APC UPS 1500VA Sine Wave UPS Battery Backup, BR1500MS2 Backup Battery Power Supply with AVR, (2) USB Charger Ports

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Brand APC
Battery Cell Composition Sealed Lead Acid
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.49 x 3.94 x 10.24 inches
Voltage 28 Volts
Color Black

  • APC 1500VA / 900W battery backup power supply
  • 10 Outlets (NEMA 5-15R): 6 surge protector with battery backup; 4 outlets with Surge Protection Only
  • Sinewave UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), designed for high-end electronics, ideal battery backup for computer
  • Two USB Charger Ports: (1) USB-C, (1) Type-A (15W shared)
  • Replaceable Battery: Easily replace the battery back up with a genuine APC replacement battery, model APCRBC163 (sold separately)



This APC battery back up power supply offers guaranteed power and surge protection for wireless networks, computers, and other electronics in your home or business. Backup battery power supply is designed for use during outages and unsafe voltage fluctuations, and provides surge protector with battery backup in the event of damaging power surges and spikes. The APC Back-UPS PRO series of Uninterruptible Power Supply are the perfect battery backup for computer, external harddrive and routers to protect your data and keep you connected. This APC 1500VA SinewaveUPS offers AVR, is active PFC compatible, and has a User-replaceable battery to prolong the life of your UPS by APC, which makes a great back up power for home.

From the manufacturer

BR1500MS2 Sine Wave UPS

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Premium power protection

BR1500MS2 APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS with Sinewave

These Back-UPS Pro models provide premium battery backup and surge protection that are ideal for home or small office electronics, networking devices, gaming PCs and consoles. APC Back-UPS Pro models provide sinewave output, USB charging ports for your mobile devices (including Type C USB), and increased runtime for your critical electronics.

Smartphone and tablet plugged into the APC Back-UPS Pro in a home office

APC Back-UPS front and back view

Where to use an APC Back-UPS Pro BR Series UPS

Computer Icon

At your Desk

Give yourself the time to save documents and gracefully shut down your computer without the harsh impact on your electronics of sudden power loss

Game Console Icon

Gaming System

A sinewave UPS is ideal for high-end gaming PC’s, Xbox and PS4 Consoles, and connected hard-drives. Keep streaming and gaming when the lights go out

Wireless Router & IOT Devices Icon

Wireless Router & IOT Devices

If the power goes out, stay connected to the internet and keep wifi-connected smarthome devices working by connecting your modem/wifi router to a UPS


Television and Cablebox/DVR

Don’t lose your DVR recordings when the power flickers. A connected cable/satelite box will continue recording, even when the house is dark

A UPS for Every SmartHome

Internet of Things

Every connected SmartHome needs a UPS to help keep your wifi on and available, so that your SmartHome stays, well – smart!

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Can you adjust the alarm settings or totally disable the alarm?

Yes, UPS’s that are connected to computers can have their sensitivity settings adjusted in the PowerChute software; also you can specify what hours you want to disable the alarm, if desired. The alarm ‘mode’ can be set via the power button.

Is PowerChute software required to use this UPS? Will load-time and other data be visible on LCD without this software?

The BR1500MS2 Back-UPS Pro can be used out of the box (once the battery is connected), and the LCD screen will display the full array of information offered. The PowerChute software provides additional data and settings for your UPS.

How do you turn off the alarm?

The Back-UPS Pro model provides a button on the front that can mute any audible alarm caused by an event.

How long will this UPS power my system when the power goes out?

The runtime of any UPS will vary based on the amount of power required by your the devices plugged into the battery backup outlets. In the PowerChute Software, you can see ‘Estimated Battery Time’ based on the power-draw of your connected devices.

Does BR1500MS2 have a replaceable battery?

When it’s time to refresh the battery, APC offers a User-replaceable battery for model BR1500MS2 under part # APCRBC163 (sold separately). Depending on usage, a UPS battery typically lasts for 3-5 years before needing to be replaced.

Additional information

Weight 27.6 kg
Dimensions 14.49 × 3.94 × 10.24 cm
Product Dimensions

14.49 x 3.94 x 10.24 inches

Item Weight

27.6 pounds





Item model number


Date First Available

September 15 2020

Country of Origin




10 reviews for APC UPS 1500VA Sine Wave UPS Battery Backup, BR1500MS2 Backup Battery Power Supply with AVR, (2) USB Charger Ports

  1. Jimmy James

    Very good so farPurchased this unit to provide UPS power to the network and video side of my AV system which had outgrown a 600 watt unit that was not sine wave output. This is still not true UPS power. There is switching time involved to go from utility to battery power, in the 10millisecond range. A true UPS that APC also sells is 4 to 5 times the price of this one and thats just entry level. Also that type of unit is bound to output some noise and heat. APC’s published specs in that regard are not accurate as this unit and smaller ones are stated to output 45db of noise at one meter. Mine have been dead quiet in normal operation. Have not measured noise on battery. Dont care. I got this unit and the other one just like it that I just ordered for the audio side of my AV system to ride through the more and more frequent (were talking every other day) momentary power outages that I am experiencing. Lived in the same house 32 years with a substation just around the corner. The utility has spent millions on tree trimming around lines, installing smart meters and upgrading their eqpt in the substn and the glitches keep getting worse. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with one of their engineers and he had no answers. Their long term outages have gotten less severe but the momentary outages continue to get worse. So I just ordered my second one of these (3 year warranty by the way) and will probably have to purchase another one for my cable modem and router which is on another one of those 600watt cheapy units with some age on it. Update. Just got 3rd one of these and if I saw this before, I forgot. It has a faulty wiring light that lit up when I plugged it into a receptacle in my home office. Further investigation with a Fluke DMM revealed 50 to 60 volts between neutral and ground. Not good. Gonna cost me money but have to get it fixed to use this UPS in that space and it’s needs to be fixed period. Good news bad news sort of thing but glad the UPS told me before something bad happened. Continue to be impressed with these units. Did have a power glitch the other day and my 65″ Sony picture almost went out but not quite B4 the APC switched to battery. Also, these units and some other APC UPS units have a silence button that you can press for a few seconds during start up so that when the power glitches or goes out completely in the middle of the night, there will be no beeping to wake you up. (Update: this feature does not work on at least one of my 3 units. Storms rolling thru and we just had a power failure that lasted less than a minute and one of my units in home theater was beeping VERY LOUD, may require a call to APC to see whats what).That feature alone is going to make me buy 2 more APC UPS’s, one for my cable moden/router and 1 for my power recliners. Thats right. Ever thought about what you will do if the power goes out when you are in your power recliner?

  2. J.Simmons

    Works but has one minor issueGot the APC setup. Macintosh plugged in. Audio speakers and so on plugged in. Went to use the USB C port on the front of the device. The port is broken. Cable will not click in and stay in, none of the cables I’ve used on it will stay into the port. Devices will not recharge from it. USB A port works fine.Other than that minor issue. The system works. Battery backup is working as advertised. Simulated a power outage and everything stayed powered up as it should. So 4 stars because of the broken port in the front. I own two of these now. One from 2019 and now this one 2022. The 2019 one is being used for the home entertainment system in the living room. The 2022 one is for use in the computer room/study

  3. JimBob-53

    Using with portable generatorI have used APC UPS of various models for many, many years. They have always performed as expected. I currently have the Back-UPS Pro BR1500MS2 and it works perfectly. I’m writing this review not so much so about the UPS, but more for information on what to expect if using this UPS with a portable generator. I am an IT Senior Systems Engineer working from home for the last year or so due to Covid. I have a very highend computer system thus the reason I am using the BR1500MS2. My system draws around 450-500 watts constantly and this UPS supports it just fine. Ok, now on to my point. I live in Colorado and if you remember we recently had a very bad wind storm which knocked out power to most of us in central Colorado for several days. After the second day of no power and no heat (house was 39 degrees). I was pretty much forced to obtain a portal generator. This generator was a highend 8650 Watts from a reputable company. Generator performed as expected – Frig is working, got coffee, have some heat – all good. BTW we were without utility power for 8 days. Wife is happy again, so now it is time to get the computer system and network back on up and running. Here is where you need to be AWARE of using a UPS with Generator Power. I plugged the UPS in to the generator power. Turned on the UPS and after a few seconds, the UPS started to cycle from Gen Power to Battery Power back and forth. That’s strange, what could be wrong. Well, it wasn’t the input voltage from the Generator – Checked it to be 115v continuous, but UPS still cycling. AH HA, it was the input frequency. The UPS is rated as input frequency to be 60 +/- 3hz. The display on the UPS indicated it was receiving 63hz. So apparently, the Generator was outputting just a hair outside the 60 +/- 3hz range of the UPS specs and causing the UPS to cycle into and out of battery mode. Obviously, it was designed to do this. Ok, unplug all of the stuff from the UPS and plug into generator power and all is good. I need to talk with the generator manufacture on getting the output frequency adjusted no doubt. Sorry for all of the blah, blah, but I wanted to set the expectations if you have an operating environment where you must use a UPS with generator power, you may find yourself in a situation where things may not work as expected due to input/output thresholds of your equipment. Oh, and by the way, the generator manufacture said the Gen was operating within their specs 60hz +/- 3hz. Apparently the UPS or GEN is not exactly within specs.

  4. R. Witt

    I think it’s a great UPS, but the batteries may have issuesBought the BR1500MS2 Backups Pro to replace my BR1500G Backups Pro … which is a great UPS, but does not provide the true sine wave battery backup that my new computer needs. Got the MS2, put it into service, the battery would charge up to 97% fairly quickly, then spend the rest of the day slowly creeping up to 99% of charge. The charge function ran continuously. Shut down for the night, boot back up in the morning, the self-test it does on startup knocked 5% off the battery charge. Same fairly quick progression to 97% charge as the previous day, then all day to get to 99%. Rinse, repeat.The UPS supports up to 900W, my computer, monitor and sound system typically take 162W – 182W when loafing along, maxing out at 468W when playing a video game … all well within the capabilities of the UPS. They warn against a laser printer, but I don’t have one, I have an inkjet … plus it was never run during the first several days of trouble shooting. During this time, the only load on the battery was for the startup self-tests and a couple of self-tests I initiated with their PowerChute Personal Edition software that allows you to interface with the UPS via your computer.After contacting tech support and determining all the potential problems that were not happening, they shipped me a new UPS (not just a new battery as I was expecting). Got the new UPS out of the box, shipped the old one back (free shipping) … but saw the same problems as with the first UPS. The charger runs continuously. Self-test knocks 5% off the batter charge, a temporary power flicker (under 1 second) that causes a switch to the battery knocks 1% off the battery charge. After getting to 97% charge, it spends the rest of the day getting to 99%.Tech support was decent, we did a bunch of trouble shooting to determine what was not the problem. The replacement UPS arrived quickly, but it has the same issue. Which is kind of mind boggling … unless they have a bad lot of batteries. The behavior I’m observing is along the line of a bad lead-acid battery, rather than a problem with the UPS itself … but I can’t confirm that with absolute certainty.Bottom line, right now, until APC figures out what the problem is and fixes it … either with the batteries or with the UPS or possibly both, I can’t recommend buying this hardware. If the battery gets fixed (if that’s the issue) the UPS itself seems pretty solid, on par with the 1500G it replaced. My old UPS is solid, unfortunately it is not a true sine wave backup power supply and is not suitable for my new computer.After shipping the first UPS back and having the replacement UPS installed, APC sent me an email to see if the problem was resolved. They said the issue would automatically close after 24 hours, but it took longer than that to check out the replacement. Regardless, I responded back that the new UPS had the same issues and that I hoped they would discover what the problem was, fix it, then replace the defective hardware I currently have. To date, I have not heard from them again, by now, the first UPS should have arrived at their warehouse … but testing, identifying the problem and a fix may take a bit longer. So I can’t say they are ignoring me, but it would be nice to know they are working on the problem.Again, for now, I would hold off buying this hardware until they have resolved the problem. 15 May 2022.

  5. Brando

    Don’t connect the Coax for your Internet into this Backup it will slow down your internet speedThe product overall works well. However, I ran my internet coax cable through it as directed and it knocked my internet speed down to 20% of the actual speed. I had the cable guy run tests and once we connected the modem directly to the cable coming from my wall and by passed the Backup unit it went from 130 mbps download speed to 760 mbps

  6. mastermalone

    Power when you need it mostI bought this unit to keep my PC and internet connection going in the event that a sudden blackout occurs. Here where I live, we get blackouts from time to time for various reasons. Hot summer days where lots of ACs are running can result in loss of power and loss of work if my PC goes down. I’m a software engineer who works from home so losing potentially unsaved work could ruin my day, especially if I was in the middle of implementing a solution and suddenly the PC turns off.Obviously, I could work using a laptop and avoid situations like this but I build PCs with lots more performance than any laptop could every provide. When I’m running local servers and clients that are data intense, this power comes in handy. The laptop I was using could not keep up with the number of processes I wanted to run. But here’s where this UPS comes in. I had two instances where the power failed and the PC shut off causing me to lose unsaved work.I had this UPS on a third instance. I heard the fans from this unit kick on which startled me at first. I looked over to the side where the unit is located and saw the meters glowing, letting me know that with all the stuff I had plugged into it I had 90 minutes of power left. That’s plenty of time for me to wrap up my work, commit it to source control and be rest assured that nothing will be lost. I have two of my three monitors plugged into it, the eero main hub for internet and my PC.I was able continue working effectively thanks to this unit. If you’re like me and you don’t want to be without internet, PC or whatever powered device that needs to be plugged in for extended periods of time, get one of these to ensure you stay connected and productive.

  7. Jon – Life from my wheelchair.

    Very capable. Got for my new desktop PC.One neat feature is a light on the back that alerts you to a faulty outlet that this unit plugs into.For example the outlet I plugged into to charge the batteries with, had the hot and neutral wires reversed. While yes the outlet still works and does have a ground. It was wired wrong and could cause issues.The display is very easy to read. Nice large display.The set up is a snap. Really the side has a giant sticker that says how to connect the batteries before using.The unit is very heavy as to be expected with the 2 12 volt batteries in it. Mind you that they are compact in size, but still heavy.The rear plug or socket options are clearly marked.Excellent condition when arrived. The unit appeared to be Brand New. Not that it shouldn’t be.I bought this due to my old PC biting the dust when we had a power surge/outage. Most of the time no problems. But it only takes one time.Since I was buying a much more capable desktop, I decided it was time to better protect it.Intel 12th generation i9 16 Core CPU.EVGA Gold Plus PSU 850 Watts.EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti.32 Gb DDR4 Ram.3 fan Arctic Freeze II AIO Liquid Cooler.XPG Case.I use 3 monitors.These and only these are connected to my UPS. It shows 124 Minutes of discharge time when testing on battery backup.This has more horsepower than I might need but I rather go to much than not enough and it allows me to add to my setup if needed.I highly recommend this of you are a Twitch broadcaster like me, or a gamer or just live in a location like I do where power goes out randomly year round.I also use a power strip that offers its own basic level protections. And one Tripp Light surge protector Isobar 2 socket style where the PC plugs into.Also the UPS should be directly plugged into the wall socket. No extension cord. It has a 15 foot cord built in.Good luck with your UPS needs.

  8. JWINK

    Solid battery backupI have had an APC battery backup (the XS1500) for 14 years and 4 batteries later, so I am pretty sold on APC’s lasting for a while. I decided to get this one because I needed something to backup and protect a digital recorder for a security camera system. While this one isn’t as powerful as my venerable XS1500, I didn’t need anything more powerful than this to allow me time to shut down the recorder system until power is restored. Probably my biggest complaint with APC is the cost to replace their batteries, which usually are needed in the 3-to-5-year range, especially when they just slap a sticker over other brands and claim them as their own.It is easy to get this setup, just plug in the hot wire and it is good to go. It has a good clear and easily readable display that shows the needed information and, in my case, when the battery is bad, since I don’t have this connected to a computer. The are plenty of plugs, both surge and battery backup protected. I basically have a monitor, switch and the security camera recorder connected, but I have space for plenty more if I need.Overall, this is a solid battery backup as most APC’s are. Other than the expense of the replacement batteries, this is worth the cost.4 stars

  9. christopher

    GoodFixed my random pc shut offs. Sine wave for performance pcs.

  10. Rak

    Perfect UPSVery easy to connect the battery. the front usb charging port is also very nice.

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