People Are Sharing Pics Of Nearly Perfect Food, And Here Are 105 Of The Most Beautiful Ones (New Pics)

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“Simple, attractive, and visual.” That’s how this 4-million-member food subreddit describes its content. The only correction I’d make is to add the word “addicting.” From pink cake pops that look like something Wes Anderson‘s characters would eat to comically oversized mozzarella sticks just waiting to take a marinara bath, it’s impossible to stop scrolling!

A few months ago, my colleague Jonas wrote a piece about this online community. Drooling. And I read it. Also drooling. But since it’s so big, you can only imagine how many more pics of delicious-looking dishes have appeared on it during that time. Enough for Bored Panda to make a follow-up publication, I’ll tell you that.

Mind you, going through this list on an empty stomach is quite the challenge. It might start howling out of jealousy.

#1 My Experiments With Cake Pops , It Turned Out Very Cool

Image credits: avogrampp

#2 My Boreal Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake Chocolate Bars

Image credits: Ctrl_Alt_3lite

#3 Here’s A Strawberry And Cherry Mixed Cake! What You Think Guys?

Image credits: AstrumDee

#4 I’m 15 And I Just Cooked My First Batch Of French Fries And They Were Delicious

Image credits: Renrost

#5 I Make Sushi Once A Week, This Week I Bought A Train!

Image credits: yellowjacquet

#6 I Made Rainbow Cupcakes… Couldn’t Be Happier With The Result!

Image credits: EngineeredGal

#7 Croissant I Did This Morning For The So

Image credits: input36

#8 I Take Care Of My Elderly Father And Try To Make Him Good Meals. Tonight Was Shepherd’s Pie And Strawberries And Cream

Image credits: Nickel6661

#9 Chocolatine I Made

Image credits: input36

#10 I Drank Very Pretty Coffee

Image credits: spintimes

#11 My Grandma Held My Hand Through My First Attempt At Baklava

Image credits: Chartreuse_17

#12 My Mom Made A Pineapple Tree Fruit Display

Image credits: Tann1998

#13 Made An Extra Pretty Apple Pie Because They’re In Season And I Wanted To Try Out My New Pie Pan

Image credits: GlitteringInitiative

#14 Late Night Ratatouille – Before Baking

Image credits: ruthogre

#15 Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Image credits: cookinwithclint

#16 My Night Sky Chocolates: Hazelnut, Salted Caramel & Hazelnut Brown Butter Ganache

Image credits: Ctrl_Alt_3lite

#17 Spooky Croissant!

Image credits: input36

#18 This Nutella Bread Thing Me And My Mum Made

Image credits: Marshmallow267

#19 My Girlfriend Made Cookies For Our Upcoming Camping Trip To Glacier National Park

Image credits: phillypharm

#20 Cheese Pizza Anyone?

Image credits: chet_truster

#21 Smoked Beef Short Ribs

Image credits: cookinwithclint

#22 This Naan Bread I Had In The UK

Image credits: 123hamed

#23 Comically Oversized Mozzarella Stick With Tub Of Marinara

Image credits: cherylcanning

#24 Made A Snickers Cake For My Father In Law’s 70th Birthday

Image credits: SugarHighBakedGoods

#25 Hopefully This Chicken Pot Pie Tastes As Good As It Looks!

Image credits: Flat_Accountant6869

#26 Carolina Reapers I Harvested Yesterday From One Plant

Image credits: DoctorStephenPoop

#27 A Blueberry Cheesecake I Made A Few Months Back. Big Hit With My Boyfriend

Image credits: sexianboo

#28 Choux Au Craquelin (Vanilla Bean Cream Puffs)

Image credits: stelcreates

#29 Went Camping. Found Berries. Made Pancakes

Image credits: Yashemski

#30 A Snackboard We Had For My Sister’s Birthday

Image credits: Fuquois

#31 Bread Pudding With Caramel Shell ( Made By My Sister )

Image credits: Sachin_Nanayakkara

#32 Wagyu, Rice Cake, Quail Egg, Miso Soy

Image credits: tigerinhouston

#33 I Made Lace Cookies With Honey Roasted Pistachios And Milk Chocolate Filling

Image credits: NightTrainMarshall

#34 Meet Bruce, Inspired By The Cake Bruce Bogtrotter Eats In Matilda

Image credits: Glurt

#35 Vanilla/Chocolate Twist From A Local Shop!

Image credits: Tunashavetoes

#36 I Prepared Cake Pops, I’m Very Happy With The Result!

Image credits: avogrampp

#37 Made Shepard’s Pie In My Brand New Cast Iron Pan

Image credits: beckerrrs

#38 A Fall Themed Charcuterie Board My Mom And I Made!

Image credits: arithrowaway1129

#39 Homemade Kitchen Sink Brownie

Image credits: danaherself

#40 I Made These Bon Bons With Milk Chocolate Ganache, Candied Pecans, Brown Sugar, And A Bit Of Bourbon

Image credits: Barbarellaf

#41 Sushi Lover

Image credits: liona-01

#42 Birthday Breakfast For My Wife. Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

Image credits: steev7

#43 I Hit The Watermelon Jackpot

Image credits: Cobranator

#44 My Korean School Lunch Of Crab Soup, Braised Chicken And Potatoes, And Various Banchan!

Image credits: darkrealm190

#45 Grinding My First Real Home Grown Wasabi!! 98% Of All Wasabi Served Is Synthetic

Image credits: Wasabi_Grower

#46 “Grilled”cheese

Image credits: Left_Chair_4907

#47 Girlfriend Made Mocha Chocolate Cake!

Image credits: Toxiqqq

#48 Mexican Torta With Chicken, Pork, Steak, Bacon, Cheese, Onions, And Jalapeños

Image credits: EggMcFkin

#49 Assorted Bonbons I Made In Pastry School Last Week!

Image credits: uniqueartist97

#50 A Charcuterie Board

Image credits: livinglifelarge

#51 Cookie Dough Filled Chocolates. Would You Eat It?

Image credits: mercyless1

#52 A Croissant The Size Of A Loaf Of Bread/A Loaf Made Of Croissant Dough

Image credits: itsamemarioscousin

#53 [homemade] Supreme Detroit Pizza

Image credits: ExpertRaccoon

#54 Since Quesabirria Tacos Does Not Exist Where I Am From, I Had To Do It Myself. 100% Worth It

Image credits: localguccislipper

#55 Pepperoni Heaven

Image credits: dufflebagboye

#56 Beef Wellington With Spinach And Caramelized Onions

Image credits: matsio

#57 Poutine

Image credits: SwimmaLBC

#58 Homemade Chocolate Croissant

Image credits: input36

#59 My Stepmum Makes Thai Sweets To Sell To Friends And I Think They Look Stunning. (Thai Layered Jelly Dessert)

Image credits: theheartlessnerd

#60 Girlfriend Made Vanilla Cupcakes!

Image credits: Toxiqqq

#61 [oc] Dry Aged, Bone In Striploin

Image credits: cookinwithclint

#62 Chef Friend Invited Me For Dinner

Image credits: GooglyEyedMoose

#63 Bacon Burrito For A Cold Friday

Image credits: miguelopop

#64 Pastrami Sandwich From Pastrami Queen, NYC

Image credits: frankelee90

#65 The Best Looking Lasagna I’ve Ever Made

Image credits: dev1359

#66 Real Meat Pies Pie Shop, Waiwhtetu, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Image credits: civonakle

#67 [oc] Homemade Steak Fajitas

Image credits: cookinwithclint

#68 İ Love Donuts

Image credits: Conscious_Rub_1331

#69 [oc] Homemade Reuben Sandwich

Image credits: cookinwithclint

#70 Garlic Parmesan Wings

Image credits: sprinklesapple

#71 Barbecue Meat Platter. Our Team Put This Together For Guests As The Finale Of A 6 Hour Degustation. It All Comes Served Hot And There’s Enough Guests To Snap It All Up Within Minutes

Image credits: PitmasterUniversity

#72 A Fruit, Cheese, Meat With Cookies On Top Platter- How Did I Do?

Image credits: United-Management958

#73 NY Strip Topped With Chimichurri, Brussels Sprouts, And An Egg (For The Gains)

Image credits: perkyscallin

#74 6am Views Of Photogenic Boston Creams

Image credits: schwillster

#75 Homemade Smoked Wings. Flavor And Amount Of Smoke Was Spot On

Image credits: rehakbrand

#76 Wife And I Wanted Thanksgiving Pizza. So Made A Detroit Style Round Two!

Image credits: pistolpxte

#77 Stove Top Stuffing Waffles!!!

Image credits: culionarylion

#78 Steaks Are Pretty Expensive In My Country. Finally Got The Money And Courage To Try My First Ribeye, And It Was Amazing!

Image credits: AfnanMK

#79 Homemade Stove Top Truffle Mac N Cheese

Image credits: jayqwellen

#80 I Make Sushi Once A Week, Here’s This Week’s Batch!

Image credits: yellowjacquet

#81 My Kind Of Surf & Turf! (Weekly Sushi Batch)

Image credits: yellowjacquet

#82 Lobster Roll From A Hole In The Wall Dump In Portland Maine

Image credits: jaminator45

#83 I Made “La Bombe”, The Gargantuan, Deadly Eclair From The Simpsons

Image credits: Fluffy_Munchkin

#84 Home Made Big Mac

Image credits: Boonie_dude

#85 Tri Tip, Reverse Seared

Image credits: musclehamster59

#86 Gayaso Ramen Really Tastes Good

Image credits: Techy_bro

#87 Cornbread Bowls BBQ Ribs Greens & Shells&cheese…

Image credits: Spobta478

#88 My Girlfriend Made A Crepe Cake!

Image credits: OliviasPantry

#89 Soft Shell Crab ?

Image credits: Alikpurp

#90 [homemade] Chicken Tikka Masala & Garlic Naan

Image credits: will_you_stop

#91 My Grand Slam Style Breakfast. Buttermilk Pancakes, Eggs, Hash Brown, Bacon, Ham, Biscuit, Sausage Links, And Gravy

Image credits: Jala47

#92 [i Made] Blt With Homegrown Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil And Arugula… Bbat?

Image credits: DukeLukeivi

#93 Had Way Too Many Jalapeños From The Garden So We Made Homemade Jalapeño Poppers

Image credits: boredlemon32

#94 I Had Almost Given Up On Getting Layers In My Biscuits

Image credits: mckunkfest

#95 Good Old Fashioned Burger Cooked Over Charcoal

Image credits: SoonerMagic10

#96 [homemade] I’ve Seen A Couple Pizzas Here Recently So I Thought I’d Post Mine

Image credits: MrFrypan

#97 3am Start Times Have Perks As A Pastry Chef. Glazed Brioche Doughnuts

Image credits: schwillster

#98 I Made Garlic Herb Mash, Smoked Short Rib, Stout Reduction And Roasted Carrots

Image credits: xdjmattydx

#99 [oc] Smoked Chicken Wings

Image credits: cookinwithclint

#100 Cheesesteak Burrito

Image credits: qbekk

#101 I Made Barbacoa Burritos With Homemade Guac And Hot Salsa

Image credits: DongyCheese

#102 Made One Last Round Of Burgers As Grilling Season Comes To A Close

Image credits: n0tquitemytemp0

#103 Nashville Hot Chicken I Make For A Living

Image credits: Airmanx

#104 Authentic Texas BBQ

Image credits: LargeBody76

#105 [homemade] Detroit Pizza

Image credits: SwaggyVINCE


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