AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Look Rear View Mirror Camera with Neat Wiring, No Glare Mirror Dash Cam Font and Rear, 9.35” Full Laminated

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Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Mounting Type tilt
Color V5PRO
Control Method Touch
Product Dimensions 11.6″D x 4.7″W x 4.6″H
Screen Size 9.35 Inches
Auto Part Position Rear
Are Batteries Included No
Real Angle of View 150 Degrees

  • 【No Glare, Crystal Image Dual Dash Cam】V5pro rear view mirror camera utilizes the full laminated screen to ensure a crystal image without glare even under intense sunlight. The IMX307 sensor help to restrain the high beam lights to avoid the dazzling situation. A good performance for driving safety day and night.
  • 【No Delay Stream Media Mirror Dash Cam】The Stream media technology transmits full 1080P footage without delay, recording the license plate and all crashes clearly. 9.35-inch full screen improves roughly four times greater field of vision than a traditional rearview mirror. Improve your driving experience.
  • 【OEM Look Rear View Mirror Backup Camera】V5PRO back up camera systems for cars can replace your original mirror completely without any damage, bring you a clean and tidy car environment, no worry about the complicated wiring upsetting you. However, V5PRO backup camera with monitor is not fit for the car whose original mirror bracket is covered by the large plastic base housing.
  • 【7/24 Parking Monitoring Camera System】No car charger and hard wire kit required, V5PRO Vehicle Backup Camera is directly connected to the car fuse box(ACC) for constant power. Both rear & front camera record video automatically once it detects the collision, and the dash cam turns off after locking 30-second footage to avoid draining the car battery. Save evidence to protect your interest.
  • 【More Automatic Start Function】The mirror backup camera monitor can be auto-activated to start recording when the car starts, and auto-off after locking the emergency video. what’s more, they can automatically tilt down the angle when reversing. Guidelines are also adjustable by swiping up and down, More convenient to operate and setup.
  • 【Worry-free Reverse Camera for Car】The rearview images show guidelines automatically when you shift into reverse, you can slide down to lower the rearview angle to have a closer backup image while reversing. 150 degrees view angle rear camera ensures you a more than adequate view of what’s behind your vehicle. Eliminate all blind spots to make parking much easier


From the brand

Product Description

Firmware Updated News

We have 2 versions of the latest firmware, which can solve the worries of some customers’ feedback that the rearview mirror gets blocked by the AUTO-VOX logo when starting the car. With the new version, the logo will not show up.

As a professional manufacturer of car cameras, we hope to receive voices from different customers. All your suggestions are our motivation and goal.

V5PRO, Upgrade your rear view mirror in Low profile, fully replace your origianl rear view mirror.

AUTO-VOX V5PRO Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear

Excellent night vision, restrain the high beam lights to avoid the dazzling situation.

V5PRO Dash Cam without Overexposure Night Vision

Connect to the fuse box direcetly, No occupy your Cigarette lighter any more!

No messy wires,

How to find a precise position to strengthen the GPS signal?

1. Stick the GPS antenna on the dashboard and keep it face up to receive a stronger signal.

2. If the car’s windscreen tinted with the reflective coating, it may be athermic and impact the GPS reception. In this instance, we recommend placing the GPS antenna at the corner of the dashboard.

Warmly Tips:

1. Without connecting the reversing light, you can slide the mirror monitor to the right to show up the parking line. Or connecting the reversing light, the parking line shows up automatically when you shift into reverse.

2. The dash cam comes with 2pcs Low-Profile hardwire kit in the package, there is no need to purchase it separately. If the equipped hardwire kit not fit your fuse box, please message us, we will send you the suitable one.

3. For parking mode, you should use the hardwire kit to connect the dash cam to the constant power for working.

4. Ways to download the ‘AUTO-VOX GPS Player‘ software into your computer.

For MAC: You can find and download it on the APP store directly.

For Windows: When your computer connects to the Internet, please take off the SD from the dash cam, then plug it into your computer, the AUTO-VOX Player will be downloaded automatically.

Adjustable Guidelines

GPS Tracking

Different Display Mode

Adjustbale Parking Lines

You can adjust the length and width of the parking line freely by dragging it on the screen, whose feature designed for different car models and different road situations to help you measure the distance accurately when parking.

GPS Tracking

The GPS data syncs up with the video clips when played back in AUTO-VOX Player so you can watch the footage and see your location on a map.

We developed two different players to ensure that dash cam can work with Windows and Mac systems.

Split Screen Display

The dash cam supports 3 display mode, Front, Rear, and Front & Rear simultaneously, you can switch them arbitrarily by one touch on the screen, which helps you to familiar with the road situation at any time.

Wide View Angle

2 Ways Installation

SD Card Requirement

All Around Full Protection

V5PRo has an extremely wide viewing angle(F:145° + R: 150 °), which ensures you a more than adequate view of what’s around your car, eliminate most of the blind spot.and it won’t distorts the image.

2 Ways Installation

The rear camera comes with 2 brackets to meet different market needs, you can attach it to the license plate or stick it on the rear windshield.

Requirement of MicroSD Card

Suggested Brand & Capacity: SanDisk or Samsung, Class 10 or above, 8~64GB.

SD card is NOT included in the package, please format it before using.

The below customized adapters are not included in the package!!!


Please feel free to consult our service team with the pic of your original mirror bracket before purchase if you are not sure the V5PRO fits your car.

Attention for more help to FIT YOUR VEHICLE:

If ALL ADAPTERS mentioned above can’t be applied to your vehicle, please feel free to contact our service team with the pic of your original mirror bracket for OTHER ADAPTERS.

If the adapters still can’t solve the problem, we would like to suggest to replace the original mirror bracket. We have Customized Mirror Brackets to help you install the V5PRO to your replacing vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 2.72 kg
Dimensions 12.71 × 6.42 × 6.42 cm
Package Dimensions

12.71 x 6.42 x 6.42 inches

Item Weight

2.72 pounds





Other display features




Date First Available

May 25 2020



8 reviews for AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Look Rear View Mirror Camera with Neat Wiring, No Glare Mirror Dash Cam Font and Rear, 9.35” Full Laminated

  1. Kurt

    Serious flawsReally wanted to like this, but it has some flaws that make it unusable for me:* When you turn on the car, the rear view mirror gets blocked with a big, bright gaudy AUTO-VOX logo for a few seconds. This happens every single time I start the car. When I start the car, I want to be looking through my rear-view mirror, not watching AUTO-VOX’s advertising.* No way to set the rear view camera feed to come on only when the car is in reverse. Instead, when you start up the car, after the annoying auto-vox logo finally goes away, the rear view mirror gets blocked with the rear-view camera feed for a full minute–even if you are going forward! I want the rear-view feed to come ONLY when I put the car in reverse, and I want it to never show up when the car is not in reverse.* Camera does some weird jingle song when you shut off power. There is a setting to disable the jingle, but that setting also disables the touchscreen beeps that you need to hear when you try to press a button on the touchscreen.* Weird horizontal white stripes on video. The video looks like the low-quality closed-circuit cameras you seen in convenience stores in the 80s.* Touchscreen is laggy/slow, especially the brightness adjustment.* Absolutely zero support from the manufacturer. I tried to contact them, but it’s been radio silence from them. Good luck trying to get a warranty repair.

  2. Outdoor Enthusiast | Geek | Photographer

    Clear videos with high-end featuresI have had and installed several dashboard cameras for my family and I that were in the $150 range. Some worked well, but many are downright lousy (image quality especially!) My car had a $200 one that kept freezing up after about a year, and I got fed up with it and started looking for a new one.PROS- Excellent image quality– Sony makes some of the best photographic sensors in the industry (I’m a professional photographer but shoot with Canon)– Better than average night vision that Sony is known for- Replaces the rear-view mirror completely with a sunlight-viewable, 9″ screen– Surprisingly (and it better not for this price range), there is no noticeable lag between what’s happening in the rear and what’s showing on the screen- GPS built in to record place of collision- Wires are neatly routed through the car’s interior instead of using the cigarette lighter port– Can be installed to only turn on when the car is powered on, or to constantly stay on by tapping directly into the car battery– Autovox has a model that snaps on an existing mirror instead, but in my experience, the existing mirror eventually weakens and will have a harder time staying in place due to the extra weight- Mountable rear-view camera to aid with backing up and have a more close-up recording of the back– I did not install this component as my car already has a backup camera, but may still install it in the future for rear collision recording– According to the instructions, the “safety zone” can be adjusted for your car so you can more accurately gauge how close is too close when backing up- Both rear view and rear cameras record at the same time- Screen Saver mode: Enabled in Settings– Turns off camera display so the rear view mirror can be used like a regular mirror. Simply touch the screen to enable/cycle through camera viewsCONS- If the rear view dash cam fails, it can still operate like a regular mirror, but it won’t be as clear as the original that came with your car– I keep my original rear view mirror in the trunk, just in case- Installation manual is skimpy, but if you have installed audio or camera equipment in the car before, it’s a straight-forward, standard process– You can search YouTube for an installation video with: “AutoVox X1 Pro Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Install & Review”– Installation is made easier with a multimeter- Very priceyI did not get a chance to test out the collision detection feature both in parked and moving state, and hope to never have to.My wife got really mad at me for spending so much money on a dashcam, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with a Sony image sensor and GPS combination to record collisions. Should we get into an accident or come across a crime, the resulting video will certainly either help put a bad person behind bars and/or safe us much more in insurance cost against false lawsuits caused by fraudulent drivers.

  3. Omar

    Great iteration of a “hidden” in plain sight OEM dash camIf you’re like me, you want to have a dash cam, but prefer to not have an obtrusive black box stuck on your windshield. Not to mention a potential reason to break into your car! Having an OEM style dash cam nixes that.This pro model looks super sleek and more OEM than my oem mirror. As you can see from the photos its slim and looks good front and back(imo). The mirror is also much wider for a better viewing experience when using your actual mirror.Now for the tech. Nice and solid front and rear video at 1080p in the day time, and pretty darn solid at night. I’m willing to trade a bit of a lower resolution/quality for the functionality of having a mirror style dashcam, and 1080p on front and rear is plenty enough for fighting a claim! The mirror hides a super wide LCD display that looks nice and clear, the only downside is it can be washed out during the day, but that is expected when it is covered by a mirror. The settings menu is simple, straight forward, and easy to use. Everything it can do is there and easy to modify.Wiring it was relatively simple as well, especially since I have gone through this process a few times, and my car is older, YMMV. All you need for power, is a connection to a always on source, an accessory source, and ground. Then you connect the GPS, Camera, and rear camera to your power cable and route your wires. The camera uses micro fuse connections for simplicity, but I couldn’t use them since my car uses mini. The company said they could help me out, but I didnt want to wait so I just cut/stripped the wire, tied them to an appropriate fuses/ground and I was up and running!My main use case is a front and rear camera that is “hidden” in plain view, and this fits the bill much better than past iterations. I hope they continue to improve their products and get to a point where they can include wifi and 4k. That would be the last one I ever get! Please work on it Auto!

  4. Phoenixx

    Auto-Vox Fail Fail Fail-BEWARE!Every product that I have ever purchased from Auto-vox has failed. Rearview Mirror Dashcam–it died on me in less than a year and a few other products like their monitor and backup camera–all dead in less than a year. At the time I was naive so I ordered a few products from them. I use to think it was a decent manufacturer–however, I no longer think that. Auto-vox, I think makes shoddy products disguised with style and advertisement, even the packaging is immaculate-but the product itself is absolute and utter garbage.

  5. Andrew6123

    Great Customer ServiceUpdate: Kaya has been responding to my issue and has offered corrective products to help fix my reported issues.I purchased an Auto-Vox X2 back in 2018 which recently died. I decided to go again with the Auto-Vox brand because I expected it to have a similar Operating system and features.I purchased the Auto-Vox V5 PRO OEM and had to get it professionally installed because it only had the option of a fuse box connection for power. The rearview camera is now kept on at all times since it totally replaces the rearview mirror.I am giving this a one star because the X2 had a similar problem as the V5 with the handling of lights from cars approaching from the rear. They still have this issue.After a few weeks of operations I found the following issues:1. At night, the glare from cars when close overpowers the rear camera and you are unable to see out of the back. See pictures 1 and 3.2. When driving, I tapped on the screen and the backup guide lights came on. My car was not in reverse and was driving forward at the time. I had to turn off the car and back on to get the camera to reset. See picture 2.3. There is no way to reboot the camera without stopping the car and turning off the engine. This is an issue if the camera hangs. This could be a safety issue.4. In the Auto-Vox X2 lane departure warning was a standard feature. This is no longer available in the Auto-Vox V5 Pro.I am giving this a 1 star since this should be a mature product and a similar rear camera night issue was noticed with the X2.UPDATE: I am add a couple of stars since Auto-Vox responded to my review and give me a new V5PRO to compensate for V5Pro issues that I reported.

  6. Headbeancounter

    The V5Pro Rear View Mirror Camera With Very Good FeaturesWhat I like:- OEM look with no exposed wiring or extra viewer- Built-in dashcams and handy backup camera- Adjustable backup markers and mirror brightness- Flexibility to install backup camera above the licence plate or inside the car (I have installed it inside the back window so the camera is not exposed to the elements).- No more people or cargo in the back blocking the rear view mirror- Relatively easy installation- Great customer serviceOverall it is a neat product with some very good features, I would have given it a five star if I had the ability to zoom in the rear image in addition to the vertical adjustments.

  7. Fabian Lehmann

    Absolutely Wonderful Customer Service and ProductFirst off this system is the perfect system for you especially in an SUV that has so many blind spots. I have recommended this to so many peopleAnd the customer service is AMAZING. They are courteous and kind and very quick to fix anything. This product looks OEM meaning that it looks like a factory mirror, but a bit bigger. No one ever knows it’s a camera there until you turn it on. Meanwhile it’s recording. Fantastic company and product! Thanks autovox!

  8. Richard Daoust

    Not as describedGot the cheaper t9 mirror in s v5 box No gos module and the camera’s two sided tape has been used. From the looks of it its Amazon that sent me a defective product.. It didnt even power up… Called Amazon customer service and they made mevdeal with autovox directly… What a putz… Contacted Vicky at autovox… She was great resolved amazons incompetance and the new unit works great…. Thanks Vicky

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