ATOTO 2022 Upgrade A6 PF Double-DIN Android Car Stereo, Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, 7inch in-Dash Navigation, Dual BT,

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Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, FM/AM
Controller Type Android
Special Feature Live Rear-view, 2 Seconds Boot, 7 inch Touchscreen with the 178° full-viewing angle, 2 USB interfaces for data communication, HD 720P Rear-view camera input See more
Compatible Devices Smartphone, Speaker
Color A6 PF 7in with Camera
Output Wattage 180 Watts
Control Method Touch
Audio Output Type Speakers
Format WMA

  • 【High Performance】As the upgraded and enhanced successor to the popular A6 Y & A6 Karlink, A6G2A7PF-S01 has Android 10.0, ARM Cortex A55 8-Core & 2G+32G. 7-inch 1024*600 IPS screen with a 178° full-viewing angle allows clear viewing even in broad daylight. Max. 4*45 RMS 4*24 preamp sounds great. Before you dive into its other fantastic features, it supports Key Mapping to SWC, Dual Zone Video Out, FM/AM Radio, BT Handsfree & Music, Backup Camera Input, USB Playback (reads max. 512 GB USB or 2TB SSD)
  • 【3 Internet Accesses & Dual Bluetooth】Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB (typically, Android car stereos only offer Wi-Fi). 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi ensures you won’t be stuck at the congested 2.4 GHz. Bluetooth tethering, using Bluetooth 2 of the dual Bluetooth (BT1 is for handsfree & music), uses less power, and USB tethering, exclusive from ATOTO, even charges your phone slightly. More than 1,000 apps from Google Play Store have been tested installable on A6G2A7PF-S01. Make it look and function the way you like it.
  • 【CarPlay, Android Auto & MirrorLink】Wired and WIRELESS CarPlay and wired Android Auto. Run online navigation either in CarPlay or Android Auto, or directly on A6G2A7PF-S01; or download maps to A6 PF and get directions offline (built-in GPS). Make calls, send/receive sms, listen to music/podcasts/audiobooks in CarPlay or Android Auto while you focus on driving. Apps and contents not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto can be displayed on A6G2A7PF-S01 with MirrorLink.
  • 【DSP with Time Correction, SCV & 36-band EQ, Preamp】The Digital Signal Processor makes it possible to equip A6G2A7PF-S01 with: (1)Time Correction, aligning the time it takes for audio signals from each speaker to reach your ears; (2)Speed Compensated Volume, automatically adjusting volume as the speed changes, to adjust for road and wind noise; (3)36-band EQ, allowing deep customization for even the most sophisticated ears. The built-in max. 4*45W & RMS 4*24W amp offers great sound quality.
  • 【Live Rear-View & Customer Support】LRV offers a real-time rear-view even when driving forward (ATOTO AC-HD01LR camera required, included), free from the obstructions behind you inside. A6G2A7PF-S01 can process 720P HD rear-view camera input (other car stereos can only connect to cameras of 480-600 lines). ATOTO’s professional customer support team is there for you to solve any problems concerning the installation, operation, etc. of your ATOTO products. Get continued system updates when available.


Product Description

ATOTO A6 Performance (PF) Android Car Stereo Receiver – Your Cool Buddy on the Road!


New Member in the Family!

  • Model name: A6G2A7PF-S01 (A6G2A7PF + AC-HD01LR backup camera); CPU, System & Memory: 8 Core ARM Cortex-A55, 1.6 GHz / Android 10.0 / 2 GB + 32 GB
  • Comparison between A6 PF and the star of the last generation A6 Y: A6 Y has Quad-core 1.5 GHz ARM chip while A6 PF has Octa-core 1.6 GHz ARM chip; A6 Y operates on Android 6.0, while A6 PF is on Android 10.0; A6 Y has a 9-band EQ, while A6 PF has a 36-band EQ and a whole lot of other audio features! A6 PF is definitely the enhanced and upgraded version of A6 Y, and performs better!
  • Display: Full HD true 7-inch 1024 * 600 IPS screen (brightness 600cd/m2); 5-touch capacitive touchscreen; the viewing angle is a staggering 178°, meaning that even when looking at the screen almost sideways, you can still see the display very clearly, without losing colors and so on – particularly important on a head unit, as you are not seated in front of it when driving.
  • Preamp & DSP : An audio feast with max. 4*45W & RMS 4*24W preamp and Digital Signal Processor with Time Correction, Speed Compensated Volume & 36-band EQ
  • GPS/Navigation: Online in CarPlay (iPhones) or Audroid Auto (Android phones), or directly with map apps on A6 PF; or offline with downloaded maps (built-in GPS)
  • CarPlay, Android Auto & MirrorLink: Supports WIRELESS CarPlay, wired CarPlay and Android Auto, and wireless & wired MirrorLink (CarbitLink) (Some video streaming services (Netflix, AMZ Prime, Disney+, etc.) may not support MirrorLink.)
  • 3 Options for Internet Access – Wi-Fi hotspot (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz), Bluetooth tethering and USB tethering (most Android car stereos only offer the Wi-Fi hospot option)
  • Dual Bluetooth: BT 1 is Bluetooth 5.0, for hands-free & music streaming, etc.; BT 2 is for Internet access; Bluetooth screen lock, protecting your privacy without sacrificing convenience (see below for details)
  • Rear View Display: HD 720P rear view video display with Live Rear-View (LRV) feature (ATOTO AC-HD01LR rear view camera is required, included). You can have the rear view even when driving forward.
  • Other Features: Quality sounding FM/AM radio with RBDS; Compatible with OEM steering wheel control, and even supports function mapping to them; HD 720P Front Camera Input; Built-in music/video player assures video resolution up to 1080P and high-quality audio. It supports up to 2TB (2048 GB) USB SSD for multimedia playback.
  • System Update: ATOTO continuously provides system updates to improve the system. Download the file to a USB stick to update your A6 PF.

Vehicle Fit (ISO Standard Double DIN)

  • As you can clearly see in the picture above, A6G2A7PF is a standard double DIN car stereo. And the chassis is designed to be much shorter than the conventional depth (not your typical block-sized head unit), so the advantage is that there is a larger space for cabling and other accessories.
  • True 7-inch screen. Typically, North American dashboard mounting frame suppliers provide double DIN mounting frames with a 174 mm * 98 mm opening. In order to fit into them, the actual screen size of common aftermarket car stereos is limited to 6.75-inch or smaller (false 7-inch). ATOTO is the first manufacturer to introduce true 7-inch car stereos with a minimal screen frame size of 172 mm * 97 mm (fitting the mounting frames bought from Metra, Scosche, PAC, etc.). An extra frame adapter is also included to expand it, if needed, to 178 mm * 101.5 mm.
  • As this is a universal car stereo, extra accessories may be required to finish installation in a specific vehicle (not provided in the package). It is the buyer’s responsibility to prepare them (if applicable). They may include (but are not limited to) a dash frame kit, a wiring harness, a radio antenna adapter, a data interface, etc.


No Division in Your Family Between iPhone and Android Phone Users!

Great Performance Across All CarPlay/Android Auto Functions

  • CarPlay/Android Auto has revolutionalized the way we drive by enabling us to safely use the iPhone/Android phone while driving. Now we can make calls, send/receive messages, listen to music/radio/podcasts/news/audiobook… on the head unit while driving really conveniently. This, in turn, requires a head unit that can adequately meet the demands of these functions in terms of audio and visual performance.
  • Regarding audio: on A6G2A7PF-S01, the max. 4*45W amplifier with RMS 4*24W (Vcc=14.4v,THD=10%) makes sure that whether you are making a call, listening to your favorite music or podcasts and so on, you can hear things clearly at a comfortable volume, powerful yet without any distortion. And the included microphone? All who have used it think it’s good and very clear.
  • Visually: the full HD 7″ 1024*600IPS screen (brightness 600cd/m2), other than its big size and fantastic color rendition, offers great visibility even in broad daylight. Also, as a 5-touch capacitive touchscreen, it is easy and smooth to operate on.

WIRELESS CarPlay and Wired CarPlay (factory USB cable required for wired connection):

  1. Wireless is simply better: No more worries about where to put your plugged phone. No more search for a holder which you find to be superfluous anyway. No more entangled cords to distract you. Free at last!
  2. Fast and automatic connection: For wireless CarPlay, the Buetooth connection is quick. And after you make the connection for the first time, it will all be automatic. For wired CarPlay, once you plug your iPhone into the “Phone Link” port on A6 PF, it takes about 3 seconds for CarPlay to be automatically launched. A true plug-n-play function.
  3. Stable data transmission: Thanks to the premium hardware inside, A6 PF is more than capable of delivering stable and reliable data transmission, both wirelessly (5G Wi-Fi) and wiredly (with USB), which is a strong bolster for you in driving.
  4. You phone battery is finally safe: If you get in the car with low battery on your iPhone, and you start driving using CarPlay, on many head units with only wired CarPlay, after the trip, the battery is barely charged, if at all. This problem does not exist with A6 PF. The reason is that with wireless CarPlay, you can drive using CarPlay while plugging your iPhone into the USB port dedicated for charging in your vehicle, or putting it on the charging dock station.
  5. Navi and Radio/USB music mix: ATOTO A6 PF supports running CarPlay map navigation while playing FM/AM radio/USB music in the background. And you can set the audio mix ratio between them. Be aware that not all car stereos can do this!
  6. CarPlay iPhone compatibility: Wired CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 7.1 or higher. Wireless CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 9.0 or higher.

Android Auto (factory USB cable required):

  1. Fast and automatic connection: Once you plug your phone into the “Phone Link” port on A6 PF, it takes about 3 seconds for Android Auto to be automatically launched. A true plug-n-play function.
  2. Stable data transmission: Thanks to the premium hardware inside, A6 PF is more than capable of delivering stable and reliable USB data transmission, which is a strong bolster for you in driving.
  3. Android Auto phone compatibility: Wired Android Auto is compatible with phones with Android 6.0 or higher.

Limitless Expansion – Make It Look and Function the Way You Like It!


3 Ways to Access the Internet and a Whole Lot of Accessories!

1. Connecting to the phone’s hotspot via 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz WiFi (most car stereos only offer WiFi hotspot at 2.4 GHz)

When it comes to Internet access, most Android car stereos offer only one option: WiFi hotspot, and only at 2.4 GHz, a frequency band that is congested due to its wide use (including by electronic appliances). This is where A6 PF stands one cut above the rest with the 5 GHz WiFi, ensuring optimal Internet connection at all times!

2. Bluetooth tethering for saving power

For running online maps or streaming music, a relatively low bandwidth, e.g. 200 kb/s, is enough. Switch to Bluetooth tethering, as it has the advantage of consuming less power than hotspot.

3. USB Network Tethering (an EXCLUSIVE feature from ATOTO)

If you are still insecure about your phone battery, there is a third option. With a USB cable, you can have almost the same bandwidth as with WiFi hotspot, and your phone battery can even charge slightly. You only need to run the app CarbitLink (preinstalled) in the background.

More than 1,000 apps from Google Play Store are compatible with A6 PF, esp. media/entertainment apps and navigation apps in “Auto & Vehicles”. Very few developers such as Netflix specify device types for installing their apps. Android car stereos are usually ruled out. Make your A6 PF look and function the way you like it!

Installing an Android Car Stereo is not the equivalent of putting an Android tablet in your vehicle. A6 PF has lots of inputs and outputs customized for it to work better in the vehicle. (Check the picture at the bottom for inputs, outputs & slots.) A few examples of the accessories that you can connect A6 PF to:

  • (1) ATOTO AC-44P2 USB On dash 1080 P DVR camera to record video files for preview & playback;
  • (2) ATOTO AC-UTP1 USB TPMS tire pressure monitor system to monitor the temperature and pressure of your tires, alerting you both visually and aurally;
  • (3) ATOTO AC-HD01LR rear view camera (included) for HD 720P rear view input and Live Rear View (LRV) feature to view the traffic behind even when driving forward; AC-HD03LR is not compatible.
  • (4) ATOTO AC-4450 OBD II Diagnostic Scanner /Engine Code Reader via Bluetooth; Compared with single Bluetooth, dual Bluetooth makes communication tasks between multiple Bluetooth connections more balanced and stable.
  • (5) headrest monitors using ATOTO Video Output Adaptor (AC-AHV68: USB to HDMI adaptor; AC-AHV48: USB To RCA adaptor; Both are sold separately). A6 PF is dual zone capable, meaning what’s displayed on A6 PF can be different from on the headrest monitors, interrupting the kids watching their favorite movie in the backseat as little as possible! (some apps do not support dual zone display)
  • (6) ATOTO AC-44F8 IR remote, for more convenient operation when no original steering wheel controls are available. ATOTO AC-44F5 is not compatible.
  • (7) Game pads via Bluetooth (check for compatibility before purchasing a specific game pad)


An Audio Feast!

A6 PF is equipped with a powerful Digital Signal Processor, which takes the audio experience in the vehicle to a whole new level:

  • Time Correction: Because of the distance differences, the time it takes for audio signals from different speakers in the vehicle to reach your ears is different, undermining your listening experience. By correcting the time differences, A6 PF’s Time Correction feature makes sure that you hear the sound from each speaker at the same time.
  • Speed Compensated Volume: When the speed of your vehicle increases, the ambient noise (road noise, wind, etc.) increases as well. This feature automatically increases (and decreases as the vehicle slows down) the sound coming out of your system to compensate for this phenomenon.
  • 36-Band EQ: The number of adjustable bands in the built-in equalizer is a stunning 36. Even the most picky audiophile will feel pandered with so many options. You can really dive in and tune the sound exactly to your liking. The EQ can also be switched to graphic mode, where you can make broad frequency adjustments with just a swipe (kill the lows or the highs, for example).
  • Moreover, you can set the crossover points between the subwoofer and the speakers, boost the low end (multiple cutoff points selectable), enhance the stereo sound, and do more! Combined, all these features make sure that your ears enjoy the audio feast they deserve on the road!





MirrorLink allows you to fully cast what’s displayed on your smartphone to A6 PF’s screen

  • Certain apps (Youtube, for example) or contents are not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto. Therefore, if you or any passenger in the vehicle want to view them on A6 PF’s screen anyway, MirrorLink is the solution (realized through the app CarbitLink on A6 PF).
  • Important: Some video streaming services (Netflix, AMZ Prime, Disney+, etc.) may not support MirrorLink.
  • Note: With very few smartphones with a curved screen, there will be a tiny black area on the 4 edges of A6 PF’s screen. This is caused by differences in firmware and the layout of the curved screen.

HD 720P rear view video display with Live Rear-View (LRV) feature

  • Typically, car stereos can only process and display 480-600 lines CVBS rear view video signals, while A6 PF displays HD 720P rearview videos with adjustable parking guidelines (ATOTO AC-HD01LR rearview camera is required, included). Say goodbye to snowy static pictures when reversing your vehicle.
  • A6 PF also provides the Live Rear-View (LRV) feature – now you can access the rear view even when driving forward. Driving will be much safer, and the rear view mirrors will indeed become relics!
  • You can set one of the steering wheel keys as a shortcut for quick access.

Personal Privacy Protection without Sacrificing Convenience

  • To protect Google / Facebook & other SNS accounts from unintended access, A6 PF offers a screen lock option for users to lock the screen when the car (car stereo) is not in their control (valet parking or vehicle taken by others). An additional option (unlocking via Bluetooth) allows users to unlock the screen once Bluetooth connection is automatically re-established.
  • You do not have to input the password manually. All you need to do to lock or unlock your A6 PF’s screen is walk out of and back in its Bluetooth range.

Continuous System Software Update

ATOTO has been continuously improving the system firmware of the A6 series every a few months once necessary. Find notification about available firmware updates at AOCSS.


From the brand

Additional information

Weight 3.58 kg
Dimensions 8.98 × 5.79 × 5.67 cm
Package Dimensions

8.98 x 5.79 x 5.67 inches

Item Weight

3.58 pounds





Item model number

A6 PF 7 inch B

Date First Available

January 7 2022

Country of Origin




10 reviews for ATOTO 2022 Upgrade A6 PF Double-DIN Android Car Stereo, Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, 7inch in-Dash Navigation, Dual BT,

  1. Coko

    Slick Android Head UnitI installed this A6 PF head unit on a 2011 Subaru Impreza which has the original radio and badly needs an upgrade. I bought the package with front and back cameras. This unit has all the feature I want and the price is hard to beat. I have it for several days and I am still learning how to use all the feature. I’m liking it so far (anything is better than the factory radio). Here are the pros and cons after installing one.Pros- unit is quite snappy with the 2G ram and octacore processor- sound is better than before with the same OEM speakers- the screen is sharp, colorful, and beautiful- physical buttons on the bottom are nice- the front and back cameras are seamlessly integrated. My car did not come with a backup camera so this is a big plus- the Bluetooths work with phones and devices such as OBD2 reader. It’s cool to see OBD2 readings on screen- the front camera is easy to install since there are only one cable to deal with. The built quality is great. It seems solid. It’s small and takes up little space- the rear camera is good quality and the lines on-screen are adjustable. At night the picture is bright and I can see good details- GPS is included and locks onto satellites quickly. I hid it just under the dash and it works fineCons- this 7″ unit doesn’t fit standard adapter that’s designed for 6.75″ screen. I had to trim the adapter to fit. Luckily it worked out really well and fit perfectly- the installation manual is confusing as hell cause it’s one manual for many different models. The instruction is barely enough to understand it. It is in English and Japanese only. Sorry Spanish speakers.- the rear camera resolution is only 720p which is great as a backup camera but it does not record so I still need to buy a rear dashcam- the tiny screws that come with the rear camera are a joke. They sheared off easily when I installed them into predrilled holes! Now I have two broken screws stuck with no easy way to get them out. I strongly suggest using better screws than the provided ones- the front camera is 1080p only which is not very high in today’s standard when 2k and 4k are common- the unit keeps dropping connection to the obd2 converter- the volume is low when I connect my phone with Bluetooth. I have to turn up the volume way upBottomline, this is a really nice unit/package and worth the price. You get features comparable to HU that costs hundreds more. I don’t know about the longevity yet so I can’t comment on that. Atoto seems to be a leader in this space with lots of good reviews so I remain hopeful. If I were to do it again, I will probably go with their 10″ units and buy the front and rear cameras separately.

  2. kabl9900

    Great Replacement Radio and Customer SupportI originally had a $20 radio from walmart in my car. It worked well but I wanted something a bit nicer. I looked around for the best radio I could find for a reasonable price. I came across this radio and it had fantastic reviews, numerous features, and ATOTO seemed to be well known for their customer support. I can verify all of those are true. The touch screen is very responsive and it does boot within 2 seconds of starting the car. There is a slight learning curve to understand all it’s functions but once you break through that, there’s an incredible amount you can do. The apple carplay is fantastic and the rearview camera that comes with this one has pretty decent picture.I had it hooked up to an amp with a sub in my car but the amp wasn’t turning on. I contacted ATOTO and told them what was going on. I figured the problem out (mistake I made in the wiring) the next evening. I hadn’t checked my email yet but a representative had already responded with a list of ways to troubleshoot the issue. Very impressed with how quick and helpful their customer support is.The only complaint I have is the mounting. I have an 07 legacy and the double din mounting piece I bought doesn’t allow room for the metal mounting brackets. I rectified this by zip tying the main part of the metal bracket to screws on the mounting piece. A little janky? yes. But does it work? yes. Not sure if there’s an alternative way to install it for something like this but it worked for me.Overall, if you want a great bang for your buck radio that’s responsive, full of features, and has great customer support, this is the one for you.

  3. JohnnyIron

    I like itI put this into my 2006 Jeep Wrangler and so far I like it. I use the car play for iPhone and it connects flawlessly. I do find that it works better with apps like iTunes, Apple Podcast, Spotify etc. Other apps work better for controlling them with BT player.But the car play interacts well with my iPhone. The navigation on your phone shows up full screen on the display or you can go split screen.The actual instructions are pretty bare but they get you started. It’s like a new phone that stays in the car. You have to play around with it to figure out what it can do.I have not installed the back up camera yet I just so I cannot comment on that part yet. It has way more hook up options than what I need.It’s not super loud but if you want big sound you would be adding amps anyway. It comes with line converters for the speaker outputs so you can wire in RCA jacks to feed your amp.So far it does what I need and more.

  4. GadgetGeek

    Great Value for the MoneyInstalled in a 2003 Honda CR-V. Great fit. Brings a great built in modern feel to the dashboard. The description says it had wireless and wired Apple CarPlay and wired-only Android Auto. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to connect Android Auto wirelessly right out of the box. No updates necessary. I’m running Android 12 on my mobile device. Radio functionality works great. Tons of settings options for sound customization. Back-up camera is clear and detailed. The RDS information on the radio app could have been implemented better. The song title, artist, radio channel displayed when RDS is enabled is not great, so I just leave it turned off to avoid the frustration. Can’t go wrong for the price with this bundle that includes the head unit, rear camera, GPS antenna, and external microphone. The head unit runs on Android 10. I have not attempted any updates to the head unit. Not even sure if there are any updates available.

  5. Steven

    Surprisingly worth it.Beyond what I expected. Very fast with barely any lag coming from a guy with a new iPhone and gaming pc. Reverse camera quality is better than my new Nissan. The OS definitely has been refined for ease of use. CarPlay automatically starts every time i get in the car. Hard to come up with any negative statements for this unit.

  6. Baby Boomer

    Atoto is an A+ CompanyI installed this unit in my 2003 Chevy Avalanche, the install was straight forward without any issues. The unit worked flawlessly excepting that the GPS was not locking onto the satellites very well. Sometimes it would get multiple lockons with both GPS and GLONASS satellites, only to watch the signals slowly disappear. At times I would be driving down the highway and it would start working for a period of time, Relocating the antenna and checking connections seemed to help for a moment (sometimes). I contacted Atoto customer support about my problem, I received a response from them the very next day. That is how the troubleshooting proceeded, I never went more than a day without a response from Atoto. In the end they shipped me a new antenna (their suggestion, not mine). I installed the new antenna and Success, the GPS has performed flawlessly ever since.I am very pleased with my unit and am extremely pleased with Atoto’s customer support. If you are looking for a great up to date stereo receiver with excellent customer support, I highly recommend the Atoto A6 PF.IMHO, you can not go wrong wit Atoto.Happy customer

  7. Scott Speed

    Great radio. Great customer support.This radio has a very compact design that allows space for wires. The touch screen is very responsive and the sound equalizer enables precise adjustments.

  8. Sunsunsun

    Good quality productI installed it on a 2007 Corolla and it is a big improvement for my car. The quality of the product is great. Touch screen is pretty responsive. Front camera and rear camera are working as expected. The manual and tools included are very extensive. Keep up the good work ATOTO!


    Backlights on the buttons don’t stay on after I changed the settingThis is straight from another review / haven’t figured out why but the backlights on the buttons don’t stay on after I changed the setting. I am having same issue. Installed two days ago / please with product so far except for this annoyance. It truly is a pain at night with no backlighting.

  10. Carsten J.

    wireless carplaypurchased this model for reason of accessories,easy to build in yourself if you have some basic skillsmake sure to purchase an adaptor cable if you use it for some older model cars

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