FEELWORLD F7 PRO 7 Inch Touch Screen DSLR Camera Field Monitor with 3D Lut HDR Waveform F970 External Power Install Kit

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  • 【Ideal for Director and Camera Assistant】With Sony F970 external install and power kit for install and power wireless transmission, LED light, video converter, convenient to director monitoring or 1st AC to focus pulling, improve the efficiency of the film crew shooting.
  • 【Accurate Exposure and Focus】uses the professional Rec.709 HD color standard,1920×1200 high resolution and 16:10 display, 500cd/m2 brightness, 1200:1 contrast ratio, simple monitoring tools help you accurate exposure and focus, viewing clearly andmake you capture every detail.
  • 【Touchscreen and 3D LUT】You can use simple tap and swipe gestures control monitor without buttons. Load up to 50 custom LUTs, looks or profiles at any time via the SD Card Slot and instantly select between them, maintaining creative intent, always.
  • 【Idear Camera Partner, Clearer Image】Supports up to 4K 60Hz HDMI signal input and output, which is transmitted without loss and the screen is clearer. Multiple power supply ways, can be using F-series battery and 12V/1.5A adapter and support Type-c input.
  • 【Mini Hot Shoe Mount】Can quick release and attach to camera monitor, led light, flash, microphone, etc. Upper with 180° viewing angle and base with 360° rotation. 【Package Include】1× Micro HDMI Cable, 1× Mini hot shoe mount+Hex wrench, 1× Sunshade, 1× Manual【Note: Not include the battery and power adapter】


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Product Description

F7 PRO is FEELWORLD Newest Improve User Experience Design

7 inch small touch screen fast the setting, and with 3D LUT, lightweight design ideal both for gimbal and camera setups, full HD 1920X1080 resolution, with Rec.709 professional color calibration, accurate color reproduction. 4K HDMI Input/ Output Without Delay. Mini hot shoe upper with 180° viewing angle and base with 360° rotation. 8.4V DC out, real time power charge for camera. Built in Sony F970 battery plate.

Let Your Video Shooting Become Easier

FEELWORLD has been committed to providing the comprehensive broadcast monitoring and solutions for the professional filmmakers. Whether the upgrade of the excellent display technology from HD to FHD or to UHD 4K resolution, FEELWORLD aims to support the professional creators to obtain the greater benefits and to create more exciting stories, with the most advanced technology to improve the production efficiency.

FEELWORLD Monitor is A Must-have Accessory for Your Shooting Setup.

When you’ve put together rigs made up of powerful equipment, you want to be able to see shots that so much work has now gone into getting to that point. No matter the setup, whether it’s a shoulder rig, gimbal, tripod, or handheld, you need a FEELWORLD monitor for all your setups which allow you to see, in perfect definition, make sure your shot in focus and accurate exposure, what you are shooting so that you know that the shot you are working hard to get is truly stellar.

Flexible for Your Creative

As a filmmaker you need to pay special attention to the visual aspect in order to capture every moment of emotion. For that reason you can always trust FEELWORLD monitors technology, which allows you to bring your full capacity and creativity taking care of every detail in the most efficient way possible. FEELWORLD monitor helps you to capture those precious moments that you cannot afford to miss.

Easy Multi-angle Monitoring

It’s not easy to evaluate your shot solely through your camera’s built-in monitor, especially if the entire unit is constantly rotating on a gimbal/ stabilizer, the camera on crane rig jib, One of the biggest issues when you are doing low-angle/ high angle shot is monitoring what you’re shooting. FEELWORLD monitor is ideal tool for you to monitor the scene since you can install it where you can conveniently see it.

Compatible Battery

Sony F970, F960, F950,F930, F770, F750, F730, F570, F550, F530 series. (Note battery not include, need purchase sperate)

F7 PRO camera monitor

Advanced Feature

  1. Sony F970 external install and power kit design can be used to install and supply power to external equipment, easy to install and disassemble, simplify your photography equipment.
  2. Support 3D LUT Log to Rec.709, user 3D LUT Upload,Support Touch Menu,
  3. High Resolution: Full HD 1920×1200, High Contrast: 1200:1, 160° wide viewing angles, IPS Panel, Provides auxiliary power out; allowing shooters to power their cameras
  4. Up to 4K@60Hz HDMI input and output
  5. Support HDR monitoring
  6. With Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram, Focus Assist, Monochrome etc. functions, can help you accurately exposure and focus every shot.
  7. Stereo Earphone output
  8. DC 8V power out to power your DSLR camera or mirrorless camera

film crew monitor


1. Can’t turn on the monitor

Make sure to use the standard 12V 1.5A power adapter to connect the monitor. If power is supplied by battery, please check if the battery is fully charged.

2.Have noise during recording

Long press “<“ button and turn down volume to near zero, can aviod have not nosie during recording. Long press “>” is increase the volume.

3.The monitor display ” no signal”

1)Try another HDMI cable.

2)And please try to connect monitor HDMI to your computer, try if the monitor have signal?

3)Change the camera output singal, confirm the monitor input signal whether support the camera output signal.

4.When you turn on the focus peak, the information on the monitor will also display the focus peak and other problems. You can try to turn off the “HDMI Information Display” under the “HDMI Settings” tab in the menu system, so that when the focus is turned on, it will not A similar situation occurred.

Power Your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

Mini Hot Shoe Mount Adapter

Portable Sun Hood Easy to Install

Power Your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

The FEELWORLD F7 PRO is an ideal camera-top monitor for DSLR and mirrorless camera shooters. Because the F7 PRO provides auxiliary power out (DC OUT 8V); allowing shooters to power their cameras. With a battery adapter cable (Optional), the F7 PRO extends camera run-time, while providing a more usable display. Barrel output for powering your camera with a separately available DC coupler via adaptor (NP-FW50 Sony & LP-E6 Canon & DMW-BLF19 Panasonic). More adapters coming soon.

Note: since different brands and models of cameras require different power for normal operation, the camera may not be able to take pictures or video normally. Therefore, when using batteries to power the monitor, in order to use the camera normally, it is recommended to use a large-capacity fully charged battery.

Mini Hot Shoe Mount Adapter

Upper with 180° viewing angle, base with 360° rotation The standard accessory mini hot shoe mount adapter can quick release and attach to camera monitor, led light, flash, microphone, etc. Upper with 180° viewing angle and base with 360° rotation.

Portable Sun Hood Easy to Install

The monitor equips a sun hood, which allows the photographer to focus more on the video and avoid the interference of strong light, providing a better visual experience. The installation process is simple and fast, which is very suitable for outdoor shooting.

package including

F7 Pro Spefications

Display Spec.

Model: F7 PRO

Screen Size: 7″ IPS

Resolution: 1920×1200 pixels

Pixel Pitch: 0.07875 (H) x 0.07875 (W) (mm)

Aspect Ratio: 16:10

Brightness: 500cd/m²

Contrast Ratio: 1200:1

Backlight: LED

Viewing Angle: 80°/80°(L/R) 80°/80°(U/D)

Input and Output

Input: 1 X HDMI

Output: 1 X HDMI, 1 X DC Barrel (5.5mm outer, 2.1mm inner) barrel output for powering cameras via camera specific adaptor.

Audio: 3.5mm Stereo Headphone

HDMI Input/ Output Support Format:


1080i (60/59.94/50)

720p (60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98)

1080p (60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98)

4K UHD 3840×2160p (60/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98Hz), 4096×2160p (24Hz)


Input Voltage: DC7~24V

Power Consumption: ≤9W

Working Temperature: -20°C~50°C

Storage Temperature: -30°C~60°C

Install Way: 1/4″-20 Thread Socket (Top, Left, Right, Bottom)

Unit Size: 175Lx105Hx22D(mm)

Unit Weight: 330g

Standard Accessories:

  • 1× Micro HDMI Cable
  • 1× Mini hot shoe mount+Hex wrench
  • 1× Sunshade
  • 1× Manual

Additional information

Weight 1.84 kg
Dimensions 8.74 × 6.22 × 2.99 cm
Product Dimensions

8.74 x 6.22 x 2.99 inches

Item Weight

1.84 pounds





Date First Available

August 13 2021



10 reviews for FEELWORLD F7 PRO 7 Inch Touch Screen DSLR Camera Field Monitor with 3D Lut HDR Waveform F970 External Power Install Kit

  1. D. Pytko

    Can’t Wait to Try It OutWas expecting to use this daily for the next two months on a film project but that was postponed until 2023. I did mount the Feelworld monitor on my rig, played with it a few hours, then put it in storage until the next project. Can’t really comment on its pros and cons except to say, the limited time with it was positive.

  2. T. Donaldson

    A monitor that can beautifully keep up with 60fps video and beyond!I needed a monitor that could keep up with the frame rates of my Nikon Z6II so I can easily see my framing and focus on a gimbal. This is the only monitor that fit the bill, and it WORKS at all frame rates. This is outstanding, as most of what I film is at 24fps, so having the monitor work at 60 fps means I can see everything I’m shooting so I know what I have to slow down in post. I highly recommend this to anyone who shoots above 30 fps, even if only occasionally.

  3. Carlos

    OVerall great monitorThe reason why I bought this monitor was because I record in 4K and 60 FPS and this monitor supports that, however the brightness is just not enough for outdoors, the provided hood helps to a degree though, for indoors is just great! I wish Feelworld would make a monitor that supports 4K 60HZ with better brightness. For my line of work i”m satisfy with it.

  4. Cesar

    will not work with Sony fx3the monitor is great touch screen works awesome, the fault is that it didn’t work for my Sony Fx3, my Camera thinks its an external monitor recorder

  5. samuel Hernandez

    Touch screen don’t work after 1 week of useHave to send it back cause Touch screen don’t work after 1 week of use

  6. Njuba Steven

    Loved itI want one more actually. It shows the same picture as the HDMI connected to Tv

  7. Jonathan Zhao

    HDMI input broken after 1 useThe HDMI input on the monitor stopped taking signal after using for only for a camera test for about half an hour.

  8. Tonino

    Great product for the valueGreat product for the value. I just need to get used to it. I definitely recommend this screen.

  9. Brandon Gaymon

    Do not buy.honesty for budget monitors it works but at this price point you can pay $60 more and get the Andycine version. That one is a bit more bulky but it has a much better image quality along with better colors. I’m having a really hard time shooting on slog3 with this thing. Not to mention the screen chipped on the first day using it. Save your money

  10. samuel jules /or patrick cougle

    mess up on the sidemessed up on the side with a little green mark, not bright enough for direct sunlight.

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