19 Times People Made Such Ridiculous Demands On Thanksgiving They Just Had To Be Shamed Online

Apparently, the Thanksgiving holiday which is essentially about giving is not able to stop people whose ego and entitlement are too big for this tiny world. The post 19 Times People Made Such Ridiculous Demands On Thanksgiving They Just Had To Be Shamed Online first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

There are always people who think they deserve more than everybody else. They constantly ask for a discount, try to gorge on more freebies than they can carry, never tip, and always try to get things for free. And there’s a specially dedicated place for them called “Choosing Beggars,” a 2.2M-strong subreddit that collects the most hilariously embarrassing cases.

And you may think that Thanksgiving, a national holiday which essentially encapsulates the word and the meaning giving, would stop them. Well, not really. Apparently, the festivity may as well serve as a perfect opportunity to have all its perks without putting in all the effort or losing a dime.

So this time we collected some of the most crazy examples of beggars in action: Thanksgiving edition. After you’re done, be sure to check out our previous posts with people whose ego and entitlement is too big for this tiny world here, here and here.

#1 “Volunteer To Wait On My Family At Thanksgiving”

Image credits: chained-maniac

#2 Invite Us To Your Thanksgiving! But Only If You Have These Things And We Will Only Bring Dessert. Tia

Image credits: okimadeone

#3 I Present To You The Og Choosing Beggar: Marney And Her Thanksgiving Letter

Image credits: AnneBancroftsGhost

#4 A Thanksgiving Choosing Beggar Who Thinks Meals Should Be Free

Image credits: flubbybubby2

#5 Giving Your Church A One Star Review For Giving You A Free Turkey

Image credits: nickfone

#6 From The Person Who Brought Their Own Tupperware To Somebody Else’s Dinner Last Year

Image credits: kwood4800

#7 Free Thanksgiving Dinner? Not Enough!

Image credits: PeeB4uGoToBed

#8 Grandma’s Thanksgiving Rules

Image credits: 2min4RoadTripping

#9 Choosing Beggar Thanksgiving

Image credits: HNutz

#10 Local Choosing Beggar Asks For Entire Thanksgiving Dinner For Free

Image credits: TopazRose

#11 “Name Brand Only” Thanksgiving

Image credits: CassSmash

#12 Trying To Take Advantage Of A Nice Person The Night Before Thanksgiving

Image credits: _austinm

#13 Appalled By The Community Food Bank For Asking Her For Donations, And Also Not Giving Her A Free Turkey Dinner For The Holidays

Image credits: Beelazyy

#14 I Admin A Local Pay It Forward Page. We Are Currently Trying To Help Members With Thanksgiving Food. This Is What I’m Dealing With

Image credits: mandolin2712

#15 Caught This One On A Local Sub

Image credits: savax7

#16 Begs For A Free Thanksgiving Meal Then Smashes A Generous Offer

Image credits: sean369n

#17 I Would Also Like An Entire Thanksgiving Dinner, Table Included. And Of Course It Needs To Be Delivered

Image credits: stretchybonezz

#18 I Work At A Church, This Is An Old Review On Our Facebook Page

Image credits: neverelaxed

#19 Friend Posted Their Excessive Christmas Wishlist On Facebook… On Thanksgiving Day

Image credits: KimchiGoodness


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