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Brand Definitive Technology
Model Name ProCenter 2000
Speaker Type Center Channel
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • TOP-OF-THE-LINE CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER – ProCenter 2000 is EQUIPPED WITH THE MOST ADVANCED DRIVERS – (2) proprietary 5-1/4″ BDSS driver coupled to (2) 5-1/4″ bass radiators, & a 1″ pure aluminum dome tweeter for DETAILED AUDIO, & DEEP POWERFUL BASS
  • THE HEART OF GOOD MUSIC – This compact center channel is designed to handle the most action-packed sound sequences, so you GET EXCEPTIONAL SOUND REPRODUCTIONS WITH NO DISTORTIONS, even at high volume levels
  • CREATE A FULL PROCINEMA SYSTEM FOR A THRILLING & IMMERSIVE CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE – Pair the ProCenter 2000 center channel with a ProSub 1000 Subwoofer and 4 ProMonitor 1000 satellite speakers for an unbeatable home theater system
  • MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS – The included pedestal foot helps you safely place the speaker on a shelf or a ProStand (sold separately). For wall/ceiling mounting, use the rear-panel keyhole slot or a 1/4″-20 threaded insert on the back of the speaker
  • LONGSTANDING BEST-SELLERS – The ProCenter speakers have been around for quite a while and are just as popular. These precision sound loudspeakers from Definitive Technology are the best sounding speakers to add to your home entertainment system
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Product Description

The compact and versatile ProCenter 2000 is a revelation in sound that reproduces crystal-clear dialogue and true-to-life sound effects. This world-class center channel loudspeaker uses identical BDSS drivers pressure-coupled to a pair of equally-sized mid/bass radiators and a pure aluminum dome tweeter to produce rich, warm, lifelike audio and smooth high-frequency response. Understated yet remarkably sophisticated, the center channel can be placed on a shelf, on top of a TV or mounted on a wall. The speaker is voice-matched with Definitive’s complete ProCinema series, and can be paired with any surround or subwoofer in that series for a complete ProCinema Hi-Fi sound system.

From the Manufacturer

The ProCenter 2000 is Definitive’s largest and best center speaker in the acclaimed ProCinema Series. A ProCenter 2000 along with four ProMonitor satellites and a matching ProSub makes a complete ProCinema system. All the components of the system are packed and sold separately allowing you to mix and match ProCinema Series components to build the system that best suits your needs.

Small size offers big center channel sound
High-definition Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology drivers
Built-in foot allows for perfect angle adjustment.
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Don’t let the ProCenter 2000’s small size and affordable price fool you–it is a remarkably sophisticated product with huge sound. The 2000 incorporates many of the same technologies as Definitive’s top-of-the-line models including BDSS drivers, pure aluminum dome tweeters, and planar pressure coupled mid/bass radiators for home theater sound quality that will astound you.

Bass radiators enhance low frequency performance for more true-to-life sound

The Secret to Its Big Sound

Competing center channel speakers of this size usually have weak lower-midrange response, that part of the audio range that contains the “warmth” and “body” of voices and musical instruments. Listen to a male vocal on typical small satellite speakers and you will instantly hear the weakness in the lower midrange. The ProCenter avoids this critical problem by pressure-coupling exclusive BDSS technology drivers to two equal-sized mid/bass radiators cleverly placed on the sides of the speaker. This technique doubles the lower-midrange/bass radiating area of the speaker without increasing the size of the enclosure. You’ll enjoy the kind of rich, warm and life-like sound quality that you thought was only possible with big, hard-to-place speakers.

Center Channel Muscle

As much as 75% of a movie’s soundtrack is played by the center channel loudspeaker making it arguably the most important speaker in a home theater system. It is the key to getting intelligible dialog and true-to-life sound effects. So extra attention was lavished on the ProCenter 2000. It features two of the same BDSS drivers as used in ProMonitor 800 satellites along with 2 mid/bass radiators on the sides of the enclosure, allowing it to play loud and clear with high tonal accuracy.

Easy to Place, Easy to Use

Small enough to disappear in a room but beautiful when in plain view, the ProCenter 2000 can be mounted on a shelf or on top of a TV. Its built-in foot allows you to adjust the angle of the speaker in the vertical plane to aim the speaker at listener’s ear height. Or you can wall mount it using two optional ProMount 80 articulating wall mounts.

The Sound

The ProCenter 2000 is a revelation in terms of achieving incredible sound at an affordable price. It fulfills with aplomb its most important job of delivering perfectly clear and intelligible dialog to every listener in the room. It dishes out high impact sound effects with distortion-free dynamics but is also capable of great subtlety to excel equally with music or movies.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 17 by 6.5 by 6.5 inches (W x H x D)
  • Nominal impedance: 4 to 8 ohms
  • Frequency response: 42 Hz to 30 kHz
  • Recommended amplification: 10 to 250 watts
  • Efficiency: 91 dB
  • Driver complement: 2 x 5.25″ bass/midrange drivers; 2 x 5.25″ low-frequency radiators; 1 x 1″ aluminum dome tweeter
  • Magnetic shielding: Yes
  • Finish: Gloss black

Important information

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Final Sale

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 17 × 6.5 cm
Product Dimensions

6.5 x 17 x 6.5 inches

Item Weight

12 pounds




52161512 Loudspeakers

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Date First Available

April 18 2005


Definitive Technology

10 reviews for Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 – Compact High Definition Center Channel Speaker for Home Theater System | Dolby Surround

  1. Mark Reeves and the Tech Truth

    Speakers? Nobody can tell you what you wanna hear! BUT I BET, I can get close!Excellent!!! I have 9 Defenitive Technology Speakers and this one for my center! I am a lover of Def Tech and their, technologically advanced, speakers. I have a DENON 9.2 channel, 125 watt @ 8 ohm’s PER channel. AVR-X4400… It is at the Very top of the Upper-Mid Range Reciever/Amplifiers, for sure. $2K Approx. 2 years ago. But I use it in conjunction with an Emotiva XPA-7 Amplifier, with all 7 chnls pushing RMS 200 watt @ 8 ohm to power my main floor speakers, my Definitive Technology with their Magnificent sound production. It’s not a Marantz Separate, for sure. Then again, Marantz ain’t no McIntosh either. If I had $14000.00 for the McIntosh that lays spastically dorment in my mind. I’d of already got it. Ok. Enough Amp lessons! Just wanted you to know where my power resides when driving these Def Tech beauty’s! I am not a fan of Def Tech’s Pro Series. Let’s get that out of the way first and foremost. Maybe for a small bedroom, maybe… But I am a fan of Defenitive Technology’s SM-SERIES! I have two SM-65 Bookshelf speakers for Front L&R which are Bi-Amped. And these boom harder than your dad’s old 12 inch Cerwin Vegas, I know! And for the rear channels I have two SM-55’s that also boom (probably) harder, too! Clearer and richer for sure! And for the center, I admittedly, have a PRO-2000 Center Channel Speaker. For it has the mids and highs you expect out of a designated Voice Box! Especially with the 4 speakers deeeeep rich tone already, this works very, very, well! And for the subs! I have two, too! One 12″inch 500watt SVS 2000 sealed, take you to POUND TOWN, Subwoofer! And…. One 15″inch Klipsch R-115SW 500watt RMS, thunderous, crackling, looow, BOOOOOM! Heard after the initial Impact of the Lightnings initial…. Strike!!! AKA, is where the SVS 12″incher begins the Pound Town Symphony!!!, These two are a match made in heaven. As are the huge SM-65’s with their smaller brothers Sm-55’s! As the Pro Center 2000? This is for absolutely any and all applications! It’s size is the only thing to consider when purchasing! It is perfectly proportioned for myself and it’s big brother’s LARGE presence as far as Bookshelf Speakers go. Otherwise check out the ProCenter 1000. Not nearly the resonance body, But still excellent for the size! I have to much speaker everywhere to not have the larger louder 🔊 ProCenter 2000. In a matched speaker world, this is one speaker that was made to fit in! Hear your Movie Actors words over the Action people!!! Not only does the rest sound, just “Orgasmatic”, but you can now hear the annunciations?! If you can’t clearly hear the words and the nuances the actors have behind them, Then what is the POINT?!? Order it today! And be in relief of one less worry towards the right step of your build. If you have any questions or comments. If you feel as though I am completely full of Donkey Dung! Please! By all means shoot me a letter or question! I will gladly explain why and how my in depth physics background, helps me and you know what and why! Thank you for listening to my babbling! And I only say this because, Sound Is A Preferance! SOME people like the Bright High’s. While others like the Low Rumble’s…. And everything in between. I’ve listened to many of a combinations. And this is my own personal recommendation for a center Channel. Please keep that in mind this is a personal preference. And I admittedly believe that this belongs or could belong as a center channel for any surround sound system with 80 Watts or more! This has been a personal preference review from none other than!, Mark Reeves and the Tech Truth!

  2. AXR

    4 year reviewIt still sounding as great as 1st week once it got broken in. I got the itch again to upgrade the center channel and 4 years later I can’t find anything that beats this device for the price range, I will upgrade in couple of year to B&W 700 that costs 4 times as much. Upgrade would be just for variety and it’s not because I don’t enjoy this speaker. I love this speaker

  3. dr long

    10 years of use and going.i will admit to my audio addiction but i refuse to admit its a problem. i buy speakers like most buy socks and underwear. however, i am getting to a finalization process of, there is nothing better on the market purchases. purchasing new crème de la crème is a process but not completed. though purchased or have purchased all my preferences in theater, poolside, garage and business, this speaker never was an option to replace. i will say it does not disappoint in the arena of even many Klipsch heritage line speakers as well as most flagship products. my focus had never been drawn to it until a serendipitous button push occurred. all 145 watts of center channel power flowing and my socks were on the ceiling.i have no cons with this product unless you have a problem with small (relative) and sweet(definitive).

  4. J. Mcdaniels

    Crisp and ClearI replaced a 20 year old JBL center channel speaker with this. I have been running some DT BP8020s in front for a few years. A couple of months ago I thought it was me losing my hearing, but the JBL was just worn out. I had forgotten how much of a beating center channels take. No regrets with this buy. Man, it’s a heavy little dude, but the sound is great, just like all of the DT speaks I’ve heard.

  5. Christopher Cano

    Best compact center speaker I’ve usedEchoing a lot of reviewers; the sound clarity is incredible. It blends in well with my audio system and no longer have the need for subtitles for anything.Only negative thing about it is that the dynamic range is lacking, which is a shame because there are others in this price range that can do a better job. But if you are constrained by the space and this fits, don’t hesitate and go for it, you won’t regret it.

  6. Brian T.

    You Can’t Get Much Better Than ThisYou cant get much better than this for home theater. The ProCenter 2000 has it all. Highs, mids, and lows. Crisp, and clear sound, perfect depth. Ive never heard a better center than this and Ive heard them all. Def Tech has impressed me time and time again. If you are looking for a new center I highly recommend the Def Tech ProCenter 2000September 2021 update.I’m still using the Pro Center 2000 and I’m still impressed with it. I actually got another one and used them as stereo speakers for a few days outside for some parties and they worked out perfectly. The 2 passive bass drivers on the sides of these center channels really add depth to the sound and I’m still amazed at the clarity of these even at very high volumes. Usually when you push speakers they start to distort and sound like crap but these take the abuse like its nothing. I’m thinking about getting 2 more of these to use for a small stereo system and my portable studio because these do pack a punch. They are pretty flat but they have a massive amount of headroom if you want to go insane with the EQ and volume. I still heavily recommend them to anyone who wants a very good and affordable center channel. In all honesty these speakers are worth more than what they sell them for. The crossover alone is a masterpiece. I don’t recommend taking them apart but if you really want to see one of the prettiest complex center channel crossovers you’ve ever seen then open them up and take a look. It’s definitely not kids stuff. Def Tech is one of the most brilliant companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with and I’m now a lifetime supporter. I can’t say enough good about them. The prices for what you get are low and the products are just amazing. I’d recommend these speakers to anyone who’s interested in home theater or stereo. You can’t go wrong!

  7. James Biesty

    Much better than the 1000 and the best center I could find for the price.So let’s start with what system I have. I have a Pioneer VSX 1222K Receiver with ample power, 2 8″ M&K VX7 Subwoofers (sound much tighter than the Pro-Sub 1000) and 4 Procinema 1000 bookshelf speakers. I started off with the Procinema 1000 Center Channel Speaker but wasn’t sure about the smaller 4.5″ woofers. Before this I had an M&K 5 1/4″” woofers in my surrounds and 2 5 1/4″ woofers for the center so I was use to that sound from the center. I mainly watch movies and found that the 1000 was good and had better low volume sound than my old center channel but it didn’t have the volume and the system felt smaller in sound than my old one. I got the 2000 and it only took 1 A B test to know it was time to box up the 1000 and return it. This made the system sound as loud as my old one but with better definition, better low volume sound and better center channel imaging. I heard new sounds from movies I’ve watched numerous times. For me the 2000 should of been included in the Procinema 1000 series as it makes the system sound so much better. At night when my daughter is asleep I can now watch movies and TV shows at low volume and not have to turn up when there is dialogue then turn down when there is music or action scenes. This is the best center channel I could find for the money. It’s right there or better than any other center channel at higher volume but where it truly shines is when it’s time for dialogue at any volume level. I had my previous set of speakers for over 10 years and I will probably keep these that long as well. Well done Definitive. You are far from being a hyped company.

  8. Deadlee690

    Excellent speakerExcellent center channel everything is crystal clear with no distortion even at movie theater volume. The only downside is the plastic type material used for the enclosure doesn’t feel very premium and can scratch easily.

  9. Michael A.

    Comparison between ProCenter 2000 and 1000I recently compared the ProCenter 1000 and the ProCenter 2000, as I was trying to decide if the extra $130 was worth it. One consideration was physical size – the 2000 is about 1.5 inches taller and significantly wider than the 1000. Because I wanted to place my center speaker below my TV, this was important. Luckily, they both fit – although the 2000 leaves little room to spare.As for performance, both speakers handle voices beautifully during movies, offering fantastic clarity – even during scenes with loud effects or music in the background. However, the 2000 offers an extra depth that the 1000 lacks. Deep, rumbling voices have a more powerful presence and a more true-to-life timbre, which I really liked. As another reviewer mentioned, the 2000 sounds like the deeper-voiced older brother of the 1000. The 2000 can definitely go louder than the 1000, and sounds better at high volumes. I also found that the crossover with my subwoofer (ProSub 1000) was smoother while using the ProCenter 2000, as it can handle a frequency range down to 60 Hz. My setup is in a fairly large room (20 x 20 ft with 18 ft ceilings), so I definitely preferred the 2000’s extra power. I also like that it gives me the option to upgrade my front speakers (currently ProMonitor 1000s) down the road and still keep pace with a more powerful setup.Overall, they’re both great speakers but I’m extremely happy with the 2000 and think it’s definitely worth the upgrade. In my opinion, voices really need that lower register to sound “full”, and the ability to reach higher volumes without distortion is a huge plus. My movies and music sound incredible with this speaker and for the price it’s a fantastic value.

  10. The Nelson

    Sounds awesome!!Had this for almost a year. It is well broken in and sounds amazing. No words to describe the difference it makes in music quality in the mid to high frequencies. I have sm55s as L/R. I prefer 7ch stereo on most songs over 2ch because of this speaker. Just sounds awesome and blends perfectly with sm55s. Powered by a1060 85w rms all channel driven. More than enough power but starts to clip at 100 db. A1060 limit not this speaker. And to be honest the sm55s start to clip first before the pro2000. Again probably the a1060 trying to drive L/R harder than the center.Have L/R set to 60hz cross over. Could handle 40 but the sub is 8″ so it handle 40 a little better than 6.5″. Center pro2000 set at 90hz. I did this for vocal clarity in the mid range for watching normal tv. If I wasn’t lazy I would adjust between tv and music listening and for music set at 110hz.TV listening is also great. Never have trouble hearing guys or girls talking. Still can’t understand why movies like Batman use that deep voice to sound tough. I have yet to find a setting where the pronunciation is clear on deep/tough action movie voice. That is the movie’s fault. Turning up the volume sometimes helps but closed captioning is my way around that for now.Overall a great speaker for music and tv.

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