202 Times People Captured Alpacas Being Adorable

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Who’s this ever-chillaxed, funky-haired, fluffy cloud of loveliness? Why it’s the alpaca, of course! Since its domestication around 6000 years ago, this adorable camelid has been stealing our hearts with its gentle temperament, sweet face, and soft-as-clouds fleece. Unlike its bigger sister llama, alpacas have never been bred as working animals due to their diminutive stature but used exclusively for their wool. 

If you need a dose of heart-achingly cute animals, scroll down below and check out the adorable photos that we’ve found! And if cute alpacas just aren’t enough on their own, you’ll find some interesting alpaca facts to read in between the photos dedicated to these clouds of love.

#1 This Alpaca Stole My Girl

Image credits: Throwaway_Sabadell

#2 One Of The Alpacas On My School Farm Gave Birth Yesterday. Nugget The Chicken Is Her Godmother

Image credits: TheDocHolliday

#3 Baby Alpaca With His Best Friend

Image credits: mytl

Talking about the sweet nature of alpacas – they’re gentle with people and easily trainable, which allows them to work as certified therapy animals. Several organizations throughout the United States breed and train alpacas to be used specifically for therapeutic purposes. And though we haven’t tried it yet, we have no doubts that cuddling these charming animals would relieve anxiety and fatigue one hundred percent.

#4 Four Alpacas And Their Cat

Image credits: thefreshbraincompany

#5 Her Name Is Simona

Image credits: EvolutionVII

#6 The Sweet Face Of A Baby Alpaca

Image credits: nancyxxu

Besides being so stinkin’ cute, alpacas also have a vast library of hilarious sounds used for communication: 

  • Humming: humming is mainly used between a mother alpaca and its baby, just like singing a lullaby!
  • Snorting: alpacas employ a high-brow snort when other individuals are invading their personal space.
  • Grumbling: just like an old person, alpacas grumble when someone stands too close to them.
  • Clucking: like hens, alpacas tend to cluck when they are worried for their babies. 
  • Screaming: as a good scream should be, the one emitted by an alpaca is extremely deafening and disturbing. Alpacas will scream when displeased with handling or threatened by a potential enemy.
  • Screeching: if screaming isn’t enough, alpacas choose their final weapon, which is a bird-like cry. This sound is mostly used when male alpacas are fighting over territory or the ladies. When a female alpaca tries a screech, it comes out more like a growl, which is even more terrifying.

#7 Alpaca Under A Rainbow

Image credits: AshySlashy616

#8 First Day In Cusco, Peru And I Met An Alpaca

Image credits: vicwanton

#9 Just Two Alpacas Smiling For A Photo

Image credits: MinneapolisWisconsin

One of the less obvious reasons for keeping alpacas as pets or farm animals is their ability to perform as livestock guardians. Who could have guessed that these sweet-natured camelids are more than capable of protecting flocks of sheep by keeping small predators like foxes at bay. Fierce!

#10 Here’s A Photo Of Two Extremely Photogenic Alpacas To (Hopefully) Brighten Up Your Day

Image credits: Theredalpaca

#11 A Lovely Alpaca Smile

Image credits: MyNameGifOreilly

#12 Meet My Friend’s 1 Day Old Alpaca Named Antonio

Image credits: chrischevy

Alpacas are also one of the cleanest livestock animals – they don’t have any strong smell and have a curious way of ‘waste disposal.’ Alpacas use something called a communal dung pile where all of the individuals poop and never graze. Male alpacas are tidier in forming their dung piles, while all the females in the herd defecate simultaneously, forming a line of poop. Anyway, this bizarre behavior allows alpacas to be house-trained.

#13 3 Alpacas About To Drop The Hottest Album Of 2020

Image credits: gotzonraw

#14 Baby Alpaca

Image credits: d4hm3r

#15 Have You Ever Seen A Baby Alpaca So Proud Of Himself For Being Born?

Image credits: kirksdiner

Alpacas carry their babies, or cria, for about 11 months – it’s usually just one baby, with twins being very rare. Right after the birth, both the baby and the mama start humming to each other, thus forming a bond. Crias can stand on their own wobbly legs about an hour after birth. Though alpacas don’t stay as babies for a long time, they can keep you company for about 15 to 20 years, as it is the expected lifespan.

#16 I Found This Derpy Alpaca Close To Where I Live, He Looks So Happy

Image credits: ChristophZee

#17 You Matter

Image credits: olgasokolova_photo

#18 After Almost A Year, My Alpaca Finally Had Her Baby

Image credits: TheDocHolliday

#19 UPS Driver With Newborn Alpaca

Image credits: Nikean

#20 Alpaca Loaf

Image credits: slytherinknowitall

#21 Just An Alpaca Hanging Out In My Office Today

Image credits: rjv4

#22 I Met A Baby Alpaca Today And Got Photobombed By A Proud Mama

Image credits: Brithoward

#23 This Derpy Alpaca At The Petting Zoo

Image credits: herpaderp420

#24 My 5 Month Old Cria Wearing A Very Fashionable Pine Cone

Image credits: sacky85

#25 This Happy Baby Alpaca I Met

Image credits: noIam

#26 This Is What Happens When I Sit In The Field With The Alpacas

Image credits: amarissey

#27 Most Alpacas I Met Yesterday Were Camera Shy, But This One Was Ready To Be A Model

Image credits: JocundTurtle

#28 Today We Met This Happy Alpaca

Image credits: junior6c

#29 Nice To Meet You

Image credits: munapaca

#30 Alpaca Love

Image credits: arjuna20

#31 I Met An Alpaca Today

Image credits: lovethebacon

#32 Bringing You Some Peruvian Magic

Image credits: nomadmartin

#33 These Tiny, Adorable Baby Alpacas

Image credits: my2penniesworth

#34 My Aunt Has An Alpaca Farm And This Is One Of Her Newest Additions

Image credits: ImJohnathan

#35 Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Image credits: cutealpacagram

#36 Alpaca Selfie Time

Image credits: Entrophik

#37 We Got Photobombed By An Alpaca

Image credits: Slamhain

#38 Alpacas Are Cute Too

Image credits: vladgrinch

#39 The Odd One Out

Image credits: remotectrl

#40 An Adorable Floof For Your Friday

Image credits: alpakaliebe

#41 My Parent’s Alpaca Had A Baby Yesterday And I Haven’t Seen Any On Here So I Thought I’d Share

Image credits: saltybaker

#42 My Neighbor’s Friendly And Photogenic Alpaca

Image credits: JeffMo

#43 Our Newest Little Alpaca, Born Monday

Image credits: Lolbrey

#44 Oooh, Hellooo World

Image credits: alpacacorp

#45 When You And The Besties Go Out Wearing Matching Outfits⁠⁠⁠

Image credits: swiatalpak

#46 Zoom In On Me

Image credits: kpmultimedia

#47 When You Know Bae Is Doing Something But You Want Attention Anyways

Image credits: angleseyalpacas_

#48 Smiling Alpaca

Image credits: mbank

#49 Alpaca Photo Bomb Level: Master

Image credits: clapperj

#50 Alpaca Overjoyed With Kisses

Image credits: AndyWinchy

#51 Baby Alpaca In Cuzco

Image credits: St00p3d_M0nk33

#52 And The Award Goes To

Image credits: samisboris20

#53 Wildflowers For Everyone, Cuties

Image credits: peruwianka_alpaki_na_warmii

#54 Distinguished Gentleman

Image credits: nonbirialpaca

#55 Meet Someone You Want To Be Forever With

Image credits: alpacacorp

#56 Aaand Yeees – Double Happy

Image credits: swiatalpak

#57 Happy Weekend

Image credits:

#58 Alpaca Selfie

Image credits: alpaki_w_polsce

#59 Mmm, That Was Deliciuos

Image credits: alpaca.bee

#60 Look At Those Curls

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#61 If Carole Baskin Was An Alpaca

Image credits: kaltenbergalpakas

#62 The Wolverine Of Alpacas

Image credits: jeanpierrethealpaca

#63 An Alpaca Before And After Shearing

Image credits: NoLongerThatGuy

#64 1,048 Alpacas Just Set The World Record For The Largest Parade Of Alpacas

Image credits: kombucha_queen

#65 The Most Photographic Alpaca Ever

Image credits: sheshalesh

#66 I Haven’t Seen Any Alpacas On Here Here’s One That’s A Week Old

Image credits: MrXxxKillsHimself

#67 I Think An Alpaca Pic Is Way Overdue

Image credits: swils217

#68 Say Cheessee

Image credits: GrundleHuffer

#69 I Met This Aww-Inducing Alpaca

Image credits:

#70 Alpacas With The View

Image credits: emmett_sparling

#71 Yap Guys, It’s Monday

Image credits: unsere_kleine_alpaka_farm

#72 So Happy To See You

Image credits: landliebealpakas

#73 Current Situation

Image credits: alpakaliebe

#74 Oommm… Namasteee

Image credits: shamarra_alpacas

#75 Be Like Me – Kind And Courage

Image credits: alpacacorp

#76 Did You See That? Weekend Is Over

Image credits: landliebealpakas

#77 Heeey, Wake Up, Sunshine Is Here And Monday Also

Image credits:

#78 Happy Easter Ya’ll!

Image credits: alpaca.ins

#79 Everyone Wish Pepito A Happy Birthday

Image credits: cutest.alpaca

#80 The Friyay Mood

Image credits: la.vie.en.alpaga

#81 Our Faces When People Say They Still Have Not Seen Tiger King

Image credits: islandalpaca

#82 Me And The Boys At The Wedding

Image credits: swiatalpak

#83 When My Moms Goes To The Neighbours To Get The Ball I Accidently Threw At Their Yard

Image credits: true_vine_farm

#84 Baby Alpaca

Image credits: LIS1050010

#85 Took Our Miniature Alpacas On A Parade Through The Neighborhood They Were The Grand Marshalls

Image credits: alpacaparadebook

#86 The Best Smile Ever

Image credits: alpacateamllama

#87 Friday Happiness

Image credits: alpacacorp

#88 Dreaming Of A Vacation

Image credits: littlehorseontheprairie

#89 Hey There

Image credits:

#90 That Face Tho

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#91 A Thanksgiving Alpaca Selfie⁠⠀⁠

Image credits: alpaka_lilucie

#92 Our Newest Addition, Coco

Image credits: TheAwesomeSimmo

#93 Alpaca Photobomb

Image credits: jonjon02

#94 The Time Our Shearer Gave Our Alpaca, Del, A Bowl Cut

Image credits: scarletmanuka

#95 Ladies And Gentleman Meet Alpacastan, The Mullet Toting Alpaca

Image credits: pjmcshane

#96 An Alpaca About To Get Some Treats

Image credits: epigenomix

#97 Adorable Alpaca

Image credits: fornothing0130

#98 My Friend Is Spending Nye Feeding The Cutest Alpaca

Image credits: atlanticblu

#99 Alpacas Are Cool

Image credits:

#100 He Thinks He’s A Goat

Image credits: HungryLikeTheWolf99

#101 Have A Glorious Looking Alpaca And Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day

Image credits: Woodoblin

#102 How About A Nice, Fluffy Alpaca In These Trying Times?

Image credits: InfinitesimallyFunny

#103 Well This Got A Little Bit Messy

Image credits: 16simona16

#104 Yap It’s Still Weekend Guys, Enjoy It While You Can

Image credits: saar_alpaka

#105 I Now Present You Men And Wife

Image credits: alpaca.ins

#106 Fruit Lover

Image credits:

#107 Alpacas Are Secretly Big Rabbits

Image credits: pacamera

#108 Running Away From My Responsibilities Like

Image credits: piccolo_alpaca

#109 When Your Style On Fleek And Everyone Always Askin’ Where You Shop

Image credits: islandalpaca

#110 Santa’s 10th Reindeer

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#111 Look At This Little Cutiepie

Image credits: marys.alpaca

#112 Bowl Cut Anyone?

Image credits: naturalicefarm

#113 Snuggle Partners

Image credits: commonsidealpacas

#114 Floof, Floofy, Floofier

Image credits: angleseyalpacas_

#115 One Of These Is Not Like The Other

Image credits: theabulian

#116 Do I Look Like A Giraffe?

Image credits: shearjoyalpacas

#117 That’s Love

Image credits: swiatalpak

#118 I Always Wondered What Baby Alpacas Are Thinking

Image credits: JigglyWiggley

#119 Alpaca In A Santa Hat Totally Made My Day

Image credits: shadowvox

#120 A Baby Alpaca Apparently Is Called A Cria And It Is Incredibly Cute

Image credits: wtf-is_happening

#121 My Girlfriend Took Me To An Alpaca Farm For My Birthday This Is Who We Met

Image credits: s_rock

#122 Alpaca My Things And Go With You

Image credits: RobbieBear

#123 I Haven’t Stopped Laughing Since I Took This Photo! At The Pensacola Zoo This Morning So Precious

Image credits: LauraTheBean

#124 Alpaca Life

Image credits: anita00134

#125 Would You Like To Have These Cuties Living In Your Backyard?

Image credits: pianideglialpaca

#126 Looking Back At The Weekend Trying To Figure Out How It Went So Quickly

Image credits: pianideglialpaca

#127 Please Be Happy, Promise Me

Image credits: al_pac_ino_

#128 Sometimes Sunday Could Be Fun

Image credits: landliebealpakas

#129 The Strongest Power On The Earth Is The Mother’s Love

Image credits: shamarra_alpacas

#130 When You Don’t Know Anyone At A Party

Image credits: nonbirialpaca

#131 All We Need Is Love

Image credits: pianideglialpaca

#132 What Did You Say? Oh, I Know, I Am Cutie Pie

Image credits: alpaka_berghof

#133 Smile New Year Is Coming Love Ya’all

Image credits: alpacacorp

#134 Winter Is Coming But It’s Ok

Image credits: schoenbuchalpakas

#135 You Got Something On Your Cheek

Image credits: alpakamo

#136 Love You Guys And Smiling, Have An Awesome Day

Image credits: landliebealpakas

#137 You Smell Weird

Image credits: allevamentosilpaca

#138 3 Gentlemen

Image credits: swiatalpak

#139 Mommy’s Love

Image credits: alpakidom

#140 He’s Just Enjoying Life To The Fullest

Image credits: cutealpacagram

#141 Sleepyhead

Image credits: cutealpacagram

#142 There Is A New Sheriff In Town

Image credits: paulfuentes_design

#143 Morning World! Have A Great Day, Best Wish From New Zeland

Image credits: shamarra_alpacas

#144 Just Two Floof Balls Wearing Floof Balls

Image credits: swiatalpak

#145 Just Living In An Alpaca Farm Fairytale

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#146 Take Our Advice And Fall In Love

Image credits: commonsidealpacas

#147 Cusco Day Dreaming

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#148 Lovely

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#149 That Mullet Tho

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#150 When You And Bestie Know You’re Lookin Good

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#151 Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: tre_alpacas

#152 Will I Fit?

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#153 Fall Vibes

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#154 The Prettiest Bunch

Image credits: camilaperezb

#155 Strike A Pose

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#156 Mommy And I Went For A Walk

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#157 Yummy

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#158 Friyay Mood

Image credits: alpakaliebe

#159 Squad

Image credits: balouns_alpacas

#160 Wet Alpaca

Image credits: TheKnightOfNi198

#161 Cute Alpacas

Image credits: olivewoodley

#162 Have You Ever Done An Alpaca Walk?

Image credits: alpaca.wxrld

#163 Best Selfie Ever

Image credits: llama_.lovers

#164 Have You Got Any Games On Your Phone?

Image credits: alpacasse

#165 Picnic Buddies

Image credits: juniper_rocks

#166 Which One Are You?

Image credits: gli_alpaca_della_valle_farm_

#167 Soulmates

Image credits: alpakidom

#168 When It’s Dinner Time

Image credits: aabachfarm.alpakas

#169 Weekend Aesthetics

Image credits: russian_alpacas

#170 Black And White

Image credits: alpakahofhahn

#171 Happy Friday From 4 Adorable Floofs

Image credits: buckbrookalpacas

#172 Guess Who’s Coming Tonight Y’all

Image credits: silvereditionalpakas

#173 Caption This

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#174 Crowned

Image credits: alpakashannover

#175 Just A Little Alpaca Pool Party

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#176 On Their Way To Getting A Haircut

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#177 Flashback To Those 3 Months When Darwin Had To Drive To And From Work With Me Every Day

Image credits: RiaoraCreations

#178 It’s Soon To Be Cool And Rainy, So The Alpacas Are Making The Most Of The Sun And Warmth

Image credits: heartlandfarmks

#179 Family Picture

Image credits: cutealpacagram

#180 After Getting Off Work On A Monday

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#181 Relaxing After Being Cute All Day

Image credits: naturalicefarm

#182 What Are You Looking At?

Image credits: alpacasofinstagram

#183 All Of The Angles

Image credits: swiatalpak

#184 Nap O’clock

Image credits: crystallakealpacas

#185 Mornings Got Me Like

Image credits: chew_paca

#186 This Wedding Hall In Japan Will Loan You An Alpaca To Act As The Witness At Your Wedding

Image credits: hosoi

#187 Baby Shower

Image credits: brighteyesalpacas

#188 Different Seasons Same Love For Alpacas

Image credits: daxon

#189 That One Alpaca Who Always Jumps In To Ruin Your Picture

#190 Last Night At The Bc Wedding Awards

Image credits: shariandmike

#191 8 Days / 8 Months, They Sure Grow Up Fast

Image credits: chrisburkard

#192 Ready For Winter

Image credits: Important Animal Images

#193 Photogenic Alpaca Is Photogenic

Image credits: LilLisa615

#194 Alpaca Selfie

Image credits:

#195 Ann And Lady Kate, New Best Friends

Image credits: Rezanator11

#196 Alpaca Lunch

Image credits: ryanstuart223

#197 Laughing Alpaca

Image credits: lovely_alpacas

#198 Hello Handsome

Image credits: shamarra_alpacas

#199 Merry Christmas, Fuzzballs

Image credits: alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide

#200 Did I Hear Treats?

Image credits: alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide

#201 Forced Selfies Are The Best

Image credits: alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide

#202 DJ Pacpac, Bringing The Fuzzy Beats

Image credits: alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide


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