CC Vector Extended Long Range WiFi Receiver System – Works with All Devices – Receives Distant WiFi and Repeats to All WiFi

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Brand C. Crane
Wireless Communication Standard 802.11bgn
Data Transfer Rate 150 Megabits Per Second
Item Weight 6 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 10 x 8 inches

  • This durable parabolic antenna receives a distant available WiFi signal about 1/2 mile away (max. range is about 3 miles*). When connected to our CC Vector it repeats a new WiFi signal in a dead zone like your barn, shop, office, or other building. It works with ALL devices. Range depends on obstructions, signal strength and speed of the network you are connecting to. It is a good long range WiFi solution for connecting a remote location to a distant router and saving Internet expenses.
  • The system uses a directional 15 dBi parabolic antenna which reduces interference from other WiFi networks. The heavy-duty antenna with stainless hardware mounts outdoors (mast not included) to a fixed location and then is wired to the CC Vector inside. The CC Vector then delivers a new reliable WiFi signal to a new area for all types of devices. This is great solution for a metal building which normally blocks a WiFi signal.
  • It repeats a WiFi Signal to Multiple Devices such as: gaming consoles, Windows, Android, Apple, iPhone and Smart TVs, internet radios and more. There are also two available Ethernet jacks on the CC Vector for hard wiring additional computers or routers. It uses the most popular long distance 2.4 GHz WiFi band. It also supports 5 GHz for shorter ranges. The setup is simple and easy for basic computer users plus you have U.S. based support by C. Crane.
  • The CC Vector Long Range is typically capable of supporting two users watching SD quality Netflix or several users browsing the internet simultaneously. As distance is increased, speed is reduced.
  • Includes the CC DX Mile Long Range WiFi Receiver, CC Vector WiFi Repeater, AC Power Adapter, 30′ USB Split Cable, Stainless Steel hardware for mounting, Sealant and Silicone Grease. Mast not included.
  • Note: There is normally enough speed and bandwidth for several users except for high bandwidth demands. All WiFi repeaters and extenders reduce speed because they move the data twice.



“Perfect fit for a shop or office away from my main residence. I must admit I had reservations about this setup initially, but I have had good luck with many products from CCRANE in the past. This WiFi repeater WORKS, period! Perfect solution for getting a great WiFi signal to an out building or office. Highly recommend this system.” F Haddock, Damascus, GA Includes a WPS button for quickly connecting a new WiFi device. Using the CC Vectors’ WiFi signal reduces Internet speed because it processes twice as much data. The CC Vector supports two users watching standard quality video like Netflix or several users

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 8 cm
Product Dimensions

15 x 10 x 8 inches

Item Weight

6 pounds





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Date First Available

October 19 2017

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9 reviews for CC Vector Extended Long Range WiFi Receiver System – Works with All Devices – Receives Distant WiFi and Repeats to All WiFi

  1. Andrea L Conaway

    Works perfectly!First off, I live on 70 acres and I wanted to pull wifi from my house to a camp spot that is about 1/2 mile apart, up hill, and through large trees that I refuse to cut down or top. With this device alone, I could get the signal, but it was weak. So I purchased “RouterBOARD SXT G-2HnD CPE 802.11g/n 1600mW 10dBi” as well, to amplify the signal. With the 2 devices I can get 20+Mb download and 10+Mb upload.

  2. Steve Robbins

    This thing really worksI built an outbuilding about 4-500 feet from my house. I have cable modem internet service, getting 25-30 Mbps signal in the house. i installed this unit, pointed it roughly at the house, plugged in the power, plugged in the the small router. I went through the setup and I have WIFI. 22-25 Mbps. This is a receiver, not a broadcaster so put it at the location you need the signal to be and point it toward your signal source, your house. There is a 20′ cable that connects to the antenna that you put inside the building and it has a short antenna. This unit connects to your house WIFI and you log in to the small router connected to the antenna and it gives you an internet signal at your remote location. I am delighting at the signal strength.

  3. 2oldman

    Works great!I’ve tried many antennas with marginal success, but this one really works. I’m only 150 feet from a campground wifi antenna, but using the computer’s internal antenna it was taking almost a minute for pages to load. I hooked up the Ccrane and voila.. very good speed. I wasn’t hopeful it would work fearing that it was the backhaul that was poor, not simply the signal. But we’re good. $300 well spent.For some reason it won’t accept the password on my phone while I’m connected to my computer. I’ll see what’s up with that and come back here.Good job Ccrane!

  4. Wanderlust

    Works excellent in our metal shopBought to get wifi in our metal shop that is 220 ft from our house. It works excellent! Signal ia actually just as good as inside the house!

  5. Matt Mich

    Works amazingly wellI have bought hundreds of products through Amazon over the years and have never taken the time to write a review. This wi-fi device is absolutely unbelievable. I mounted it over 500 feet away from my Wi-Fi router that doesn’t even make it out of my house. It not only picked up the signal from my house Wi-Fi but seems to be even faster than the Wi-Fi in my house. I would highly recommend this product.

  6. cyberdude

    Works well and very good technical support.This repeater system was shipped promptly. The assembly and mounting instructions were clear. I had to contact support when I could not get a signal thru the new long range antenna. The support person walked me thru the setup and determined relatively quickly that the antenna receiver was not working. They Fedexed me a replacement very very quickly and it worked perfectly and I did not need further assistance from support to setup the repeater. My outbuilding was about 150 yards from my home router and I tried various locations for mounting the system by using a tall step ladder prior to mounting permanently (some line of sight and some closer with tree and small building obstructions). It seemed that closer was better than unobstructed line of sight in my case. I was not quite able to get a 50% signal strength but was in the mid 40’s. I was able to connect to the Crane router and was able to get a strong stable connection to the internet. My home download rate was over 80 mbps and I was able to over 20mbps in my outbuilding. This system works and allows me to stream and access the internet remotely. Recommended

  7. Ben C

    Incredible range! I recommend using high quality wifi router connected to their LAN port.**update – no more drop issues – in my review below I was having internet drop-outs, but I found out it was an issue with my source wifi connection. The CC Vector device is amazing and I’m super happy with it. The best way to sum it up, is that it’s not a super “smart” device – so you’ll need to connect to a strong source wifi signal – if you get ANY kind of drop out issues with the source wifi, you’ll have issues. But if you have a WIFI source that is strong and consistent, this will allow you to connect to it from very far distances. I’m very happy with it!**original review below**We needed to get a wifi signal across a property to another building about 600 feet away, a property with scattered trees between the 2 locations. Nothing seemed to work, and I was hesitant to spend $300 for a solution, and I didn’t want to pay for another internet line to the other building. I tried a few cheaper $100-$150 solutions, but they simply didn’t work. The CCrane kit worked right away. It did take about an hour or so to assemble and setup, and it was by far the easiest long-range wifi solution in terms of the technical setup – it’s no different than setting up a basic wifi range extender/repeater.We connected the CCrane repeater to a 200Mb/s wifi connect connection, and with a 60% signal we were getting only about 10Mb/s download rate – it was slow, but usable. We generally range from 45-75% signal performance with where we setup the receiver antenna. I would HIGHLY recommend putting it as high as you can – we got about double performance when we put the antenna 15 feet high vs. 6 feet high (6 feet high gave us 10MB/s performance, 15 feet up we got about 18MB/s performance)After a few months of on and off performance, I started to get tired of the slow and unreliable WIFI signal. It worked…good enough for browsing, but not good enough for taking business calls, Zoom meetings, etc. Wifi calling would constantly be unclear. We also ran into dead internet issues: a few times a week the wifi signal seemed fine, but would not allow for any internet activity and I’d have to turn off and turn on the wifi rebroadcaster to make it work again.I almost gave up, but I decided to try to use the ethernet ports on the back of the unit. There is one wifi antenna and 2 ethernet ports on the CCrane unit. I simply stopped using the CCrane wifi, and I plugged an Asus AC1200 wifi router into the back of the CCrane unit. BOOM – we went from 10Mb/s performance up to 60Mb/s performance. NOW everything feels right. This number would be accurate – CCrane does say you get about 1/2 the performance of the base internet because it’s a repeater and that’s what they do.Unfortunately I still get random internet drops – the CC Vector repeater will say it’s connected to the internet, signals are strong, but the internet will not work. This happens about once a day and we have to reboot for it to work again. I’m currently working with their support to see if this can be resolved. (review update – this was because of an issue with the source wifi signal – I ended up connecting a Wavlink Ariel HD2 bridge to the source WIFI router, and now we’re getting very strong and consistent speeds without any dropouts).So all-in-all – I’m happy with it. The included CCrane wifi could use some technology improvements and updates, but I think they make these things for random couples who RV around the country and don’t need blazing internet.Once you bypass the CCrane wifi and use the ethernet in the back with your own high performance WIFI router, you’ll notice much improved performance.I hope they update the built in WIFI – it would have been nice to just use one router with a $300 setup!

  8. Eric

    Not what it appearsThe device that converts the signal from antenna to router has an output of 4mbps. Cat 6 from this to Nighthawk x10 generates 30 Mbps approx.Not enough power to do much more than internet access for a couple of iPads.

  9. Nestor Mauricio Reyes Vasquez

    Es un gran ProductoEs un Gran Producto la verdad ofrece lo que promete..Ahora esta mas diseñado para ambientes rurales con buena Linea de Vista, Si tienes buena Linea de Vista sin Obstrucciones por Edificios, Casas Etc de seguro te funcionara, pero si por el contrario hay muchos edificaciones en la linea de Vista, para ello tendria que ubicarse en una posicion muy alta para evitar las obstrucciones sin embargo tener en cuenta que la altura añade mas distancia al punto de separacion del que se intenta agarrar señal ademas de aumentar dificultad en la instalacion…Por todo lo demas sin duda recomiendo este producto ampliamente

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