G-STORY 12.5‘’ Portable Monitor for Xbox Series X, UHD 4K Portable Gaming Monitor IPS Screen for Xbox Series X(not

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Screen Size 12.5 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 3840×2160
Special Feature Portable
Refresh Rate 60 Hz

  • 💻【Totally Integrated with Xbox Series X】:The portable monitor is specially designed for Xbox Series X, it’s totally integrated with Xbox Series X, which makes the monitor super portable and you can carry it everywhere together with your Xbox Series X. (Note: The Xbox Series X is not included.)
  • 💻【UHD 4K Portable Monitor】:G-STORY 4K portable monitor has UHD 4K (3840*2160) native resolution. It can provide you with amazing clarity and fine image details with four times the resolution of FHD 1080P. It’s a perfect portable monitor for Xbox Series X.
  • 💻【Equipped with Two HDMI】:The portable gaming monitor is equipped with two HDMI ports, it’s not only just for Xbox Series X, but also works for your Laptop, iPad, Nintendo Switch and so on. (Note: The HDMI port 1 supports 4K@30HZ, the refresh rate can be increased to 120Hz, but the resolution will drop to 1080P; the HDMI port 2 supports 4K@60HZ.)
  • 💻【FreeSync & HDR Technology】:The portable gaming monitor is equipped with FreeSync technology and HDR function, which helps eliminate image tearing and stuttering, and deliver better pictures to provide you an excellent gaming experience.
  • 💻【Reliable After-Sale Service】We offer 30 days Free of Exchange for G-STORY Xbox Series X Portable monitor, if you have any questions about our monitor, please feel free to contact us. We will definitely reply to you within 12 hours and offer you a satisfactory solution.



Product Description

G-STORY Portable Monitor

About G-STORY:

  • G-STORY (Game Story) is a professional game brand.
  • G-STORY has designed a series of accessories for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, etc. G-STORY’s products include portable gaming monitors, charging stands, charging cables, protective cases, carrying cases, etc.
  • At present, G-STORY’s products have been sold in Europe, Japan, the United States, and other regions.
  • In addition to high-quality products, G-STORY also has a professional after-sales service team. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to let us know. We will definitely reply to you within 12 hours and provide you with a satisfactory solution.

IPS monitor



Eye Care IPS screen with 99% sRGB

The portable monitor’s IPS screen has an excellent 178 ° viewing angle, which allows the screen to be viewed from almost any angle. Its 99% sRGB color space can accurately display any subtle color and create a stunning color environment.

HDR Technology – Vivid Color

With HDR technology, the monitor’s frames will automatically sync with the graphics card’s frames, which eliminates image tearing, broken frames to provide you seamless visuals and smooth gaming experience.

FreeSync Technology for Smooth Gameplay

The portable gaming monitor is equipped with FreeSync technology, which helps eliminate image tearing and stuttering, and deliver better pictures to provide you an excellent gaming experience.

Dual Speakers

Functional Buttons

Package included

Dual Stereo Speaker

G-STORY portable monitor adopts customized dual 2.5W stereo speakers to produce huge immersive 360-degree sound with deep and accurate bass. You can also add your own speaker for a better sound via 3. 5mm audio input.

Functions & Buttons

-1.Power Button -2.Select Left

-3.Select Right -4.Enter Button

-5. Source Button -6.Menu Button

Package Included

Portable Monitor x1

Remote Controller x1

Power Adapter x1

HDMI Cable x1

Perfect portable monitor for Xbox

Play anywhere

Additional information

Weight 3.64 kg
Dimensions 11.65 × 8.18 × 6.3 cm
Product Dimensions

11.65 x 8.18 x 6.3 inches

Item Weight

3.64 pounds





Item model number



2 AAA batteries required.

Date First Available

June 10 2021



10 reviews for G-STORY 12.5‘’ Portable Monitor for Xbox Series X, UHD 4K Portable Gaming Monitor IPS Screen for Xbox Series X(not

  1. CJ

    Portable monitor capable of 4k 30hz and 1080p 120hz! The perfect accessory to your Series X!As an avid gamer, I always look to get the best of the best peripherals for my gaming systems. Warning, I unfortunately do not have an Xbox Series X yet because of the shortages in stock. However, I do have my old Xbox 360, Nintendo switch, and PC that I used to test this monitor. With that in mind, note that the form of this monitor is perfect for the Xbox Series X, and as such, it perfectly complements the console. Additionally, I compared this monitor to 3 of my existing monitors: 2 Dell 2721DGFs (2560x1440p 165hz) and 1 GSTORY portable gaming monitor (1920x1080p 165hz) (all 3 are shown in the pictures). This monitor doesn’t measure up too well to the full-size 27 inch monitors that Dell offers, which is to be expected since this monitor is portable. However, it makes a strong case as to why it should be your PERFECT ACCESSORY TO YOUR SERIES X (especially because of the perfect form-factor).Coming from the perspective of a PC/Nintendo switch/Xbox 360 gamer, the monitor’s resolution is beautiful, especially when running 4k with a 3090 (sorry to flex y’all, but I swear this was the only graphics card I could get haha). Here are a list of PROS and CONS to make this review easy to read:PROS1) Obviously the perfect form factor: I haven’t gotten to try this yet (because I don’t have a Series X yet :'( ), but I’ve seen other reviews and actually compared the dimensions of this monitor to the Xbox Series X, and it should fit perfectly!2) Beautiful resolution: The 4k is actually really well executed on this monitor!3) Included speakers: I mean, they may not be dolby surround sound, but the speakers do the trick, especially when transporting this around.4) Included Triple AAA batteries: Mother of Tesla! This has to be the second time that I’ve ever received batteries for a product within the same product order! It’s small, I know, but it’s just a nice touch.5) 1920x1080p at 120hz: This resolution and refresh rate are very doable with this monitor and are competitive with the existing 1920x1080p 165hz GSTORY monitor I already own. Only difference is that this monitor for the Xbox Series X is smaller at 12.5 inches, compared to the GSTORY monitor I have of 13.5 inches.CONS:1) Limited I/O (or inputs/outputs if you didn’t know): First, the monitor uses a proprietary power source (as shown in the pictures). While this power adapter is pretty common among most electronics, it could be improved because the current GSTORY monitor I have uses a Type C connection to provide power. Second, the monitor only has 2 2.0 HDMI inputs and 1 2.5mm audio output for speakers. More diverse IO, especially HDMI 2.1 or Displayport 1.4a could make this a popular option for a general gaming monitor where you have a setup with an Xbox Series X on the side (which I plan on doing).2) Minimal packaging: The packaging from the outside was very elegant, with it all being white. However, I felt like the protective foam inside was very minimal. The screen was not covered with any plastic or foam, and was just inserted between 2 pieces of foam.3) Low refresh rate for 4k resolution: With faster refresh rates on most full-size 4k monitors, this monitor is lagging behind a little. It will definitely need to be updated to take full advantage of the 4k 120hz resolution and refresh rate that new next-gen consoles can take.My overall take on this product is that it is the PERFECT ACCESSORY TO YOUR SERIES X. As a PC gamer, it didn’t really make an impact on me, and I’d definitely just use my current GSTORY monitor over it. However, as a soon-to-be Xbox Series X gamer, I’m looking forward to using this and taking it on the go! Note: I will be updating this review as soon as I get my Series X, so stay tuned!

  2. Jonathan

    Functional and beautifulI’ve been looking for ways to make the new Xbox Series X more portable. While I do already have a G-Story portable monitor that I got for my birthday last year, something integrated would potentially work better. Admittedly there were things that did give me a bit of pause.My feelings toward the size of a 12.5″ screen and lack of 4K120fps before getting it had me a little disappointed. However, when I got the monitor, the size wasn’t a source of disappointment at all. The screen, bezels and all lies flush with the measurements of the Series X when it’s oriented horizontally. If it was any bigger, it would not only look ridiculous, but part of it would likely end up in the path of the heat blown out the top of the console. So, the size is perfect for the integrated motif that G-Story is going for.While the lack of 4K120 seems like a missed opportunity, after thinking about it a bit, that’s all it is. A missed opportunity. You still get strong performance and you can still technically get 120fps if you’re willing to go down to 1080p. As it stands though, if you’re going for the quality performance with highest quality graphics and the raytracing added in, you’re still going to be getting roughly 60fps, so a 4K60 screen is going to be just fine. So the design and the framerate limitations are very thought out to get the highest visual quality possible with the functionality and fitting of a laptop screen. The picture quality itself is spot on for most media anyone, though one thing that I would suggest is shifting the color temperature when you power up the screen and the console from its default setting to warm. It really helps with overall picture quality and making the HDR pop.One thing that I definitely have to mark as a surprise that’s really well designed are the speakers. You do get a bit of 3D sound design added through the stereo speakers. So far, I haven’t even increased the volume above the default 50% or any of the sound quality settings in the monitor’s settings and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Not only is there an impressive balance of bass and treble with good overall sound quality, but the sound is also a bit more realistic when it comes to echoes offering the illusion of movement of sound with just two speakers. There are probably ways that they could increase the functionality by adding at least one more speaker for a bit more depth, but there’s also a jack that you could hook in an extra speaker to add that in yourself right now.Speaking of extra jacks, there are actually two HDMI jacks that you can use on this monitor. So if you have two consoles, you could conceivably hook both of them up (a Series X and a docked Switch just for an example). One is rated for 4K60, but you can set the settings for lower resolution. The other seems to be 1080p, but you can set the framerate up to 120 (at least on the Series X. It isn’t all that clear which is which, so I actually had to change the monitor output after my first test run to get the 4K60). I did let G-Story know about the lack of clarity, so there’s the possibility that they might put more documentation as to which HDMI port is which.While this is a slight issue, just for the sake of transparency, it is still an issue. At least upon first installation, it can be a bit of work actually attaching the monitor to the console. I let G-Story know. I also shared with them a YouTube review where the reviewer also had a little trouble actually attaching the console. So, They said that they’d have their engineering team looking into it, so this slight issue might get fixed as well.

  3. seth

    Very flimsy screen.Picture quality of the 4k model is great. Be very careful with the screen. Even flipping it open can flex the screen and possibly cause it to break. Use 2 hands for real. Also make sure it is in a hard case for any kind of travel. The screen being so thin even an impact from the outside causes the screen to flex. Overall happy with the purchase even though it’s a bit pricy for the lack of structural integrity for the screen.

  4. shawn chapdelaine

    Great But Issuesgot it a week ago.i love it but for some reason when i try to play games in 1440p or well 4K it gets green lines and goes black for a few then returns back to game image……dont know if its broke or what i can do….any info would be cool.

  5. Alec Alanis

    Actually great design except…..This product actually delivered on everything that it said it would. Picture quality was on point. Got 60hz out of all of my games, a slight bit of motion blur but that was slight and too infrequent to notice. The only reason I didn’t end up sticking with this product was because there was some notable input delay. I’m picky when it comes to small things like that and feeling the game lag behind from my inputs by even a fraction of a second was enough to turn me away from it. Still the design is very well done, easy set up and from afar , you wouldn’t even notice the extra bit attached to the console itself. There’s even a n optional fan but I rarely came across an occasion where it was needed.

  6. Michael White

    Poor video qualityPoor video quality resulted in me, returning as it was not worth the money. The image ghosted horrendously, and made the picture look like you’re watching a laggy video.

  7. Joesgo

    Impressive little monitor!This monitor is pretty impressive for the size,4k@60hz and 1080p@120,when online gaming,competitive shooters,I always run this at 1080p@120hz,and when playing in campaign,I go back to the higher resolution and lower frame rate,hey,when the 4k tv is being watched,and you want to get in some gaming,this thing is perfect,there are some cons to this,but know deal breakers,the remote sucks,it doesn’t always work correctly,would be nice if gstory was a little clearer about the specs of this monitor also,like whats the Hdr rating on this thing?,and the manual this comes with sucks to,doesn’t explain very much,but for what your getting it for,gaming on your series x,this is pretty cool,you will have to make some adjustments on this,so you’ll have to go through the menu, dont forget to turn the fan on through the menu also,its off by default, and you need it on,and make sure your xbox has plenty of room for air circulation, with this screen attached, it can get a little warm,but not bad at all,this is a nice little setup for the series X,just make sure you look it over good,make sure there’s no defects,make sure its new,not a returned item,or there’s anything missing, mine was cool,but I have read other reviews where these things happened,but other than that,its a nice little 4k monitor I think.

  8. C Varez

    Definitely buy if you travel frequently.I bought this monitor and the G-STORY bag together, because I frequently travel for work. The monitor is great, and well put together. It comes with a remote, but unnecessary I feel for the size of the screen. There’s a weird arc between the console and base of the monitor. I feel that it’s normal, because the monitor is flush on all side of the xbox. The picture quality is great if you’re not looking for PC levels of quality. Do be careful when buying the carrying case to go along with the Xbox series X, as it fits but leaves little room for gaming accessories.

  9. Cornelious T Barney

    I don’t like that it doesn’t have a carrying is my only issueThis is the second one of I’ve purchased (I had one on the Xbox One X) neither one of them fit in any travel case made for console. My biggest issue was they persuaded me into buying the carrying case and you can’t have the screen attached to the Xbox while it’s in the case which makes me wonder why they had me purchase the carrying case if it wasn’t gonna fit. If you really need it and have pretty decent vision it’s not horrible for a 12.5 inch screen. Ot’s worth for the time that it’s gonna last (first screen lasted almost three years). But if your constantly traveling like me and don’t wanna have to worry about your screen during travel save your money and get a case club gaming case.

  10. toddisit

    Overall nice displayIt had a good picture and sound for the size, portable part is nice, does not take up the space of a large TV. No problems so far.

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