41 Native-owned businesses to support during Native American Heritage Month and year-round

Purchasing from Native-owned businesses is a great way to honor Native American Heritage Month. Here are 41 Native-owned businesses to shop from. ...

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  • You can celebrate Native American Heritage Month by shopping from Indigenous businesses.
  • We found jewelry, clothing, home goods, and food businesses to support this month and year round.
  • Read the book recommendations by Indigenous authors from Raven Reads owner, Nicole McLaren. 

November is Native American Heritage Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the cultures and histories of Indigenous peoples across North America. While the month celebrates Native communities, it's also a time for raising awareness about the systemic issues Indigenous communities continue to face.

"I think COVID definitely disproportionately impacted vulnerable groups, and now is a perfect time to be kind of raising awareness of those inequities and look for creative ways to be learning more about the people that we share the land with, but also to be supporting them whether that's through their businesses or through their other ventures," said Nicole McLaren, the owner and founder of Raven Reads, a book subscription box that shares the voices and work of Indigenous authors while reinvesting money into other Indigenous-owned businesses. 

November is a great time to buy from Indigenous businesses, but by supporting these retailers year round, "you're going to be providing not only revenue for that business, but you're building stronger communities," McLaren said.

We put together a list of Native-owned businesses to consider when you're shopping for gifts or yourself. From jewelry to wine, there are lots of businesses to support with your dollars, especially during holidays.

For ways to honor Native American Heritage Month through learning and education, check out our interview with McLaren, where she highlights books to read from Indigenous authors. 

Here are 41 Native-owned businesses to shop from

Clothing, jewelry, and accessories

Image of a person wearing a pink shirt with an art print on it for Native-owned business to support in 2021
Home and textiles

Image of a woven pillow on a couch for Native-owned businesses to support in 2021

Image of various makeup from Cheekbone Beauty for Native-owned businesses to support in 2021
Food and drink

Image of a bag of coffee and a coffee cup for Native-owned businesses to support in 2021
Books and literature

Image of a bookshelf in an Indigenous-owned bookstore for Native-owned businesses to support in 2021
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