85 Times People Spotted Something Magnificent In The Nature And Had To Share It Online

If you wish to receive your daily dose of cuteness and admire the jaw-dropping things happening just outside the comfort of your home, this Reddit page has more than enough captivating images for you to see. The post 85 Times People Spotted Something Magnificent In The Nature And Had To Share...

There’s no question that Mother Nature has been generous enough to give us countless gifts of everything we need to survive. Not to mention the breathtaking landscapes and adorable animals that make our hearts melt. But sometimes we can get stuck in the fast pace of our urban lifestyles and barely even notice the beauty surrounding us.

Thanks to this subreddit, however, we can still admire the jaw-dropping things happening just outside the comfort of our homes. From mammoth tusks and wild horses to devastating natural disasters; this Reddit page has more than enough captivating images for you to see.

Bored Panda collected the best awe-inspiring examples this subreddit could offer. Keep scrolling through this list and see some truly awesome photos of nature yourself!

#1 Endangered Andean Cat

Image credits: MistWeaver80

#2 Mushrooms Growing On Dead Leaf On Almost Perfect Alignment

Image credits: Kr0pr0X

#3 The Cosmic Sensation

Image credits: PerspectiveFriendly

#4 A 12 Million Year Old Praying Mantis Encased In Amber

Image credits:

#5 Owl Raised Duckling When It Mistook Egg For Its Own

Image credits: d3333p7

#6 A Crow Doing His Part To Save The Planet

Image credits: KrissiKross

#7 Shizuoka, Japan

Image credits: Kris19275

#8 Barn Owl Displaying Feathers

Image credits: redditsdaddio

#9 A Tree With Some Serious Will To Live

Image credits: unnaturalorder

#10 Raw Velvety Malachite

Image credits: rocksforthespirit

#11 The Moon Looks Like Saturn

Image credits:

#12 Wild Reindeer Under The Northern Lights

Image credits: Evaleenora

#13 A Little Lion Snarling At My Remote Camera

Image credits: willbl

#14 Squirrel Nest

Image credits: Master1718

#15 Capybara With Friends

Image credits: goldbutthole

#16 Beautiful Blue Mycean Mushroom

Image credits: IRiseUpLikeAPhoenix

#17 Tusk Of A Woolly Mammoth Most Likely Killed By Ancient Hunters, Siberia

Image credits: lowchan_r

#18 Helmcken Falls Canada

Image credits: tnseir

#19 Same Whale Found After 35 Years In The West Coast Of Mexico

Image credits: the-furry

#20 Absolute Unit Kodiak Bear

Image credits: Nic0487

#21 The Moon Rising Over A Hill In California That Is Engulfed In A Wildfire Looks Really Eerie

Image credits: hominoid_in_NGC4594

#22 Hummingbird Nest

Image credits: jonjones

#23 Touching North America And Europe At The Same Time

Image credits: Khrime

#24 A Very Colorful Mandarin Duck

Image credits: ADarkcid

#25 Lynx Mother And A Baby

Image credits: FormerFruit

#26 These Male & Female Cardinals

Image credits: mtlgrems

#27 The Valley Of 72 Waterfalls, Switzerland

Image credits:

#28 Majestic Cross Fox

Image credits: keenfeed

#29 Basalt Canyon, Iceland

Image credits: EnigmaQQ

#30 A Fox Looking Up At A Drone

Image credits: MTPokitz

#31 Rehabilitated Chimpanzee Named Wounda Showed Gratefulness To Jane And Team Upon Release Back To The Wild

Image credits: SunCloud-777

#32 A Stork Couple Celebrating Their First Egg

Image credits: hoopderscotch

#33 Highly Successful Honeybee

Image credits: to_the_tenth_power

#34 Wildlife Photographer Attempting To Take Photos Of Meerkats

Image credits: to_the_tenth_power

#35 My Wife Found This Tiny Skink In Our Garden, Some Much Needed Brightness On A Grey, Smoky Day

Image credits: icantspeakesperanto

#36 Amazingly Woven Nest In A Leaf. Birds Are Genius Architects

Image credits: d3333p7

#37 Wild Horses Enjoy The Ocean

Image credits: Dlatrex

#38 Eclipse December 26

Image credits: Jakdracula

#39 Baby Swordfish, Crazy This Little Guy Can Grow To Be Over 1000 Lbs~!

Image credits: imSilv

#40 In Case Anyone Is Wondering What Happened To The Dinosaurs, Here’s A Baby Blue Hero

Image credits: Jakunai

#41 Cardinal Showing Off

Image credits: yourstrulyjarjar

#42 The Edge Of A Rainstorm

Image credits: mtlgrems

#43 A Beautiful Morning In Iceland

Image credits: d3333p7

#44 A Rare Desert Bloom In The Atacama Desert In Chile

Image credits: unnaturalorder

#45 A Snowflake On A Crow’s Wing

Image credits: koreanadian

#46 A Rare Spherical Cloud

Image credits: d3333p7

#47 Mother Owl With Her Kids

Image credits: d3333p7

#48 Eruption On Etna Creates A View Which Is Like A Phoenix

Image credits: akashdas323

#49 A Very Photogenic Leopard

Image credits: Throwaway-71

#50 Exotic, Beautiful, And Rare Patagonian Crater Agate Only Found In Argentina!

Image credits: leakytoquito

#51 Covid19 Lockdown Has Cleaned The Air Over Nepal, So Much So That For The First Time In Many Years, Mt. Everest Can Be Seen Again From Kathmandu Valley (200km Away)

Image credits:

#52 Gorgeous Arctic Hares

Image credits: unnaturalorder

#53 Sea Foam Fills The Streets Of Spain After A Storm Hits The Country

Image credits: MisterT12

#54 This Is A Blue Pit Viper

Image credits: Thryloz

#55 A Mummified Dinosaur In A Museum In Canada

Image credits: LongDongBigBong

#56 Dragon’s Eye, Norway

Image credits: saintleelyon

#57 This Caterpillar Eating A Leaf But All I Can See Is Squidward’s Interpretive Dance

Image credits: MTPokitz

#58 Big Bison Meets Little Magpie

Image credits: wetscoastwanderer

#59 A Skier Encountering A Highly Territorial Lemming On The Slopes

Image credits: unnaturalorder

#60 Beluga Whale Saves An iPhone From The Sea In Norway

Image credits: reddit

#61 The Harpy Eagle

Image credits: crg339

#62 The World’s Only Intact Fossil Of An Early Whale – The Basilosaurus Dating About 40 Million Years Ago – Has Been Uncovered During A Excavation At Wadi Al-Hitan In Egypt

Image credits: Yulinka17

#63 Beautiful Seashells In A Shell

Image credits: n91_bee

#64 Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink

Image credits: LauWalker

#65 Fish Eating Berries

Image credits: traditionaldrummer

#66 Found The End Of A Rainbow Today

Image credits: qbert13mk

#67 An Absolute Unit Of A Mountain Lion

Image credits: De_fau_lt

#68 The Harpy Eagle

Image credits: piefordays

#69 Baby Snapping Turtles Look Just Like Little Dinosaurs

Image credits: Brick_in_the_dbol

#70 The Largest Animal On The Planet For World Wildlife Day

Image credits: DolphinSafariDom

#71 Coyote And A Badger “Teaming Up”

Image credits: Dlatrex

#72 This Cotton Candy Sky During The Golden Hour At Maldives

Image credits: monomotive

#73 A Blue-Footed Booby Proudly Showing Off Their Very Impressive Feet

Image credits: unnaturalorder

#74 In New Zealand The Bird Of 2020 Was Chosen: It Is The World’s Largest Parrot – Kakapo

Image credits:

#75 A Group Of Parrots Nesting Inside A Palm Tree

Image credits: unnaturalorder

#76 Absolute Unit Of An Eagle

Image credits: LoginB

#77 Mount Fuji From My Work Desk. Almost Always Obscured By Clouds In Summer, This Was My First Sighting In Months

Image credits: Burnin8or70

#78 Ocean Ramsey And Her Team Encountered This 20 Ft Great White Shark Near The Island Of Oahu, Hawaii. It Is Believed To Be The Biggest Ever Recorded

Image credits: Master1718

#79 Pangolin Casually F**king Up A Wall

Image credits: invertedparadoxxx

#80 The Morning Commute In L.A. Earlier Today

Image credits: JF_112

#81 Just Some Black Bears Eating Some Apples In The Woods

Image credits: NationalParkWolf

#82 Natural Grasses Of Wanaka, New Zealand

Image credits: mossberg91

#83 Turtle Enjoying A Nice Morning Stretch

Image credits: u/to_the_tenth_power

#84 Sailfish Have Been Clocked At Speeds In Excess Of 68mph/112km, Some Experts Consider The Sailfish The Fastest Fish In The World’s Oceans

Image credits: rosseepoo

#85 Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Image credits: commonvanilla


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