ClonerAlliance UHD Pro, 4K Video Recorder, HDMI Capture DVR with H.265/H.264 Codec, Cinematic 4K@24fps Recording(Up to

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Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4.6 x 4.6 x 1.1 inches
Brand ClonerAlliance
Wattage 10 watts
Number of Channels 4

  • 💡What can it do? – Standalone 4K Ultra-HD digital video recorder with HDMI capture. Record UHD video to a USB storage device with Cinematic-FPS 4K@24fps(Up to 4K@30fps). H.264/H.265 codec. Playback the recorded 4K UHD video on a TV with the included remote, No PC required at all. Gaming capture and live are also available if you prefer using a PC.
  • 💡Why do I need it? – Capture and record 4K Ultra-HD videos. Record online conferencing video. Record online UHD video for recreating. Capture screen contents of PC. Gaming capture and live. [4K@60fps input can be recorded as 1080p@60fps. It is recommended to adjust 4K@60fps to 30fps or below, the recorded UHD video will be exactly the same as the input.]
  • 💡Why choose it over other similar products? – Friendly to use by newbies or older adults. Both H.264 and H.265 codecs are supported. Recorded MP4 files can be saved on various file systems(exFAT, NTFS, FAT/FAT32, MBR, GPT). Ultra-low latency (less than 90ms). Various schedule tasks. 👁Cinematic-FPS👁 recording.
  • 💡Is my device compatible with it? – It works with: DVRs, Set-top Boxes, Cable TV Receivers, OTA Boxes, Satellite Receivers, Over-the-air TV receivers, TV Tuners, DSLRs, Camcorders, DVD Players, Media players, TV Sticks, Endoscopes, Surgery Microscopes, Game Consoles, Laptops with HDMI OUT. [Tip: The Smart TV can’t be a video Source.]
  • 💡What’s more? – 90-Day No Hassle Return (at our cost) and 2-Year replacement Service. Free video edit/conversion software included(Windows system only. Mac is not supported). [The device does not support any content protected by HDCP. When connected to an HDCP (Content Protection) source, it will output an error message or nothing. This does not indicate a defect.]



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Product Description

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Ultra-HD video is absolutely breathtaking. Have you ever thought about making them truly yours for a long time?

Here comes ClonerAlliance UHD Pro with the features below:

Standalone 4K UHD Digital Video Recorder

  • True Ultra-HD recording at Cinematic-FPS: 3840*2160@24fps(Up to 4K@30fps).
  • Captures 4K UHD videos or gameplay from DVR, OTA, STB, TV sticks, disc players, camcorders, DSLR, game consoles, etc onto a USB flash drive or external hard disk. PC Free.
  • 4K@60fps video sources can be recorded as 1080p@60fps or up to 4K@30fps (Adjustment of 4K display setting is required).

Supports both H.264 and H.265 Codec

  • Both H.264 and H.265 codecs are supported. Switch the codecs anytime as your need with one press.
  • H.264 codec provides higher image quality and requires more storage capacity than H.265.
  • H.265 codec can compress videos twice as much as H.264 at a similar viewing experience. Saves more capacity and reduces more cost.

Instant Playback 4K Ultra-HD on Your TV

  • Instantly Playback recorded Ultra-HD videos on USB storage devices with the remote.
  • No need to get up from your couch to check the status of the recording anymore.

Easy to use for everyone

  • Suitable for both beginners and professional video creators.
  • No matter what age you are, you can master it quickly.

Vibrant 4K Experiences Worth Saving.

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Keeping Your 4K Watching Experience Forever

Storing digital video on physical material, including Optical Discs, Flash drives, HDDs, SSDs, etc., is the most reliable method of preservation(even over 100 years without damage). Every Ultra-HD frame with vivid colors and sharp details is worth saving in the way.

Create Your Own Awesome 4K Content

Use 4K to make your videos more attractive and get more value. Using ClonerAlliance UHD Pro to collect Ultra-HD footage will make you do more with less.

Enjoy your 4K video anytime, anywhere, even offline.

You can carry the 4K videos wherever you travel, whether in the vehicle, at a party, or camping. No need for internet and no more telecom bills for watching your own 4K.

Why does ClonerAlliance UHD Pro record videos as Cinematic-FPS(4K@24FPS)?

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  • Get the same experience as in the cinemas.

The 24fps is called Cinematic-FPS frame rates. The filmmakers believe the 24fps is oriented to allow enough motion blur to resemble as close to the natural way the human brain processes moving objects. 24fps is the standard for playing the film in cinemas. ClonerAlliance UHD Pro gives you the same experience in your living room as in the cinemas.

  • Watch TV at the same FPS as the TV broadcast’s original

Most television broadcasts use 24fps to achieve a more cinematic look. Actually, 24fps is a more realistic frame rate for TV broadcasting. ClonerAlliance UHD Pro records 4K videos at the frame rate of the original TV broadcast signal, allowing you to see the videos as it is.

  • 4K@24fps is better than 4K@30fps for recording cinema-like and TV broadcasts videos.

Although ClonerAlliance UHD Pro is capable of recording 4K@30fps, 4K@30fps is not Cinematic-FPS. When recording native 24fps cinema-like and TV broadcast videos at 30fps, there will be frame glitches raised such as skipping and jitter. The issue can be avoided by recording videos at 4K@24fps.

  • Saving and Efficient

Improve the utilization of USB storage capacity. With 4K@24fps encoding, you can record video twice as long as with 4K@60fps encoding. And the viewing experience is almost exactly the same.

  • Tip for 60 FPS Recording:

If you prefer to experiment with the smoothness of 60fps, you can take advantage of ClonerAlliance UHD Pro to record 4K@60fps as 1080p@60fps. That is the most cost-effective 60fps recording method.

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Record and Playback 4K Ultra-HD with One Press. No PC required.

ClonerAlliance UHD Pro is the next must-have next to your large UHD TV. When you want to record the stories touching you, with just one press, ClonerAlliance UHD Pro can keep the 4K videos forever. With the one-press Playback, you can relive the memories anytime.

Best practice for Cinematic-FPS:

1. For recording Cinematic-FPS:

  • Set the TV to cinema or filmmaker mode.
  • Set the display mode of the 4K video player to “auto adjustment” or “4K@24hz/23.97hz”. The display option can be found in all 4K video players.

2. For watching Cinematic-FPS on the smart TVs:

  • Set the TV to cinema or filmmaker mode.
  • It is recommended to use the built-in media file function of the smart TV to play recorded 4K@24fps MP4 files for the best picture quality.

Learn more about ClonerAlliance UHD Pro

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Do more with your PC

Everyone can easily get started with PC MODE.

Based on the features of UVC standard and driver-free, ClonerAlliance UHD Pro can capture videos or live games/videos on YouTube/Twitch/Facebook via desktops/laptops running Windows, Mac or Linux.

Please use OBS Studio or ClonerAlliance Helper on Windows systems.

For Mac and Linux systems, please use OBS Studio.

Schedule recording

Schedule recording at your convenience.

You must want to enjoy the latest sporting events and stay up to date with your favorite videos.

Set up your video source, select the target channel, schedule recording task. ClonerAlliance UHD Pro will do the rest for you.

One press to snapshot

Press one button to take a screenshot as a JPG file.

Amazing or hilarious moments while watching videos won’t wait your camera to capture.

Just one press can make it. Stores them into a folder so as to browse them anytime. Or save this image as wallpaper on your mobile phone or PC.

Widely compatibility

ClonerAlliance UHD Pro is compatible with video sources with a standard HDMI (Type-A) output port.

  • Please check the compatible video sources in the technical specification table below.

For the Mini-HDMI(TYPE-C) or Micro-HDMI(TYPE-D) port, a To TYPE-A adapter is required (Not included).

More reasons to have ClonerAlliance UHD Pro

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Supports various 4K video players.

ClonerAlliance UHD Pro is compatible with video players whose display mode can be set at 4K@30fps or below, Cinematic-FPS 4K@24fps is recommended. Don’t worry, both are available on most players.

Tip: For a better experience of 4K UHD, you may need to set the TV’s display mode to Cinema Mode or Filmmaker Mode.

Simple setup with 3 steps

  1. Connect the output of the video source with the input of ClonerAlliance UHD Pro.
  2. Connect the output of ClonerAlliance UHD Pro with the TV.
  3. Connect a USB drive to the Storage port of ClonerAlliance UHD Pro.

All set and enjoy!

Supports exFAT, NTFS, FAT/FAT32, MBR,GPT

Not only is it compatible with GPT and MBR partition structures, it can also write MP4 files to exFAT, NTFS, FAT/FAT32 file systems. Whether you are using a projector, 4K UHD TV or a PC system (Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux), the recorded 4K MP4 video files can be played and safely saved forever.

Long-term Service

We provide 90-Day No Hassle Return (at our cost) and 2-Year Service.

A longer service period gives you more peace of mind while using our products.

Technical Specifications

Capture/Recording Resolution Max Resolution: 3840 x 2160@30fps; Max FPS: 1080p@60fps
Cinematic-FPS Recording Supported at 3840 x 2160@24fps
Passthrough Latency Less than 90ms
Encode Formats H.264, H.265
Maximum Storage Capacity 8TB
To PC mode UVC. Windows, Mac OS Linux are Supported.
HDMI Input Resolution Max up to 3840 x 2160@60fps
HDMI Output Resolution Max Resolution: 3840 x 2160@30fps; Max FPS: 1080p@60fps
Max Encoding Bitrate 22Mbps(H.264, UHD).
Recording Aspect Ratio 16:9
Compatible File System FAT/FAT32, NTFS, exFAT. MBR, GPT
Compatible Video Sources DVRs, Set top Boxes, Cable TV Receivers, OTA Boxes, Satellite Receivers, Over-the-air TV receivers, TV Tuners, DSLRs, Camcorders, DVD Players, Media players, TV Sticks, Endoscopes, Surgery Microscopes, Game Consoles, Laptops with HDMI OUT

Additional information

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 4.6 × 4.6 × 1.1 cm
Product Dimensions

4.6 x 4.6 x 1.1 inches

Item Weight

1.36 pounds





Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

January 8 2021



10 reviews for ClonerAlliance UHD Pro, 4K Video Recorder, HDMI Capture DVR with H.265/H.264 Codec, Cinematic 4K@24fps Recording(Up to

  1. Pickpro

    Works great till it breaksUsed this product for several months with great success. Then one day, for no apparent reason, it stopped working. So far have had two email communications with tech support and they keep asking me the same questions that have already been answered. Do cables go bad all of a sudden for no apparent reason? I, for one, do not think so. You’d think that for the price the support would be a better.Continuation: After several emails back and forth with support, they determined that they would send me a new replacement unit. Received it yesterday and it is working perfectly. At this point, I’m happy.

  2. SwanSongSquared

    The Good, the Bad, and the Could’ve Been UglyGOOD – Purchased this device from Amazon, and it shipped promptly from Amazon, and arrived a day early.BAD – Immediately noticed the bag it was shipped in was ripped (could’ve been USPS carrier?). I was relieved that several other small items (cables, and USB drive) bundled in the shipment hadn’t fallen out of the torn hole. When I opened the actual Cloner-Alliance box it was immediately apparent the unit was not new, but returned merchandise. The cardboard packing inside the box supporting the unit had been torn in pieces, and the remote was not the correct one for this model.Could’ve Been Ugly – The unit itself appeared to be undamaged, other than fingerprints, so I hooked it up and tested it. It worked perfectly except for difficulties operating it with the wrong remote. I didn’t want to wait for the delays and hassles of returning the entire unit to Amazon, so opted to contacting Cloner-Alliance customer service for an alternate solution. That wasn’t difficult because I had already received an email from them just to check on my satisfaction with their product.OUTSTANDING is the only word to describe the customer service I received. Cloner-Alliance immediately sent me a replacement remote, offered a partial refund, and gave me a second license for the video editing software the comes along with the UHD PRO unit. Considering all these problems were definitely not cause by them, but rather Amazon fulfillment, their actions represent customer service well above and beyond my expectations.A pleasure doing business with them. Cheers!

  3. JG

    Works with some idiosyncrasies and limitationsFirst of all, I like it and use it. The only real bummer is it doesn’t have a full function fast forward. It jumps forward in chunks of maybe 30 seconds. So if you’re replaying a recording and want to skip the commercial breaks, you’ll never land on the end of the last commercial. What the heck! Well you probably didn’t miss much anyway.As others have said, it works best with 4k Firestick. Record quality had been excellent for me. It breaks large MP4 files in to smaller ones. If you’re transferring recordings to computers, sometimes there’s sometimes a codec mismatch in the MP4 files; oddly, the codec mismatch issue is seemingly random. It you think you’ll be able to bootleg your favorite movies, you might find it time consuming and impractical.I use it for recording football games and shows and skipping the blasted commercials during playback from the unit.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Copiny all cartoons and videos off KodiThis device is exactly what I was looking for. You better buy it. Now I can record all those Marvel cartoons and more from Kodi Nix Toon. Awesome support team even though there in a different time line, they answered my email in a timely manner. I love it. I got a WD 5 TB hard drive to. Don’t forget to fully reformat your drive if need be. If it is already EX FAT. Leave it. Because I changed mines to o FTSF and it wasn’t recognized by Cloner, I had to change it back to EX FAT like there support team said because it is more stable. It took 14 hours to reformat it back to EX FAT which I should have left it in the first place instead of listening to YOUTUBE.

  5. Roger B Stancel

    Easy and Convenient – So Much Easier Than Having to Hook Up a Computer Capture DeviceWanted to be able to pull some shows off my cable box DVR to put onto my media center and bought this to help. My desktop is upstairs and my TV and DVR cable box are downstairs. Needed a solution that made it easier than hooking up a UVC / capture device and having to leave my laptop next to the TV. This device did the trick amazingly well. Actually, really surprised how well it worked with just copying to a simple USB stick.Very easy to use. Dead simple really. The fact that it does both H.264 and H.265 encoding is fantastic as that saves some steps later one. Get yourself a HDMI splitter that strips HDCP along with this thing and you are off to the races. It is as easy as hitting the Record button and then pulling out your USB stick later on to copy the recorded video to wherever you would like to put it. Very happy I made this purchase.

  6. REL

    Great stream capture deviceIt took me several attempts to get the hang of this thing, but with the help of ClonerAlliance’s quick and stellar technical assistance, I finally was able to accomplish what I set out to do.I had several recorded shows on my old TiVo that would not transfer over to my new TiVo, and I didn’t want to lose them when I recycled the old unit. I bought this cloning device in the hopes I could stream the shows and transfer them to a solid state drive as MP4 files for future viewing. The shows transferred okay, but the sound kept cutting out. I changed a few settings (as advised by ClonerAlliance’s tech support) and re-recorded the shows. The sound was perfect, except for being out of sync with the video. After a couple of other changes and using the included editing software, I was able to burn the shows to a DVD for future viewing. At 1080P, H265 High Bitrate, a 45 minute show, when all segments were merged into on file, ended up being about 3.5Gb, which fit nicely on a regular 4.7Gb DVD.Picture quality is amazing, and the sound comes through perfectly. I have no idea what the results would be using this device to record on-line gaming or other high-intensity streams, and don’t intend to try. I simply wanted to save videos from my TiVo through the HDMI feed, and this device fit the bill perfectly.

  7. Florida mom

    Quick setup, easy to useI use this to record anything I am watching through my fire-stick. Using it for LIV Golf events. Perfect. I am a 67 year old lady and I needed no help to get it up and running.

  8. Han

    Good recorder with time/date stamp for legal uses.Using this to record proof of air for a TV station. Been running 24/7 for about 6 months, still going strong. Lacks user selectable formats and frame rates, will only pick up what you feed it and not all are correct. 1080i60 is recognized as 1080P60, 1080P 29.97 is also recognized as 1080P60.Bit rate also not customizable. Stuck with whatever high/low options you’re offered. Big plus: has time/date stamp for the purpose of proof of air.

  9. Otis Lyons

    This thing is the BOMB!!!!!This thing does everything that it says it can do. It records everything. I mean everything. Customer service is excellent and I have nothing but great things to say about it. Best item i ever bought on Amazon

  10. yonat

    Did excellent job. I already have 2. Works perfectGreat product. No complain. The only thing I sold like to see is power on and off on the remount controll. Also it wold be nice to have a timer that will stop recording after a certain set time. The recording quality is excellent

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