Fossil Gen 6 42mm Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, GPS, Contactless Payments, Speaker,

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Battery life is based on usage and after updates install. Supported features may vary between smartphone platforms and countries with compatibility subject to change. Not compatible with Android Go edition or phones without Google Play Store.

From the manufacturer

Fossil GEN 6 Smart watch twice as fast Charging Speed 80% in a little over 30 minutes.

2X Faster Charging Speed

80% in a little over 30 minutes.

Fossil Gen 6 has a Snapdragon Wear 4100+ with faster app loading, faster processor lower power usage

Industry-Leading Performance

With Snapdragon Wear 4100+ platform – increased performance of +30%* with faster app loading, faster processor and lower power consumption. *vs Gen 5

Customize your dial and features. Fossil Gen 6 offers so many personalization options.

Choose Your Style

Customize your dial and features. Gen 6 offers so many personalization options.

Fossill Gen 6 Customize your dial and features. Gen 6 offers so many personalization options.

Make & Take Calls

Make and receive phone calls while connected to any smartphone.

Fossil Gen 6 Smart watch with SpO2 sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, Wellness Tracking and Sleep tracking

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Date First Available

September 1 2021





10 reviews for Fossil Gen 6 42mm Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, GPS, Contactless Payments, Speaker,

  1. B.LEE

    Reloj FossilMe dió mucho problema para configurar en mi celular LG K92 ..pero deben asegurarse que tienen muy buena señal para configurar por primera vez

  2. Whitney

    Fossil Gen 6 Smart WatchI love the fact that it tracks my workouts and sleeping patterns. I wish I knew how to make the battery last longer. Really great product

  3. Mariah

    Stylish & convenientAfter researching a few different smartwatches, I am really glad that I landed on this Fossil watch with Wear OS. As someone who currently doesn’t have a big name phone (no Galaxy or Apple), nor did I want to have to pay a subscription fee to unlock my smart watch’s full capabilities (FitBit…), I was glad to find that Wear OS was what I needed. The Fossil brand is reputable and as far as this watch goes, it has been durable AND pretty. The band is like a lilac color. The stones around the face watch give a nice glimmer/shine in the light, which is a nice touch.The watch’s capabilities have everything I wanted: Google pay (SO, SO NICE to have to tap to pay!!) talk to text, notifications routed to watch, sleep tracker, step counter, and even a blood oxygen monitor which is nice in these pandemic times.A few other things that have been nice to have: taking phone calls on my watch(!!!), timer capabilities, calendar/agenda.I found in my research that a lot of smart watches focus on step counting, heart rate stuff and health which is nice but I was looking for details on functionality beyond that like responding to text messages, paying with my watch and maybe listening to music (this watch currently only supports spotify so I can’t say how good or bad it is as I use another service and haven’t yet tried spotify). This watch checks all those boxes. I love that when I’m working, i can quickly and discreetly respond to messages or swipe away calls. If i want to leave my wallet behind, i can tap to pay qithout dragging my phone out. The Wear OS app has a few different watch faces and helps you set the watch up to your liking. I’m pretty happy with that. The battery life has been great–able to wear and use all day and still have about 30% left by the end of the day. Not bad!The only thing I would change is the ability to access text messages. As far as I can see you can only respond when you get a new one in, and can’t start one. There is so much going on with this watch, I am sure I just missed it somehow!This says it will support ALEXA but as of this review it hasn’t rolled out yet. Still great without it.The buttons on the side are a little bulky and get caught on things now and then. However, I really like using them as shortcuts! It has helped. The face watch is definitely big enough to swipe with no issues. And it’s circular face still allows for plenty of screen.This is getting long but it is a really cool, high functioning watch. It doesn’t clash with my everyday clothes and has looked great on my wrist.

  4. Mika

    For my 1st smartwatch, good buyI have a small wrist so the face is a little bit too large but other than that very comfortable feel. Love to sleep function feature and the fact that it will track my steps and do other things as well, not a fan of the fact that it does not sync with apple health like I would want it to. Had to install where OS and Google Fit so not necessarily a fan of that. Had some issues with setup, had to reset the device and start over but once I did that everything was fine.

  5. Mirna P.

    Buen reloj inteligenteEn cuanto a su aspecto, reloj es muy bonito de y buena calidad. En cuanto a sus funciones, el sistema operativo es fácil de entender y de usar, sin embargo la batería debes cargarla todos los días. Otro aspecto que no me gustó mucho es que el modo de ahorro de batería sólo puedes desactivarlo conectando el reloj al cargador, no existe forma práctica para hacerlo.Pero en general me gusta y luce muy bien.

  6. zerospace

    Never knew I needed it!I bought this watch on a whim, during the black friday sale. I’m a bit of a computer and android geek, and the WearOS watches have always intrigued me, but I never felt like I really needed one. My #1 issue with the watch (and this is mainly WearOS) is that it still seems slightly under-baked. I know WearOS 3 is coming and all that, but WearOS 2 is quite good overall, and yet it reminds me of the earlier android days. So close, but not quite there yet.Setup was fast and easy, but the occasional annoying glitch (e.g. it disconnects from my phone almost every time I take the watch off when my phone is charging) keeps me from 100% enthusiastically recommending it to non-tech friendly friends/family.Stuff I love: workout tracking. This is probably the number 1 reason I bought the watch. I work out daily, and I love the tracking features of the watch. Blood oxygen is a nice added bonus to go with the workout tracking. Notifications & the ability to respond to messages from my watch–this is so nice when I’m out, and my phone is in my purse or pocket. Being able to ring my phone when I leave it somewhere in the house, and don’t remember where.Did I mention that the watch itself is really nice looking?? I love that the Fossil looks like an actual watch and not some crappy plastic smartwatch. I have two bands for it — the silicone one it came with, and I picked up the metal mesh band from Fossil, as well. Despite the Galaxy Watch 4’s superior features (and WearOS 3), I never even considered it — it looks too much like a smartwatch. I’m a Samsung phone owner, too.Stuff I don’t love: the slightly buggy quirks. Sometimes the watch just refuses to connect to my phone. I can toggle the connection over and over in the WearOS app on my phone, and it still won’t connect. Only rebooting the watch at that point will solve the problem. If you never take the watch off, you may never see this, but since I don’t use sleep tracking (it creeps me out), I take it off at night and leave the watch to charge in a separate room from where I’m sleeping.Overall, this watch is a solid buy. I’m using it with a Samsung Z Flip 3 phone. 99% of the time, it functions flawlessly — if they could iron out that 1% of quirks, I’d be recommending it to anyone and everyone.

  7. Mandie

    Huge wrist bandThe wrist bands are way too large (I put on my ankle and it fit). The wrist band has links and it difficult to change myself. Fossil stores will fit for free (I would call first). I ordered one watch in gold and the other in silver (silver had to be returned as it was a lemon- easy to return).

  8. Amazon Customer

    Very happyI am very happy with this watch. I wanted a smart watch that I would be able to use with different phones should I decide to change phones. This one was the answer. You can load different apps, GPS works great, it tracks my steps, my heart rate, my sleep and many other things. And on top of it all, it is pretty and doesn’t look like I am wearing a man’s watch. I am more than happy with this purchase.

  9. bydesigndj

    So much better than Gen 1!So much better built than the 1st Generation with better battery life. She loves the look. (Was a gift for my fiancé) Loves tracking her workouts with the Fit app. 💪

  10. Hillary

    Compliments dailyI love it. Its big and flashy yet casual or classy. Easy to adjust band and so many watch faces. I change them all the time.

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