Amcrest 4K 8CH POE NVR (1080p/3MP/4MP/5MP/8MP) POE Network Video Recorder – Supports up to 8 x 8MP/4K IP Cameras, 8-Channel

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Connectivity Technology Ethernet
Brand Amcrest
Memory Storage Capacity 6 TB
Hard Disk Size 2 TB
Number of Channels 8

  • Amcrest’s NV4108E-A2 8CH POE NVR comes with a Pre-Installed 2TB Hard Drive (Supports hard drives up to 10TB) while Featuring 8CH Recording & Live View in Up to 8MP/4K Resolution @ Real-Time 30fps. Playback 8-Channel @1080p(30fps)/4-Channel @4MP(30fps)/2-Channel @4K(30fps). This NVR is designed and recommended for Amcrest branded cameras only. Limited functionality and restricted support for third party cameras.
  • Advanced H.265 compression technology lets you save on storage space which allows for longer recording times. H.265 technology compresses your video without sacrificing any of the UltraHD video quality. Intelligent search, playback, and backup functions provide enhanced ease of use and security (for example, motion detection events and exact search functions that are accurate to one second).
  • Supports AI Features from AI IP Cameras, AI features available depend on the camera model being used. Only Supports 2CH AI Cameras at 4K@30fps. No built-in AI Features on NVR. Connects to and manages all the POE IP cameras on your network directly through their ethernet cables for ultimate ease and convenience in a home security system.
  • Max 80Mbps Incoming Bandwidth, records 8 cameras @ 4K using H.264. Records 8 cameras @ 4K by changing default settings from H.264 to H.265 and adjusting bit rate to 1792 on each camera for maximum optimization. Conveniently packaged with extras such as USB mouse, network cable, and quick start guide.
  • Includes USB backup feature for peace of mind. All systems CE & FCC certified with UL compliant power supplies. Guaranteed for a Full Year from purchase with US Support and US Warranty offered exclusively by Amcrest.
SKU: B07S96G4Y3


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Weight 5.71 kg
Dimensions 14.7 × 12 × 4.6 cm
Package Dimensions

14.7 x 12 x 4.6 inches

Item Weight

5.71 pounds





Date First Available

May 23 2019

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10 reviews for Amcrest 4K 8CH POE NVR (1080p/3MP/4MP/5MP/8MP) POE Network Video Recorder – Supports up to 8 x 8MP/4K IP Cameras, 8-Channel

  1. Kyaw K. Htut

    Superb Tech Support.My email alert stopped working suddenly after almost a year of working without any problem. Setup was checked and remained the same as described in instruction. Spent an hour of troubleshooting on the firmware. Finally, I called 713-893-8956 and sought help from Gary, who spoke with a slight Indian accent. I gave him access to my computer through the Remote app. He tried my settings first. Still failed email tests. Then he changed the Port and Encrypt Type from 465/SSL to 587/TLS. Immediately, it works again! The tech support is incredible and pain-free. *****

  2. Tim

    8-port model can only support about 5 POE cameras! (See response from Amcrest)I noticed this paragraph in the Amcrest Quick Start guide:”The power consumption of a single POE camera is around 15.4W. The power consumption of asingle POE+ camera is around 25.5W. If the NVR’s POE or POE+ power consumption has beenreached, there are a few options that can be used; the additional cameras can be power via anadditional POE+ network switch or by using the included power supply.”So this negates getting an 8-port NVR that supplies power to cameras if I can only use 5 POE cameras, before having to purchase POE injectors of running additional power to the cameras. NOTE that Amcrest Support wrote a comment below that the NVR has enough power for 8 POE cameras.The interface is a bit clunky, too. A software engineer would probably love to re-write and standardize the interface.

  3. jswest

    Excellent Camera System – Excellent Customer Support by Benjamin.SI have used Amcrest products for years. They are better than the competition and the fact that you can call a customer support rep who knows the product and can help is invaluable.Highly Recommend. Just spoke with Benjamin S. who helped me with everything.I am 100% satisfied with Amcrest products and support.

  4. Maria Rosa

    Best cameras i know.I bought 8 channel nvr with 4 cameras – 1 ptz, 1 bullet camera and 2 domes. The items are costly and had to buy one at a time. But it’s all worth the sacrifice. Installation was simple and straightforward, the camera picture quality is exceedingly good. Still learning how to make full use of the system but each time I look at the display I feel happy that my money has been spent well. I commend amcrest for fine quality products.

  5. Malibu Man

    Helpful Tech Support if you have problemsThe instructions for the NVR are not the most intuitive and one item is when setting up the NVR it will ask for a Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS. I got stopped here until I found via search to enter for Preferred DNS and for Alternate DNS. I have the Amcrest WiFi cameras already connected to the app and they work fine but I could not connect them to the NVR. I contacted support and Jared was very patient helping me. The first issue was my password for the NVR contained special characters which it does not like so avoid them. After a bunch of steps we were able to reset the password and then I had to do the same thing with each camera and reset those passwords. He was able to connect to my laptop and configure the camera’s through the web app which is much easier than the NVR screen. I’m still working on adding additional camera’s so I will see how it goes but right now I will give 4 stars because the support was helpful during our 45 minute call which gives me confidence if there are other issues Amcrest will be there to help me through the problems. This is my first NVR so I can’t compare to other but overall it’s not too bad as long as you take my advice on the passwords.

  6. avid reader

    Just wish I’d purchased the 16 port now.Plugged it in and working with 3 different ONVIF cameras almost immediately. Glad we made the decision. POE has excellent long distance power. 250+ feet.

  7. Silence

    Amcrest fanI’ve tried several poe cams etc. Amcrest has made it fairly easy and so far so good. I’m not voting on motion as one cam is mounted on a tower and other have vegetation nearby. I bought a 6 TB skyhawk hd and leave it recording 24/7. So far, GOOD! *I apologize if I double posted. I meant to add TB instead of GB but not sure if this is correcting or reposting (kind of confusing, Amazon).

  8. Craig

    Great tech supportHad some initial problems with setting up my new system but Jared in tech support was fantastic and talked me through the promblems. Now it works great.

  9. Aiden P

    Do not trust this seller – selling used equipment as newtl;dr – Company shipped an open-box return as a new item. Was missing HD mounting screws, and the previous owner had changed the admin password. At the time of this review, I have not been able to get the password reset.edit: Customer service is unable to reset the password and says to send it back. The company who makes the device (who claim to be affiliated with the seller) say that this is an amazon problem, that they ask that all returns be sent back to them but amazon does not comply. I’d take that with a grain of salt, myself, but that’s their position. It’s not their fault, there’s nothing they can do about it.Longer version:So my company has been having some real problems with theft of tools and metal products. We’ve decided to install a surveillance system to try to see where the stuff is going. I bought this item as it appeared to meet my needs (IP cameras, POE, remote monitoring/alerts).When I opened it up, I noticed that the shiny plastic surfaces didn’t have the removable protective plastic that you normally see even on cheap imported electronics. No big deal, I thought – some companies don’t use it, and I don’t care if it gets a little scratched anyhow.So I go to install the hard-drive. For budget reasons, I bought a 4TB WD Purple, this was lucky, as the manual says that it only accepts 4TB drives, despite the amazon page saying it takes 6TB drives. I can’t comment on which is the truth. When I turned the device upside down, I noticed that there were shiny circles around the holes where the HD mounting screws bite into the metal. ‘No problem’, I assumed, they probably connect a HD during QC, maybe they screw it in for some reason?I open the unit and go to install my HD inside. ‘Hunh, they didn’t include a set of screws to install the drive. That’s weird, the manual says four are included.’. Luckily, I have a box of such parts at home. Unluckily, I’m not at home. I make the 45 minute round trip and retrieve the screws.Hard-drive mounted, I plug the device into a monitor, connect the mouse and cameras and fire her up – ready to start configuring the cameras. Now, the manual says that the first thing that will happen is that a popup will appear asking me to change the password. This does not happen. ‘No biggie,’ I think to myself. Sometimes these manuals are written about obsolete firmware. I’ll just find the option to set a new admin PW,And I can’t log in. None of the default passwords work. I try variations on capitalization, try to connect to the default user account, nothing. It begins to dawn on me. This is a used device. Someone bought this, plugged it in, and changed the default password. They didn’t like the device for some reason and returned it. The company, being both unethical and incompetent simply sent the device back out to another customer. They didn’t bother to do a factory reset, they didn’t bother to make sure the device worked, and they didn’t bother to make sure that all the accessories that are meant to be included were included.I tried to navigate the password reset feature with the manufacturer, but their phone tech support person asked me to call back (long story) and when I did two minutes later the company had closed for the day. So now we have no security system for at least overnight, maybe for the whole weekend. That’s the level of quality you can expect from this seller – I would suggest buying from anyone else.

  10. Cliente de Amazon

    Graba a 4K pero no reproduce!Compre el articulo para poder grabar los videos de un par de camaras 4K tambien de Amcrest: IP8M-T2499EW y IP8M-2597EB-28MM. Sin embargo cual fue mi desagradable sorpresa de que puede grabar los videos 4K, sin emabrgo no puede reproducirlos. Describo mi experiencia con el producto a continuacion:- Puede grabar a 4K (como lo indica), pero a la hora de intentar reproducir los videos grabbados, resulta que no se pueden visualizar a traves de las aplicaciones ni del NVR, debido a que la capacidad de procesamiento no alcanza para ello. Hazme el favor!!!! Intenté hacer la reproduccion a traves de las multiples aplicaciones disponibles en diferentes computadoras, pero la aplicacion se cierra al reproducir solo uno de los videos almacenados en el NVR.Antes de tener el NVR, yo tenia la captura en la memoria de la camara y desde ahi podia reproducir los videos, con algo de latencia pero funcionaba, sin embargo, con el NVR ya no es posible. La unica manera de reproducir es bajando la calidad de los videos grabados y solo asi se pueden reproducir desde el NVR. Por si las dudas, estuve navegando en la pagina del fabricante donde mas de una persona se ha quejado por esta situacion y en algunos casos devolvieron el producto, en mi caso, aun sigo evaluando el conservarlo o definitivamente devolverlo, ya que simplemente no me es funcional de esta manera.- Es muy ruidoso. Tiene un pequeño ventilador que hace bastante ruido. Lo coloque en la sala donde tengo la TV principal y ahi conecte el NVR para poder monitorear las camara a traves de la TV, sin emabrgo el ruido que hace el ventilador es bastante alto, como para tener una estancia tranquila como solia ser, trate de coultarlo tras la TV y ahorar unos metros de cable, pero aun así, el ruido es bastante.- No venia con el CD de los programas, aun cuando la pagina de Amazon y la caja indican que si viene. Al parecer no es mucho problema por que puedes descargar varias aplicaciones de la pagina del fabricante, aunque tampoco es la idea andar buscando el software, cuando se dice que viene incluido.- Su interface no es nada amigable y es muy dificil de configurar si no eres una persona que le guste andar buscandole a estos menesteres electronicos. Resulta que el fabricante cuenta con varias aplicaciones que puedes emplear para la administracion del NVR y de las camaras. SIN EMBARGO, resulta que no todas las opciones de configuracion y visualizacion estan diponibles en todas las aplicaciones, es decir, en una aplicacion viene algunas opciones de configuracion que no vienen en otras, por lo que debes instalar varias (en mi caso son 3, desconozco si haya mas…) para poder administrar en su totalidad los equipos. Y si no eres una persona familiarizada tanto con la administracion de equipos de este tipo, seguro vas a tardar en poder administrar correctamente y sacarle jugo a lo que tienes.- No apta para trabajar de forma profesional. En mi caso lo compre para administrar dos camaras que permiten monitorear el frente de mi casa, sin embargo, se nota muuucho, que no tiene la capacidad suficiente para poder administrar mas equipos en 4K, si tu idea es administrar mas de 2 camaras 4k, buscale por otro lado. Con camaras de menor capacidad, no creo que tengas problema, el desempeño paraece no tan malo.- El PoE funciona bien, otra de las razones por las que encargue el equipo.En definitiva NO RECOMIENDO ESTE PRODUCTO dada sus limitadas capcidades.

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