Crosley C62B-WA Belt-Drive 2-Speed Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable with Included Speakers, Built-in Amplifier, and Anti-Skate, Walnut

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Brand Crosley
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Included Components C62B-WA Turntable, 2 External Speakers, Steel Platter and Pad, Speaker Wires, Counter Weight, Power Adapter, 45 RPM Adapter, Belt, Dust Cover, Cartridge Alignment Protractor, User Manual, Warranty Card See more
Special Feature Built In Preamp
Material Engineered Wood, Plastic
Item Weight 22 Pounds
Style C62B with Anti-Skate
Color Walnut
Model Name C62B
Motor Type DC Motor

  • Two-speed turntable (33 1/3 and 45 RPM) with low-vibration, belt-driven motor
  • Aluminum tonearm with adjustable counterweight and pre-mounted with moving magnet cartridge features anti-skate control
  • Turntable base features a built-in amplifier and switchable preamp; RCA output lets you connect the C62 to your existing system or use the speaker clips to connect the included speakers
  • Heavy steel platter and audio-grade MDF plinth are firmly planted on three vibration control feet
  • Built-in Bluetooth lets you stream your favorite music to the included speakers
  • Power source type: Corded Electric


The Crosley C62 was designed to be a ready-to-go-sounds-damn-good-straight-out-of-the-box turntable system that doesn’t break the bank. This fully manual two-speed (33 1/3 and 45 RPM) turntable sports an MDF plinth wrapped in a faux walnut veneer that would fool the best of Lumberjacks. The turntable base supports output through both RCA and speaker clips, which means you can pair this to your existing system as well. The built-in, switchable pre-amp makes hook-up to your receiver or other speakers a snap. The matching MDF speakers look just as good as the turntable and each rock a mid-range speaker and tweeter. The matte black aluminum tone arm has an adjustable counterweight and comes pre-mounted with an AT-3600 moving magnet cartridge. Of course, the cartridge is mounted with the standard 1/2″ Mount, so you can always upgrade your cartridge/stylus combo as your vinyl collection grows. The record sits on a heavy steel platter that helps keep the C62 firmly planted on its three vibration control feet. Take that, rogue vibrations! The super minimal, two-knob design makes it easy to switch speeds, crank up the volume, or switch to the built-in Bluetooth receiver if you want to stream music from your favorite digital playlist. Whether you live in a sweet NYC loft or a teenage bedroom filled with angst, the C62 can hold its own.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

C62B Turntable System

Fully Manual Functionality

Moving Magnet Cartridge

turntable with adjustable tonearm weight

modern turntable

turntable with rca out

Moving Magnet Cartridge

The C62B comes pre-mounted with an AT-3600 Moving-Magnet cartridge. Of course, the cartridge is mounted with the standard 1/2″ mount, so you can always upgrade your cartridge/stylus combo as your vinyl collection grows.

Tonearm Counterweight with Anti-Skate

The matte black aluminum tone arm has an adjustable counterweight to dial in the tracking force and features anti-skate control for added balance.

Minimalist Design

The super minimal, two-knob design makes it easy to switch speeds, crank up the volume and switch to the built-in Bluetooth receiver if you want to stream music from your favorite digital playlist. Whether you live in a sweet NYC loft or a teenage bedroom filled with angst, the C62B can hold its own.

RCA Outputs

RCA outputs and a switchable preamp make hooking up to a receiver or speakers a breeze. Getting into vinyl has never been easier thanks to the Crosley C62B.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 30 × 9.75 × 14.25 cm
Product Dimensions

30 x 9.75 x 14.25 inches

Item Weight

22 pounds





Item model number


Date First Available

September 2 2021



10 reviews for Crosley C62B-WA Belt-Drive 2-Speed Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable with Included Speakers, Built-in Amplifier, and Anti-Skate, Walnut

  1. Ben

    Love it …stick with Crosley!Great turntable for a small/medium room. I use this in my home office at low to medium volumes and it provides a perfect listening environment while I work. A couple comments about other reviews.Counter weight missing: saw comments from people about the counter weight missing when they unboxed. I would bet they overlooked it and accidentally threw it away with the packaging. I thought mine was missing but inspected all of the packaging again and found it in a very inconspicuous place. Look harder if you don’t see it on first glance.Speed adjustment: my 33-1/3 speed was quite fast upon first powering on. After not seeing an obvious way to adjust it i did some YouTubing/googling and discovered that this turntable is in fact adjustable, though not convenient at all. You have to remove the plastic plate on the bottom. So it is a matter of securing the tone arm, flipping it over, adjusting, flip it back over, test, flip over, adjust, flip over, test….and so on. I used an iPhone app called RPM to check the speed. You lay the phone on the turntable and it gauges the RPMs. Pretty incredible.Exterior amp: it wasn’t clear to me when purchasing whether this unit had a line feature that allowed for the use of an internal preamp and external power amp (my amp doesn’t have a Phono input). I wanted to use my own amp to power the speakers and allow myself more control over the volume and EQ (the amp remote was also a huge plus). The verdict is that (as you can see from the pic) i successfully connected my Yamaha R-S201 as the power amp, using the internal preamp on the turntable. Works beautifully.Summed up, this is a really solid turntable for an intermediate vinyl enthusiast who wants a feature rich turntable/speaker combo. It looks nice as well. Perfect for small/medium room setups at moderate volumes. My plan is to eventually upgrade to some floor speakers for a more full low end, but the ones provided are perfectly capable bookshelf speakers for a balanced vinyl listening experience. Buy with confidence from a reputable company!

  2. S.Mac

    Pleasantly SurprisedI have to say I am very impressed with this turntable. I have been shopping around a while for nice turntable and speaker set up at a reasonable price. There are lots of options out there, but picking a turntable and speakers that pair together nicely gets complicated quickly, and pricey. When I came across the C62 by Crosley, it seemed to have everything I was looking for. Speakers included and matched perfectly to the turntable, bluetooth for hooking up my phone, nice tone arm design and cartridge, and what seems to be a really high end motor and pulley set up. What I received did not disappoint.My turntable arrived this Saturday. Unpacking was pretty straight forward, the turntable and speakers were well protected during shipping. Setting up the turntable was simple, very easy following the instructions. I had the speakers hooked up, tone arm balanced, and the dust cover on in about 20 minutes. The fit and finish of the turntable and speakers is very nice.Playing this turntable was the best part. I am very happy with how nice it sounds. It is very full, balanced and clear. It has plenty of bass, but not overpowering. Hooking up my iphone to bluetooth was simple, and the sound was just as good streaming music from my phone.Overall, this is a very nice turntable. It has everything I was looking for and more. At this price, it’s hard to beat, especially of you are trying to shop separate components. I’ve seen similar turntables priced much higher without speakers included. If you are looking for a system that you can hook up and enjoy, I highly recommend giving this unit a shot!

  3. TJ Lazer

    Far from good.Very limited bluetooth range, less than half of previous model. No automatic needle return. Adjusted needle height and still skips/skates frequently. Not very loud.

  4. Tami

    Love, Love, Love this turntable!!!After owning this for nearly a week and having been through about half my album collection, I’m very happy, and I definitely made the right decision. I’ve been meaning to upgrade for a long time from our suitcase turntable (which is also a Crosley, but a much smaller, and older model than this) in to something we could keep at home and place on some new shelving. Set-up took about 10-15 minutes, and the only thing I had to read the manual on was “balancing” the tonearm. My older turntable didn’t have this feature and it took a read of the manual and quick check of some YouTube videos to ensure I dialed the tracking force in properly. I set mine at 3.5 grams, and I doubt I’ll ever move it again. I’ve played at least a couple of dozen albums so far, and not had a single skip or issue. This is a “manual” turntable and you’ll need to move the tonearm on the record and move it back after it’s done playing. Sound is amazing, and such an upgrade from what we’ve been used to. The speakers are fairly-large and fill our family room with sound nicely. This was at the top of my budget range, but I’m glad I spent what I did. I knew it had Bluetooth when I ordered it, and that has been the feature my daughter uses most as she streams songs through it. I prefer the vinyl, and it’s given us something to talk about! I love, love, love this turntable and wish I would have found it earlier.

  5. nathan cox

    Missing partClip to hold the speaker wire was not installed from the factory.

  6. kevinstenger

    Way better than I thought it would be!I’m really happy I bought this turntable and speaker set. First, everything you need is in the box; speakers, turntable, turntable mat, speaker wires and needle. Set up took about 10 minutes and would have taken five, but I’d never “floated” or balanced a tonearm. It’s really easy, and there is a ton of YouTube support on the topic. Mine is set at 2.5-3.0 grams and sounds great there. I’ve had no skips at this setting, but did have a few at 2.0 grams. Everything about this piece seems rugged. The turntable platter is literally a piece of stamped steel and it’s likely at least 2 pounds. The switches are metal, the turntable base is wood, as are the speakers. The speakers appear to be a veneer, but they match perfectly. I’ve only played through the speakers it came with, but it does have additional settings and adapters to patch it in to your own sounds system. It gets loud enough for me and fills a pretty good sized room with a nice warm sound. I’m new to vinyl, and ultimately what I like about this is that it looks and feels like some turntables that cost hundreds of dollars more. The sound pleases my ear and I’m hooked!

  7. Kelly

    Old School Record Player Made New w/BluetoothGift for Christmas for a young person who loves the old sound of records. Hey CROSLEY, one important note, all of your products should be available to ship in unlabeled boxes. I bought two different items and both were delivered while my family was home. It kind of ruined the Christmas gift because they read “Crosley” on the side of the box.Very happy with the record player and speakers. This is a very nice player that was extremely well packaged. Took a few minutes to get the arm weighted correctly, but once complete, the player was ready for use. We’ve also tried the bluetooth option and it sounds good. For us, the record player and speakers are good for our needs. We won’t be using it for any large events in large, open spaces.

  8. Amazon Customer

    LOVE IT!!!There’s a lot of nostalgia in this turntable for me as opening up and playing some old vinyl has been a great experience in the last week since I set it up. Great quality for an affordable price. I could have bought something more expensive, but I’m glad I didn’t. There’s not much plastic here, it’s a very heavy solid steel turntable platter, nice metal switch gear, aluminum tonearm and wood body for the turntable and speakers. They didn’t cut many corners. I love the walnut base, it really lends to my mid-century house. The speakers included are actually pretty good size, and I was amazed when we plugged just the turntable in to our larger system how rich the sound was. I’ve played the Bluetooth more than I thought I would, as the sound is also great. I feel like I’m cheating. I’ve had some portable turntables in the past, and this one blows them away. Set-up was super easy, but make sure you read-up on how to correctly weight the tonearm. It’s easy once you get it but took some time for me to understand. Buy with confidence, it’s worth it.

  9. Waltzmedarling

    As avertisedtakes a few minutes to figure out the variable weight, but otherwise has worked great. Good all-in-one player.

  10. Levi

    Excellent Customer Service from CrosleyThis item arrived and was beautiful- It looks very good on the cabinet, and has a nice heavyweight feel to it. The bluetooth functionality works well and the speakers are very loud, and fill the house even at the 11 o’clock volume position.The turntable arrived without the counterweight that was necessary to operate the item, but upon messaging Crosley, they sent a counterweight that arrived two days later, and once installed and properly calibrated (which was very easy) the item plays records well. The needle and cartridge that comes with the unit is definitely on the lower end (to be expected at this price point), but will be an easy upgrade at a later date. Altogether very pleased with the item and customer service.

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