Dakota Alert DCPA-4k Plus Wireless Driveway Alarm System – One Mile Wireless Range, RE-4k Plus Receiver and DCPT-4000 Vehicle

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Brand Dakota Alert
Color White
Power Source 3 CR-123A for transmitter, A/C adaptor for receiver
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
Video Capture Resolution 2160p

  • One-mile wireless range between the sensor and receiver. The sensor detects vehicles only. No false signals from deer or other large animals. The probe only detects metal.
  • Easy installation- Up to 16 sensors can be paired with one receiver or an unlimited number of receivers can be paired to one sensor. Simple code-learning technology means you can have this set up in minutes. The receiver will play one of 16 tunes whenever a signal is received.
  • Longest wireless range in its class- One mile wireless range is much greater than other products that claim ¼ mile or ½ mile. The long range means the radio signal is more likely to get through to the receiver.
  • RE-4k Plus receiver will play one of 16 different tunes when a signal is received. Two form C relay outputs and one 12 VDC output can be used with other accessories.
  • Ultra-reliable battery operation- The sensor operates on three CR-123 batteries (included). The batteries will typically last a year or more before they need to be changed. No need to worry about a solar panel not charging. The battery works day or night. Typical battery life is a year or more.



The DCPA-4k Plus is a complete kit that comes with one DCPT-4000 wireless probe transmitter and one RE-4k Plus receiver. The DCPT-4000 transmitter operates on three CR-123A batteries (included) and has 50 feet of direct burial wire connecting the probe to the exterior case. The probe detects vehicles passing by within approximately 10-12 feet. The RE-4k Plus receiver has 2 Form C relay outputs and one 12 VDC output. The relays and 12 VDC outputs can be set for 1, 5, 15 seconds or 5 minutes. The relay outputs can be used to connect to an alarm or home automation control panel (not included). The 12 VDC can be used to power a bell, siren, strobe or other 12 volt device. The distance between transmitter and receiver can be up to one mile.

Important information

Bulb Voltage

12 volts

Additional information

Weight 4.47 kg
Dimensions 9.1 × 9.1 × 9.1 cm

Dakota Alert



Power Source

3 CR-123A for transmitter AC adaptor for receiver

Item Dimensions LxWxH

9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches

Video Capture Resolution


Connectivity Technology



12 Volts

Maximum Range

1 Miles

Part Number

DCPA-4k Plus

Item Weight

4.47 pounds

Product Dimensions

9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches

Item model number

DCPA-4k Plus


3 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Warranty Description

one year





Date First Available

September 26 2019


Dakota Alert

4 reviews for Dakota Alert DCPA-4k Plus Wireless Driveway Alarm System – One Mile Wireless Range, RE-4k Plus Receiver and DCPT-4000 Vehicle

  1. Sarah

    Very accuratePurchased 9/2020- (see update below)I have had several driveway alarms over the years. All of them were motion sensors and constantly went off with deer, wind moving limbs and even shadows. So I wanted something accurate for vehicles only. I spray painted the white pvc sensor black and laid it about a foot off the driveway by a bush so that it would not be accidentally run over. I than ran the sending unit up a tree about 6 feet. It is in a straight line to the base unit which is located on the window sill. I started at 250 feet and moved it further and further every day or so. It is now at 500′, but a straight eyesight line between base and sending unit. I then utilize my camera system to view what is arriving once the base unit goes off.It is costly, but if you need to have something that will definitely pick up a vehicle, then this is the unit. As far as pedestrians, there are many other easy ways to approach my home, so the driveway would not be the first choice for them. If your concern is pedestrians too, then all I can say is try any of the name brand sensors. I had issues with four different makes giving false alarms every day, so motion is not for me. It was like crying wolf, after awhile, I just ignored it. That is not what you want to happen. The last system I had was air bell like a gas station. I liked it, but gravel driveway caused problems with rubber hose.Update – as of 10/2021 the sensor quit working. Dakota company walked me through some test and determined the circuit board had just gone bad due to weather. Even though the box is waterproof, it is not humidity proof. I sent the box of to them for repair, but 2 months later I needed to purchase a replacement transmitter box until mine was ready or go without for no telling how long. The replacement was 105 from another company. It’s too bad they just can’t sell and ship the tiny circuit board to me but they refused. I’m sure I will get it eventually, but I guess when board goes out, I have a back up for repair.

  2. Jeff M

    It Works!The solar model (with infrared beam) didn’t work for me, but this model worked perfectly. The installation of this model is significantly easier. My probe is about 400 feet from receiver, and it works 100% of the time so far. Detected vehicles of all sizes accurately including ATVs. Make sure you pair the probe prior to installation because it needs to be next to the sensor in order to pair. I placed the cord in 1.5 inch pvc and buried it about 5 inches underground for protection against animals and snow plows going off the edge of my driveway. Chimes are a bit limited, but I found one that works for me (just a series of simple beeps).Note: This is the wireless plus model. The wireless receiver (indoor unit) has outputs on it for integration with IoT devices. The driveway sensor probe connects to a small box that you mount on a tree (outside) which communicates with the wireless receiver (indoor) wirelessly. It comes with one set of batteries (4x cr123a). Amazon Basics batteries are available on Amazon.com and are a high quality replacement option when the factory included batteries fail.

  3. RB601

    Amazing unit!I installed the probe along our driveway, and the transmitter on a tree about 200 feet from the house. One receiver went in our family room, and the other receiver, which I bought separately, went in our basement. They both work every single time. We have 2×6 walls with cement siding on the outside of our house and the basement alarm still works great. In fact, it is AMAZING how it works and it’s worked every time! PERFECT solution to vehicle detection in our 500 foot driveway! Now we can meet the mail lady or the UPS guy or the FedEx guy, maybe save them a few steps, and help them out a bit. Not to mention being able to know when someone enters and leaves our property. It works flawlessly! I am utterly impressed by this DCPA-4k+ with one caveat – I should have researched more effectively and bought the one with the 250 foot cable that Dakota Alert also sells. I will add on to my existing cable using a weatherproof splice. The cable is easy to uninstall from the transmitter, and easy to reinstall after the length is increased. Then I can leave the probe where it is, and run the cable and transmitter to within 80 feet of our house. I won’t do this until summer though, because the leaves and plants and things might not be able to block the signal, so I won’t need to. You really don’t need to hesitate buying this unit – it really does work and it really does work well. Impressive product.

  4. M. Schimmelman

    Excellent system. Works well.I installed this system on my long driveway and it’s been working perfectly. The transmitter is about 600′ away from the receiver, and there is a steep hill, lots of tall trees, moisture, and a building with a metal roof between them. All bad stuff in radio land. It works well; has announced every car or truck; no misfires. When two vehicles drive past the sensor there are two rings even if they are bumper to bumper. I got a second receiver. Matching it up to the sensor was easy, but as other reviewers have said, you need to have power nearby. I just matched everything up when I unpacked it. If I need to replace a receiver, I can disconnect the two wires that go to the sensor and bring the transmitter up to the house to match it.I mounted the sensor (just a coil) in pvc conduit slightly sloped downhill and with a small drain hole. It’s alongside the driveway with some dirt and leaves piled on top. The conduit runs off the side and up a cedar tree about 10′ to the transmitter. All sealed except the drain hole. This part of the installation was a pain but necessary as it’s very wet here in Washington.I’ve only had it for a month and can’t address the battery use issue. A box of spares wasn’t expensive.

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