G-STORY 12.5‘’ Portable Monitor for Xbox Series S, 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor IPS Screen for Xbox Series S(not

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Screen Size 12.5 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1920×1080
Special Feature Portable, High Dynamic Range
Refresh Rate 60 Hz

  • ⛑【Totally Integrated with Xbox Series S】:The portable monitor is specially designed for Xbox Series S, it’s totally integrated with Xbox Series S, which makes the monitor super portable and you can carry it everywhere together with your Xbox Series S. (Note: The Xbox Series S is not included.)
  • ⚔【1080P Portable Monitor】:G-STORY portable monitor has FHD1080P (1920*1080) native resolution. It can provide you with amazing clarity and fine image details. It’s a perfect portable monitor for Xbox Series S.
  • 🌵【Equipped with Two HDMI】:The portable gaming monitor is equipped with two HDMI ports, it’s not only just for Xbox Series S, but also works for your Laptop, iPad, Nintendo Switch and so on.
  • 🍄【FreeSync & HDR Technology】:The portable gaming monitor is equipped with FreeSync technology and HDR function, which helps eliminate image tearing and stuttering, and deliver better pictures to provide you an excellent gaming experience.
  • 🏹【Cable-free attachment solution】With a USB to DC IN cable,without external power, you can use the monitor in the following situations: >1. Turn down the brightness of the monitor to below 30% and the speaker volume to below 50%; >2. If you keep turning down the speaker volume, then you can turn up the monitor brightness appropriately. (The exact adjustment range depends on the game you play)


Product Description

series s monitor

About G-STORY:

  • G-STORY (Game Story) is a professional game brand.
  • G-STORY has designed a series of accessories for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, etc. G-STORY’s products include portable gaming monitors, charging stands, charging cables, protective cases, carrying cases, etc.
  • At present, G-STORY’s products have been sold in Europe, Japan, the United States, and other regions.
  • In addition to high-quality products, G-STORY also has a professional after-sales service team. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to let us know. We will definitely reply to you within 12 hours and provide you with a satisfactory solution.


4K portable monitor for xbox series S

xbox series s monitor parts

xbox series S dual HDMI ports

Dual Stereo Speaker:

G-STORY portable monitor adopts customized dual 2.5W stereo speakers to produce huge immersive 360-degree sound with deep and accurate bass. You can also add your own speaker for a better sound via 3. 5mm audio input.

Package Included

Remote Controller x1

Power Adapter x1

HDMI Cable x1

Combination parts x2

Functions & Buttons

1 Headphone plug

2 HDMI x2

3 DC in

xbox s monitor

Additional information

Weight 2.79 kg
Dimensions 13.11 × 9.8 × 3.9 cm
Package Dimensions

13.11 x 9.8 x 3.9 inches

Item Weight

2.79 pounds





Date First Available

October 26 2021



10 reviews for G-STORY 12.5‘’ Portable Monitor for Xbox Series S, 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor IPS Screen for Xbox Series S(not

  1. Daniel Jaramillo

    Awsome portable optionI absolutly love this thing. Snaps on to the back and sides of the xbox without having screw anything in. Very easy to setup and use. Sounds ain’t half bad and the picture quality is great. Has 2 HDMI ports in the back so you can have have an extra console plugged in besides the xbox.Only downside is the price which I wish could have been a bit lower. I could have boughten me a whole another xbox.Other than that I’d definitely recommend the G-Story portable Monitor. Absolute beast.

  2. Sonia

    Quality control issuesSo it is a great screen but I believe there is some quality control issue 1st I received the unit without the USB power cord the company basically sent me a link to it on Amazon and refunded the price of the cord …..everything was great..till it wasn’t soo one side of my screen became really loose and this weekend I opened it up and the 2 screwes tht hold the screen in place behind the speaker both screws were completely out an stuck to the speaker magnet and the 2 on the other side was lose the screen works fine but I shouldn’t have to open up a 300+ dollar screen and fix it this kinda bad can I recommend it umm idk their are other options so decide for yourself……with everything I know now would I purchase again..no

  3. Emartinez4510

    Two weeks of use reviewThis review is for anyone who is thinking of getting the 4k hdr versionOverall when I first got this screen the fit was not solid on the left side LIKE OTHER REVIEWERS STATED it’s bent or curved out so it’s not flush with the console giving it a noticeable gap from the console to the left side that holds itThe screen has alot of OS problems from detection issues to image quality issues which means you’ll have to tinker alot with the settings to get the right quality picture perfect and even after all that you might as well take a picture or video of all you did because one small change can reset the whole thing.The durability of a travel item like this screen I wouldn’t risk carrying it around to alot of places it’s pretty fragile I means it’s literally a screen and it will take the impact of the console since it goes completely around it except the front.Screen time problem: I’ve had this for about two weeks and on the first week I’ve had to deal with vertical lines showing up while I play very small at first very faded but visible I have not traveled with it I have not even closed the screen to the console.Week two those green lines progressed to a full green screen and found that it happens during long game sessions anything over 2 hrs sometimes less and then keep happening every random minute after and the area where the buttons are becomes way too hot to the touch (even if the console is in a very well ventilated area). The lines go away if you turn off the screen and turn it back on there’s no other REAL solution without messing up your settings again and again and probably end up back in square one so its a manufacturing deffect most likely a internal ribbon cable.This screen still has big potential but will be asking for a replacement because getting a green screen every 2 minutes or so is not worth what I paid for this .I will be also updating this with how the replacement goes eventually thanks for reading! Game on!

  4. New York made

    Super cool portable monitor for gaming and more I bought this super cool 12.5 inch portable monitor for my 11 year old son to use with his Xbox one series s and it is so awesome. He loves bringing this on the go and for traveling in the car. The screen resolution is great and very clear vivid picture and sound quality. It is also equipped with two HDMI ports so you can easily use it for your Laptop, iPad, Nintendo Switch and so much more. It’s easy to use and very lightweight. Awesome price and value. Highly recommend

  5. The Duke

    Getting a lot of flickering when using Freesync and not having a USB to DC is a let down.Was hoping to use it with a USB to DC, but does not provide enough power. Would have been nice if they included a 2 USB to 1 DC wire so you can use 2 USB ports to power this.Other gripe is that it flickers too much when using Freesync. Should not include a feature it can’t properly handle. Playing Halo and pretty much any game makes the game flicker, regardless if it’s on 1080p or 4k.For the price, it’s too much for features that don’t work and having to use another power plug. Would recommend waiting for XScreen version, that seems to not need any extra power.

  6. Shavs

    Badass!This thing packs a punch for the price tag. It comes with a proprietary power cable for the screen which according to the reviews is necessary to operate the screen without limits. However I’ve been running it on the usb power cable that came with it, cable plugs directly into Xbox USB port and I haven’t had any issues. I can turn the volume up all the way and brightness up, screen has not shut off. It works perfectly. Making this a sweet little on the go screen. From what I can tell it is rugged and will last a long time.

  7. nzowiwisisiakakzkakakaiaisisissjsjsjsjskssue2jzjzjzjsjsjsjsjsjsisßii

    Pretty coolThis thing is pretty cool. I don’t like how fragile it feels though. Only one side was adjustable to clip onto the Xbox series s itself. It does not come with the bag that was in several of the pictures. I like it for the most part but it feels like it’s missing something. The screen can be powered on by the Xbox, so only Xbox needs to be plugged into a power source. I saw several people saying they used for travel on airplane and vehicles but I don’t see how without a power source for the Xbox.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Makes sense for portable playComes in handy for traveling. Looks good 4K @ 60hz or 1080 @ 120hz.

  9. Andy

    Bug issue or Malfunction Definitely not worth the experience of $400 plus Canadian, Started to flicker as soon as the installment and when I turned everything on. Even talk to the company themselves trying to figure out solutions on how to stop the flickering. I changed the wires the cords, turned down the brightness and the volume and and it’s still the same conclusion the flickering still continued.definitely disimportant With this product, definitely needs some more improvement to ensure good reviews for the company and the consumers.

  10. Rod

    Must have for gaming on the go!I just bought this so I can take the S anywhere. It fits with the s that it looks like a seamless product. The color are great, there’s space at the back to avoid wires getting bent. I think you can power it via the USB port of the S too.The sounds are awesome, feels like large speakers with bass and treble just the right level for good gaming.There may be a couple improvements in terms of attachments. While the rear attachment provides a solid hold on the S, the front has no hold at all and the wrong grip or handling will rip the side pieces away and potentially damage it. So, hopefully they add something to secure the front of the product (picture shown).Otherwise, it’s a solid monitor.

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