Avantree Duet – Dual Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Charging Stand, Clear Dialogue & Volume Boost for Seniors – Black

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Brand Avantree
Model Name Duet Black
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

  • [COMPLETELY HASSLE-FREE] Enjoy your TV experience with a partner. The Duet comes with two pairs of wireless headphones, each factory pre-paired to the transmitter base, so there’s no need for you to go through a complicated, manual pairing process. All you need to do is plug in, power on, and go!
  • [PASS-THROUGH CAPABILITIES] The Avantree Duet’s pass-through feature allows headphones to work TOGETHER with your existing soundbar or stereo AV Receiver while sharing the same audio output port on your TV. Hear the TV at your own volume through the headphones while your family / friends listen through the speakers.
  • [INDIVIDUAL VOLUME CONTROL] Both of the wireless TV headphones in the Duet set are engineered with significantly higher volume levels compared to competitors’, making them perfect for users who find the TV’s built-in speakers too quiet. Not only that, but the volume on each pair of headphones can be individually adjusted, allowing you to each enjoy watching at your own preferred volumes.
  • [EXTENDED PLAY TIME] Each pair of headphones can last up to 20 hours on a single charge – more than enough for a full day of binge-watching. When the battery is low, the transmitter base doubles as a charging dock. All you’ll need to do is place the headphones on the base and they’ll be ready again within 1.5 hours.
  • [CLEAR CONVERSATIONS] Having trouble hearing and understanding TV dialogues? With the Duet’s “Clear Dialogue Mode,” that will no longer be an issue. With the click of a button, the audio will be digitally enhanced, and you’ll be able to hear on-screen conversations with enhanced clarity.


Product Description

wireless headphones for tv

The Avantree Duet is a two-headphones-one-transmitter 2.4Ghz wireless set for watching TV with a partner. With pass-through capabilities, enjoy perfectly in-sync audio while your family watches with you via external speakers, and never miss a word with the “Clear Dialogue Mode.”

wireless headphones for tv

wireless headphones for tv

wireless headphones for tv

Completely Hassle-Free

“True to the term “Plug & Play,” the Duet’s two pairs of wireless headphones come pre-paired to the transmitter base, so there’s no need to go through a painful pairing process. Simply connect the transmitter base to power and to the TV, turn everything on, and you’ll be good to go!

Universally Compatible

The Duet’s transmitter accepts inputs from AUX and OPT, and with the included AUX 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable, this makes it capable of connecting to virtually any TV that has an audio output port. You and your partner will be able to listen to anything from anywhere.

Sturdy, Durable, Comfortable

The Duet headphones are lightweight and flexible – a mere 8oz (or 230g) compared to others 10+ oz (or 290+ g). This, combined with the soft memory foam earpads and adjustable headband, will provide you with never-ending comfort, even after a full day of use. Better yet, the headphones are built with sturdy materials that will withstand years of wear and tear.

tv headphones

tv headphones

tv headphones

Clear Dialogue Mode

Having trouble “catching” and understanding the movie/TV dialogues? That won’t be an issue when you have the Duet wireless TV headphones. Activate the “Clear Dialogue Mode” with a simple click of a button, the dialogue audio will be digitally enhanced through the headphones, and you’ll finally be able to hear the character conversations clearly.

Works WITH your Sound Bar & AVR

The “Bypass” or “Pass-through” feature of Avantree Duet allows the two headphones + transmitter set to work TOGETHER with your existing soundbar or stereo AV receiver AT THE SAME TIME. This is perfect for group settings – The headphone user will be able to listen to the TV at his/her own volume while the others can hear directly through the sound bar & speaker system.

Extra Loud Volume

Purchased a different pair of TV headphones but not loud enough? Well, you’re in good hands. Both wireless TV headphones in the Duet set are engineered with significantly higher volume level (up to 120dB) than its competitors on the market (market average = 90-95dB), making the Duet a perfect “TV-watching companion” for users who find the TV speakers not loud enough.

wireless headphones for tv

wireless headphones for tv

wireless headphones for tv

Individual Volume Control

We all hear differently, so it’s only normal that you and your listening partner each want to listen at different volume levels. Well, we’ve got you covered; each pair of wireless headphones in the Duet set comes with built-in volume control buttons, and each headphone can adjust volume without affecting the other. This feature will still work no matter how many additional pairs of headphones you add.

2-in-1 Transmitting & Charging Dock

Doubling as both a transmitter and a charging dock, the Duet’s sleek stand wastes no space. Utilize the transmitter aspect by listening wirelessly for up to 20 hours with your headphones, then place them on the stand to fully charge them within 1.5 hours.

More Stable, More Reliable

The Duet’s 2.4Ghz wireless technology provides stable and reliable connection for up to 100ft / 30m indoors and up to 300ft / 100m outdoors. Move around freely with uninterrupted sound and never miss a thing.



  • Technology: 2.4GHz
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Latency: 30ms
  • Operating range: Up to 100ft / 30m

Transmitter + Charging Dock:

  • Power supply: 5V/1-2A
  • Power port: USB C

Two Headphones:

  • Operating time: up to 20 hours play time
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Driver unit – 40mm dia
  • Speaker impedance – 32ohms ±15%
  • Ear pads inner diameter / depth – 56 x 36mm & 35mm (extra deep)

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 13.19 × 12.72 × 5.16 cm
Package Dimensions

13.19 x 12.72 x 5.16 inches

Item Weight

4.8 pounds





Item model number



2 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

June 2 2022

Country of Origin




10 reviews for Avantree Duet – Dual Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Charging Stand, Clear Dialogue & Volume Boost for Seniors – Black

  1. TwoPennyKindles

    Finally, headsets that have a mono setting! – After a month, still great… butUpdate: These headphones are still great, but after a month, I have two small complaints:1. Having to hold the mute button for over two seconds to mute and un-mute the headphones is very inconvenient, especially when you was to get rid of obnoxious TV noise right away — or bring it back right away so you don’t miss any dialogue.2. The headphones are pretty tight and wound up rubbing one of my ears raw until I figured out how to adjust them to be comfortable.Still great and worth five stars, which I don’t give easily.Original post: I can hear in only one ear. After exhaustive searching, several years ago, I found a headset where I could actually change the balance, but it wasn’t really that good as it still largely muted the left side sound rather than combining the two channels completely.These headphones actually combine both channels for a true mono experience, and I can finally hear all of the music and movie sound. It’s wonderful! Thank you so much, Avantree, for finally providing headphones that work for the one-eared (many, many of us). And we’re not all seniors! I’m ecstatic!

  2. KAR

    Great while they workedThese were perfect for my wife and I for tv viewing. We are both hard of hearing and they improved our listening ability dramatically. However after 5 weeks one set suddenly quit working. Dealing with service reps has been burdensome, even though I registered them as soon as they were received. After two calls and two emails, I finally received a code to make a new order for replacement at no cost. I explained to the rep that I was dependent on headphones due to a hearing impairment and was told that the replacement would be processed as soon as we hung up. Three days later, I get an email stating that due to their large volume of business it can take up to 7 days to ship. We will see what happens next, but definitely poor customer service after the sale.

  3. George W. Plesa

    Lost pairing in 2 days.Well I just returned the first set for another and we’ll see how the second one works. First they did not immediately pair like the video says they will when first turned on. I paired them manually as if adding more headsets and they worked for two days. We used them last night, hung them on the charger and in the morning I had to pair them again. Back they go. At the first sign of trouble I always return these direct market overseas electronics. There is no second chance if they fail to work perfectly right out of the box. Will update when I get the new ones. The second set did not pair immediately as advertised. I did pair them manually and they have worked well since then. They are a little tight on the head after a few hours but that is to be expected.

  4. Tom W.

    Acts as a signal jammer for every other wireless deviceThe good: They sound good, there’s no perceptible audio delay, they offer good isolation from outside noise even when they’re off, they’re comfortable, and it’s very convenient to just hang the headphones on the base station to recharge them. They also have great range – my wife can walk to the other end of the house without any audio problems. This is probably the result of a very high-powered transmitter in the base station, which leads to…The bad: They cause any other wireless device in the house to go haywire whenever the base station is turned on. We have them plugged into a media PC that is hooked up to a TV. When you turn on the headphones, the PC’s wireless keyboard stops working. The wireless mouse stops working. Wireless game controllers stop working. The baby monitor gets booted off of wifi, and also has too much interference to do its direct radio connection to its camera. Phones at the other end of the house, on another floor, have trouble maintaining a wifi connection.If your TV or other media-playing device is hard-wired into your local network (not on wifi), and it’s controlled by something that is either an infrared-frequency remote or a wired-in controller, this will probably be fine for you. Even in those cases though, be prepared for some frustration as this causes every wireless device in your house to stop reliably functioning.

  5. Consumer

    Excellent HeadphonesThese are quality headphones that are easy to pair and simple to use. I had a problem setting up the connection to my Sony TV, and a quick call (no hold time) put me in contact with Avantree customer service representative “Jeany”. She was EXCELLENT, well versed in subject material and able to instruct and walk me through procedures that I did not know how to access in my own TV! 5 stars for the quality and operation of the head phones and 10 stars to Jeany for her ability to quickly help me and solve a simple problem I had been frustrated with for several days. Keep up the good work Avantree and I will continue to recommend you!

  6. c thompson

    Poor product support from AdvantreeFirst: product should contain an AC adapter. Had to wait until a free one was sent (why wasn’t it just included into the package). Second: can’t get the headphones to work. Hooked up correctly. Called company, went over connection, everything was fine. Would need to communicate with tech. Received email with a link–luckily did not reply immediately. Received banner advising “This message seems dangerous it contains links to websites hosting malware. Avoid clicking links in the message.” What now? Guess I’ll be returning product. Too bad

  7. Olympic Art

    TV in tandemThe DUET feature allows a pair of headphones on one charging station using one optical cord to connect it.This is a must since my new 65″ LG OLED has only one optical out port. I tried using a splitter but that resulted in my pair of Sennheisers to cut in and out. Never heard the brand but the single tower and cord was ideal.Sound is great and ear muffs are comfortable for both of us.

  8. SHK

    These headphones are FANTASTICThese headphones are the PERFECT solution for me and my husband to watch TV together. They make the TV sound so much clearer. And we love that the headphones have R and L inside each earphone. This makes it much easier to put them on correctly the first time.

  9. gaber

    Clarté & légéreréOn peut se balader d’une pièce à l’autre sans perdre une miette du dialogue, la réception est claire et en stéréo, le casque est léger, hermétique aux bruits extérieurs.Côté négatif, certaines commandes sur le casque s’avèrent mal placées si l’on doit le manipuler une fois posé sur la tête. Plus gênant le manque d’information sur le produit. Depuis la Loi Toubon je croyais naïvement que tout achat en provenance de l’étranger devait être accompagné d’une notice explicative en Français, dans le cas présent nous avons droit à un descriptif, certes explicite, mais incomplet….faut-il couper l’alimentation de la base une fois les casques rechargés, éteindre les casques après utilisation ?

  10. Wilhelm Walter

    Irreführende BeschreibungAnschließen, einschalten und loslegen. Von wegen. Die beiliegende Anleitung ist nicht der Rede wert. Stattdessen soll man einen QR-Code scannen. Anschließend wird man zur Web-Side weitergeleitet und dort erfährt man dann, daß man am Fernseher umfangreiche Einstellungsänderungen vornehmen muß. Unter anderem in den Experteneinstellungen. Deshalb sofort wieder zurückgesandt.

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