Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancelling,

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Brand Beats
Model Name Beats Studio3 – Midnight Black (Previous Model)
Color Midnight Black
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth

  • High-performance wireless noise cancelling headphones in midnight black
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Pure adaptive noise canceling (pure ANC) actively blocks external noise
  • Real-time Audio calibration preserves a Premium listening experience
  • Up to 22 hours of battery life enables full-featured all-day wireless playback
  • Apple’s W1 chip and industry-leading Bluetooth technology keep you connected farther with fewer drop-outs
  • With fast Fuel, a 10-minute charge gives 3 hours of play when battery is low. Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Take calls, control your music, and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls and microphone
  • What’s in the box: Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones, Carrying case, 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable, Universal USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card
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Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 6.3 × 4.72 × 8.94 cm
Product Dimensions

6.3 x 4.72 x 8.94 inches

Item Weight

2.2 pounds





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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Date First Available

January 13 2019


Apple Computer Direct

10 reviews for Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancelling,

  1. Sabrina Richard

    Better than AirPods😎If you are thinking about buying these just do it you won’t regret it. It will be the best decision I’ve ever made I promise! The noise cancellation is crazy, I walk around with these headphones while listening to what I’m listening to and I literally can’t hear a single thing! I absolutely love that I am in my own world with these headphones on the audio quality is immaculate. I just love everything about them especially going to the gym with them!

  2. Wing Wong

    Great set of headphones. Comfortable and music sounds great through them.This is the third “Beats Headset” in our household. The other two are still in use, just by other members of the family. (each prior generation gets passed down/etc).But I had been using a pair of generic padded headphones while my wife was using the Beats Solo2 and recently upgraded to the Beats Solo3. I found them to be comfortable, but wanted larger ear cups since I didn’t like pressure on my ears too much. So when Prime Day rolled around, I picked up a pair of these on sale. Nice.So, my impressions:Package: top notch. Typical Apple minimalism, fit and finish. The only thing I would nit pick is that the headphones were collapsed inside of the egg shaped hardshell, so one of the ear pads had dented a bit due to being constantly pressed against the inside of the arch. Not a problem, but just a nit pick.Comfort: the ear pads were not large enough to completely encompass my ears. However, they are more comfortable, for me, vs the Solo3. So definitely a plus if your head/ears are a bit bigger. This will help.Setup: Turn it on by holding down the power button… place near an Apple device, and it shows up. Accept the pairing and you’re good to go. It was painless and worked just like with the AirPods.Sound quality: After having spent a good deal of time exposed to high frequency sounds(data centers) I think that I’m not a good judge of “awesome sound reproduction”. The padded cups and the tweaking that Apple/Beats did definitely causes the output of the headphones to favor the lower end of the audio spectrum. So things of a strong deep thump nature will definitely be felt. The higher frequency sounds sounded alright for several of the pieces I played. The mids feels a bit muddied, but that could be due to either the heavy bass-leaning configuration or the dampening effect of the headset and the ANR.Ambient Noise Reduction: so I didn’t know this, but each time you turn these on, the noise reduction is turned on by default. I had the headsets on for a while with no music playing, and wondered how to turn it on, when I read that it starts by default. You can disable it after powering it up with a double push of the power button or from the bluetooth device info screen on your IOS device. When this happens, there is a beep/tone to indicate a state change, a momentary dip in audio output from the internal change, and then all of a sudden, I heard a humming sound. I thought they were defective and then realized that it was the sound of the HVAC in the room. …. I had never even noticed it. I spent a few minutes walking around the room and seeing how it worked, turning it on and off again. Basically, it seems like it measures and figures out the frequencies of the surroundings and then counters those frequencies. There IS a noticeable drop. Box fan in one room… can definitely hear it. Turn on ANC and then it dips down to a very very quiet repeating whoosh whoosh. The music when played like this feels more like music being listened to in a quieter room. It’s definitely not just white noise.Heat: I can see how the design might result in sweaty ears. 🙂 And I don’t see myself running/jogging with these. But then again, they aren’t Beats Jugging Headphones. They are studio headphones. So I’ll leave the running music activities to my Air Pods… and let’s face it, if I’m out on the sidewalk/etc, I WANT to be aware of my surroundings.All in all, I really like them. I went with matte black mainly because it was nice and plain.Update: after a week of use, really liking this headset. I can get about three nights if sleep use out of it before needing to recharge. I think that for people who are sensitive to noise when they sleep, the ANC is great for giving you that “quiet room” experience. If you want to play a little very quiet music or white noise over the ANC, that works too. Really cool.Love not having to deal with a cord when I’m listening to music and working at my computer.Haven’t used the headset mode more than a few times, but seems okay.

  3. swat4hire

    Theres no better headphones on the market!To tell you the truth I miss the wired beats headset I had purchased about 4 years 5 years ago?I’ve had 3 pairs of beats headsets now the 1st one was terrific and even the 2nd 1 the studio to wired headset was pretty outstanding! This 3rd pair however is a bit differentI love beets music headsets! They are terrific they fit really well and are a great value for the money and how long they last and the sound quality but this particular set … Maybe it’s just my Headset but there’s something off about the sound.Their noise canceling is good the base is terrific but it’s kind of missing the mid… Maybe a little more Treble?Something odd too that I wouldn’t have expected is that the battery now has to be charged twice A-day instead of once and they can understand that because it’s not plugged into the phone like my other headset was so as not draining off the battery but keeping the Bluetooth connection on seems to drain the battery faster and I don’t understand that at all as it’s just not something you’d expect to be a drain on the battery.Beats is always put out a very high quality product but since Apple purchased it… It seems it’s made a little cheaper and quality than the last 2 pairs I have hadThe headband feels a little more flexible and that troubles me because I don’t want to see these things break. The only time any of the ones I had broke was the 1st pair that’s because I was pulling it out of my kid’s hand he was 19 or 20 at the time.I’m hoping it’s a better made product increasing in its quality versus Apple cutting corners and causing problems where there were noneI find it very sad that doctor Dre gave up this company for the money I can’t imagine any other reason someone would sell such a quality company with a great brand and outstanding products when the company it was sold to cares very little about the quality of Music itself. Sure they sell music online but they’re not musicians! I used to be. The quality of the sound really matters to me which is why I bought these in the 1st place. Beats music also had the number one online music source in my opinion but as soon as doctor Dre left it it went downhill and then sold outSo I can say that these are really great headphones and I still haven’t heard any others that are as good as these but in fact have tried many others trying them in this store and the sound didn’t come close to the quality of beats music. Honestly not even close. If I needed a pair of headphones and didn’t have the money for these I would save as long as I had to to buy a pair of these instead of just settling on something else because I would not enjoy the experience as much as I do with this headset. Should I say this brand?All in all it is an expensive purchase. Seeing that it’s expensive you have to decide for yourself whether hearing music as it was meant to be heard as important to you. It is to me. It’s an investment in your entertainment and it’s so worth while one.I cannot recommend this headset any higher but to say if you can find the beats music studio to version in new condition which would be very rare indeed. The ones that are wired meaning it would connect from the headset to your phone I would suggest that pair over these.These are a great 2nd to that 1.

  4. David G.

    Worth itbest headphones out there. If you want a real sound experience, this is worth the price!

  5. Dawn

    Birthday giftMy son has been asking for these beats for years. Finally decided his 18th bday was the right time. He has them on constantly says sound it’s unbelievable

  6. carolyn

    Better then beats soloBeats STUDIO covers the ear Beats SOLO sits on top of the ear both are excellent sound but I prefer Studio because they cover my ear instead of pressing down on my ear after a while with my beats SOLO pressing down it hurts my ear so I’m a Beats studio fan NOW

  7. Sean

    Great for plane and train trips.These are very good headphones. I find their noise cancellation very effective. And the sound quality is robust. I got them to help ease long plane flights, and was quite happy with the decision. Really good to have on if you should find yourself at Manchester Oxford Road Station at rush hour.Note that for air travel, you’ll want to bring their plug-in audio cable with you, if you’re going to listen to the in-flight entertainment system.The cons: they do start feeling a little tight on my head after a while (I have a large hat size), and this makes it a little harder to just turn the music on and fall asleep. And if you’re wearing glasses with them on, I would advice having ones with plastic frames (metal ones cut into the cover of the earpieces a bit.Still, the quality/value matrix is quite good for these.

  8. Tasia

    It came before delivery timeThere is nothing to dislike, the item came like you just bought it out the beats store. I tested it & you could 100% trust this buyer.

  9. Kaci Simon

    Perfect for the gym!These headphones are amazing! They are perfect for the gym, they do not slide all over, or fall off while I am working out!

  10. Tina Johnson


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