Fookoo Ⅱ HD Wired Backup Camera System Kit,10 inch Dual Split Screen Monitor with Recording IP69 Waterproof Front View Rear

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Brand Fookoo
Screen Size 10 Inches
Lux rating 0.1 Lux
Display Technology LCD
Installation Type Dashboard Mount,Surface Mount,Rear
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Optical Sensor Technology CCD
Real Angle of View 170 Degrees

  • Larger 10 inch Split Screen Monitor:Our 10-inch HD monitor features with Dual Split Screen, allows you see two cameras at the same time and provides more details, larger than the common 7-inch/9-inch screen on the market. It is more suitable for the large vehicles as: 5th Wheel Trailer/Tractor/RV/Truck/Bus/Semi-Trailer/Box Truck, etc.
  • High-quality Camera with Glass Lenses:IP69 Waterproof camera with CCD sensor provides you the clear and color images. Features high/low temperature resistance (-4℉-198℉), Waterproof IP69, works perfectly in any extreme weather.
  • Circular Recording & Parking Lines : With record function, monitor will provide video proof of an accident that happens to be capture by the recording, make your driving safer and more secure. With Parking Lines, you can park or reverse safer and faster, no longer need someone to get off the vehicle to help you see the road or guide you.
  • Easy to Install: It is wired system, but the package includes all the accessories for system to makes installation easier. Please connect the Red wires to ACC, the Black connect the Metal (Ground), and other 4-pin wires to the cameras as Instruction showed. If you need one more cables or Car Charger, please tell us.
  • Quality Assurance: Voltage range from 9-36V DC Power to accommodate a wide variety of large vehicles. If you find defective or something wrong or need more cables, please ask us, we are Online 24 hours and offer a 18-month replacement support and lifetime after-sales service.


Product Description

FOOKOO HD 10-inch Monitor with 2 Cameras

10-inch LCD screen provides colored and vivid images with more details, larger than other 7” and 9” monitors on the market. The bright color display technology restores the colors of the real world more realistically.

Multifunctional Wired Backup Camera System


Dual Split Screen Monitor

  • You can choose to view two camera images at the same time by pressing the monitor’s “CH-” button.
  • Alternatively, you also can see images from a single camera separately. When you want to see another camera, just press the “CH-” button.

Parking Lines Assistance

  • It will make your parking safer and faster. No longer need someone to get off the bus to help you see what’s going on and guide you.
  • All you need to do is: using our system and connect the green wire to the backup light.
  • If you don’t need it, you can turn off it via Menu or disconnect the green wire.

Circular Recording Function

  • With this function, the earliest video segment will be automatically overwritten when the memory space is full. The monitor can record what is displayed on the screen, making your driving safer around the clock.
  • The monitor contains a 32GB SD Card.(Supports 32-128GB)


Package List

  • 10-inch Monitor x1
  • Camera x2
  • 10M Cable x1
  • 15M Cable x1
  • Power Cord x1
  • Fan-shaped Bracket x1
  • Remote x1
  • Installation Kit x1

Easy to Install & Operate

Power Supply: DC 9-36V, 1-2A

  1. Connect the Red wire to (+) of ACC, Yellow wire to (+) of battery, the Black wire to the metal/ground, and the 4-pin connector to the cameras as Instructions showed.
  2. The trigger wire’s connection depends on your need.

It is wired system, but the package includes all the accessories and Instruction Manual for system, makes installation easier.

Easy to Connect/Dis-

If you have a trailer, you could run extra cables on it, then you can easily disconnect it from the vehicle when the trailer isn’t needed. No need for rewiring again.

*Please test the system before install.


If you find that an accessory is missing or damaged, please see us for a replacement.

  • It contains two cables for two cameras, you can ask us for the more cables if you need.
  • If you want to view the instructions before purchasing, please reach us, we are willing to provide you.

Two Ways to Mount Monitor

You can choose to install it according to your needs!

Additional information

Weight 6.34 kg
Dimensions 11.54 × 9.69 × 6.38 cm
Item Weight

6.34 pounds

Package Dimensions

11.54 x 9.69 x 6.38 inches

Country of Origin



2-year Warranty





Date First Available

September 25 2020



10 reviews for Fookoo Ⅱ HD Wired Backup Camera System Kit,10 inch Dual Split Screen Monitor with Recording IP69 Waterproof Front View Rear

  1. MH

    Best Jeep accessory yet!I purchased the dual camera setup to install on my Jeep mainly for off road purposes. I have the front camera mounted on top of my winch for forward viewing of steep inclines and declines (Moab). The camera along with the perfect sized video screen that is mounted just above the factory rearview mirror made wheeling on the trails so much easier to conquer. The rear camera is mounted up on the rooftop underneath my Rhino Rack and it provides perfect rear vision for backing up and now daily use. The night vision on these cameras is amazing. No worries about driving at night on the street or trails. In Moab, you can literally drive the Jeep just by watching the monitor – that’s how clear and detailed the cameras and monitor work together. The quality of the components is outstanding and the cables are plenty long enough for my Jeep with no additional extensions needed. Installation was very easy to do and with just 2 wires to hook up it was extremely simple to complete in your driveway and took no special tools to install. Customer service from the company could not be better. How many other purchases on Amazon send you a postcard 60 days after your purchase just to ask how their product is working for you? The pictures that I posted – 1st one is looking at the monitor with both cameras on, 2nd picture is me sitting inside my Jeep late at night with no lights on and looking out the front camera – check the timestamp for the time of day.

  2. yo

    a great choice for a fifth wheel !!!!picture qualityease of installationcustomer serviceI read allot of reviews and tried to pick a product that would work with my rig. Wireless was not an option as my truck is 20 feet long and the camper is 42.5 feet. There is no way to make wireless work at that distance. Period. You can make it work standing still (maybe). but going down the road…. no way . installation was way easy, so i wont bore you with that, everything mounted and fit up . Anyone can mount and operate it. The thing i would speak of is the camera/monitor picture quality. I bought this for 3 reasons.1st. was to mount one camera in the truck behind the rear window to point at the fifth wheel hitch as the truck is a 4 door and i cannot see the hitch in the bed very well. I spent far too much time back and forth, in and out of the truck way too many times trying to align the pin and hitch. Not any more the camera points right to the hitch and now it’s a one time back up and i’m on it…Very happy guy with that. the beauty of mounting it in the truck behind the glass is weather is not an issue and installation was a snap as i put velcro on the camera and top of the seat, thus cable running was all inside.2td. was to mount the second camera on the very top rear of the camper. I wanted to be able to see while trying to back into campsites without having to stress or hitting anything, or choke my wife from all the crap i have to listen to. What was surprisingly great is that the 170 deg. view angle paints a very broad area so that backing is simply easy now, so i suppose my wife may live thru our next trip. (money well spent for that benefit alone)3rd. the 170 deg view allows me to see the lane I’m in and one lane on either side of the camper. This is great if i want to pass or get back into a lane as it takes all of the guess work and stress out of what idiots behind and along side of you are doing. It also allows me to monitor the bicycles if they are banging around back there.So overall i was very happy with the install, very simple if you can hook up a computer/monitor keyboard etc. you can do this.Picture quality was spot on. As i said i read lots of review in hopes of getting a product with good picture quality, i am above pleased. At first i thought that the rear mounted RV camera would get washed out in bright sunlight so i formed a aluminum shield and placed it on top of the camera to shade it but was amazed as it did not need it.I mounted the monitor on the center of the dash but after a few trips decided to get two heavy duty rubber bands and strapped it to the truck rear view mirror, much better and more natural to look at as you would the mirror it coved up. we just un strap it after the camper is off.I have to mention the customer service as these people went way overboard to assist as they provided a free suction mount for the monitor, a coupon for free extra cable, a replacement camera as one was not as good a picture as the other. The replacement worked great. These cameras are high quality heavy duty weather proof units and i foresee no issues in the future.I was going to attach pictures of the monitor while using it but the quality of the pictures i took did not do it justice. taking a picture of a monitor always looks grainy to me. The image of both cameras are very sharp and clear. the monitor has allot of settings and screen options including recording but i didn’t use them.This is the first review of any product i have ever purchased, i felt that it deserved a great review for all the above attributeshope this helps

  3. Kindle Customer

    Great quality, easy install!We belong to Tamaqua Rescue Squad, and they serve the community in to saves lives from automobile accidents, medical assists and fires. We recent got a new apparatus which wasn’t equipped with cameras and these one we purchased were the perfect fit. It helps not only with backing up but to see inside our truck to make sure all are members are ready before we pull out to go to a scene! 2 thumbs way up!

  4. Marco F.

    Very nice systemThe system came in a nice box with several mounting components. I installed this in my 1975 GMC Motorhome with the camera facing down because my main concern is to avoid hitting any parking posts when reversing.I attached the display screen to the driver’s side panel. The mount allows rotating the screen so I can keep it vertical when not in use and angle it up towards me when reversing. It also comes with a sun visor bracket, which is useful considering that I’m keeping it right next to the window.The camera is solidly built, all metal, with a small rain shield. It has a connector that is slightly larger than the wiring (well, obviously). I used the camera mount to mark where to drill holes. To minimize the hole to cut in the fiberglass ceiling, I cut the connector cable, passed only the wiring through, then reattached the connector to the camera. That connector then attaches to the 50ft cable provided in the system (I coiled up the unused part as I only needed 26 feet). I recommend not cutting the cable if you have another way to run it into the vehicle or don’t care about cutting a hole wide enough for the connector.The system supports 2 cameras, with #1 being default. There’s a red cable for +12V, black for ground and a blue for backup. If the backup wire is used (optional), when it goes to +12V, the system will automatically switch to #2 and display the backup alignment lines (green, red, yellow dashes – also configurable on/off/many styles). This is so you use camera #2 for the backup and #1 for anything else. Normally the backup wire is attached to the vehicle’s reverse shift connection (backup lights), but I instead added a on/off toggle switch next to the screen so that I could manually switch into backup mode. I then set camera #2 connection as the default in the system settings and hooked the rear camera to #2 wire. The end result is that I can see a regular image without guide lines or flip the switch and see the guidelines when backing up, because either way, it uses #2. Obviously the guidelines don’t do any good with the camera pointing down as I set it, so I keep them off by default, but if I add a second camera pointing straight back, which I can mount onto the spare tire carrier, then I can set the #1 and #2 connections as needed and use my switch to flip between #1 looking down and #2 looking back (with guidelines).The screen itself is very good, nice image quality. The image is perfect when the vehicle engine is not running. When I do run it, there’s a tiny amount of image jitter due to EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) from the motorhome. It’s a vintage, so there’s lots of it. Apparently it’s not uncommon to have EMI showing up in TV screens in RVs, so I will try adding an EMI noise filter / reduced and see how that goes. It’s probably also due to how I ran the power and ground cables – not in the best places. Overall it is negligible, literally a couple horizontal lines of pixels near the bottom and doesn’t reduce my liking the system.The display has all the usual features one expects…brightness / contrast, etc., which all seem to work well. The image can be flipped horizontally or vertically so the camera can be mounted in any direction needed. I set the image so it appears as if I were standing at the RV’s rear window looking out, as opposed to looking up at my rear-view mirror, and seeing the image reversed horizontally.The only thing I haven’t tried yet is the night vision as I usually drive the RV during the day. So no opinion that, but others have reviewed it.Product support was great. I had several installation questions, especially about cutting the cable and they were all answered promptly. That’s worth an extra star right there!


    Terrific results!This product came in within 2 days and was exactly as advertised. I packed my car to the headliner, so I couldn’t use my rear view mirror. I mounted the large screen next to my Garmin, tilted my rear view up and out of my windshield visibility, ran the coax to the rear window, plugged the system into a splitter cigarette lighter socket, used command strip double back tape on the 2 mounts provided, flanking the camera and away I drove! I had it setup for about 10 days while I travelled from Tennessee to Nevada. It took the system a few times before it saved my preferences, probably because the lighter socket shutdown every time I turned off the car. Also, the tree leaves were green, but showed a bit of red tint on the monitor; no problem for me. After working with the company, I found out that it was because I had mounted the camera inside my car and it was pointing out my rear window, which was tinted and seemingly polarized, so don’t be alarmed if this happens to you. It only affected the fringe peripherals of the picture. After those green leaves left the edges and appeared closer to the center of the screen, their color was normal. This is not a problem with the FooKoo, it is because of your back tinted window. After I raised the rear door, I saw that the picture was perfect. And, by perfect, I mean color and angle. If you mount the camera outside of your vehicle, you will see a perfect picture. I only mention these things to answer anyone’s questions if this happens to you. This camera system made it so that I had zero blind spot. If used 24/7/365, you could probably convince your car insurance company to reduce your insurance premium. I know that a couple of companies out there do that sort of thing; Safety means Savings! So,with this setup, I had no blind spot on my entire trip. The picture showed a bit wide view and everything was actually closer than it appeared on screen, similar to the passenger side mirror, but it gives you the very best viewing content for decision making. The seller was very involved in follow-up and sent me a third shorter coax and a windshield suction mount for free. I bought a few accessory wires for connecting to the cigarette lighter socket, so that I wouldn’t have to hardwire it, but it was pretty easy peasy! All up and overall, I am really impressed with the quality and value; plus with the seller involvement. I shopped on-line for a couple of days trying to get the very best value. This was my second attempt and time was running out for my impending move with our car. The first one that I bought was wireless from another company and I returned it. I like this one way better. Just a quick note. The reason the first one did not work for me was because I used an AC/DC adapter wall to cigarette lighter socket with 12 Volt 500 mA output. These devices use more than half an Ampere, so you must check them out either using the car outlet socket or a higher amperage one in your home; like at least about 2 Amps. Now a days, it is always refreshing to get a great product at a fair price. I am totally good with this purchase! Angela worked with me very closely and I think that with the quality and value of this system product; the usefulness and effectiveness of this product; and the swiftness of delivery and involvement of the company representative; you simply cannot go wrong making this purchase. And, like I said, it was super easy to test and install; plus, it is easy to remove and reinstall whenever you need or want to. I wish that I could give it 11 stars!

  6. Barb

    Great product and companyGreat product which works perfectly with our equipment. Also a great company that stands behind their product and answers questions promptly. Highly recommend this product and company.

  7. James R. Ogle

    Excellent backup camera.Replace the old Sony backup camera in my motorhome and very happy with this system. Highly recommended if you need a replacement or install a new system in yours.

  8. david k

    What an amazing product and customer serviceI hooked up this camera in my 45 foot Motorhome. I had a question about using one of the cameras on the side of the coach. Within 12 hours I had a response from the company. They told me I needed a different camera. They told me they would be sending a side specific camera no charge. Within 3 days I had the new camera no charge. Hooked it up and PRESTO! It’s like I have my head out the side. What extremely clear and at night it’s equally as bright to see the road/vehicles. I have had other cameras but this one far exceeds my expectations. Thank you

  9. William H.

    Decent Equipment, Exceptional Customer SupportI’m not going to get into all of the functions & operational details here because there’s already plenty written in earlier reviews. It’s taken me a while to install this setup, including both cameras, because it went into a large van that I’d already customized. I also won’t get into the challenges that were unique to my installation other than to say that it would have been magnitudes easier if I’d installed it prior to customizing my van or if I’d gone with a wireless model. But after reading countless reviews (not limited to Fookoo’s models) stating that wireless setups may have signal interruptions at highway speeds or interference caused by other equipment, I chose the more difficult to install wired system.Installation was actually very straight forward & would have been no problem at all if my van wasn’t already customized. Routing cables through the vehicle was the biggest obstacle & I’m sure that would be the case for most vehicles, so unless you want to try a wireless setup, it’s best to plan out the cable routing before purchasing any camera system. However, I did contact customer service with a couple of wiring questions since I wanted both cameras to operate independently of my reverse circuit. Each of my emails to customer service were answered promptly & completely – a shock in this day & age.I have both cameras mounted to the roof of my vehicle & almost immediately I noticed they were hot to the touch after even short exposure to the sun. Since heat is death (or a shortened lifespan) to electronics, I painted the cameras white, then later coated them with Flex Seal. I also sealed the area where the cable exits the back of the camera with Dicor. These precautions may have been unnecessary & come back to haunt me if I ever need to make a warranty claim but I’ll take that chance rather than risk heat & moisture complications down the road since my particular installation involved a good bit of effort.Each of the components appear to be well made & I’d expect that any serious problem would have popped up within the first week or so but if I have any issues ever, I will update this review. I made my own mount for the monitor so I can’t speak to the functionality of the supplied hardware. The display is clear but when you’re used to the HD quality of today’s cell phones, tablets, etc. the display may be a bit of a letdown to some people.There are, however, a few details that I’m not thrilled with but I honestly can’t dock stars for because no claims were made in the specs. regarding these details: 1) the monitor only displays 1 camera at a time. I can’t blame Fookoo for this, I’d been considering several possible systems & when I pulled the trigger on this one I neglected to recall that this one doesn’t have a split screen capability. 2) there is a noticeable delay when switching the display from one camera to the other. 3) I wish I could toggle between the 2 cameras rather than repeatedly hitting the “CH-” button. Doing so requires about 4 button clicks. 4) I wish that once I selected the image orientation for each camera that it was saved & that every time in the future that I power it on those orientations came up as the defaults.Overall, I’m very pleased with this system & recommend it but am well aware that 1 week in operation doesn’t say anything about it’s longevity. On the other hand, customer service has been excellent to this point & that has me hopeful that they stand behind their product.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great Picture.I don’t normally write reviews, but the seller has nagged me a few times so here goes.I purchased this camera system to try to reduce the number of terse words with the wife while hooking up our camping trailer. The idea of a second camera on the back of the trailer to help while changing lanes was an added bonus.The system arrived nicely packaged. I was surprised to receive a remote and a windshield mount. I was not expecting those. However the windshield mount was missing the square nut that slides into the back of the monitor. My monitor also had an SD card installed in it, although I do not plan to do any recording. I did not receive the large mount that sticks on the dash. No problem, I did not plan to use it anyway. I received two 15 meter video cables. I needed a longer one for my trailer. An email to the seller had one on the way shortly.Installation was fairly straightforward. The hardest part was deciding how to get the cables inside the cab. I wound up coming through the rubber plug covering one of the cab mounting bolts. I mounted the camera on my truck to one of the license plate bolts. This position is not optimal, but it gets the job done until I can figure out a better solution. I currently have the monitor mounted to my windshield using two windshield mounts and the metal bracket that came with the monitor. This moves the monitor away from the windshield and greatly reduces the glare I was getting at night.On my trailer I mounted the camera to an adapter that fit where the Furrion camera would have gone. I used a coiled cable between the truck and trailer. All the permanent connections I wrapped with silicone tape to try and keep moisture and dirt out. Probably overkill, but cannot hurt.I am blown away with the picture quality of this system. Pictures are clear and bright. Night vision is almost as good as the daytime picture, although it gets washed out from the headlights of vehicles following. My only complaint is that the daytime picture is subdued when viewed through my polarized sunglasses. Overall, this is much better than the factory system on my wife’s F150.I am very pleased with this system. Install went easier than I expected. Anyone with a modicum of mechanical ability should have no problem installing it themselves.Additional Items:Extra Cable: ASIN B07WV1CDY6Vehicle Coil Trailer Cable: ASIN B0869RX5R8Mounting Brackets: ASIN B07R726FC4Windshield Mount: ASIN B07VBLPGCBCable Tie Mount: ASIN B07WKCXQTDFurion Mount: ASIN B07LGLJWG2Silicone Tape: ASIN B01N7KC62DUpdate 04-27-21:I have upgraded my review to 5 stars. Customer service has been wonderful.Recently had both cameras picture quality go down the toilet. Picture is faded and hard to make out details in the day light. Sent a note to the seller and had a new camera within a week. That seems to cure the problem. Just received the 2nd replacement camera today.The new cameras are a little different. Picture quality is not quite as sharp as the originals. Night vision is not as bright.Thank you again to the seller for their quick response.

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