Nearly 77k People Found This Thread Of Random Advice Useful And These Are 49 Of The Best Bits

Reddit users made a huge thread of random advice they wanted people to know and Bored Panda collected the best ones into this list. The post Nearly 77k People Found This Thread Of Random Advice Useful And These Are 49 Of The Best Bits first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

There aren’t people who haven’t failed at doing something, but that’s actually a good thing, because now they know how to do it right. Even though it is human to make mistakes, you can significantly reduce them if you try not to repeat your own mistakes and also learn from others’.

This is how advice is born: people just want you to not do the same things that didn’t work out for them. And the best place to look for them is the internet. For example, in this Reddit thread the user prolific_ideas started. It was quite a success with 16k people joining it and almost 77k users liking it. The advice in the thread isn’t related to one topic but instead are just the most random tips people got to find out the hard way.

So enjoy learning about life and share your own secrets so others can do the same. Also, don’t forget to upvote the answers that you find the most useful!

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Don’t take criticism from people you’d never go to for advice.

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Being able to admit you were wrong or made a mistake is respectable

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Be comfortable being alone before you get in a relationship. It will keep you from staying in crap relationships just to “not be lonely”

Image credits: malalala_lala


If they will cheat with you, they will cheat on you. The same goes for gossip.

Image credits: jaybird2370


If it bothers you for more than 24 hours, speak up within 48

Image credits: likelystonedagain


“No” is a complete sentence.

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If you want a raise, ask what you need to do to earn it. Accomplish those things and ask for the raise. If you get the raise, stay. If you don’t, begin looking for another job. Don’t play games with people who move your goal posts.

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Always take the time to say I love you and remember tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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Looking back at your past and cringing is good. That means you’ve grown since then.

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Watch old episodes of Bob Ross and Crocodile Hunter with your little kids. Get them started on the right path.

Image credits: mlee0328


Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

Image credits: christ_w_attitude


If you think your house is haunted and see s**t buy a carbon monoxide alarm might be a leak making you hallucinate.

Image credits: I-eat-bu**holes


When you finish something complicated or pick up a concept from a skill you are learning. Take a moment to be proud of yourself. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone. But it feels good to take a sec to enjoy the accomplishment.

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Take care of your teeth

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Accept people for who they are, not what you want them to be. If they show that they’re trash people, accept it and cut them loose. They won’t change for you no matter how much you want them too. If they show that they’re genuine, they’re the ones you need to surround yourself with.

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Always Thank people. Don’t just say thank you, mean it.

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You spend half your life walking and sleeping. Never buy cheap shoes or a s***ty mattress.

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Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Not financial advice.

Image credits: Ec1ipse14


Don’t take advice from strangers on the internet

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Don’t live your life regretting the small mistakes you made yesterday. You’re not defective, and even though your brain will tell you that you screwed up and because of that you’re unworthy of people’s time and attention, it’s wrong. You are worthy.

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Put your keys in the same place every time you come home

Image credits: kinderwithkitties


Put compassion before anger, before jealously, before fear. You never know what other people are going through.

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This was a recent lesson learned. When getting a new apartment test both heat and AC. You don’t think to check your heater when’s it 105 outside on the day you tour the apartment. We never tested our heater. First freeze of the year and our heater is broken. Two weeks for a replacement. If anyone’s apartment hunting that’s my nugget of wisdom.

Image credits: thegothickitty33


Never make any important decisions when either hungry, horny, happy, sad, tired, or angry.

Image credits: Zayers


If you are going through something hard find other people in the same boat. You don’t have to do it alone and you will learn so much from those farther ahead of you. Also f**k shame. Get help you need.

Image credits: Inthedarksobad


Pee within 30 minutes after sex.

Image credits: alexan45


No one notices that zit or that one hair like you do. You look good homie.

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DONT STAY WITH SOMEONE BECAUSE YOU “JUST CANT EXPLAIN IT. ” You’ll end up depressed, isolated and feeling stuck.

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We can always start again

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Most relationships can be maintained/improved by investing the time and having clear communication. If you can’t have difficult conversations with someone you love and trust, you won’t be successful. This is true for significant others, bosses, your kids, your family, everyone.

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Read to your kids Every. Single. Day. From 1 day old until they graduate high school.

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Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.

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If your employer offers a 401(k) match you take it

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Take the time to enjoy the little/quiet/every-day moments with your kids. They grow up really fast. It’s easy to remember the big events, milestones and vacations. But those small moments of sharing ice cream on a summer day or sitting outside looking at the stars together…those are magic. Don’t overlook them.

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Buy the good trash bags and toilet paper.


If you’re making pancakes from scratch, instead of adding in the egg to the batter as is, separate the yolk and the whites. Add the yolk to the batter, then whip and beat the egg whites till they’re nice and foamy, then add them to the batter.


Increase your property damage on your auto insurance to $300,000. It usually only cost $3 more every 6 months and will keep you from paying out of pocket if you hit a Tesla.

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Be kind, everyone’s putting up a hard fight.


When you make a plan of any kind, instantly put it on your phone calendar and make an alert to remind you at least an hour or so beforehand


Go to the funeral or visitation whenever someone remotely known to you passes away. Whenever anyone in your friend’s circle passes away. Make the effort, it means a lot.


Never fry bacon while naked.


When tiling a bathroom floor, always ensure to double coat the waterproofing to prevent future leaks.

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Measure twice , cut once

Image credits: topsyturvy76


Everything in moderation, even moderation.


Never trust a fart.


Dont be silly wrap your willie


Eat more salad


Sharing is caring unless it’s a needle


Sometimes, if there isn’t a good reason not to do it, just say yes, you might experience something amazing. That is unless your gut tells you to say no. If in doubt, listen to your gut feeling.


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