3 means to switch off the voice narrative on your Roku tool

You can switch off the voice on Roku by pushing the asterisk switch on the push-button control 4 times rapidly. Display Reader is practical for aesthetically damaged customers that require additional aid browsing the Roku food selections. Why is my Roku telling movies?Even if'you transform off the Screen Reader, you could still discover your Roku all of a sudden speaking to you. Pick the readily available language without audio description.If you have a standard cord Television input linked to your Roku, you may uncover that wire Television shows can likewise have this kind of detailed sound., and also Audio Language(SAP)....
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If your Roku streaming gadget reads points out loud to you, you can shut off that feature.Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

  • You can switch off the voice on Roku by pushing the asterisk switch on the remote 4 times rapidly.
  • Numerous streaming applications supply an access function called detailed sound that explains the scene out loud, however it'' s shut off by default
  • . If you require to disable detailed sound, it'' s regulated individually for every streaming application.
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If you locate your Roku gamer talking with you, there are 2 feasible descriptions.

If it'' s checking out the user interface out loud as you browse and also make options with the push-button control, it indicates the Screen Reader– an ease of access attribute that made use of to be called Audio Guide– is allowed.

Yet if you'' re seeing a television program or motion picture as well as listen to audio defining the scene, it'' s feasible a various sort of availability function, typically called Descriptive Audio, has actually been made it possible for.

Thankfully, both are very easy to toggle on and also off. Below'' s just how to do it

. Exactly how to shut off voice on Roku utilizing the remote

Display Reader is hassle-free for aesthetically damaged customers that require added aid browsing the Roku food selections. However if you locate it has actually been activated by crash, the most convenient means to transform it withdraw is with a faster way on the Roku remote.

To toggle the Screen Reader on and also off, swiftly push the asterisk switch on the Roku remote 4 times in a row.

Image of Roku remote with asterisk button highlighted

Just how to shut off voice on Roku making use of the Settings food selection

If you choose, you can discover the Screen Reader regulates in the Accessibility food selection.1.

Press the Home switch on the Roku remote.

2. Select Settings in the sidebar on the left.3.

Select Accessibility.

Screenshot of Accessibility option in Roku Settings menu
In " Settings, " choose " Accessibility. " Dave Johnson 4.

Screenshot of option to turn off Screen Reader in Roku Settings
Select Screen Reader.5. Select Off.

Just how to switch off detailed sound

Detailed Audio is an attribute that each streaming solution applies by itself, so if you hear it as well as wish to disable it, you require to do it from within the streaming application where you listen to the sound.

Every steaming application is various, yet below is a quick overview to where you can locate the detailed sound controls within numerous of one of the most preferred streaming apps.Apple television: Select

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