This Therapist Goes Viral With 2.3M Views By Sharing 3 Things People Shouldn’t Do When They Fall In Love

A therapist on TikTok shares 3 simple and yet valuable tips on what people shouldn't do when they fall in love with someone. The post This Therapist Goes Viral With 2.3M Views By Sharing 3 Things People Shouldn’t Do When They Fall In Love first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

The concept of love has always brought up a lot of deep and meaningful questions. Even though falling in love is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person, it is also full of twists and turns. This is why the therapist Jeff Guenther decided to share 3 things people shouldn’t do when they feel that they’ve fallen in love with someone. He shared his advice and remarks in a TikTok video that now has 2.3 M views.

In his video, Guenther introduces himself as a therapist. He is also a co-founder of TherapyDen—a platform where people can find therapists of all sorts of specialties. Giving his knowledge and expertise in the field, Guenther also shares some of his work-related insights on TikTok. These include revealing what therapists actually think in certain situations and giving advice on some common issues that people encounter in their relationships

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A therapist from TherapyDen decided to share 3 useful tips on what to avoid when you fall in love with someone

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In his most reviewed video, the therapist talks about relationships and how to keep your head clear when you feel that you’ve fallen in love with someone. He gives 3 simple yet important tips to keep in mind so that your new and fresh relationships have a good head start.

These 3 simple but valuable tips soon became viral on TikTok with 2.3M views

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First of all, it is important for the person not to get caught up in the idea that they’ve fallen in love, but rather to see and find out all the things that might annoy them and try to really understand that person. According to the specialist, once you take into account someone’s irritating manners and still want to be with them, this is a sign that you love this person.

The therapist explained why it’s better keep things slow and steady even though you might want to “dive in” to the new relationship

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The second piece of advice is related to taking things slow. As much as you’d like to see this person every day, it is better to give them and yourself some time as those who dive into a relationship fast tend to break up. Guenther also mentioned that if you’re feeling “anxious” about not seeing this person, it helps to “flip this feeling upside down” to feel good again about the time when you are going to see each other.

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The third thing that the therapist suggests is to stop yourself from making any big and important decisions such as moving in together before you really get to know the person. He also stressed that if another person is pushing you into some big commitments at the start, it should really be seen as a red flag.

Bored Panda contacted the therapist to get some more insights on the topic. At first, he admitted that he was quite surprised to see the video gain so much attention. But then he realized that “it made sense to me why it was so popular. People want to know what they need to do in order to create healthy relationships. I think that’s a pretty universal feeling.”

The first piece of advice that the therapist gave his audience was to see and acknowledge the annoying habits of their love interest. But what to do when you find it really hard to deal with these habits? Guenther reveals that first, it is best to come forward and tell the truth about what is bothering you and ask them to stop. He also added: “Try not to hyper-focus on it. Deliberately try to let go of your annoyance when they do the behavior. You have the power to change your relationship with the annoying habit. If your partner can’t stop it, then you can try your best to find peace and acceptance around it. And if you’re really skilled, try to find the habit endearing or cute. It’s a part of who they are and if you’re going to stay with them then you gotta find a way to tolerate it.“

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People who watch and follow the specialist also like to share their own experiences in the comments. Some of them admitted that they rushed into their relationship, but managed to work it out. Bored Panda asked what Guenther thought about this kind of situation, to which he answered: “Honestly, it’s typical to do the opposite of all my suggestions in the video. If you can do just one of them, I’d be happy for you. But even if you fail at all three, there is still a chance you’ll have a very happy relationship. I just think you’ll have the best shot at a healthy relationship if you can do all the 3 suggestions at the start.”

The therapist also has mentioned that if people are interested in finding out more about such topics, they can also check out the podcast created by Therapist Den called Swoon. Here, two therapists, Julie Jeske and Gina Senarighi, talk about various topics related to relationships, intimacy, and love.

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People in the comments section were also sharing their own insights and experiences related to relationships

The post This Therapist Goes Viral With 2.3M Views By Sharing 3 Things People Shouldn’t Do When They Fall In Love first appeared on Bored Panda.


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