35 Movie Plot Twists That Probably Can’t Be Topped, According To People In This Online Group

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One of the things that makes a movie boring is predictability. Sometimes you watch a story unfold and you can guess how it will end, so what’s the point of watching it, then, if it doesn’t surprise you with something new?

Other times movies will have such plot twists that even if you had several theories on how the movie would turn out, none of them were even close to what the director had in mind. They are interesting to watch because they don’t follow any pattern and many successful movies will have some element of surprise in them.

To have a list of these kinds of movies to watch later, Reddit user These_Ad1806 asked “What movie has the best twist?” and the cinephiles of the internet offered a variety of them. Which ones do you agree with? Upvote them to let us know and leave your own suggestions in the comments!

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Shawshank Redemption when Andy doesn’t come out for head count and you wonder if he finally offed himself because he couldn’t take it anymore only to find out he dug a freaking tunnel with a rock hammer.

Image credits: WhoaButter


The Usual Suspects.

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Image credits: No-Acanthisitta423


The first time watching fight club is way up there for me.

Image credits: Tortion


I’m mentioning this movie not because it is the best but rather because it is hard to find digitally for some reason but the movie “The Others” with Nicole Kidman has a great twist for its time.

Image credits: Mister_JayB


Not movie, but The Good Place had a really good twist at the end of season 1

Image credits: pox97



Image credits: brotato85


Monty python and the holy grail , nobody expected it to end like that in all honesty.

Image credits: Tub_of_jam66



It starts out being about a woman on the run with a suitcase full of money and then turns into a completely different movie a third of the way in.

Image credits: didnsignup4dis


Primal Fear with Richard Gere and Ed Norton

Image credits: ladydragon75



Image credits: PMyourTastefulNudes


Hot Fuzz

Image credits: erendpronkps4


The Prestige is one of my favorites too

Image credits: Alonest99


I hear that when Empire Strikes Back and Vader tells Luke who he truly is that everyone just absolutely lost their minds.

Image credits: boredbrowser1


Hear me out…. Zootopia

Image credits: JohnPantelis_


Gone girl!

Image credits: ParsnipBusy



The scene where that maid tried to get into that secret basement just turned the movie upside down. That was so unexpected!

Image credits: SaabudaanaKhichadi


from dusk till dawn

i like the transition from normal movie to vampire action

Image credits: Sasha_Privalov


Cabin in the Woods

Image credits: Accurate_Interview10


The Machinist

I was rocked…. Like someone had just slapped me

Image credits: watermelon-4-lyf



Image credits: BrittLee8


The Game with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn

Image credits: bmallett2


Blazing Saddles

The best twisted ending to any movie – ever

Image credits: longrossi


The Book of Eli

Image credits: p_coletraine


The mist. The ending was terrible but in a good way like the twist was heartbreaking but it was so good.

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Crazy, Stupid Love has not one but two of the best twists ever for a rom-com! I had randomly put it on one night thinking it would be a generic run of the mill comedy but the setups are so good that those twists come out of nowhere but are still fantastic

Image credits: jleichter18


V for vendetta has a solid twist the first time I watched it it blew my mind

Image credits: GRizzMang


Orphan was pretty f**ked up.

Image credits: Princess-Kit-Kat



Image credits: KentuckyFriedEel


10 Cloverfield Lane. I love this movie and it’s sometimes a hard watch for me because John Goodman behaves exactly like my father, and his performance is both terrifying and incredible, but the whole film is phenomenal and the ending was like, omg wtf**k.

Image credits: Rona_Lightfoot


Monsters Inc. How you manage to make a spider crab look like a sweet and cuddly grandpa in one scene and turn it into a traumatizing nightmare straight out of Dead Space (in a movie which didn’t even imply a twist to begin with thanks to Randall) is beyond unheard of.

Image credits: Headwig75



Oliver Twist.

Image credits: dayron669


It might be 41 years old now, and everyone knows it by heart, but the “No, I am your father” line from ESB is still my favorite


the handmaiden


Pulp Fiction. John Travolta does a pretty sick twist on the dance floor.


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