Fujifilm VG-XT4 Vertical Battery Grip

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  • Hold the camera vertically and maintain access to the shutter release button, front and rear command dials, Q button, focus lever, AE-L button, af-l button and FM button.
  • Holds two additional batteries to increase the maximum number of shots
  • Dust-resistant, water-resistant and capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10 DegreeC/14 DegreeF

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The vertical battery grip VG-XT4 is designed to be Dust-Resistant, water-resistant and capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10 DegreeC/14 DegreeF, and holds two additional batteries to increase the maximum number of shots to 1, 100 (in normal mode). the grip features a shutter release button, focus lever, AE-L button, af-l button, front and rear command dials, Q button and fun button to provide the same level of excellent operability with vertical shooting as with horizontal.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 2.4 × 5.45 × 4.16 cm
Product Dimensions

2.4 x 5.45 x 4.16 inches

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1 pounds





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Date First Available

February 26 2020



8 reviews for Fujifilm VG-XT4 Vertical Battery Grip

  1. JM from SC

    Not quite what I expected.I’ve owned a couple of SLRs in the past. On both of them, I felt the need to use a battery grip. Don’t think of me to be a pro. I just prefer the larger camera and the convenience of the vertical grip. I don’t shop often of cameras, but when I do I try to buy the best I can afford at that specific time.I recently purchased a Fujifilm X-T4. And as it is customary the vertical grip was a must have for me. It appears to be pricier than the OEM offerings of Nikon, for instance. I was going to buy the Nikon 7500, but the unavailability of an OEM vertical grip, soured that prospect.The build appears solid, but it doesn’t quite feel like it’s made out of an alloy. THE major gripe I have, and it was raised by someone else, is that the grip part has a couple of millimeters of give. It just doesn’t feel look like a one piece alloy construction. Also, the added horizontal grip is smaller than I am used. That is not as bad as my main gripe.So, while it is Fujifilm, and while it is priced higher than the competition, it shouldn’t move as much.

  2. Batman

    Excessive movement, inconsistent battery discharge, overpricedThere is an excessive amount of “play” between the body and the grip at the attachment points.I would say it moves up to 2-3mm, which doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s extremely noticeable when grips (even 3rd party grips) on other systems like Sony FE Mount cameras, are rock solid and have zero play/movement.I would probably be ok with this much movement if it was 3rd party, but for $300+ it’s unacceptable.Additionally, it’s doing some odd stuff with the batteries. One of the grip batteries will discharge while the other grip battery and the body battery don’t. Then the next time it will be the complete opposite, the grip batteries don’t discharge and the body battery does. There’s zero consistency in how the batteries are being discharged with the grip.

  3. T. Reid

    Great overallThe battery life is amazing on the XT4 with all 3 batteries. Additionally, it will charge all 3 from the one charging port, which is super handy. The battery grip is fast and easy to put on and take off, and it’s nice to have the extra ports. It’s also much more comfortable to hold the camera with the grip on in my opinion, both in landscape and portrait.I do wish the battery grip had its own charging port so I could toss it on the charger while I continue to use the camera by itself.

  4. Jessica

    A surprising must have..I was on the fence about this battery grip for about a year. I liked the idea of it housing 3 batteries in one and extending shooting time, but I didn’t want to add the extra bulk onto my small set up (I shoot mainly with the 35mm f2 on the xt4). But I had an event come up where I could no longer put it off, and I begrudgingly ordered it. I’m glad I did! It’s not even adding that much weight and bulk! And I love the ergonomics of it, I can’t keep my hands off of it. I’m excited to see what kind of shooting time I’ll get out of it. My only gripe it that for the noney, why is it not weather sealed? It’s a weak point in an otherwise all weather sealed system. And that’s a disappointment, but overall, I’m still glad I got it.

  5. Melvin Garcia

    It’s a great addition if you can afford itI love how the battery grip makes the camera feel. The grip is much deeper than the one for the X-T3 battery grip and of course, the battery life is doubled from that one. It also adds a headphone jack and function buttons for when shooting in portrait mode. The only con I can think of is the price, it’s a little too steep considering it doesn’t include batteries. I can recommend getting generic batteries with it to save some money.

  6. Phillip E. Isenberg

    Works As AdvertisedThe Fujifilm XT-4 is a great camera with the minor flaw of short battery life (unless you mostly make stills images). The battery grip holds a second battery, thus doubling your battery life. You can charge both batteries while the grip is attached, and you can choose which battery gets used first. In addition, you have a second set of controls for the shutter and control wheels. Yeah, I know, third-party grips advertise the same features. But only the Fuji grip is warranted to work with the camera. Peace of mind. It’s sure worth it to me!

  7. Tony Rustlips

    Great gripReally improves handling with the XT-4. Small rig cage also completely changes and improves the handling of the XT-4 but in a smaller package size, I prefer that any day because of it’s more compact size. This handle will not help with camera overheating issues. That’s the main reason I bought it, though it would export the heat into the handle vs internally into the battery, but it was overheating at 17mins with the handle recording at 4k 60p.

  8. Alexander

    Doesn’t come with batteries.This item doesn’t come with batteries, which are a necessary accessory. The packaging seems to contain a space for them, and it’s obvious the manufacturer cheaped out instead of providing a useful and complete product.

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