Restoring a Tesla Model S with a Chevy Camaro engine

YouTuber Rich Benoit restored a Tesla with Camaro engine. Besides setting up a V-8 engine, he developed an exhaust system, a hands-on transmission, and also extra. Rich Benoit: My name ' s Rich, as well as I run a YouTube network called Rich Rebuilds. There ' s no genuine upgrades for it. " It ' s like, no, no, it was in a flooding. As well as Tesla won ' t offer you batteries and also electric motors to fix it. And also we in fact got rid of regarding 50 %to 60 %of the vehicle ' s whole electrical...
  • YouTuber Rich Benoit is understood for dealing with as well as restoring Teslas. For his most current development, he constructed
  • a Model S with the engine from a Chevy Camaro. Besides mounting a V-8 engine, he constructed an

exhaust system , a hand-operated transmission, as well as a lot more. Rich Benoit: My name ' s Rich, as well as I run a YouTube network called Rich Rebuilds. As well as on that particular YouTube network, we simply make a great deal of truly unusual, enjoyable things. So we began with primarily doing EVs. We switched over to gas, as well as currently we do both gas and also EVs and also simply have a truly

amusing time.It ' s amusing, due to the fact that as soon as you develop as well as fix a Tesla, you type of solution it, as well as you go from there. There ' s no actual upgrades for it. Numerous points are digitally managed, it doesn'' t make it as enjoyable for the hot-rodders around. So I stated to myself, "" You recognize what, just how do we blend both points? Just how do we have, you recognize, a truly attractive cars and truck and also integrating it with the tunability of a traditional V8 engine?" " So we chose simply to incorporate the two.A great deal of individuals believe that, "" Oh, you took an all new Tesla as well as tore it apart." " It ' s like, no, no, it remained in a flooding. And also Tesla won ' t offer you batteries and also electric motors to fix it. So I stated, "" You understand what, if Tesla won ' t, after that General Motors will." " There was a Camaro SS that was entirely damaged, and also the engine was readily available, and also determined to place it in the Tesla. For me, it'' s among those points where it involves recycling. So they were both much like, damaged vehicles being in an area, as well as I claimed, "" Why have them both simply resting there? Why not incorporate both as well as make something that in fact runs and also operates?"

" So I invested the initial couple of months really removing it down, obtaining every one of the indoor elements, pressure-washing every little thing, as well as obtaining every one of like, the smell as well as like, the sewer out of the auto. So I took both electric motors out, both electric motors were salute. The battery pack was virtually salute due to the fact that it was undersea for as long. You understand, anything except light weight aluminum was removed out of the car.So I assume a great deal of determining and also preparation was the hardest component, seeing to it the engine rests straight as well as real in the auto. Due to the fact that put on'' t fail to remember, not just do you need to make certain the engine rests well in the auto, however there'' s likewise a transmission that includes an additional couple of feet, and also there'' s likewise an actually lengthy driveshaft that rotates thousands upon hundreds of RPM that are actually resting best in between your legs that needs to be directly also. Like, a great deal of various angles as well as points need to be straight in order for the auto to also roll down the road.Believe it or otherwise, it nearly makes good sense that the V8 fits so well. As soon as you get the front electric motor, there'' s a lot area therein. And also the LS3 is in fact so slim, it in fact suit there rather well. So what we saw was that when we brought the automobile to SEMA, we had the hood open, every person would certainly simply stroll by it since the set up was so tidy. It was just up until they saw the Tesla logo design that every person simply type of rubbernecked, quit, as well as went in the direction of the car.The exhaust construction procedure was fascinating, due to the fact that the battery pack for Tesla Model S evaluates around, I would certainly state, in between 1,100 and also 1,200 extra pounds. So since the old battery was, you understand, regarding 4 inches thick therefore hefty, as well as it embeded so well beneath the auto, when we eliminated it and also we made the exhaust system, we made a decision to opt for oblong tubes. Due to the fact that when you select oblong tubes, type of like NASCARs utilize, you really conserve a great deal of room going oblong versus totally round. So if you see, we have a side-exit exhaust system. A lot of vehicles have a rear-exit exhaust, where it really comes right under the back bumper. We couldn'' t do that since the independent back suspension was so big, the exhaust really couldn'' t pass by it. So we simply ended the exhaust system right sideways, right prior to the back wheels.One of the largest obstacles was the construction of the transmission passage. You understand, in the Teslas, among minority autos that are made, it has an entirely level flooring. You recognize, many vehicles nowadays that are rear-wheel drive, there'' s a passage going from the front completely to the back. This didn'' t have that, so we needed to make our very own, as well as it was absolutely tough. So we have an excellent maker, Joshua, that in fact had the ability to reduce the automobile in half down the center and also really develop a transmission tunnel.One of the various other hard concerns we completed this cars and truck was the electrical wiring. So we entirely removed the vehicle to the bare structure. It was essentially simply a covering. As well as we needed to re-wire the whole automobile around once again. And also we in fact eliminated concerning 50 %to 60 %of the vehicle ' s whole circuitry harness. So if the battery pack ' s not there, that ' s one collection of electrical wiring'high-voltage cable televisions. There was electrical wiring to the back electric motors, the front electric motors, those are both gone. You recognize, we conserved a considerable quantity of weight going from the older lithium-powered battery pack to the interior burning engine. The vehicle still has the touch display. It still has the tool collection. And also all the features function. The navigating functions, the Bluetooth jobs. So when you being in the automobile, you could, you understand, switch and also have fun with various features of the automobile, and also it does work.I am really pleased with exactly how it runs, yeah. We still require to do some fine-tuning to it. However at the end of the day, when you being in it as well as you drive it, you nearly fail to remember that it'' s a Tesla. Like, you'' re simply believing that you'' re driving a routine, you understand, effective V8-engine cars and truck. And also it'' s truly odd, due to the fact that if you wear'' t consider it, you'' re like, "" OK, this is rather amazing. It has a guidebook. I'' m doing my point." " But you actually need to take a go back and also state to on your own, "" This auto never ever had any one of this."

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