74 Times People Noticed These Instagrammers Who Heavily Photo-Edit Their Pictures And Exposed Them Online (New Pics)

Even though we're all much more aware of the sheer level of fakery on social media, some Instagrammers still push it to a whole new level. The post 74 Times People Noticed These Instagrammers Who Heavily Photo-Edit Their Pictures And Exposed Them Online (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

Although everyone’s been talking about the harm of social media to our mental health and are no longer taking everything that’s shared there for granted, photo editing apps are still in the game. And it seems like they won’t be going away any time soon.

A survey has found that a whopping 71% of social media users admit they edit their selfies before uploading. The percent is likely much bigger, since many Instagrammers tend to hide that fact from their audiences. Even if their pics speak louder than words…

So today we’re taking a look at some of the influencers that pushed the limits of fakery to a whole new level. Thanks to the subreddit “Instagram Reality,”  which states that “It’s unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don’t!” we have quite a collection to look at and who knows, it may just put you off from Photoshop.

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#1 I Finally Found One In The Wild

Image credits: thelittleEcho

#2 Thank You Tinder For The Incoming Nightmares Ill Have Tonight

Image credits: benkirby1992

#3 Totally Realistic Proportions

Image credits: nunuvurbiznez

#4 Spotted This One On Bumble

Image credits: blrmkeraa

#5 Hairdresser Uses Weird Eye Filter On All Her Clients

Image credits: -Vampyroteuthis-

#6 Someone Call An Ambulance

Image credits: velmazing44

#7 Something Looks Off

Image credits: rodiabolkonsky

#8 Someone’s Learning On Ms Paint

Image credits: Captaincadet

#9 Same Person… Wow

Image credits: ThePandaShow1990

#10 “Professional” Photoshoot, Very Odd

Image credits: albino__bambino

#11 Line Up Ladies, This One Is Single

Image credits: Notoriouslyd

#12 Where Are Her Knees???

Image credits: taboodoc

#13 Make America Blurry Again

Image credits: glittervampiremilk

#14 As If The Day Wasn’t Beautiful Enough, Time To Ruin It With A Big Giant Fake Rainbow

Image credits: EvisceratedInFiction

#15 I Know That This Is Traditional Wedding Makeup… But The Amount Of Photoshop Is Just Insane

Image credits: atomic131

#16 Who Is More Photoshopped Here?

Image credits: dream0098

#17 Left Did Middle Dirty

Image credits: clp90

#18 One Of Her Edits vs. A Screen Shot From Her Live

Image credits: MajorStoneman

#19 Daycare Didn’t Get The Memo To Filter The Photo

Image credits: chicksdigscooters

#20 Never Skips A Leg Day, Just Skips The Right Leg

Image credits: _1000papercranes_

#21 Tagged vs. Social Media: This Popular Chick In Discord Gaming Communities Really Warps Her Head/Chin/Neck Smaller To Get Big Bobs

Image credits: wait_whatamidoing

#22 Stick Figure

Image credits: xXx_Lavender_xXx

#23 Wonder How She Digests Food Without A Stomach, Liver, Kidneys And Intestines

Image credits: XclusiveMTL

#24 She Looks Good In Her 60s, Why Would She Do This?

Image credits: certified_rat

#25 This Side Profile

Image credits: JanuaryRRose

#26 It’s Like 2 Totally Different Women

Image credits: EMGZ

#27 From Her Instagram vs. From A Video Of Her

Image credits: tem1205

#28 A Certain Online Retail Store Is Getting Worse With Their Photoshop

Image credits: dexterous1y

#29 Yeah Uhm…looks…good….?

Image credits: emiel58

#30 Honestly I’m More Confused Than Anything

Image credits: kellywhite1999

#31 I Really Thought At First Glance This Was A Sims Freeplay Edit

Image credits: Winston_Churchill-

#32 Palm Readers Are Out Of A Job?

Image credits: GMLPCB

#33 Bless Wikipedia For Keeping It Real

Image credits: Brewmeiser

#34 Posted vs. Tagged

Image credits: obladi-

#35 Why Are Drinking Straw-Like Noses A Thing?

Image credits: SmolTyrtle

#36 It’s Giving Ross Gellar

Image credits: YouNeedCheeses

#37 Bumbling

Image credits: StarTeebird

#38 Watch Me As I Stand On A Narrow Ledge With My Perfectly Clean Bike On A Wet Day

Image credits: Captaincadet

#39 First Time Finding A Warped Fail In The Wild

Image credits: indig0sun

#40 So Realistic

Image credits: Palp69

#41 Finally Found One In The Wild! What She Posted vs. What The Clinician Posted

Image credits: kingsocks

#42 Make Your Skin Lighter In 7 Days Using Camera Flash In Poorly Lit Corner Of Room

Image credits: admirzay12

#43 Goes Out Of Her Way To Post That She’s “100% Natural” And Her Followers Somehow Believe It.. First Picture On The Left Is A Recent Photo Someone Else Took Of Her That She Made Them Take Down Immediately

Image credits: RevolutionaryNinja61

#44 “Body Positive” Influencer. Claims She Doesn’t Edit Any Of Her Pictures Or Videos

Image credits: Skin_Talker

#45 Bruh

Image credits: theebigsad

#46 Is It Me Or Does This Model Look Like A Horrible Composite?

Image credits: theoneofmanynames

#47 Alien Editing Strikes Again

Image credits: pokebowlprincess

#48 Umm…

Image credits: GautamXo

#49 How Does Anyone Find This Attractive?

Image credits: b-e-b-e

#50 Can’t Get Over The Feeling That Apple Are Using Digital Makeup On Their Female Stars. 4k And No Pores. Looks Like A Cg Render

Image credits: crumble-bee

#51 Posted vs. Tagged

Image credits: Monaco1234

#52 Why Do People Shrink Their Heads?

Image credits: johnwayne2413

#53 How He Presents Himself On Social Media vs. What He Actually Looks Like

Image credits: Tofukatze

#54 The Face Of Self-Rejection? Gentle Reminder To Love Ourselves A Little Bit More

Image credits: ylarka

#55 She Says She’s All Natural

Image credits: blueberrybleachmango

#56 Insta vs. Youtube

Image credits: Shoey_master6382

#57 Warp God

Image credits: Direct-Assistant-191

#58 633 People Didn’t Catch It I Guess

Image credits: reakkysadpwrson

#59 Her Post vs. Her Friend’s Post

Image credits: Payment-Artistic

#60 There’s So Much Going On, I Don’t Know Where To Start

Image credits: paradise1A

#61 Blonde Girl Has The Power To Change Sidewalk Lines. Construction Agencies Fear Her

Image credits: TroubledWaves

#62 Is This The Faceapp Or Is It Photoshopped On To Someone Else’s Body?

Image credits: Ok-Safety-8972

#63 Our Local Divorce Lawyer. Supposed To Be The Same Person

Image credits: DameNaggySmith

#64 I Understand The Pressure To Look Good For Your Dating Profile, But This Is A Bit Much

Image credits: coretwall

#65 She Has The Same Ultra-Smoothed Face In Every Post And Photoshops Most All Of Her Backgrounds. So Bizarre

Image credits: juliakmt

#66 Essex Boy

Image credits: big_madd_andy

#67 I Was Looking For Pics Of This Beach And The Miniature Of This Photo Caught My Eye… I 100% Thought It Was A Joke Post? But It Isn’t? Honestly It Just Makes Me Sad 🙁

Image credits: yerlemismyname

#68 Minutes Away From A Full-Blown Shrunken Head

Image credits: 33Bees

#69 Is This Real? She Still Looks Amazing, I Just Never Realised How She Looked Without The Filters On

Image credits: sausagemuffincake

#70 She Always Tries To Make Herself Look Taller, But This Is Just Way Off

Image credits: SingularFirefly

#71 Instagram vs. Reality vs. Actual Reality. Still Beautiful And My Fav Out Out Of Them, But Let’s Not Get It Twisted

Image credits: Nolames444

#72 I Found One In The Wild!

Image credits: Haribo1985

#73 Noticed This On A Featured Snapchat Story. No Words

Image credits: bel_ly

#74 Known Her For 12 Years And Saw Her Just The Other Day… Don’t Remember Her Looking Like This

Image credits: roastbeefbee


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