This Online Group Is Dedicated To Shaming Greedy And Delusional Landlords, And Here Are Their 74 Best Posts (New Pics)

Not all renters are innocent and not all landlords are unreasonable. But if yours is making your life a living hell, we know just the place where you can share your troubles. The post This Online Group Is Dedicated To Shaming Greedy And Delusional Landlords, And Here Are Their 74 Best...

If you’re a tenant, chances are that you’ve had to deal with at least one nightmarish landlord. Whether it’s charging for absurd things like elevator use, jacking up the rent, or ignoring countless requests for routine maintenance, it can be hard to cope with such less than honest property owners. Of course, not all renters are innocent and not all proprietors are unreasonable. But if yours is making your life a living hell, we know just the place where you can share your troubles.

A little corner of Reddit ironically called r/LandlordLove collects the most unsettling cases of grimy landlords and their cheap tricks. As the moderators put it, the subreddit “is a tenant-friendly space meant for posting about both the individual and systemic problems caused by landlordism”.

To tell you more about it, Bored Panda has compiled this list to show you some of the most preposterous stories. Scroll down and tell us in the comments below if you have experienced anything like this.

If you still can’t seem to get enough, be sure to check out our previous posts on landlords’ neglect here and here.

#1 Should Be Illegal

Image credits: Goneisthedead

#2 Capitalism Is Inherently Unfair. It Favors The Wealthy

Image credits: VeggieCat_ontheprowl

#3 I Just Remembered This Awful Psa From During The Pandemic Asking Women Not To Prostitute Themselves To Landlords Because They Lost Their Jobs And Can’t Afford Rent. How Can Anyone Believe Our Society Is Normal?

Image credits:

#4 Karen Landlord Can’t Even Handle Other People Using Spices

Image credits: jonmpls

#5 Pretty Nice Of This Landlord To Incentivize His Tenants To Exercise

Image credits: Faolin_

#6 Hmm Landlords Don’t Want Tenants That Know Their Rights?

Image credits: DecommodifiedGuevara

#7 Good Lord, The Hailfax Sub Is Just Ripe Lately

Image credits: Witafigo

#8 An Interesting Idea

Image credits: sokra3

#9 The American Nightmare

Image credits: mtravisrose

#10 Ok Let’s Add Thievery To The List

Image credits: beardowns0806

#11 Wow We Sure Did Hold Those Banks Accountable!

Image credits: DecommodifiedGuevara

#12 Landlords Work So Hard

Image credits: Hater-Bot

#13 Ohhhh Lord

Image credits: SpagettiRegretti

#14 What A Mystery! Leechlords Are A Leading Contributor To The Homeless Crisis

Image credits: RIPNightman

#15 I Informed My Landlord That The Law States I’m Required To Give 20 Days Notice To Move Out In A Month To Month Lease, Not 30. She Was Not Happy

Image credits: Dreadwalker

#16 Housing Is A Human Right

Image credits: RIPNightman

#17 They Never Cared About You

Image credits: motivatedcactus

#18 Doin Work

Image credits: cmoneynb

#19 Boo Hoo

Image credits: Boyyoyyoyyoyyoy

#20 Leech Paints Over A Roach

Image credits: Hater-Bot

#21 “My Tenant Is Dead. What’s The Best Way To Gouge Money From His Bereaved Family?”

Image credits: yuritopiaposadism

#22 Publicly Admitting That They Regularly Steal From Their Tenants

Image credits: yuritopiaposadism

#23 You Can Stay Working While On The Toilet

Image credits: BasedBoomer96

#24 Reading Comprehension Is At A Low

Image credits: seraph9888

#25 Bein A Nasty Creep, Breaking And Entering, Harassing Tenants

Image credits: RIPNightman

#26 Mao

Image credits: Falkoro

#27 God Is Indeed Good

Image credits: Damien687

#28 Won’t Somebody Think Of The Landlords?

Image credits: BasicallyMilner

#29 Imagine Bragging About Living Off Of Other People’s Labour

Image credits: gooner11123

#30 Thank You Landlord, Very Cool!

Image credits: sc0511

#31 Right?

Image credits: JoHeller

#32 400 Properties? Where The Hell Is Mao

Image credits: IrateSteelix

#33 Totally Cool. Discrimination Based On Being A Decen

Image credits: Bruno_Fernandes8

#34 I Had To See This S**tshow Of A “Meme”, Now You Have To See It As Well

Image credits: TheWaffleComrade

#35 I Was Asked To Take A Survey

Image credits: DoriahLover

#36 *title

Image credits: michaeltheobnoxious

#37 Landlord Expected Tenant To Leave A Bunch Of Their Property Behind

Image credits: jonmpls

#38 Landlord Helps Himself To Tenant’s Cookies

Image credits: subliminal_liminal

#39 *just Work Harder*

Image credits: badrapper27

#40 This Is Hysterical

Image credits: mooooooosee

#41 At Least Somebody Is Thinking Of The Poor Landlords /S

Image credits: nekkototoro

#42 “Will Someone Please Think Of Those Poor Poor Landlords/S.”

Image credits: Nick__________

#43 You Can Live In A House With No Front Door

Image credits: ScienceRules212

#44 Like Scalpers For Concert Tickets

Image credits: thepanichand

#45 How Could Anyone Turn Down Such A Deal?!

Image credits: zuzuofthewolves

#46 Time To Stop Privatizing Natural Resources

Image credits: JoHeller

#47 Redlining Single Moms

Image credits: Mostly_Potatoes

#48 Landlords Are House Scalpers

Image credits: cowlinator

#49 After Months Of Neglect, We Tried To Get Out Of Our Lease Early. I’m Going Scorched Earth, I Already Filed A Complaint And Found A Tenant Advocacy Group…

Image credits: OvaltineDeathFantasy

#50 I Wish All Landlords A Pleasant Get A Real F**king Job

Image credits: DecommodifiedGuevara

#51 Aye Ohhhh Watch Me Contribute Nothing To Society!

Image credits: DecommodifiedGuevara

#52 Cruelty Is The Point

Image credits: Hater-Bot

#53 Who Is “We”?

Image credits: yuritopiaposadism

#54 Gotta Love Mortgage Lenders

Image credits:

#55 Love The User-Defined Tags For The Tenants

Image credits: KingGorilla

#56 How Landlords Paint Apartments – Adamtots

Image credits: due_fly_far

#57 Important Reminder

Image credits: IrenesAngryLesbian

#58 People Bad At Their Job Should Be Fired. Fired Directly Into The Sun

Image credits: yuritopiaposadism

#59 They’re Going After Kids Too

Image credits: eliechallita

#60 An Oldie But A Goodie

Image credits: panman112

#61 Candace Owens Came Out As Pro-Landlord!

Image credits: HandMadeFeelings

#62 Cringe?

Image credits: Reddit_is_pretty

#63 How Do I Deal With This?

Image credits: ProlesOfBikiniBottom

#64 That’s Gonna Be A No From Me

Image credits: Tequila-M0ckingbird

#65 Just Your Average Pos Leach

Image credits: DecommodifiedGuevara

#66 Please, Put The Pitchforks Away

Image credits: reach_mcreach

#67 My Aunt Thinks Being A Landlord Is The Greatest Service To Society, Also Don’t Get The Background She’s Not Jewish

Image credits: TheCheeseWolf

#68 Get F**ked

Image credits: RIPNightman

#69 It’s 2021 And We Still Have Lords.. A Better Future Is Possible

Image credits: RIPNightman

#70 Lazy Leeches Indeed

Image credits: mrladymau

#71 “Have You Tried Not Being Poor?”

Image credits: yuritopiaposadism

#72 Or You Could Just Lower The Rents, Your Call

Image credits: ChuckieOrLaw

#73 I Pay Rent Early Every Month Just For My Landlord To Never Be Available To Fix A Leaky Valve. He’s Not Getting My Rent Until This S**t Is Fixed

Image credits: CyanideIsFun


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