EMAX Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle 2.5 inch FPV Drone for Beginners Ready to Fly RTF Kit 200mw 2s Carbon Fiber Frame 7000KV

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Brand Tiny Hawk
Material Carbon Fiber
Are Batteries Included Yes
Battery Capacity 450 Milliamp Hours
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Polymer
Skill Level beginner

  • Great for beginners
  • Durable Lightweight Carbon Fiber Drone
  • Real FPV 5.8g
  • 200mw VTX, 2s Capable, 700kv Motors
  • 4-6 Minute flight time


This is the Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle RTF Kit! It comes with the following: Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle drone FPV Goggles Controller 2 x 1s 450Mah batteries 2 x 18650 battery Spare propellers Carrying case. This is a perfect kid for outdoor beginners. Tinyhawk 2 FS RTFK

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 10.98 × 9.96 × 6.5 cm
Package Dimensions

10.98 x 9.96 x 6.5 inches; 2.8 Pounds

Item model number



2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. included







10 reviews for EMAX Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle 2.5 inch FPV Drone for Beginners Ready to Fly RTF Kit 200mw 2s Carbon Fiber Frame 7000KV

  1. KE

    Awesome little quadcopter! I am very satisfiedThis is a great kit! I am a beginner, and I flew for a few hours on VelociDrone prior to getting this drone. I was a bit shaky and nervous at first, but after flying a few packs I’m very confident. This thing is great for freestyle! I have a lot to say about this quad, so I am going to sum it up with pros, cons, and tips.Pros:-It flew great out of the box for me. The transmitter was already bound, all I had to do was plug in, arm the quad, and fly!-The goggles work great. It is hard to make out minor details of things like, for example, a wire hanging off something, but that isn’t surprising since it’s analog video. Range isn’t great.-The charger works as expected and charges in 45-ish minutes, even with 6 batteries at a time(If you are going to charge more then 2 at a time, do research on how to parallel charge safely.)-The quad has AWESOME power! It does flips, rolls, dives, and and anything in between very well. The rates in acro mode are a bit slow, so you might want to adjust those in betaflight once you want to do faster flips and rolls..-It goes probably 30 mph at the most and packs a good amount of punch! It has plenty of power to catch itself well when coming out of a flip or dive.Cons:-The screws for the front part of my frame came loose within my first few flights. Not a big deal though.-Range is not amazing. I can fly probably a hundred yards away before my video starts cutting out badly. In a big open field with no other interference, I could probably fly a few hundred yards away, but I haven’t really had a reason to test it.Tips:-If you want to adjust your PIDs or rates on betaflight, don’t use the micro-USB cord provided with the kit. It won’t work because it doesn’t do data transfer. Find some other micro-USB cords around your house and try them. A typical Samsung phone charger worked for me.-This drone has a lot of power! Be very careful with the throttle on your first few flights, it is pretty sensitive for a beginner.-Fly in a GOOD simulator before you fly this quad, that way you can get used to acro(doesn’t self-level) mode. I used velocidrone and flew for a few hours to get used to the controls. It was somewhat different in real life obviously, but it’s the same concept.-NEVER pull the batteries out by the wires, always try to pull them out by the plastic part. It’s tough to do because the battery plug is very secure, but it gets easier once you do it a few times. Pulling them out by the wires will break them eventually.To sum this up, I highly recommend this quad! Get some experience in a simulator. It will help a lot. A ps4 controller worked for me in velocidrone. All I had to do was plug it into my computer’s USB. This quad has a lot of power, so be careful on your first flight! This is a great freestyle quad. It doesn’t go too fast, so I would say it’s beginner friendly but definitely don’t buy it for a kid under 13 years old because the throttle is very sensitive, and the drone will crash very hard. Overall, I am very very satisfied with this quad and I am happy I chose to purchase this one.

  2. Mario F

    YOU WILL CRASHNew to FPV – charged it, tried a few line of sight Flys, put on the FPV headset, flew it up way too high and got it stuck in the tallest branch of the tree in my backyard. Desperately shook the sticks for 30 seconds until it came tumbling down to the ground. Blew off the minced green leaf fragments, bent on of the props back, immediately flew again…Amazing little toy but very difficult for beginners! Don’t be like me, take it to a wide open field…

  3. Ryan Zurrin

    Freaking awesome little drone!This thing is a beast for such a small drone. I’m new to fpv, but have flown lots of inexpensive toyish drones, and have practiced a lot on a simulator which has definitely helped me out with this. It is very fast and responsive, and you need to be careful when lifting off that you don’t just throttle it straight up with all its got, because you may end up losing it if you do. I’ve been keeping mine in beginner mode because the other modes are just too advanced for me yet, but I’m hoping to move up soon. I had to configure a couple things in the betaflight software that you can download, because on beginner mode the forward angle with pushing the right stick fully up was not very much and I like it to be at around 50 degrees, so if it gets caught in a draft or anything I know I can easily push against it with enough power.If you have never used drones before, I’d say you should probably get a bit of experience on something else first, even if just a simulator. I’m pretty sure the controller it comes with can be plugged into the computer so you can use it with software like liftoff or something like that, that allows you to get a good feel for how to control them, because they are not exactly the easiest thing to control initially. But with a little experience I think it’s def a great first fpv drone for us just wanting to get our feet wet with this otherwise pretty expensive hobby.Well worth every penny in my opinion, I love this thing!

  4. Kurt Grant

    Good for first timersFirst fpv drone. Had around 6 hours on the simulator and I flew it just fine. Easy to fly!

  5. Tadd

    Get what you pay for!Well I want to start with price, its a great set-up for the price. I love the remote controller but I’ve seen a lot of comments saying they didn’t like the controller. Im not real sure what I’m missing although I will say i haven’t had much use of the drone yet so I may soon find out! Now the goggles I do NOT like they tend to want to fall downwards which makes it hard to read the information on the bottom of your screen. But outside of that its not horrible. I dont like that you have to use these cheap buttons i guess you would call them. Actually slides is more of what they are, the point being that you use them both (must be both at same time) in order to “zoom in” it’s a very poor way of going about it and it really doesn’t zoom in very much. But they are readable. Now as for the drone. I haven’t used it much but when I have, the biggest issue Iran into was the drone wanted to bounce off the ground when trying to take off. The only way to get it to go up without that issue was basically to punch it 30% to almost 50%! Which not sure what that’s all about. I gew it around some and this little guy has got some REAL POWER so I’m going to update this review after a while of using it. I don’t want to give it a bad rating until i give the drone a chance and some more time for me to learn more about using it. Meaning every drone is different no matter what in my opinion and I want to learn mines tendencies & how it responds to different conditions. Not a bad bundle for the price regardless in my opinion. I wouldn’t call it a great starter drone. Im only saying this because it has way more power than what people are going to think. And as of right now i believe I’m going to have to adjust the power curve (that what i tend to call it) basically im going to see if i can find the right amount of power given to the drone when taking off ect. If your not sure about what I’m talking about then google “drone power curve” also can look up curve meaning when comes to drone’s. That’s what i did when i began this hobby. But i will make or add to this review after I’ve had some time to have an accurate opinion…..

  6. Matthew Mc

    Might be a hard learning curb but can absolutely be for beginners.If you’re like me you can’t justify buying a transmitter just to use a simulator and don’t already have an adequate computer to run said simulator. I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying this isn’t for beginners and while that might be true to some degree I think it can be. I bought this with no experience flying drones at all and now, a month later, I can fly around my yard with ease on full manual mode.This brings me to my main point. When the Kit arrives at your doorstep it will have NO INSTRUCTIONS other than a few meaningless notes to charge the battery before use. It is imperative that you research the drone, how it works, what the switches on the controller do and how you should try your first flight. This is for both your own safety and anything around you.For those of you who are too lazy to do so please at least know that the first time you fly the switch on the top right side on the controller needs to be in the far most down position. This will prevent you from flipping the drone upside down entirely. Also, be gentle with the throttle. You can easily keep the drone inches off the ground or send it to kingdom come.Over all I love my tiny hawk kit. I’ve used it to learn the basics of flying and a few minor tricks. I plan on continuing to fly it until i can safely fly through all four sets of batteries I have without hitting the ground or trees. I have no doubt with some care, attention and the expected repair from time to time it will easily make it long enough to manage this goal.My review in summation. Great drone, can be for total beginners if used properly, research research research, has a massive opportunity for skill growth.

  7. Peter

    Complete Beginner’s PerspectiveLet me start out by saying that this thing is awesome. I am somewhat new to drones and completely new to FPV. I have a DJI Mavic Pro, but even on manual mode that thing basically flies itself. This little drone definitely doesn’t fly itself. It also doesn’t come with an instruction manual! Though one is available on their website. Here are some tips if you’re a new drone pilot buying this drone:1. There are toggles on the top left and the top right of the controller. The left toggle all the way forward arms it, if you think you’re going to crash make sure to flip that switch immediately so you don’t break your propellers. If you lose the drone flip it to the middle at it will beep at you so you can find it. The right switch is the “mode” setting. All the way back is beginner mode, middle is intermediate, forward is advanced. Stick with the beginner for a while as it’s “self leveling” and won’t let you flip.2. There are some video reviews of this drone saying it can be flown indoors. Unless you have a big house or are an experienced drone pilot I really wouldn’t recommend it. Go to a big open grassy field. Also don’t try and make it hover, it’s not great at that. Just fly forward and get the hang of it.3. The battery connectors are very small and a little hard to get out. Don’t pull on the wires to disconnect the battery, it won’t work. Don’t ask me how I know.The quality of the goggles is actually way better than I thought it was going to be. Keep in mind it’s analog not digital so it’s like watching cable back in the day. Honestly my only complaints with this thing is it didn’t come with a manual and I got shorted a mini screw driver that was supposed to come with it.Edit: Apparently no hex screwdriver comes with this kit, so I didn’t get shorted. I’m going to leave it at 4 stars because it should really come with one of those in my opinion.

  8. Clark

    Got me hooked on FPVI’ve gone from complete beginner to FPV to having an absolute blast with flying and acro maneuvers in under 2 weeks. It was extremely difficult to control at first even in horizon mode. Definitely go to a wide open field for your first flight, do not even attempt to try it out indoors lol. For your first FPV flights with the headset on try angling down the camera on the drone to face less skyward, it helped me a bunch. Go ahead an order at least 4 extra batteries, a nice set of metric screwdrivers for repairs, and you may as well start researching soldering because after 2 weeks of flying I’m already itching to upgrade the RX AND VTX. Go ahead and buy, you wont regret.

  9. t crawford

    Read this before buying the kit!!!The headset and controller are not worth getting.. I wish I would have just got the drone by itself and bought a controller and headset separately.. the drone is awesome tho.. you could buy a good headset with dvr and a good controller for 200.00 for both..then buy the drone separate for like 100.00 and you will be happy

  10. danji31

    Was great till it flew away from meI have been interested in FPV flying for a while now, but the costs of all the equipment has held me back. I came across this RTF kit, and the quad appeared to have very good reviews so I pulled the trigger.It does take some practice, and I flew it very cautiously until I felt comfortable with the flight dynamics and response of this quad. After a while I started flying higher and further out. I unlocked the vtx to 200mw but that really doesn’t add much distance. Sadly today I took her up and it started to drift with the wind. Not sure why but it would not tilt forward with the pitch all the way forward, so in a panic I rotated it 180° and pulled back on pitch and upped the throttle, hoping this would bring it back my direction. Well the video feed began breaking up and I had at that point lost my bearings on its location relative to me. I know it was setup to drop when rx signal is lost, so wherever it dropped is unknown to me. Might take a look around tomorrow but best case is it’s in a field somewhere, and it’s a microdrone so I would need a search party to locate it. Worst case is it hit concrete, which it’s probably not even worth salvaging at that point.I recommend placing a buzzer or LED beacon lights if you think you might fly high or far. Also be sure to secure the battery connection because I noticed on a couple of insignificant crashes the battery connectors would disconnect.But it was fun while it lasted. The VTX could be better but it’s hard to complain for the price.

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