It Appears That There Are 2 Unexplainable Things That Often Occur Before Patients Pass Away And This Nurse Went Viral For Sharing This

Talking about death can be a sad and unwanted topic. Despite this, a hospice nurse decided to share two phenomena that happen quite often with people who are about to pass away. The post It Appears That There Are 2 Unexplainable Things That Often Occur Before Patients Pass Away And This...

It could be said that death is among those topics that are rarely talked about because of how sad and scary it is. And it seems that avoiding talking about death and dark experiences that come along with it makes things even worse. When people decide to stay away from finding out about certain things and keep them taboo, a lot of misconceptions and false claims take their place instead. Having this in mind, hospice nurse Julie decided to share some death-related phenomena with her followers on TikTok to educate and prepare them for what happens when their beloved ones are getting closer to passing away.

Both Julie’s videos that talk about phenomena that appear when a person is about to die have received more than 6 million views, encouraging the hospice nurse to share more information about what happens to a person towards the end of their life.

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Hospice nurse Julie became an interest of people online when she started sharing some eye-opening information about passing away

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Julie is a hospice nurse and she’s been doing this for 14 years, so the woman has gained a lot of valuable experience through the years. Having in mind how little people usually know about death and that many are actually afraid of this process, the woman decided to start sharing some information about it to make people less scared and help them break free from various stereotypes about people having to spend their last days in hospice.

In her now-viral videos, the woman revealed two phenomena that occur related to death

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The first phenomenon that nurse Julie presented was “rally.” It begins with a patient being really sick and showing signs that they are not improving before suddenly, they start to feel significantly better. They not only start to eat and walk but also start to talk, joke around, and seem to remind loved ones of their old selves. This usually continues for a day or two, and then ends with a patient dying. This isn’t some rare thing that happens only to a couple of people, so the nurse shared that she likes to warn patients’ relatives about this before this situation even happens. This sudden improvement can give this false hope to the relatives, later disappointing them with the tragic end.

The nurse explained “the rally”—a state when a person that is close to their death starts to feel better

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Another phenomenon that Julie talked about in one of her videos was of patients starting to see spirits, angels, and relatives who have already passed away. This doesn’t seem to scare them, it rather has a calming effect on them, but sometimes they do ask nurses if they can also see what they are seeing. Bored Panda contacted Julie to find out more about her work and one of the questions was related to how she responds when a patient asks her such a question. “I tell them it’s very normal, and as long as they aren’t scared of what they are seeing… go with it and enjoy!” revealed the nurse.

The woman also talked about times when her patients would start seeing spirits and their late relatives who make them feel better and more comfortable

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Despite this topic being quite sensitive and sad, Julie was happy and surprised to see that people’s interest in how death actually works made her videos viral. She also expressed a wish to “shift how our world views death, so it makes me so happy to see that people seem to want that shift too.”

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Working in the medical sector is known to require a lot of hard work, patience, and compassion. We asked Julie to share with us what is the most rewarding part of being a hospice nurse, to which she replied: “Being able to help people at a very vulnerable time. Being able to witness what relief some people get from being able to talk about their fears, their concerns, their LIFE goals while they are still here. Hospice is about LIFE—it’s about being able to manage symptoms so the patient can still experience LIFE at home with their families.”

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The woman also added some inspiring things about the industry she works in and how all these specialists are there not only there to help people in time of need but also educate and support everyone on a daily basis: “There is a whole community of hospice workers (nurses, doctors, social workers, music therapists, CNAs, death doulas… the list goes on). All of us come together on social media to raise awareness and support each other—it’s beautiful.”

You can watch the full video down below!

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People online started sharing their stories of what their close relatives experienced at the end of their days

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