BlackVue DR750X-2CH with 32GB microSD Card | Full HD Cloud Dashcam | Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, Parking Mode Voltage Monitor | LTE via

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Product details

Brand Blackvue
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Mounting Type Adhesive Mount
Color Black
Control Method App
Auto Part Position Front

  • Front cam: 2.1 megapixels STARVIS sensor / Full HD (1920×1080 @60FPS) / View angle: 139 degrees. Rear cam: 2.1 megapixels STARVIS sensor / Full HD (1920×1080 @30FPS) / View angle: 139 degrees.
  • DR750X Series can be hardwired to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Mode, without requiring optional accessories. The dashcam will switch to Parking Mode automatically when vehicle ignition is turned off. Voltage cutoff and timer can be set in the BlackVue App.
  • Enjoy remote Live View and Push Notifications to your phone. Back up important videos to the Cloud remotely. Play and download videos from your dashcam’s memory or the Cloud from anywhere.
  • The front camera records extra fluid videos at 60 frames per second, keeping all details sharp even in fast action. With 60fps, motion blur is much reduced compared to 30fps.
  • The optional CM100LTE connects to your compatible BlackVue X Series dashcam to provide easy 4G LTE connectivity. All you need is a valid Nano SIM card. The CM100LTE connects via the USB port of your dashcam.


Additional information

Weight 1.83 kg
Dimensions 7.8 × 4.84 × 3.98 cm
Item Weight

1.83 pounds

Package Dimensions

7.8 x 4.84 x 3.98 inches

Item model number


Media Playback Supported





43000000 Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications

Date First Available

July 17 2020



10 reviews for BlackVue DR750X-2CH with 32GB microSD Card | Full HD Cloud Dashcam | Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, Parking Mode Voltage Monitor | LTE via

  1. burner

    Great Camera but….I decided to wait to review the camera, because immediately after installing it, I was NOT going to be able to give a fair review. So, let me start with the camera itself. Great camera, and a reasonable value. The picture is excellent, and the camera is fairly simple to operate. I would buy this again, because I now know what steps and extras I need to purchase in order to be able to install it.I received the camera, read the guide that came with it, and went to the garage to begin installation. After mounting the cameras and running the wiring, I was now ready to actually wire the camera up to power. I did a quick test with the supplied cigarette lighter power cord and all was good. I began unpacking the hard wiring kit when I realized that they hadn’t included the fuse taps needed to do the wiring. That’s ok, I’ll run to the auto parts store and get a couple. We’ll, that was a good idea back when there weren’t shortages of everything, but this day was no good. I searched and called auto parts stores up to a 30 mile radius for the fuse taps, no luck. Ok. That wasn’t Black Vue’s fault, but if they had mentioned somewhere that these items weren’t included, I would’ve ordered them when I ordered the camera. As it is, I order them on Amazon, and wait another day. Next day, around noon, my fuse taps come in. Great, the work has been done, now all I have to do is splice them in, find a place to plug them and I’m done. Here’s where the next two days take a serious turn downward. I install the “Battery” wire to the cigarette lighter fuse, and go to test it out. Turn the ignition to ACC, the camera won’t power up. Unplug the hard wire plug, put in the power supply cord, camera boots up. Ok, I’ve got a bad connection, check it out. Using my voltmeter, I realize I’m getting power through the inline fuse on the supplied wiring, why won’t the camera boot up?After working with this for a while, I decide to call customer service. I look for, and after much searching, there is a phone number for customer provided, but on the app, it isn’t displayed correctly and is laid across the top of other information. I got the first six numbers fairly easily, but the last four are almost impossible to read. I finally figure it out, (I think), and I call. If you feel nostalgic and want to hear the busy signal from your childhood, a tone that you probably haven’t heard for a decade or more, call that customer service number. All you ever get is a busy signal. So customer service is non-existent.Finally giving up on day 2 of installation, I have a beer and spend the evening pondering the situation. Next day, back to it. In order to check for broken wiring in the supplied wiring harness, I remove it from the vehicle and begin. The wires are good, I reinstall the wiring to the power, still nothing. I call the customer service number, busy signal. I finally realized that I was just going in a trouble shooting circle, back off and think this through. Wiring is good, but the camera won’t power up. Cigarette lighter power cord works fine, hard wiring won’t. Then I had a thought. Do I have to have both the “BATT” and “ACC” wires terminated? Doesn’t really make sense, but I give it a shot. BINGO! If there had been a mention somewhere, ANYwhere about this, I would’ve saved hours on my installation and I would’ve given a positive review. Or if the customer service phone line was manned and I didn’t get a busy signal, same thing. Or if the phone number were displayed properly so that I was sure of getting the correct number, same thing.Again, very happy with the camera. If you took the time to read this rather lengthy review, your installation should go very well and maybe you can give a positive review. Just hope that you don’t need customer service!

  2. A.E.

    Great camera, replacing an old modelI bought this to replace the BlackVue 650s. One site said it was the same cable, but it is not. Another site said. It was. Here is the fact. The rear view camera cable is the same cable, the power looks the same, but the X automatically can switch from normal to parking if installed on a constant power and an accessory power. Also the software and compute function is much improved. Everything works flawlessly and doesn’t sometimes work like the older model.

  3. Steve

    A must haveAll my cars have one. Their word against your video proof.

  4. Douglas

    Nice Camera, Horrable UXThe installation went pretty smooth. The cables where long enough to run to be tucked into the trim without and still reach everywhere they need to go. There is no annoying inductor filter at the end that can make feeding cables through areas difficult and the ends on the main camera have a nice 90 degree angle on them to help minimize cable protrusion. The Front camera is fairly slim it’s design and sits nicely under the rear view miror with no issues. The image quality also is pretty good even in night time scenariosNow the issues.The cameras are asymmetrical in design. This means if you want the image to be perfectly centered on you view out, like mounting under a rear view mirror, you have to shift the camera over or just accept a slightly shifted image. As I wanted the camera to not be obvious this means I get to live with a ever so slightly off centered view. Meh for me as the capture angle is very good but could be an irritant for some.The rear camera light is always on when operating. I hope there is a setting to turn that off but I haven’t found that yet (more on why in a bit). This light is a nice white led which can is very obvious in my rear view mirror since I wanted that camera as close to centered as well. Why the rear camera has a light on it’s back is beyond me but I’m sure someone likes that. For me it’s annoying.The phone UI looks like it was designed by a computer science intern with no supervision. Seriously UIs are suppose to be intuitive, this one appears to be intuitive but no, it’s just minimalist. Want to view a video? Press the wifi button (we’ll get to that as well in a bit). Want to setup the camera? what do we press? I’m not asking for a written help on this. Good UI does it’s job with minimal language (or maybe with a easy way to select your native language). This is just problematic.Now this would be all that bad if you didn’t have to fight with the fact that the connection to this camera is through WiFi. WTF? Ok I get it, WiFi has some good transfer speeds, but try using this with a modern phone that will revert you to a known WiFi network if the current one you have doesn’t have internet connectivity. It took me about 10 minutes to realize it was doing this as every time I would switch the network my phone would switch back to my home network about 30 seconds later. Ok operator error right? Well the thing the connection does make about half the time so your left with resetting the connection multiple times just trying to get the phone connected to the camera.Now lets talk about playback. The idea of playback on the phone is pretty neat. And with that WiFi connection the transfer rate should be pretty quick. Guess what, it’s not. Good luck trying to stream this off and downloading takes forever. Try to switch between front and rear camera if you get the playback working? Might as well just reload the app. Now this could be understandable if it was using a lower capacity transfer method like Bluetooth, but since they are so insistent on using WiFi it has the capability of streaming this with no problem (802.11 b/g/n). And since my phone has no problem streaming HD video from other sources the problem here is the camera or the app.In general while the hardware itself is nice, the software part of this package creates such a horrible user experience that I would serious look for other options.

  5. S. Yarosh

    Good feature sets poor image quality.So first thing is the features of this camera are great, with the auto uploads, impact and movement detection, parking mode,multi camera and mounting.The image quality is pretty bad. And the app should be better.For the cost I don’t think it’s worth it, and you may be better off with a less expensive option.

  6. David

    Nice CameraQuite happy with it, little kludgy to get android phone connected, but it does connect and I can manage the camera, I suspect because I have AAWireless, and other BT devices it can get confused.

  7. Jeff

    Coming from a few cheap dash cams to this one … WOW. I wasted my life on the cheap crapI had a couple dash cams that worked for a bit and turned out to be garbage… why where they garbage? they either got to hot or just didnt record. I have one that I was using that I had to set the time every time it turned on or it wouldnt record.You can tell that most of the dash cams are “commodity” based technology, meaning they are just copies of other dash cams with a different name or label. Also, if a dash cam vendor doesnt have a website to provide firmware, move along… DO NOT BUY ITLike I said, I had a few dash cams and I was just getting pissed off everytime I would look at my dash cam not recording … so I did my research and wanted something reliable. I didnt want my family to get into an accident and not have a commodity based dash cam not working.I found this one … you can tell this product was designed by people that used and installed a dash cam. The connections are grouped on the side and not the top or in some place that makes it difficult to remove or connect.The cables are good quality and not some super cheap old technology mini-usb trash connectors that break off.The app and the firmware just show you this is a good product.You can buy a cheap dash cam… but you have to ask yourself… will that bite you when you are in an accident and you find out it didnt record or was such garbage, it wasnt even working and you didnt know it? now imagine if that footage showed it wasnt your fault … it is worth the extra coin … believe me…

  8. joshua

    Its worth every pennyThe media could not be loaded.

     Well let me say this is a good product . I recommend it for all and every person . I use it in my 2020 2ss camaro qnd I’m 22 years old . My reason for buying this was because I was hit by a tesla driver who I’d have bad names to call them . He pulled out of a parking lot right in front of Me didn’t look both ways just pulled right out we crashed and he blamed me .. I was going 35mph he said I was speeding, his church member witness it all happen but they all blamed me and lied to the insurance with statement saying I was speeding . Well the tesla video didn’t lie it proved my innocents and his insurance called me saying they will pay for all damages and my rental . I bought this for my insurance . Also police did show up but didn’t give me a police report no matter how much I asked for one also they didn’t give him a ticket even when the cop said the tesla was at fault 100% . This is a video of another close call Today

  9. James Ison

    Flawed dashcamAfter 2 tries this “premium” dashcam has proven to be the largest disappointment of all my Amazon purchases to date. I am a technically versed engineer and felt I tried everything to get this product working in 2 different vehicles over the past 5 months to no avail. I believe this is an isolated incident because I was referred to purchase this dashcam from someone who has purchased 2 of them that have worked great. I was looking for a dashcam that would last more than 1 year after going through 2 of the “made in China” dashcams that fail within that timeframe.The first dashcam with a 32GB SD card had firmware issues. After doing a hardware installation in the first car following every instruction to the letter I had nothing but issues. I changed the settings to turn down and off the sensitivity of the accelerometer and the picture resolution to no avail. I tried changing many of the firmware settings on the camera and using the laptop and nothing would change. While driving, changing lanes or hitting an overpass transition on the freeway caused the dashcam to register everything as an event which quickly filled the 32GB card with bogus events in about 10 minutes of driving so there was no room for normal driving recording. I purchased a 256GB top of the line Samsung SD card to try and get more capacity. Technically the dashcam says it only supports a Blackvue SD card but since the friend that referred me to the Blackvue has Samsung in both of his cameras and the Blackvue SD card is 5x the price of the Samsung I gave it a try. The dashcam bricked the 256GB SD card. When inserting in the dashcam the SD card was put into read only mode permanently making it usable. Yes, I tried everything including DOS low level commands on my laptop to turn off the read only and nothing worked. Amazon took that SD card back and I bought a second Samsung. I first plugged the 2nd SD card it into my laptop and saved some files to it, then erased it to make sure everything was good with the card before plugging into the dashcam. After everything worked well I put it into the dash cam and the camera bricked that SD card as well.I sent the 2nd SD card back to Amazon and sent the dashcam and the 32GB Blackvue SD card back to the seller under warranty for replacement since it had to have a firmware issue. They sent me another dashcam (new serial number) but did not send back my 32GB Blackvue SD card. I had a 200GB Sandisk and purchased another 256GB Samsung SD card for the new unit. The new dashcam would not format either SD card. There is no way I am going to throw good money after bad by buying an overpriced $189 256GB Blackvue SD card after already wasting over $350 on this Blackview dashcam.Terrible experience and the warranty has now expired so you are taking your chances if you purchase this supposed premium dashcam.

  10. rvtraveler100

    Great DashCamI’ve owned several dashcams and this one is the best. Awesome, quality video

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