I Found 56 Rare Celebrity Childhood Photos That Show Barely Recognizable Stars

Believe it or not, Hollywood stars were once kids too! Have you ever stopped to think about what little Beyoncé or Drake looked like? The post I Found 56 Rare Celebrity Childhood Photos That Show Barely Recognizable Stars first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

Believe it or not, Hollywood stars were once kids too! Some say that in their eyes, celebrities sometimes get stuck at the age they get famous. There are some celebs who we get to see on the screen even before their teen years, however, some don’t really come into the picture until their 30s or 40s. In these cases, it’s sometimes hard to imagine our beloved actors or singers as children.

Have you ever stopped to think about what little Beyoncé or Drake looked like? In this list, you’ll find 56 pictures celebrities have shared of themselves when they were kids, teenagers, or even toddlers.

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#1 Jack Black

Image credits: Jack Black

“Just gonna leave this Christmas throwback right here for everyone around the world’s enjoyment… 4 yrs old. Teeth bucked and discolored. Rocking a perm,” wrote Dwayne Johnson on his Instagram account when posting a throwback picture. “And for the record, EVERYONE thought I was a little girl growing up. And clearly even at a very young age, I always had ‘a way’ with all the girls – mainly because they thought I was one. And thanks for the awesome haircut, mom.”

#2 Prince

Image credits: Prince

#3 Mindy Kaling

Image credits: Mindy Kaling

“Meet Alicia. At her home ‘studio’ on 137th St in Harlem. Just a simple one bedroom. The room was so small, she sat on the bed and played the keyboard piano trying to come up with songs that matched the feelings in her heart. She sang in a closet covered with blankets through blazing NY summers trying to find her voice and show the non-believers she could do it. No matter what they said. She could do it all,” Alicia Keys reminisced about herself as a teenager.

#4 David Bowie

Image credits: David Bowie

#5 Tom Hanks

Image credits: Tom Hanks

Reese Witherspoon took a nostalgic approach on her throwback Instagram caption: “POV: it’s 1987. You got your cool new Benetton sweater. You memorized all the words to ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ by Belinda Carlyle. Gonna go to a roller skating birthday party this weekend and play Dragon Slayer at the arcade. Eat Whatchamacallits and drink Cherry Cokes. LIFE IS GOOD.”

#6 Dwayne Johnson

Image credits: The Rock

#7 Mark Ruffalo

Image credits: Mark Ruffalo

Aging and celebrities have always been two words that seem to go hand in hand. Many try to speculate what procedures certain celebs have or have not done, whilst our beloved Hollywood stars are often happy to share the secrets of their never-ending youth. Some of these tips are not as extravagant as you might think, like eating healthy, getting a solid amount of rest, or never going to bed with a full face of makeup on.

#8 Ryan Reynolds

Image credits: Ryan Reynolds

#9 Maisie Williams

Image credits: Maisie Williams

#10 Jennifer Garner

Image credits: Jennifer Garner

#11 Alicia Keys

Image credits: Alicia Keys

#12 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Image credits: Joe Gordon-Levitt

#13 Reese Witherspoon

Image credits: Reese Witherspoon

#14 Heidi Klum

Image credits: Heidi Klum

#15 Jennifer Aniston

Image credits: Jennifer Aniston

#16 Christina Aguilera

Image credits: Christina Aguilera

#17 Beyoncé

Image credits: Beyoncé

#18 Ricky Martin

Image credits: Ricky Martin

#19 Winona Ryder

Image credits: Winona Ryder

#20 Miley Cyrus

Image credits: Miley Cyrus

#21 Drake

Image credits: Drake

#22 Halle Berry

Image credits: Halle Berry

#23 Ellen DeGeneres

Image credits: TheEllenShow

#24 Katy Perry (Center), On The Left Is Her Sister, And On The Right Is Her Mother

Image credits: Katy Perry

#25 Amanda Seyfried

Image credits: Amanda Seyfried

#26 Nicole Kidman

Image credits: Nicole Kidman

#27 Lenny Kravitz

Image credits: Lenny Kravitz

#28 Elizabeth Banks

Image credits: Elizabeth Banks

#29 Mandy Moore

Image credits: Mandy Moore

#30 Matthew McConaughey

Image credits: Matthew Mcconaughey

#31 Macklemore

Image credits: Macklemore

#32 Gwen Stefani

Image credits: Gwen Stefani

#33 Cindy Crawford

Image credits: Cindy Crawford

#34 Celine Dion

Image credits: Celine Dion

#35 Charlize Theron

Image credits: Charlize Theron

#36 Kate Hudson

Image credits: Kate Hudson

#37 Gal Gadot With Her Father Michael Gadot

Image credits: Gal Gadot

#38 Sarah Michelle Gellar

Image credits: Sarah Michelle Gellar

#39 Jessica Chastain

Image credits: Jessica Chastain

#40 Hilary Duff

Image credits: Hilary Duff

#41 Tiffani Thiessen

Image credits: Tiffani Thiessen

#42 Gwyneth Paltrow

Image credits: Gwyneth Paltrow

#43 Victoria Justice

Image credits: Victoria Justice

#44 Marilyn Manson With His Father Hugh Warner

Image credits: Marilyn Manson

#45 Mayim Bialik

Image credits: Mayim Bialik

#46 Jason Isaacs

Image credits: Jason Isaacs

#47 Alyson Hannigan Denisof

Image credits: Alyson Hannigan Denisof

#48 Demi Moore

Image credits: Demi Moore

#49 David Beckham

Image credits: David Beckham

#50 Lena Headey

Image credits: Lena Headey

#51 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Image credits: Jennifer Love Hewitt

#52 Marcia Cross

Image credits: Marcia Cross

#53 Carrie Underwood

Image credits: Carrie Underwood

#54 Tom Ellis

Image credits: Tom Ellis

#55 Gisele Bündchen

Image credits: Gisele Bündchen

#56 Kourtney And Kim Kardashian

Image credits: Kim Kardashian


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