105 Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure That Their Relationships Are Never Boring (New Pics)

Good relationships don't just happen. The post 105 Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure That Their Relationships Are Never Boring (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

Good relationships don’t just happen. They take commitment, compromise, and most importantly, effort. The recipe, of course, can vary depending on the type of partnership you’re baking. Some like theirs sweeter while others prefer it spicier. But there is one element that I believe makes every romantic dish better. Humor.

Continuing one of our legendary installments, we at Bored Panda put together a new list of jokes that boyfriends and husbands have delighted their significant others with. We’re talking clever puns, surprising pics, and even well-done crafts. These guys are definitely raising the bar for the rest of us!

Scroll down to check out their gags, and catch up on the series if you missed our earlier posts here, here, and here.

#1 Being Cooped Up Has Us All Crazy

Image credits: hamstertalk

#2 Our Baby Announcement Photo. My Wife Looked So Obnoxiously Thin 24 Hours After Delivery That I Joked I Looked Like The One Who Had Just Delivered. So We Decided To Swap

Image credits: tyleryoungblood

#3 Today Is A Big Day For My Husband

Image credits: dennis1798

#4 I Annoy My Wife By Doing This Every Time She Posts A Landscape Photo

Image credits: riceisright56

#5 That One Time We Met Jason Momoa And My Husband Came Up With This Great Idea. Two Years Later And I Haven’t Washed My Hair

Image credits: PickleBurp13

#6 My Wife Has Had This Photo Frame Hanging On The Wall For Too Long Without Any Pictures In It. I Did This While Wife Slept. I’ll Let You Know Tomorrow If I’m Still Married

Image credits: baritone39355

#7 A Year Ago I Started Sending My GF These Photos Whenever She Asked If The Baby Was Ok

Image credits: BitwiseShift

#8 Husband Got A Label Maker

Image credits: BryttaBee

#9 My Wife And I Graduated From Med School Today

Image credits: Neuromancy_

#10 My Father Took The Time To Do This To My Mother Ladies And Gentlemen

Image credits: hornyobama123

#11 This Is Adorable

Image credits: alystockton

#12 What My Husband Sends Me While I’m At Work

Image credits: larebear2

#13 My Boyfriend Is A Seller On Amazon. This Is What I Came Home To

Image credits: ThingsWeSasy

#14 My European Boyfriend Surfing In Australia

Image credits: dcsarq

#15 Wife Said She Wanted A Small Coffee Table

Image credits: jcmatthews66

#16 My Friend Finished Wrapping His Wife’s Presents. Left One A Perfume, Right One A Sweater

Image credits: mowa111

#17 Trying To Lure My Wife To Come Hang Out

Image credits: dpu80

#18 When Your Husband Finds Your Hairbrush

Image credits: igorandmaddy

#19 Target Husband

Image credits: ninnuh

#20 I Asked My Husband To Take On Some Christmas Cards This Year. My Sister Just Sent Me This Picture Of What He Wrote

Jessica & David Wow can you believe it’s Cheermas once again? Wow. I mean come on! Merry merry cheer pow BANG! May all the cheer cheer spirits enter your body and make your body feel warm and fuzzy as they take control. Submit to the Cheercheer. They are the true masters. Submit. We love you 100% of the time!! Kisses and hugs to you and may Santa home invade you. XO Carly, Johnny, Forest & Emery

Image credits: sorrygordon

#21 My Husband Had A Baseball Display Case Customized For Our Dog’s Foreign Body Removal

Image credits: Fryeer

#22 I Went Outside To Pick My Wife A Rose. I Think I Found The Perfect One

Image credits: razor10000

#23 Okay This Is Absolutely Hilarious

Image credits: junglebooty

#24 Wife And I Are Out Of Work During The Shutdown And She Was Beginning To Drive Me A Little Crazy, So I Installed The Sims On Her Laptop

I’m on my 3rd day of total freedom

Image credits: _Street_Shark

#25 The House Was Way Too Quiet Yesterday While The Foster Kittens Were Out Having Playtime And My Boyfriend Was Supposed To Be Watching Them

Image credits: mishalaluna

#26 I Told My Husband I Just Wanted Some “Crappy Earrings” For Christmas. He Delivered

Image credits: freehorse

#27 When My Wife Talks About Having Another Baby, I Like To Remind Her How Painful Breastfeeding Was. Works Everytime

Image credits: EverettTokio

#28 On The Left Is The Photo I Posted Of My Boyfriend And I, On The Right Is His Response

Image credits: Zeehammer

#29 Looking Through My Husband’s Military Coins And Found This Gem

Image credits: Fancy-Satisfaction-1

#30 We Had Family Photos And My Wife Doesn’t Want This Hanging In Our Entrance

Image credits: EtuMeke

#31 I Have An Ongoing Battle With My Buddy For The Most Ridiculous Photo ID. Wife Suggested I Wear My Mother’s Pink Bathrobe And “Gary Busey” Hair

Image credits: rage242

#32 My Husband Brought Home A Label Maker

Image credits: melissakate8

#33 Twinsies (Our Grandson Is Convinced My Husband Really Is Shaggy)

Image credits: ImJustSomeChick

#34 My Sister Asked For A Nintendo Switch For Xmas. Her Boyfriend Must Have Misunderstood

He killed it, lucky for her my parents got her the real thing. Her BF waited to make sure she got the real one before giving her the gag gift.

Image credits: WildInSix

#35 Went To A Party Dressed As Myself 10 Years In The Future. Nobody Realized It Was A Costume & They Avoided Me All Night

Folks kept trying to rescue my wife from me. Joined some smokers on front lawn, the party’s host saw me out there, came out to apologize for the noise.

Image credits: Worldly-Steak-2926

#36 Wife Said I Was Too Fat To Be A Fireman & I Should Be A Firetruck. Joke’s On Her, Now She Has To Go Trick-Or-Treating With Me

While the flashing lights on my costume give the neighborhood children seizures

Image credits: jefferson_wilkenson

#37 My Wife And I Decided To Mess With Our Contractor

Image credits: MoridinXP

#38 Our First Child Recently Turned A Year Old. I Had To Acknowledge My Wife’s Sacrifice As Well

Image credits: John_McCuddles

#39 When We First Met She Was Over Me Playing Mw3 So Much So I Bought Her A T Shirt For X-Mas

Now every year for 10 years I have bought her my favorite game t-shirt every year much to her delight!

Image credits: Astrix13

#40 My Boyfriend Thought It Would Be Funny To Bring Our Cat Into The Pool. This Picture Is The Result. Please Enjoy

Image credits: themysteriousgap

#41 My Husband Has A Googly Eye Addiction

Image credits: Brkiri

#42 Made Some Labels For My Wife’s Contact Lenses

Image credits: dwkeith

#43 My Wife Fell Asleep Like This During A Movie So I Decided To Recreate “The Creation Of Adam”

Image credits: Iwasnotexpectingthat

#44 Not Sure Why My Husband Bought Me This Book

Image credits: petunia-pineapple

#45 Husband Says It’s A Navy Seal

Image credits: Kaitlin_Orsted

#46 A Picture To Commemorate My Husband’s First Day Of His Office Reopening. They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: melllis

#47 I Buy My Husband A Nice New Toy, He Just Wants To Play With The Box

Image credits: shewholaughslasts

#48 I Couldn’t Remember How My Husband Like His Coffee So He Made A Cheat Sheet For Me

Image credits: Madanax

#49 This Is The “Cat” My Husband Wanted Us To Adopt

Image credits: StrongLastRunFast

#50 My Wife Told Me I’m Too Excited About Our New Maple Syrup Evaporator. I Told Her That’s Impossible

Image credits: atodaso

#51 My Girlfriend Said She Is Immune To Rickrolls. Anyway, Going To Give This To Her On Her Birthday

Image credits: Dush01

#52 I Am Picking My Wife Up At The Airport After A Long Trip, And A Good Friend Said To Bring Her Some Nice Flours As A Surprise

I am bringing her a basket FULL of her favorite flours

Image credits: dc_IV

#53 My Wife Had The Virus And I Didn’t So She Makes Me Wait In The Car When We Get Groceries. I Made A Sign

Image credits: AlexFalcone

#54 Think Again

Image credits: circutracer1511

#55 My Husband Started 17th Grade (His Masters Program) On The Same Day My Daughter Started 5th Grade. They’re Both Ecstatic About Back To School

Image credits: Snipsthetips

#56 My BF Gave Me This Rubber Band To Bend My Hair. I Didn’t Realize It Wasn’t Really A Rubber Band Until The End Of The Day

Image credits: CarefulPeanut

#57 In Case Anyone Was Wondering. My Husband Is A Jerk. Not Something That I Want To Wonder To The Bathroom And Find At 4:15 Am

Image credits: csalasrn05

#58 My Husband’s Halloween Costume. He’s Crushing Your Head

Image credits: smcnic10

#59 My Husband Left Town Today For A Bachelor Party. I Came Home To This

Image credits: ThePetiteBaker

#60 The Live Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Image credits: stupidpopmemes

#61 Wife Has Been Gone A Week, And I Have Become Ungovernable

Image credits: yellowbythedozen

#62 After A Week Off From Being A Dad, I Had To Embarrass My Wife And Daughters At The Airport

Image credits: MrGummySlut

#63 Wife And I Bought A Car, Accidentally Took A Pic With Panorama. Guess I’m An Alien

Image credits: cat_lizard

#64 Wife Forgot To Replace The TP Roll For The 2nd Time In A Row. This Is My Attempt At A Subtle Reminder

Image credits: trenno

#65 My Buddy’s Wife Let Him Decorate The Basement Bathroom. No Regrets

Image credits: Nomad057

#66 I Can Be Mature

Image credits: TheCalvinShow

#67 Boyfriend Stuck This On And Thought It Was Hilarious

Image credits: maddie2772

#68 My Fiancé And I Had Our Ultrasound On 5/5 But Because Of The Quarantine We Couldn’t Celebrate. So I Made This. She Did Not Find It As Humorous As I Did

Image credits: Kostrom

#69 My Wife Can’t Stand It When I Do This

Image credits: guysir

#70 It’s Not A Mess If Everything Is Where It Should Be

Image credits: casualciara

#71 Gift I Got For My Girlfriend’s First Day Of Work

Image credits: red_herring13

#72 I Asked Him To Cut The Pizza Into 4 Pieces This Is What I Got

Image credits: hughes_adventures

#73 “Boyfriend Subscription”

Image credits: t_mitch18

#74 My Boyfriend And I Went To Niagara Falls This Weekend

Image credits: Taintlyn

#75 Suddenly My Boyfriend Decided To Wait For Me! I Think It’s Love

Image credits: YasminaCoreea

#76 My Boyfriend And I Found Something Amazing At A Thrift Store Today

Image credits: Toaf1234

#77 Asked My Husband To Label Our Leftovers, “Sure Babe” He Tells Me

Image credits: rachels_texorcisms

#78 Asked My Husband To Take A Photo Of Me With One Of Our New Peeps

Image credits: bethrotull73

#79 My Wife Seriously Thought I Wouldn’t Be Able To Find The Stud. Jokes On Her

Image credits: tfoust10

#80 I Just Won This Painting In An Auction. My Wife Hates It

Image credits: danthoms

#81 Wife Was Not A Fan Of My Taste In Boat Names

Image credits: CountryBoyCanSurvive

#82 Roll Window Down, Place Broken Glass On Ground, And Stage The Area. Wife Freaked Out.

Image credits: leewd

#83 I Don’t Know What To Do. My Browser History Just Revealed That My Wife Is Cheating

Image credits: klam00

#84 Decided To Do In-Depth Investigation Of The Dryer Ventilation Tube In The Attic While Wife And Kid Went To Get Dinner. Fell Completely Through

Hopefully, she won’t notice this in the master bathroom

Image credits: WritersAdvocate

#85 My Wife Said “I’m Going As Belle, Get The Matching Costume.” I Didn’t Understand The Assignment

Image credits: CrazyDrakes

#86 God Speed. I’m Counting On You

Image credits: ruffmuff

#87 That’s Awesome

Image credits: clouddd231

#88 Moms Presents From Dad – Her Face Says It All

Image credits: dyzrel

#89 My Boyfriend Always Asks To See My Cat Sesame When I’m Facetiming Him. Turns Out He Enjoys Taking Screenshots Whenever I’m Being Attacked

Image credits: valentinayoufatlard

#90 Coming Home From A Long Day Of Work And Then Rehearsal And All I Wanted Was A Small Glass Of Milk. Well Ask And You Shall Receive

Image credits: lauriescoggins

#91 Max Made Me A Plate Of Bacon, Pancakes And Banana For Breakfast. Isn’t He Funny

Image credits: jilliev

#92 I Had A Shirt Made With Unflattering Pictures Of My Wife

Image credits:

#93 Today I Went Into My Husbands Wallet For Some Money And All I Found Was This Zillion Dollar Bill With My Cat’s Face On It. This Man Really Thinks He’s Funny

Image credits: deyannabanana

#94 For Our Anniversary, My Boyfriend Decided To Get Me A Picture Of My Dog That Does Not Reflect His Personality, Whatsoever

Image credits: natatatcatr

#95 My Boyfriend Told Me I Was Getting Coal For Christmas. I Did

Image credits: Ihatethattruck

#96 Noticed A Section Of The Hedge Had Turned Brown And Died. Mentioned It To My Husband, Came Home To This

Image credits: kel7star

#97 My Husband Got Me The Traditional Gift Of Ivory For Our 14th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: squallly

#98 My Boyfriend Trying On Different Showers To See Which He Likes

Image credits: Fishylips

#99 Husband Leading Blind Wife Into A Strip Club

Image credits: TummyPuppy

#100 My Days Of PC Gaming Are Over Since I Showed My So The World Of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021. I Am The Cat Lady Now

Image credits: Covidnineteen

#101 For The Past Month, This Frog Jumps From Out Of The Grass Onto The Sidewalk Each Night When We Get Home. This Is My Boyfriend Taking A Selfie With Him. His Name Is Jamal

Image credits: MerRich_

#102 I Asked My Husband If He Could Print Something For Me

Image credits: jglowcrafts

#103 Got My Wife An Ipod, Couldn’t Resist The Free Engraving

Image credits: NautySquid

#104 I Asked My Husband To Seal An Envelope For Mailing

Image credits: northernCan81

#105 My Husband Labeled Our Frozen Meats After Our Last Store Trip. I Got A Good Laugh Pulling This Out For Dinner

Image credits: PunkyJ88


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