protector. And with t protector removed, the screen’s surface is 100% glossy and smooth. With it on, the surface has a matte texture with a tooth not unlike drawing on cold-pressed watercolor paper.The protector has little adhesive tacks at each corner, so it is easily removed and reattached as you pay around and figure out which surface you prefer.As for the stylus: as someone who’s used to passive styluses like you see with Wacom, I’m not fond of the idea of having to charge a stylus. But surprisingly, it’s not been an issue. I don’t know exactly how long the stylus lasts, but I tend to recharge it at the end of every session or two, so I’m guessing at least 10-15 hours of continuous use?It’s hard to say anything other than “really high.” Probably comparable to the battery life of a Kindle, for all I know.There are two quirks I noticed with the hardware, and a third issue with the driver software. The first quirk is fairly well documented, but the second seems more like a cable issue unique to my setup more than anything. (Or it could just be my cheapo HDMI to USB-C adapter.)Issue 1. The cursor strays about 1/4″ / 4mm from the actual pen point when you cross over that final 1/2″ / 1cm of screenspace at the borders. That said, it’s entirely predictable, so you can still hit corner buttons like “new layer” in Photoshop, and it doesn’t impede your workflow after you get used to it.)Issue 2. Sometimes I will plug it in, and the display’s colors will look inverted, or otherwise rainbowy. Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong. Just unplug the cable from everything, and plug it back in. Works like a charm, every time.Issue 3. The driver’s hotkey-assignment feature is clunky, and lacks the ability to input hotkeys that involve more than two keys. (Which means no “step forward” for me until they decide to fix that with an update.)This could easily be solved if Gaomon switched to a more orthodox “type the hotkey into the field” system instead of a series of drop-down menus that only offer a limited selection of predesignated buttons.Out of all the legit shortcomings with the product, this is the only one that actually throws a wrench into things.That’s all the legit shortcomings I can think of.Aside from that, I only have two little matters of taste that I would change if this were my /ideal/ tablet. And that would be:1. A weighted base for the stylus. The stand is currently unweighted, and easy to knock over. Minor nitpick, but it’s a little touch that a 15-cent metal washer could fix.2. A little wheel/dial instead of the two middle buttons. Maybe it’s just me still being acclimated to my 10-year-old Intuos 5, but when I aim for the middle two buttons (which I set as zoom in/out], I tend to fumble and hit neighboring buttons by mistake when I’m drawing in a dark room. (Which I really shouldn’t be doing anyway, but still–why wants to constantly double-check which button they’re pressing when they’re in the groove?)That aside, I’ve noticed several subtle improvements to my productivity all around. One bonus I’ve come to really appreciate over my old Intuos 5 is that this can also be set as a continued extension of your main display–which is a great boon for people who are working on laptops with limited screenspace [like me] or otherwise hate alt-tabbing each time they need to glance at their reference photos. Just put the reference photos on the main display, and drag your Photoshop/Sai/Krita/etc. window over to the art monitor. Bam. No more alt+tabbing.Anyways: I love this tablet. I’m definitely keeping it. Worth every penny I spent.

  4. Bailey

    Best Tablet for beginners and Proffesionals!This is the first drawing tablet I have ever purchased. I am currently a digital art student and in class we always used Wacom Cintiq, but wanting to have my own tablet I went on a long search and was soon drawn to this one due to its price range and I am so happy with that decision! I have noticed no difference between the Gaomon and the cintiqs except I am able to comfortable take my laptop and tablet to and from school every day. It was easy to set up and is very light weight so i dont mind just having it on my lap. I do find it to be a bother to have to unscrew the stand when I want it off, especially when I want to put the tablet into the case that it comes with, but since they provide a screwdriver with the tablet I just keep it at my desk for when I want to put the stand back on. All in all it is a perfect size, not to big to carry, but still has a big work area. The pen is rechargable which I love because I am terrible at remebering to buy batteries, it does make the pen very light, The tablet itself is very light as well. All the cods are connected which is great to keep things organized. but it has gotten in the way before if i want to move my laptop out of the way. It was a great purchase and I would recommend it to everyone!

  5. Jamie

    works great, with a few problems at the startpretty great alternative for anyone looking for a display tablet, but not trying to empty their bank account for a cintiqi ran into a lot of problems with this at first, but now that i have everything sorted out it works very well!! Here are some problems I had and how I fixed them:- tablet not connecting/screen not connecting- reconnect all cords- pen glitching out and swapping to the eraser when you lift your hand- this was fixed by reinstalling the driver, if you have problems with the pen not functioning properly just reinstall the driver lolWorth mentioning:Another problem I had was that the error messages are not in English, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change that, so you’re kinda on your own for thatThe pen is very light and needs to be charged, however the battery lasts for a crazy long time, so it’s nothing to worry aboutIt’s not wireless and comes with a bunch of cords to connectThe screen protector doesn’t work at allThings I was happy with:The stand is very sturdy and easy to adjustThe setup was fast and painless (for the most part)The buttons are easily customizedThe pen pressure works greatThe screen is super crisp and clear, lots of options to adjust everything

  6. Samuelle

    Best thing I own now 😌 Being honest, the first time I ordered this, I was disappointed that I received a second hand table (cables were thrown in and pen charger missing)- but the customer service was amazing and got a refund. 🤗Bought a second one and I’ve had it for a few weeks now- I absolutely love it.Amazing quality for the price and lovely colors on the screen.It did take a while for me to set it up, I had to buy a Dpi do Hdmi adaptor because my graphics card only had one hdmi slot, but it was worth it in the end! You can easily customize the express keys to your fitting, and it feels amazing to draw on.I’ll update in a month if anything goes wrong, and if I don’t then it’s all good(;Rn I would definitely recommend this 👌

  7. Amazon Customer

    A week after GAOMON…After a week of working on the GAOMON PD1560, here are my thoughts thus far.My GAOMON set up is on a Win 7 (64-bit) PC, using a GTX 1060 & AMD Ryzen 5, 1600. Predominantly working with SAI ver 1, and Adobe PS CC.You don’t need a swole PC to be able to support this, however ensure your specs are up to snuff for whatever design program you’re using.TL;DR: I liked this tablet enough, I gave away my older WACOM for free.-PROS-Brilliant entry-level price point for a pro-style tablet. This is a fantastic buy for those on the fence about committing to the digital illustration life. If you’ve been using an overpriced screen-less Wacom till now, you’ll probably want to have a go on this. GAOMON has out-done themselves in proving they can deliver pro-level equipment for a fraction of the price.Unbelievable amount of kit in the box. You get the drawing glove, pen nibs, inkwell, pen-charger, tablet stand, A BRAND NEW PHILIPS HEAD SCREWDRIVER (seriously wasn’t expecting that, WOW!), screen protector (very hardy one at that) & a carry case (not sure when I’ll use it, but quality is quite nice. Will fit my 15 inch macbook no problem).Easy set-up and driver installation. The cables provided do the job perfectly, and the drivers are easy to use, install & calibrate. I’ve never had an issue with this. Run the GAOMON program as Administrator (WIN 7) and you’re good to go!The tablet is extremely light weight. Even with all the kit packed up with it. Though I’d never suggest traveling extensively with it, it is able to be packed away nicely alongside your laptop. It’s not heavy, but the product is bulky / sizable.Delivery packaging is very secure. It arrived amidst three other boxes, all one-inside another. And the tablet is wrapped in rigid foam. The only way to damage this item in transit is if someone ran over it with a truck, or threw it off a cliff into water. Very happy knowing this arrived securely.-CONS-NO TOUCH screen. (This just means less finger-prints on the display)Programmable buttons require a bit of tweaking to get optimized. Find what works best for you. The out-of-box placement is livable, but I found myself readjusting. They aren’t the most rigid buttons, and have a bit of play as you press down on them, just be careful.Pen calibration is required nearly every start-up for multi-monitor display. Parallax is prominent enough to interrupt work to have to re-calibrate. Extra monitors on your set-up will cause a bit of issue in terms of display orientation.Color depth is lacking, and this is not an OLED type display! This is IPS (not a problem to me, but some people might want to spend more for a higher-end color quality display.) To some, you may find the colors dull. Often best to have another monitor calibration set up to attain optimal color performance.Cables are ugly / intrusive to the workspace. The inputs which insert into the tablet portion don’t curve back, or line flush with the tablet. They sort of stick out to the side, affecting properly cable-managed workspaces.Also, the charging cable for the pen does not insert into the pen-dock / inkwell. It has to insert on the top end of the pen, having you set the pen down flat to charge.-CONCLUSION-Despite these minor inconveniences, this tablet is wonderful for the price point. I want to suggest you should buy this tablet if one or more of the following apply to you:You have $500 saved you want to put towards furthering your pursuance into digital illustration.You own a WACOM screen-less tablet and want to branch away from that brand.Have done extensive research into how this tablet fits your use-case. Seek something better if this is not enough for your use-case.You don’t care using programmable buttons only (THIS IS NOT A TOUCH SCREEN).You don’t mind IPS display as a drawing surface. Decent color range, very workable, will require another monitor for finer color tuning.You’re content with a 15 inch screen.Good luck on your buying endeavours to find the right tablet. This might be the one for you!

  8. Genn

    Not the best even thought the price was okI wanted to upgade from my Cintiq 13HD for a bigger tablet. When I found this model, bigger and less expensive than any wacom tablets, I sold my cintiq to get on this model.I tried it, and really wanted this tablet to work nicely, but I had so many calibration issues, even thought I looked online and reached out to customer support. I did exactly everything I was told to do, but there would still always have a small gap between the pen and the screen. Small enough to make it feel unatural to use. The pen is a very light plastic that makes it feels cheap between your fingers. Even the pen from my bamboo wacom feels more luxurious.Quality of the screen was ok, nothing incredible, pressure was fine.I’d say if someone wants to have a monitor tablet but can’t afford a cintiq, this model can do, but it will never be the actual full Wacom Cintiq experience for sure. Sadly, I’m looking for high performence, so I sent it back to Amazon and looked for something else.

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