[2-Way Audio 8CH Expandable] 4K PoE Security Camera System,8 Ports PoE NVR with 4Pcs 5MP IP Security Camera for Outdoor,

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Model Name PK01B-POE-4XAM
Connectivity Technology Wired
Special Feature HD resolution, local recording, night vision, 2-way audio, Anti-vandal detection

  • 📺【2 Way Audio & NVR 8 Channel】2K PoE security camera system Support up to 8 channel poe security camera outdoor with 2 Way Audio, AI humanoid detection, motion sensor, floodlight, siren, APP notification, color night vision, Outdoor, Indoor functions to protect your family and property. Search Asin : B0998L5X74
  • 🧖‍♀️【AI Human Detection】With the help of advanced recognition algorithms, It will send notifications in real time once detect abnormal actions. Compared with the traditonal PIR or detection, AI Human Detection can avoid 99% False Alarm by leaves, cloud, animals or insects.
  • 🌈【Floodlight & Siren Scare Away Intruder】The poe security camera system will switch on ultra bright floodlight once human detected and siren will also switch on to scare intruders away before they get into your house. This ip security camera system also has face detection function.
  • 🖥【Mobile Remote Viewing】Connect the NVR to the home router via Ethernet cable provided, then download free app into your mobile device. This video recorder system supports video preview, recording, sync-playback, backup, motion detection, and email alarm. You can remote access simultaneously on smart devices(IOS、Android) at any time, anywhere. You’ll never miss out on a moment with remote and local playback, no matter where you are.
  • 💿【Built in 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive】– Support ultra-long continuous recording and backup by USB. NVR can be set to automatically overwrite the oldest internally stored footage or you can transfer those video files by USB to a memory stick or external hard Drive.



Product Description

PoE security camera system

Surveillance DVR Kits, Easy Remote View

What is PoE technology?

Power over Ethernet,just an Ethernet cable connecting the outdoor IP camera and the home security NVR system,Power supply,audio and video signal transmission without hassle.

What can PoE technology bring you?

Plug and Play PoE System:The 4K NVR 8 integrated Power-over-Ethernet(PoE) ports come with 4 pcs 2K PoE IP cameras,4 x 70ft Ethernet cable, and 1 power adapter, just connect the NVR system to the outdoor IP cameras with a Ethernet cable as instruction,recording and live views can be seen within seconds via an HDMI monitor.

Flexible Installation Position:Support up to 330ft Ethernet cable via Cat6 cable and 262ft via Cat5 Cable,no extra power outlet and adapter are needed for the IP camera,you can install the outdoor cameras almost everywhere in you house like barn,warehouse,garage etc.

High Quality Transmission:With PoE technology,the camera security system transmit stable signal. A strong digital signal transmits 3MP high-definition image via Ethernet cable.Users never have to worry about video loss by walls or distance with wifi system.

security camera system

8CH Expandable Security Camera System, with Latest Function Suitable for Indoor Outdoor

  • AI Human and Motion Detection, Dual Sensor to Avoid 90% Useless False Alert.
  • 1. Siren Alarm: Besides motion activated, the IP camera built in PIR (Passive Infrared Detector)sensor, dual sensor detection. Once human body detected, will make very loud siren alarm.
  • 2. Smart Floodlight: Once trigger any suspicious object, ultra-bright floodlight will automatically switch on to scare off intruder (support manual switch on/off floodlight & siren alarm),capture color vision video.
  • 3. APP Notifications: When detect human movements, you will receive notification on your phone immediately.
  • 4. Email Alert: Will send real time alert email with snapshot to the setup email address, help us to checking unusual motion timely.
  • 5. Real-time Video with Sounds: Can see real-time video and hear audio on local screen, and speak to the camera side with mobile device or computer, monitoring what’s happening.

2K Cameras

Indoor Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System with AI Human Detection

  • NVR Recorder Buzzer: NVR recorder sounds buzzer when human in monitoring areas, a good way to know someone is coming when at home.
  • 2K quality view: Not like other brand, it provides 3MP extremely clear view. For more stable and more clear, you can also connect the TV monitor with NVR by a VGA cord.

2 way audio

2 WAY- AUDIO ( You can not only hearing but also speaking)

  • Two-way Audio: You can immediately talk to the camera-side delivery man, visitors, family, etc. via phone APP. Or to threatening suspicious person near the camera
  • No Distance Limits: Phone APP/computer remote view anywhere, anytime to know live video at home, in office, on business, travel etc.But make sure the system is online to support remote view.
  • Support multiple devices: Android/Iphone, PC, TV, Ipad. Also, you can share your views to your family and friends from anywhere, even on abroad.


Plug & Play CCTV Camera System,Simple Installation and Set UP

  • Easy Set-up: PoE camera and NVR system have already paired before delivery.Only need to connect each IP camera and NVR recorder with the provided Ethernet cable,and Power up the PoE NVR with the provided adapter,connect your monitor and live video syncs to screen Automatically, No extra setup, truly plug & play!
  • Local View:With all set-up done, connect the NVR security system to TV/Monitor with HDMI/VGA cable(not included),then you get instant view on the TV/monitor even without internet,really a plug and play system,easy even for beginners.
  • Remote View:Just hook up the WAN port of NVR to your home router on internet, make sure the system is online.Download our free XMEye Pro APP in your smart devices(Compatible with iPhone/Android Phone,Window/Mac PC),pair the channel ID then you get instant view of what the IP camera is recording or playback the footage easily
  • IP66 Waterproof : The camera is IP66 weather durable metal housing Working indoor and outdoors in -20℃(-4°F) to 60℃(140°F) temperature


Support 8 cameras


IP67 Weatherproof

It works in extreme weather conditions , great choice for outdoor security monitoring.

8 Channel Expandable

Support 8 channel expansion. For adding more cameras, please navigate on your Amazon Page, Simply search ASIN: B0998L5X74

Work With & Without Internet

  • Internet is not necessary If you only want to live view and playback via a monitor/TV
  • Internet connection is required if you want to remote access live videos, replay footage and get motion push notifications on your smartphone or PC

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 cm
Product Dimensions

12 x 12 x 15 inches

Item Weight

3.3 pounds





Item model number


Date First Available

July 13 2021

Country of Origin




8 reviews for [2-Way Audio 8CH Expandable] 4K PoE Security Camera System,8 Ports PoE NVR with 4Pcs 5MP IP Security Camera for Outdoor,

  1. Stacy Rect

    All in one package, ready to install. This 5MP POE security system, in my opinion, is a solid security system that can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Despite the fact that the security system is wired, you will not need expert assistance to install it. I was initially concerned about obtaining the right cords, but then I learned that the security system had already taken care of that, as Ethernet cables are included in the package. The package includes four 5MP cameras and an eight-channel NVR, allowing you to add up to four more cameras for more security. Furthermore, the cameras in the bundle include a built-in microphone that allows you to record and listen to the sounds in the vicinity. I don’t need an internet connection to use the cameras because they are waterproof. I can even view the recordings on your smartphone via the company’s app and, if necessary, take a snapshot of them. The video recording quality is quite good, despite the fact that the video compression type is H.265, which means it can record for up to 60 days constantly. To save space, the recordings will be compressed, but the quality of the recordings will not be compromised. The camera lens’ night vision is excellent, with a range of up to 100 feet and the ability to perform in extremely low temperatures. Overall, it was a good buy and it has everything i needed so i don’t have to go out and buy things like harddrive, cables, mounts, etc…

  2. New York made

    Clear video and great features with the app This security system is super high quality. The cameras are all weather proof and the box is super easy to setup and use. It has so many great features like night vision, 2 way audio where you can speak through the cameras which is pretty cool, motion detection amd alerts via the app and so much more. The picture and video quality is crystal clear and it has a wide angle view which is awesome. Very good price and value overall. Definitely recommend this security system


    Really good professional set this security cam set was purchased for small buisness property. This set comes with 8 cams that really do see all on the premises. A feature worthy of mention is that the color and picture display very nicely even at night! They do detect the specifics of human motion as opposed to an animal and when it does the floodlights illuminate the entire area and possibly thwarting a would be criminal. Once this is activated the voice prompt will also initiate and this could be whatever message you want it to be. Recommend a stern warning and mention of law enforcement If you wish to be taken seriously and for legal purposes. In what is probably the most noteworthy feature this set also employs facial recognition technology so even if a suspect backed away you still have a reliable information to be used for legal purposes later . There is also remote viewing and shared viewing with the family. I use it with my wife on our smartphones but also on a large screen in the home office. All together a really solid purchase and plenty of peace of mind.

  4. S. Rice

    Had to upgrade the camera cables. Constant buffering with provided cables.The cameras did not work with provided cables (Cat5). I had to buy Cat6 cables to get them to function. With the cat5 cables the cameras in the app would be in constant buffering mode. The manufacturer needs to upgrade the cables provided with this system so they are plug and play.

  5. J. Warren

    Really nice system My friend just bought a house and I got him this security camera set along with a video doorbell.This set has a lot of cameras so you can double up corners and doors. I explained that you don’t just want high up cameras because then anyone wearing a hat can hide their face. You want some below eye level a bit to catch someone’s face even when they’ve got a hat on.Installation of these will be easy enough – mount the cameras and run the wires. I’ve recommended to my friend using his vinyl siding to hide the wire. I did that with other cameras and it worked well.Overall it’s a comprehensive set – looks really good.

  6. nearmisses

    Nice setup so far.so far,so good. everything worked right out of the box. still need to figure out the review sections. new to all this. good quality. had 2 other people look at what’s setup so far and comment they would like the same in there place. i like that it’s based on facial recognition. i wonder if it can forget the faces of the people it’s protecting and not take pictures of the owners all the time too.

  7. Huntsman

    Is there a better system? I don’t think soThis is everything your going to need to not only Deter criminals but even your so called friends when they come over it keeps them honest and your stuff does not turn up missing.I am so glad and I have had my surveillance system insecurity system for about three years already. The only problem I ever had was a power supply and a camera or two needed to be replaced but that is acceptable to me. Things break but there good at replacing them. Great company if you ask me. Let’s keep it real

  8. Amazon Customer

    AwesomeGreat product great value. Product arrived on time but the CAT 5 wires were defective but I wanted to upgrade to CAT 6 anyway for a more responsive system. I called the manufacturer and the customer service was impeccable, as they kept insisting on fixing the issue though I resisted. They refunded the cost of the cables I purchased through Amazon and the system is top notch. This is the only review I have ever left and that is how impressed that ordeal has left me.

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