210 Times People Captured Their Corgis Being Funny And Adorable

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If you are a dog person, you probably know that having one can bring you a lot of joy and happiness. One of the greatest feelings is knowing that there is this furry little friend waiting for you to come back home and play with them. If you are thinking about owning a dog that would be quite small, full of energy, and simply adorable, you might want to consider getting yourself a corgi. They must be quite special if even Queen Elizabeth II herself has kept them as her favorite dogs for years. And to prove how precious and cute these dogs are, people online decided to share some of the moments that show corgis having fun in everyday settings. 

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#1 The Face I Make When Mom Is Outside Talking To A Friend And Makes Me Wait Inside

Image credits: SheliaTakeABow

#2 Sleeping Baby Corgi With His Toy

Image credits: ninlooq

#3 Met Cinnabar The Fluffy Corgi Puppy Over The Weekend And My Heart Still Hasn’t Recovered

Image credits: coffeeanddimples

Corgis are known to be small, active, and intelligent dogs that are also very friendly with other pets and people. There are two corgi breeds: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Even though it might seem that there are no significant differences between these two breeds, you can separate them by having in mind that Cardigan Welsh Corgi are a bit heavier and larger than Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It can also be noticed that the Cardigan Welsh breed has a longer tail, while the Pembroke Welsh has a “docked” tail.

#4 My Brother Shows Us Every Picture Of Corgis That He Sees. Tonight, My Dad Is Surprising Him With A New Pup

Image credits: InsaneBeagle

#5 Installed The New Corgi Door

Image credits: gnessa03

#6 My Friend’s Corgi Ate Pumpkin Seeds, Pooped Them Out, And They Started Growing. Here She Is Sitting Next To Her Work

Image credits: laurenlvt

Even though corgis are known for being used as cattle herding dogs, now they are acquired as pets. They are a great choice for those who want a small but active dog. These dogs are very smart, so they are easily trained, especially with the help of food. What is important to remember in this case is that they tend to easily gain weight and become obese, so their food amounts should be controlled.

#7 Corgi Cubone, A Corgbone If You Will

Image credits: WillSmurf

#8 This Woman With Her Two Corgis

Image credits: Sir_SpooksAlot

#9 Corgi Pupper Gives A Smol Smile

Image credits: mlynskey

Despite corgis being these little cute dogs, they are very protective of their surroundings. There might be cases when corgis bite kids’ feet. For this reason, it is important to start training them as soon as possible and also teach kids about how to appropriately approach the pet. 

For those who are thinking about buying a corgi, it is crucial to find a responsible and trustworthy breeder. There are still people who do this under unfit and suspicious circumstances. Of course, the best way is to take a dog from a shelter where a lot of poor animals are waiting for care and attention.

#10 Bunny Corgi

Image credits: Flkhuo

#11 Suspicious Corgi Knows He’s Going To The Vet

Image credits: The_Gallant

#12 Did I Buy My Grandma And Her Senior Corgi A Utility Cart To Keep On Doing What They Love On Our Farm? You Betcha

Image credits: ddequineservices

#13 I Stopped Petting Him For .004 Seconds And Got This Serious Side Eye

Image credits: Lizzy Boudah

#14 I Have No Idea How To Please You Fickle People, So Here’s A Corgi With A Plant On His Head

Image credits: ainsleypaul

#15 My Corgi, Kadet, Ran His First Thanksgiving 5k Yesterday. So Proud Of This Little Guy

Image credits: sporgi

#16 Meet Gen, A Corgi From Japan Whose Facial Expressions Can Instantly Make Your Day

Image credits: genthecorgi

#17 Proud Corgi Mother With Her Litter Of 15 Puppers

Image credits: Yeet69lasagna

#18 Corgi On The Wheels

Image credits: fitlit5lyf

#19 Maverick The Corgi Puppy Before His Other Ear Popped Up

Image credits: saddlerocket

#20 Irma Lost All Her Puppies At Birth So The Owners Found Her A Kitten To Raise And She Is In Love

Image credits: TresidentPrump

#21 The Snows At Least One Corgi Deep Here

Image credits: Nightfallspire

#22 I’d Like You To Meet Penny, Our New Baby Corgi!

Image credits: Squat_the_rich

#23 My Cat And Corgi Are Best Friends

Image credits: blacky_tat

#24 My Father And My Corgi: Before And After 1 Year

Image credits: thannyyy

#25 My Close Friend Just Got A Corgi Pup. Is She Even Real?

Image credits: skim410

#26 Hello, I Am Table

Image credits: stengebt

#27 Corgi Puppy And His Groomer

Image credits: rwgirl0217

#28 Corgi Avengers

Image credits: GameMeetsGirl

#29 My 80-Yr. Old Grandpa With My Parents’ New Adopted Corgi Pup, Ladybug

Image credits: nymphadora-lovegood

#30 Every Morning I Wake Up To My Soulmate’s Face

Image credits: SirGrumpfenstein

#31 When You Accidentally Turn On The Front-Facing Camera, But It’s Ok Because You’re Adorable, Just A Little Surprised

Image credits: whisk_kid

#32 Just Checking Up On My Baby Brother

Image credits: dsoko13

#33 If She Fits, She Sleeps

Image credits: chx_

#34 Here’s A Smile From Sadie The 15 Yr Old Corgi

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#35 Not All Dogs Are Good Boys. Some Are Good Girls

Image credits: cooperandbaby_corgi

#36 Corgi Gives His Owners And The Entire Internet A Mini Heart Attack After He Rolls Around In Red Syrup And Rests In The Mess

Image credits: Corgi-cartier

#37 Face I Come Home To Everyday

Image credits: Jake Hall

#38 A Very Disgruntled Corgi After Farting Herself Out Of A Nap

Image credits: smolprincess928

#39 Corgi Smiling With Pride Over Her New Puppies

Image credits: schlauncha

#40 12 Week Old Corgi With Beautiful Spots

Image credits: tanzaniteflame

#41 Corgi Strategically Eliminates Opponent In Race For Glory

Image credits: chanberrry

#42 Got A New Family Member Today, Meet Calvin The Corgi

Image credits: DudeTowerGaming

#43 My Girlfriend And I Recently Got A New Corgi Puppy Named Ellie. She Recently Found Out That Snow Is Her Favorite Thing In The World And Showed Us How Photogenic She Is

Image credits: Ryanx10

#44 My Husband And I Went For A Selfie. Got Photobombed By Our Corgi

Image credits: RyGuyz

#45 A Little Hat Corgi

Image credits: LyyK

#46 Pancake Isn’t The Easiest Pup To Take Pictures With

Image credits: twonkoe

#47 Most Boopable Snout Ever

Image credits: MMorks

#48 Sam Passed His Puppy Class Yesterday!

Image credits: JKretz

#49 He Didn’t Get Any Of Our Food, And He Is Being Really Dramatic About It

Image credits: haugisen

#50 This Is Poppy, Age 4, And This Is Her Seat In The Car

Image credits: mike_gweeton

#51 That’s A Weird Looking Log

Image credits: JWeroff

#52 Princess Penelope Disapproves Of The Severe Lack Of Toy Options She’s Been Given. “What Do You Think I Am, A Peasant?!”

Image credits: Mary Beth

#53 Gus Disapproves Of The Mug Making Fun Of Him

Image credits: Caitlin Ross

#54 My Corgi When He Found Out That He Made It On A Billboard

Image credits: littlecooperbear

#55 Just A Baby Corgi Getting A Bath

Image credits: phisigtheduck

#56 Corgi In The Snow

Image credits: sultics

#57 Edison Derped A Little Too Hard This Time

Image credits: LAE123

#58 Meet Wrigley The Corgi

Image credits: Kayyylindzzz

#59 Played With 5 Week Old Corgis They Quickly Got Tired

Image credits: homebutnothome

#60 Corgi + Cerberus = Corberius

Image credits: LordMugsy

#61 Cilantro’s (Cat) First Walk With Big Brother, Bentley (Corgi)!

Image credits: KalynDalton

#62 Corgi Crushes Man To Death!

Image credits: isleofred

#63 Innocent Corgi Cannibalized

Image credits: nataliess

#64 This Car Has A Corgi Cave Option

Image credits: Christianhbk

#65 She Has Learned How To “Sit” And I’m So Proud Of Her!

Image credits: akatie97

#66 Corgzilla

Image credits: Starting-six

#67 Corgi Pup Tuckered Out

Image credits: -DeathEater-

#68 This Is How Gaston Says He’s Done With His Walk

Image credits: JeremiahGottwald

#69 My Third Shift Buddy. She Adjusted To My New Work Schedule Better Than I Thought She Would

Image credits: DiepSleep

#70 Have Yourself A Very Awkward Christmas

Image credits: KatieQ54

#71 Corgi Puppy Is Happy To Be Outside

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#72 A Canadian Corgi. He’s Corg In The North

Image credits: spitfire451

#73 First Meeting With Pumpernickel

Image credits:

#74 Mighty Defender Of The Couch

Image credits: starsreminisce

#75 This Corgi Loves To Play With His Stuffed Toys

Image credits: ericobear

#76 3 Beds And They Still Chose The Floor

Image credits: CorgiLady

#77 Before And After. Such A Cute Little Boy

Image credits: Bullmarket_chaser

#78 Fluffy Girl Says Happy Easter

Image credits: Tennisgolfyoga

#79 You Have Been Visited By The Disapproving Christmas Corgi! Happy Holidays!

Image credits: livieluv

#80 Corgi’s First Visit To The Vet! He’s The Best Boi!

Image credits: Happy-Mama-Llamas

#81 Sleepy Corgi Puppy

Image credits: stengebt

#82 Fluffy Corgi When The Groomer Shaved Her By Mistake

Image credits: dhdhk

#83 Clover The Fluffy Corgi

Image credits: lilbriesselsprout

#84 My Mom Works At An Animal Hospital; This Was One Of Her Clients Today

Image credits: Patch0uliprincess

#85 The Impossible Has Happened: Moose Has Accepted Our New 10 – Week – Old Puppy Poncho Months Ahead Of Schedule

Image credits: tinyclap

#86 My Baby And Corgi Are Now Old Enough To Work Together

Image credits: banpeiSF

#87 I Know How I’ll Be Voting In A Few Weeks: My Corgi Pancakes For President

Image credits: klundtasaur

#88 Corgi Down, Corgi Down!

Image credits: jasperislington

#89 The Difference 3 Months Makes. Corgi For Scale

Image credits: DisgruntledPlebian

#90 Happy Corgi

Image credits: hotlineblingg

#91 Small Face Corgi

Image credits: vefrid

#92 Now Sit Pretty – Good Boy

Image credits: _Marine

#93 My Dog Is The Kim Kardashian Of Corgis

Image credits: kittytime

#94 Full On Corgi Sploot! Little Link With His Gigantic Ears

Image credits: megs0307

#95 This Little Guy Just Turned 9. Decided To Break The Camera Out For A Portrait

Image credits: Porsche912

#96 She’s 16 Years Old And Her Legs Don’t Work So Well Anymore, But She Still Loves Meeting New People

Image credits: ggisthebest

#97 Just Welcomed Greg To The Family A Few Days Ago! It Was -35 Degrees With Windchill So He Was Very Content In His Sweater

Image credits: ericdz5

#98 Apollo Was Happy It Was Finally Warm Enough Out For Us To Sit Out On The Deck With Him

Image credits: tgriff1991

#99 My Sweet Lucy Ready For Her Laser Therapy

Image credits: rhiannamaye

#100 Ran Into These Good Boys And Good Girl At A Convention Saturday!

Image credits: twelvechickennuggets

#101 My Sister Tried To Take A Photo With Rocket… It Went As Expected

Image credits: BakaKuroNeko

#102 Time For A Midnight Snack

Image credits: obiwan_cunody

#103 Happy Momma To Be

Image credits: Ylemchata

#104 Safe To Say That Darwin Is Not In His Happy Place

Image credits: compscilady

#105 Tiny Corgi

Image credits: 1nd2th3st

#106 Zira Loves Shopping!

Image credits: skoalbrother

#107 Rescued This Corgi Puppy From The Shelter A Few Weeks Ago. My First Fathers Day As A Father!

Image credits: MusicMoviesFood

#108 We Got This Little Girl Yesterday. She Is Just The Sweetest

Image credits: SuperJezus

#109 His First Trip To The Vet!

Image credits: usafa2014

#110 Snow Angel

Image credits: Miss-ink

#111 I’m Sleepy But… Food!

Image credits: virtualgravity

#112 Cheddar Was The Happiest Boy In The Security Line

Image credits: ayiyi

#113 My Eyes Are Up Here, Thank You

Image credits: bo0tsie

#114 Grandpa’s Furniture Wasn’t Properly Set Up For Beaker

Image credits: whatisthatsteel

#115 The Most Adorable Ring Bearer/Best Man

Image credits: meowkiteh

#116 Kalua Loves Relaxing In The Truck

Image credits: jeshotzberger

#117 -30 Outside But Wookiee Don’t Care

Image credits: redditminotaur

#118 He Tries To Be Photogenic

Image credits: rtibbits52

#119 My Corgi Is Here To Ease Your Us Election Day Stresses

Image credits: salad4s

#120 Baby Corgi, Big City

Image credits: lo_and_be

#121 Flashback Friday: It’s Been 5 Years Since Tobias Made His Front Page Debut As A Wet Corgi In A Life Jacket!

Image credits: corgiinabiscuit

#122 Corgi Does Not Like The Vet’s Cold Table

Image credits: dweakz

#123 Corgis In A Cup Holder!

Image credits: West_Enthusiasm

#124 Little Pup Taking A Nap With A Close Pal

Image credits: n9neteen

#125 Corgi Twins!

Image credits: friendlee410

#126 Rescued Senior Corgi – Weight Loss Progress

Image credits: gimbb14

#127 Winston Likes His Strategic Vantage Point

Image credits: the_corgi_winston

#128 Parks & Rec And Double Sploot

Image credits: candeez

#129 Look Who Came Home With Us Today! 8 1/2 Week Old Cooper

Image credits: sammisamantha

#130 Just Trying To Fit In

Image credits: nassunnova

#131 Chonky Floof, 15 Years Old And 37 Pounds

Image credits: volpinazzurra

#132 Toffee’s Sharp Lil Teeth

Image credits: PM-ME-CORGIS

#133 Poor Waffles Hurt His Little Paw

Image credits:

#134 Gotta Pay The Cuddle Toll To Go Downstairs!

Image credits: DkS_FIJI

#135 Extension Corg

Image credits: DanielJStein

#136 This Is My Son, Finn. You’re Welcome

Image credits: ashleeeighty

#137 Corgi Pool Party!

Image credits: Teslalokin

#138 My Corgi Is Proud To Be A “Thicc Boi”

Image credits: chasexclamationpoint

#139 Mom: Don’t Eat Too Much Turkey, Also Me

Image credits: chesteryu29

#140 Please Sir, May I Have Some Food?

Image credits:

#141 Baby George Barks Softly, But Carries A Big Stick

Image credits: volant19

#142 I Proposed To My Girlfriend Yesterday With A Corgi Puppy

Image credits: drawing_a_blank1

#143 Our Little Corgi Is Here To Delivery You Some Smiles

Image credits: TexasWhiskey_

#144 Lucy, Wanna Go Outside?

Image credits: DonutPlains

#145 Double Trouble

Image credits: C0RG1QU33N

#146 She’s Going To Get Away With So Much Using That Look

Image credits: lemmiwinks73

#147 All Tucked In

Image credits: zhangmu021120

#148 They Make It So Hard To Leave For Work

Image credits: herobertonandez

#149 Please Play With Me Dad, I’m Not Ready To Stop Yet

Image credits: slymcsly

#150 Tried To Make Funny Autumn Shot With Fry. Got Majestic Result

Image credits: nooze

#151 Potato

Image credits: cynthia_2901

#152 This Is Bruce. He Loves High 5s And Pupperoni

Image credits: djalphaboost

#153 Pick Me! Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me!

Image credits: DanielJStein

#154 12/10 Good Boy

Image credits: kiiyx

#155 We Thought We Had A Corgi Puppy, But Apparently She’s Just Baby Yoda In Disguise

Image credits: Mitchmatchedsocks

#156 Benny Is A Good Boy Who Got A Medal For Doing A Charity Walk

Image credits: rapgraves

#157 My Dog Is Like So Photogenic

Image credits: slothievcu

#158 But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Image credits: jaatsalman

#159 Sleeping Corgis X2

Image credits: student12543

#160 This Bum Has Found A Way To Be The Laziest Watchdog On The Block

Image credits: Dandobob

#161 It Finally Happened! I Rescued This Beautiful 2 Year Old Boy Today! Everyone Meet Mr. Teriyaki!

Image credits: SlayinDaWabbits

#162 A Smile From Any Perspective

Image credits: dperr117

#163 Flying Corgi, Suspended Potato

Image credits: CasouCai

#164 Trying To Get 7 Corgi Babies To Be Still And Look At The Same Time!

Image credits: centerlinedreams

#165 Grav-Bee Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: DkS_FIJI

#166 Corgi Meeting A Swan

Image credits: Good_Natured_Guy

#167 After A Long Day At The Dog Park

Image credits: Bettabuds

#168 So Sad Even The Tiles Are Feeling It

Image credits: Khaidu

#169 Fluffy Corgi vs. Regular Coat

Image credits: GeoffTheRobot

#170 My New Corgi Puppy Cuddling With Our Family Dog, I Think They’re Gonna Get Along Great!

Image credits: emlsnyd

#171 My Corgi Not So Patiently Waiting For Her Daily Treat From The UPS Driver

Image credits: beta_bunny

#172 Corgi Getting Less Attention Than The Christmas Presents

Image credits: AdamTKE594

#173 My Corgi Puppy Tries To Slowly Slither Away Hoping We Don’t Notice

Image credits: AWesPeach

#174 Our Corgi Sleeping With A Corgi Blanket

Image credits: trifecta31

#175 Marvin Loves To Swim, But He’s Too Short To Get Out Of The Kiddie Pool On His Own. First World Corgi Problems

Image credits: DisgruntledPlebian

#176 That’s Not A Kiss

Image credits: nassunnova

#177 My Sweet Boy In His “Safe Place” During Fireworks

Image credits: notyouraverageohare

#178 My Corgi Decides He Likes My BF Very Much

Image credits: fivefeetoffury

#179 Looking Majestic, As Always

Image credits: RainyDayNinja

#180 Lance Caught Me Eyeing His Stick

Image credits: Thanagor

#181 Ruff Times

Image credits: nassunnova

#182 Poor Corgo… No One Loves Him

Image credits: furushotakeru

#183 Broken Glass In Bathroom, Emergency Confinement Protocol.

Image credits: 333Eloise333

#184 Life Is Hard For A Sausage

Image credits: rileyluck

#185 Christmas Card Photo This Year

Image credits: Vi1espawn

#186 Little Spoons

Image credits: hippiefeet16

#187 We Just Gotta Have Our Treats!

Image credits: Thepawsnet

#188 Yessss Mahm Those Is The Best Scratchies

Image credits: n00dlez11

#189 I’m Rambo

Image credits: Qthe

#190 It Was My Puppers 1st Birthday!

Image credits: Miss-ink

#191 Zelda Fell Asleep Eating Her Dinner

Image credits: Purrsephone

#192 Putting The Corgi To Work

Image credits: coffeeandkerouac

#193 Chubby Fellow

Image credits: FameMM

#194 Happy Birthday To My Little Man!

Image credits: au7s

#195 My Favorite Costumes At The Meetup Today

Image credits: AustieFrostie

#196 When You’re Really Comfy

Image credits: Orrighetto

#197 Her New Favourite Spot

Image credits: nardfox

#198 Corgi Sneeze: A Story In Four Parts

Image credits: DonutPlains

#199 Don’t Worry We Looked Both Ways For Trains

Image credits: BakedLaysPorno

#200 Even For A Corgi, How Is That Comfortable?

Image credits: chx_

#201 Instagram vs. Real Life

Image credits: pitabreadcrumb

#202 When Mama Says It’s Time To Go

Image credits: Joona_T

#203 Possibly My Favourite Photo Of Him. It Never Fails To Make Me Smile – I Hope It Makes You Smile Too!

Image credits: glittercorpse

#204 Maple Just Loves Her Little Scarf

Image credits: stengebt

#205 I Was Told This Guy Belongs Here

Image credits: TheDanimal8888

#206 I Went To The Corgi Cafe At Bangkok Today!

Image credits: queenhandoko

#207 All You Need Is Love… And A Corgi

Image credits: BaconAndEgg

#208 Nugget (Left) Is Our Dog Kuma’s (Right) Brother And They Love Their Puppy Play-Dates!

Image credits: Mr_Schneeblay

#209 Carson And His Room

Image credits: MisterFluffykins21

#210 This Turkey Disapproves Of The Turkey Hat

Image credits: julieboino


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