AWOL VISION LTV-3500 80”-150″ 4K 3D Laser TV, 3500 ANSI Lumen Ultra Short Throw Triple Laser Projector Without Color Wheel,

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Model Name LTV-3500
Hardware Interface Ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5, 802.11 ac/b/g/n
Mounting Type Table Mount
Wattage 320 watts

  • The Brightest Ultra short throw 4K 3D Triple-Laser Projector: AWOL VISION LTV-3500 powered with a cutting edge Triple Color Laser Technology, True 3500 ANSI Lumens, 4K UHD Resolution, HDR10+, 3D available, brings you a stunning 150″, 4K TV experience from anywhere in your house. Coupled with exceptional audio immersion technology with Dolby Atmos, LTV-3500 is the brightest, most premium triple-laser 4K ultra-throw projector on the market
  • See Every Details Even in Bright Light: If you want to replace your current 50“ TV with a large 100-150” screen in your living room, with high enough brightness even during the day, LTV-3500 is the best choice for you. Paired with our ALR Day light projector screen, LTV-3500 delivers bright and sharp details even under high ambient light, no need for Blackout Curtains
  • Picture Comes Alive with 1+ Billion Colors: The AWOL VISION UST 4K projector covers 107% of the top BT 2020 Color Gamut. It reaches 147% of DCI-P3 used for digital movie theater projection, giving you superior contrast and color accuracy. Watch a movie on any wall and experience brighter colors, dazzling whites and intense blacks
  • 3 Pure Lasers without Color Wheel: Unlike UST projectors with color wheel, our advanced optical system uses pure RGB triple lasers to deliver the colors directly. It greatly improves the color vibrance, reduces the noise and rainbow effects
  • Cinematic 3D Display: With a pair of active shutter 3D glasses,LTV-3500 steps you into a whole new world, you can pop in a 3D Blu-ray for immersive 3D films at home
  • Superior Sharpness on 150” Screen: Equipped with customized top of line F2.0 glass lens from Japan premier brand, it makes the sharpness even on the edge of the 150” screen
  • A Crystal-Clear Resolution: Featuring 4K UHD and HDR10+ image processing, the AWOL VISION casts images with the clarity and precision of 8.3 million distinct pixels
  • Ready to Stream: Patented TV Stick pocket includes a HDMI port and USB port with power, allowing you to hide the TV stick inside the projector. We also provided a Fire TV 4K Max stick for you. You can stream your favorite platforms with AWOL VISION.
  • Crowdfunded: Over $1M on Indiegogo in 30 days
  • America Based Service: Based in Delary Beach FLorida, AWOL VISION opens up the 1st UST Projector Specialty Store in US for live experience. In addition, we provide 2 year warranty and US based 24/7 customer service and local maintenance. Phone and Livechat assistant are available

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Product Description

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Why Triple Laser Technology?

– Triple Laser(Pure laser/Tri-Chorma laser) Technology directly projects a native Red, Green and Blue laser source, which can cover 107% of Rec. BT.2020 color space and 1 Billion colors, achieve the best color uniformity.

– Most UST laser projectors on the market are using single chip blue laser based DLP plus color wheel projectors generate the red, green and blue coloured parts of a picture, the color space and uniformity are far less than pure triple-color laser.

– Triple Laser Technology Color Space VS other technology:

2.27 times Normal TV

1.8 times Single Chip Blue laser

1.53 times Digital Cinema


AWOL VISION LTV-2500 and LTV-3500 are powered by superior Pure Triple Laser without Color Wheel Technology which improves the color vibrance, reduce the noise and rainbow effects comparing with the Laser with Color Wheel technolgy. With HDR10+ and 4K UHD, achieve new levels of color performance. You’ll enjoy a vibrant, vivid image and sharpness without loss of any detail.

3 pure color

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3 Pure Lasers without Color Wheel

Unlike UST projectors with color wheel, our advanced optical system uses pure RGB triple lasers to deliver the colors directly. It greatly improves the color vibrance, reduces the noise and rainbow effects.

Accessibility Reimagined

With a maximum projection size of 150 inches and an Ultra Short Throw distance, AWOL VISION Projector helps you get rid of messy wires or obstructed views. Placed just 9.8 inches away from the wall, it can create a gigantic 100-inch projection (6″ for 80″ screen, 9.8″ for 100″ screen, 13.6″ for 120″ screen, 20″ for 150″ screen)

Cinematic 3D Display

With a pair of active shutter 3D glasses, LTV-3500 steps you into a whole new world, you can pop in a 3D Blu-ray for immersive 3D films at home.

Adjustable Focus & 8-Point Keystone Correction

AWOL VISION equipped with electric motor lens and up to 8-Point keystone correction technology which lets you make micro-adjustments to the picture size and image quality. Tweak it to perfection without breaking a sweat!

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Low-time Lag in Game

Switch to the Game Mode and experience AWOL VISION’s lowest-ever time lag of 30ms with 4K and 17ms with 1080P resolution, ensuring that all your gaming action is real-time. Safe for your eyes, incredible for all senses. Play all day without worry.

Ready to Stream(4K Max Fire TV Stick offered)

Our Patented TV Stick pocket includes a HDMI and a power-supply USB port, allowing you to hide the TV stick insider the projector without extra AC adapter. We also provide an amazon 4K Max Fire TV Stick for you. You can access to your best Apps when powering on the projector everytime.

Full Color Management System (CMS)

This unique feature provides you with the flexibility to fine-tune the color settings for optimal precision, display accurate lifelike colors to best match your viewing environment.


Featuring MEMC Technology, AWOL VISON laser projectors deliver smooth content and transitions. Fast-moving images are clear which is ideal for watching action movies and sports. See your favorite team win in stunning 4K.

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7 More Features:

1. Built-in Wireless Screen Mirroring; 2. Wide Color Gamut(WCG); 3. Ceiling/Rear Projection; 4.Intelligent Eye Protection; 5.Automatic Brightness Adjustment; 6. Bluetooth Speaker Mode; 7. HDMI Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

6 TOP Question & Answers:

1. How to choose LTV-2500 or LTV-3500?

LTV-2500 has exactly the same performance as the LTV-3500 except for brightness! With True 2000 ANSI Lumens, If you want a UST projector with top performance in color, image and details that used in a controlled light environment, such as bedroom, home cinema, or living room with curtain blackout, then the LTV-2500 is an excellent performance choice! If you want to have a premium image quality even replace your current 50“/65″ TV with a large 100-120 inch screen in your living room, with 3500 ANSI Lumen ultra high brightness even during the day, LTV-3500 is the best choice for you. Paired with our ALR day light screen, LTV-3500 delivers bright and sharp details even under high ambient light, no need for blackout curtains.

2. Do I need to prepare an ALR screen for projection?

You can project onto a flat wall. However,we strongly suggest you to use an ultra short throw ambient light rejection screen to maximize your experience with AWOL TriChroma laser projector. Currently, AWOL provides 100 inch and 120 inch ALR screens perfectly paired with AWOL Triple laser projectors.

3. How can I watch streaming contents from Netflix, Prime Videos, Disney +, ect?

An AMAZON 4K MAX FIRE TV STICK is provided. you may hide it into our Patented pocket. Once you sign in in your Amazon account, you will enjoy the 4K HDR contents from your favorite Apps like Netflix, Disney + Prime Video etc . With our built-in CEC Feature, you can also use our remote to control the Fire TV Stick directly. Once it is all set, everytime you turn on the projector, you will go to the homepage of Fire TV direclty with which you feel you are using the Fire TV Operating System.

4. What’s the distance required to have 100’’ or 120’’ projection size?

The throw ratio of 2500/3500 is 0.25:1. It requires 9.8’’ or 13.6’’ distance to project 100’’ or 120’’ screen respectively. For more details, please refer to the SPECIFICATIONS file on amazon product page or our website.

5. Is AWOL VISION 3D capable?

Yes! The software for 3D viewing now is available! You can update the device to the newest version to enjoy your favourite 3D movies.

6.Do you have a Customer Support team?

Yes. Customer Support is available 24/7 by email, chat, and phone. Customer Support is based in FL,You can use FB or live chat on our website or by phone to us.

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Additional information

Weight 23.8 kg
Dimensions 23.6 × 13.9 × 5.7 cm
Brand Name


Item Weight

23.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

23.6 x 13.9 x 5.7 inches

Item model number



2 AAA batteries required. included

Special Features

3D Dolby Atmos HDMI eARC Triple Laser without Color Wheel 80-150 f2.0 glass lens





Date First Available

August 26 2022



5 reviews for AWOL VISION LTV-3500 80”-150″ 4K 3D Laser TV, 3500 ANSI Lumen Ultra Short Throw Triple Laser Projector Without Color Wheel,

  1. Tyler L.

    Great all around ultra short throw projectorThe media could not be loaded.

     I have had this project for 2 weeks now. My wife and I have been searching for a projector to buy for some time now, we didn’t want our son to spend too much on mobile devices and computer screens which can hurt his eyesight. So we thought about investing in a projector.A lot of research went into this, we were orginally going to buy the regular projector since the price is a lot more attractive. However, after seeing this product in action in the local showroom, we were immediately sold. When I saw it became available on Amazon, we jumped on it, buy once cry once! We are really really impressed with it so far.The projector came in nice packaging, very well protected. The set up was easy, the first few days we did not have a screen, so we were projecting onto the wall. The video quality is surprisingly good without any professional screen setup. The biggest benefit I think it’s the ultra short throw technology, the laser projector does not have to be mounted on the ceiling across the room anymore. This improves the overall asthestics of the setup, the projector itself is built with high quality and would look good on the TV console. The projector supports a lot of different inputs, we connected the fireTV stick that came with the projector and streaming is easy. May I mention the audio quality coming out of this thing is amazing! The audio quality coming out of this projector is better than some soundbars in my opinion.We then purchased the automatic projector screen, boy what a difference it makes. I have attached sample videos of it, Top Gun never looked so good! Trust me, the video taken on my iPhone does not do justice for this setup. It looks a lot better in real life. The 100″ screen is amazing! I have not had a chance to have someone come professionally install the screen yet. So I was just trying it out at different rooms, it turns out with this setup, the projector really becomes mobile, you can have it in different rooms and the screen just rises with the touch of a button. We used it during a playdate the other day, and the kids enjoyed watching movie on it.All in all this is a great projector, it’s very nice looking and easy to setup. The color and brightness is superb compared to traditional projectors. And this is a laser projector, so we don’t have to worry about changing out burnt bulbs either. I wish the remote was a bit better built, but it does not affect the overall funtionality of the projector. I would highly recommend everyone to check out this product if you are in the market for a projector. I think you’ll be impressed.

  2. Ali nawaz Lodhi

    Short Throw 3D 4K Laser ProjectorWell, as 3D technology was introduced in TVs, I bought my first Sony 3D and then LG 3D OLED. All these TVs are giving excellent quality at a decent price, but I always needed some big screen with all the features of excellence. I go for the features and quality always, though AWOL is just new to me but when I read the features and compare them with expensive brands, I fell in love with it. I had some questions after I bought AWOL, I was amazed by the quick and comprehensive response by the seller and his amazing engineering team. It’s awsome. This projector is like a big TV – 3D 4K Laser and its laser quality and technology are different than all the high-end expensive laser projectors. You must check it out.Thanks

  3. Dee S

    Amazing Quality – Feels Like You Are In the TheaterThe media could not be loaded.

     I recently purchased this Ultra Short Throw 4K projector at AWOL’s Vision Store in Delray Beach, FL and I have been using it consistently for the past several months. The company had a large retail store set up where I was able to view multiple projectors at work – the quality looked amazing in the store, even in the full daylight, so I went for it and purchased the projector and screen from AWOL. I set it up in my movie room and the family loves watching movies & sports on it whenever possible. The quality is amazing: the colors are so vibrant with amazing image quality. I have an Amazon Fire TV Stick plugged into the unit which makes it so easy to stream content from all of the apps.I would highly recommend this projector, the quality is amazing, the value for the price is amazing and the customer service has been the best I have dealt with in a long time.

  4. Amazon Customer

    You do not need a dedicated theatre room!Hello… I do not usually write reviews. However as a proud owner of the AWOL 3500 projector and 120 inch cinematic screen I feel I should. I was an early adapter…purchasing it through Indiegogo.Because it was quite expensive , I was little worried about a company I never heard of. I the took the plunge, and I am glad I did. I do not have a dedicated theatre room so I needed a lot of light to take the place of my sony 75 led.Wonderful picture even during a fairly lit room.Great focus, great color, great contrast…right out of the box. I had one small question…they answered it right away. I did all the set up except installing the screen. I highly recommend this projector.Soon, they will have dolby vision and 3d…all downloaded to the projector. Can’t wait. Including all components, receiver, dvd player, speakers, projector, screen, etc….all in less than 5500 dollars. I am not an expert however I think this was an incredible purchase.And know you can purchase it through Best Buy or Amazon and not worry about dealing with a start up company! Just in time for football season…

  5. Alan D

    Amazing throw TV for your Home TheaterI purchased this product directly from but wanted to share the review with Amazon because it is such an amazing product.After having a movie room with HD ceiling mounted projector for 10 years in NJ I decided to switch to a throw projector for our home theater room in FL.This product is amazing. Crystal clear picture. Crystal clear. Vibrant colors. Top Gun Maverick is going to be unreal on this set up. We added a sonos sound bar, ceiling mounted speakers and a sonos sub woofer and BAM this room comes alive.Whether it’s a movie like Top Gun Maverick, NHL Playoff games or even playing XBox. It’s simply incredible.Amazing TV technology for the money. Value proposition is off the charts. Thank you AWOL! 👊🏼💪🏼🙏🏼

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