Android TV 10.0, Mini Projector Native 1080P, ETOE D2 Pro Video Movie Projector with Prime Video, Netflix-Certified, 5000+ Apps,

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Hardware Interface USB
Mounting Type Tabletop Mount
Brand etoe
Wattage 57 watts
Controller Type Remote Control

  • 【Notice】1. Bluetooth is only for Android TV built-in. 2. To make a louder sound, please adjust the sound to the maximum in both the projector system and the Android TV system.
  • 【Android TV 10.0 & 5000+ Apps】This mini video projector goes one step further to bring home more entertainment through the Android TV OS. Easily stream 700,000+ movies and shows, live sports and news, or your favorite music from Apps on Google Play such as Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, Disnesy+, Spotify, and other 5000+ Apps.
  • 【1080P Remarkable Clarity & Chromecast built-in】Designed with native Full HD, 150 ANSI, it showcases details more vividly and supports playing 4K videos. (We suggest you use this projector in a dim light room). With Chromecast built-in, media casting from Android or iOS devices to the wifi projector becomes hassle-free.
  • 【Picture Correction & 120” Big Screen Experience】No need to place the video projector in the center for a square picture! The digital KEYSTONE allows the correction of the tilted image. Get your extensive screen experience (40″~ 120”, and 100” is recommended) right now! You can also adjust the projection size without moving it with the digital ZOOM(50 ~ 100%).
  • 【Dust Proof & Multi Compatibility】Get a black spot on the projected picture? ETOE engineers a fully-sealed optical engine that dust would never go behind the lens, promising a long time service life. This home theater projector is compatible with TV Stick/Box, laptops, MacBooks, tablets, smartphones, PS5/PS4, X-Box ONE, USB drivers, etc. You can use it for fun game times with friends or family members.
  • 【12-Month Limited Warranty】Please contact us directly if there’s any problem, and we will help you solve it.


Product Description



Convenient Google Assistant

With the Google Assistant, searching become easier. Press the button and say anything you want to search.


4P+4D Keystone

4-direction and 4-point correction help you adjust the projected screen to a well-balanced projection.


The Bigger, The Better

Scale up your screen up to 40, 100, or 200 inches (100” is recommended and we suggest using it in dim light), making it much more customizable.


Multi Compatibility Support

Compatible with many wired devices, and also compatible with Laptops, tablets, and smartphones cast via Chromecast (Wireless connection).

Why does the sound is still too low after adjusting volume in both of the two systems?

Please upgrade the firmware to the latest one and adjust in the personal mode to get a louder sound. Check the [ Installation Manual (PDF) ] from the [ Product guides and documents] on the listing page.

Why can’t I connect the Bluetooth speaker to the projector?

Connect the Bluetooth in the Andorid TV system.


Native Resolution 1080p
Brightness 150 ANSI lumens
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Aspect Ratio Default 16:9; Optional 16:10/4:3
Throw Ratio 1.18:1
Focus Mode Manual Focus
Projection Ways Front / Desk / Rear / Ceiling Mounted
Keystone Correction ±45° Digital Keystone Correction
Interface USB*1, HDMI*1, AV&Audio Out*1, DC 19V in*1
Light Source LED
Power Consumption 57W (Max)
Support Musix Format MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, EAC3
Support Video Format MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, MPG, MOV

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Weight 2.2 kg
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Item Weight

2.2 pounds

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Special Features

Video Projector for Netflix Projector with Google Play 1080p projector with Android TV10.0





Date First Available

July 5 2022



6 reviews for Android TV 10.0, Mini Projector Native 1080P, ETOE D2 Pro Video Movie Projector with Prime Video, Netflix-Certified, 5000+ Apps,

  1. NYC Gal Out☆

    Projector Set up was easy if you’re familiar with the Android OS, especially if you have an Android TV (which I do). Works great in the dark, as all projectors do. I did noticed that the sound was low, but I saw that the seller actually addresses this on the product page itself – after figuring it out, when I was on Android TV mode, I was able to raise the volume to 100, and it sounded decent. If you have speakers, you can pair it with Bluetooth, which I also have. It’s small and sturdy… I know because I was sitting on my porch and dropped this on to concrete right out of the box, and there was absolutely no damage at all. Even the remote reminds me of my Android smart TV. The streaming apps work the same way, you can install an app from the Google Play store, and there’s pre-installed apps already too.

  2. Yvonne Fagan

    Finally a powerful and affordable Android TV Projector!I’ve been wanting an Android TV 10 Projector for the longest because the previous one that I own was Android 9.0 and could not support the latest streaming services and Netflix & Hulu support was abysmal. I scoured Amazon for a suitable replacement but some either didn’t support Android TV 10 or it was extremely expensive.For around $200 you get a projector that supports every major streaming service seamlessly, is portable, and can install updates via the ETOE website. This let’s me know that this is a product that can last for years on top of the exceptional customer support. It would be nice if it had its own built-in battery or a carrying case like my last projector but other than that it’s still a perfect little projector I’d recommend to anyone for the price and functionality!

  3. Aaron

    solid resolution for home theaterAlways wanted to get a projector for my daughter’s playroom. I actually did not have a high expectation for this product at this price level until I tried it. Small size but has solid image quality. I just used a side of the wall to test the quality. Looks like there is no need to get a screen for this one. It works well with my roof speakers. Movie night is on!

  4. Paul R.

    In its niche, it’s very goodIn the world of under $300 LED projectors the consumer is definitely winning. As I write this, *native* 1080p is becoming the standard (many with 4k downscaling) –settle for nothing less, and brightness and sharpness keep getting better. Wait a year and things will be even better. But if you’re not ready to wait you’ll find this projector fits a certain niche very nicely. That niche is an under ten feet projection distance with a reasonably (but not exceptionally so) bright picture, good sharpness and a host of options that should keep most people happy. Those options include automatic vertical (digital) keystone correction that maintains image quality, manual digital keystone correction both vertically and horizontally, a good range of zooming, image rotation, and unusual in my experience: the option to set color temperature at the separate RGB level. This last feature is not documented on this site or in the user manual. I discovered it just by trying button sequences on the remote.I’d limit expected use of this projector to about ten feet, preferably a little less, because it’s not as bright as many I’m seeing these days. It’s rated at 150 ANSI lumens (Not to be compared directly with “lumens” alone, where claims are currently hitting 12,000). The first picture I’ve attached is the image projected by this projector on the left, and that of a claimed 700 ANSI lumens competitor on the right. It’s easy to see that the 700 is much brighter for the same size image. The projectors were about nine feet from the wall. Today the 700 projector costs more than twice as much (and includes Android 9.0 with its advantages/disadvantages). Pay more, get more, if you shop carefully. But I repeat, this projector is fully capable of giving you a decent image at under ten feet.I got this projector in large part because of its digital keystone correction. As I write, this capability is beginning to appear in under $150 projectors. I need the broader range (+/- 30 degrees or more, vertical and horizontal) that digital keystone correction provides, over the +/-15 degrees vertical only provided by optical correction that also gives very unsatisfying results in all the projectors I’ve analyzed. The corrected images remain sharp even with significant degrees of correction. And the vertical correction is done automatically, and it works very well.I’ve included pictures of some of the options screens so you can see the range of options available to you.Things that could be improved: -*– The remote needs to be aimed carefully at the back of the projector (no front IR sensor) and it can miss button presses on occasion if your aim isn’t close enough. -*– There’s no lens cap. -*– There’s no case.I have not tested any of the casting (WiFi or Bluetooth) options. I have no need for them. I’ll be using direct HDMI connection, which does work fine.*In its limited range niche*, this is a five star projector, but again, beware it’s not the brightest amongst its competitors. Its size, the convenient handle, and the useful range in a smaller setting make this a good deal at its price point.

  5. Kevin

    Love itVery nice picture quality and the price point is pretty decent, with features like Google play and adding any other streaming apps to the box. The setup was very quick and did it with ease with my android phone. Not sure how fast it will be with an IOS device. Tested on the ceiling because my 100 inch screen had not came in the mail yet. The picture is very clear and goes up to 4k. I do believe its only the apps that support the 4k, I will have to test that later. The pictures you see are 1080p and didn’t disappoint at all. I’ve had other projectors and this is by far the best one. The projector also has an HDMI to add a ps5 or Xbox X to it. So not only does it function solo you can what ever HDMI product you want to it. This projector has Android TV as the OS, so you can image what type of other apps you can app to this device. This projector does have the ability to connect to blue speakers and headphones. It does not support dolby atmos or dolby digital.I love it how compact it is and the brightness is very good at night. The kids enjoy very much. I had no issue connecting to my android phone and casting YouTube with no problem. It’s a great all in one projector.SpeakerIn-built Speakers are not super loud. The settings show supports some type of output but its looks only line in. I’m sure if there might be some adapters that could be rigged to the projector to output higher level sound. I tried to send a video but I’m unable to do so because it’s too large.I would highly recommend this product.

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