“What Is Considered Socially Unacceptable For No Reason?” (53 Answers)

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When it comes to unwritten rules, there are plenty of grey areas between what behaviors people consider OK and what is not. Social norms differ between cultures; a certain act may receive sanctions or punishments within one group but be seen as normal within another. Plus, as society’s understanding of norms changes over time, so too does its members’ perception of deviance.

In an attempt to learn if this transformation can stall, Redditor u/sadboi017 asked other users: “What is considered socially unacceptable for no reason?” 34.9K upvotes and 21.3K comments later, I think it’s safe to say that it can. Continue scrolling and check out some of the most popular answers.


Not wanting to hold other people’s babies…

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Using swings/playground equipment as an adult. I friggin love going on the swings, I’m 30 and it still fascinates me that I can quickly and easily get 10-15 feet (or higher) in the air with some simple leg movement.

One day I was at a fairly deserted local park on the swings having the time of my life. Suddenly Karen shows up with her two ankle biters, hands on her hips and yells at me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THERE?! THE SWINGS ARE FOR THE KIDS, NOT ADULTS!”

My tax dollars paid for these swings, and there’s no sign saying that I can’t, so I’ll use them as much as I damn well please whenever I want. How much tax did little Johanathan and little Kymburleigh Pay last year? None? Guess they can’t use the swings either.

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Leaving without giving an “acceptable” song and dance about why you are leaving, with leaving because you have basically reached your limit with socializing being “not a good enough reason”

People who can stand to be around other people for huge amounts of time, more power to you, but me? I can’t do that, and I don’t want to have to make up an excuse to do so.

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Turning down an invitation to go out simply because you’d rather stay home with your pets, save money, and preserve your mental health in glorious solitude.

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In some places, calling in sick, because it’s “letting down the team” or whatever. Screw off, I’m sick as a dog. There’s little I will accomplish other than feeling like death warmed up, so you aren’t missing out on much. Plus I could spread whatever I’ve got to coworkers, then we’re all sick

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Being honest when asked “how are you”

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Skipping as an adult. It’s unfortunate because it is faster than walking and much more fun than running.

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Men crying. It’s seen as a weakness typically rather than compassion.

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I’m a grown man and I love flowers. Not even ‘masculine’ flowers, I have an orchid collection.

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Being single.

Some people are okay not being in a relationship for some time and are perfectly happy, but other people just don’t understand that.

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Not answering your own door. When there’s like a salesman at someone’s door, they won’t want to answer but they will act like no one is home, and be really quiet so the person outside the door doesn’t hear them. But it’s your house. I could just stare at a salesman out the window as he rings my bell, who cares. It’s my house. I don’t have to answer my own door, for whatever reason I deem acceptable. You came to my house, not the other way around.

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Being open/honest about not having kids. In my personal life I have gotten more ridicule and very pointed questions bordering on disrespectful over being childfree than about any of my other opinions.

Once I said I wasn’t having kids my family became obsessed with whether or not I was dating, and who, and oh, what if HE wants kids? What if I meet the “perfect” guy, but he wants kids? Well, then I guess he’s not the perfect guy for me. Simple as that. I don’t want kids, and no, I don’t have to give you a detailed bullet list about why I’m not having kids because what I decide to do with my uterus is none of your business.


Not drinking alcohol around others who are drinking. People don’t like it

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Wearing a surgical mask when you are sick to prevent giving the illness to others.

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Napping at work during my lunch break. I don’t really need food in the afternoon, what I really need is a nap!

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40+ male at a playground

Yes I have no partner, yes that’s my 6 year old kid having a blast

No I’m not a pedo but thank you for your questions and passive glares

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Going out for dinner by yourself

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Refusing generosity. It’s perfect alright to politely decline, even though others would vilify you for being ungrateful and cold.

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Apparently self defense isn’t allowed in schools. I guess I just have to accept the beating.

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Seriously, how and why the f*ck did society decide that certain sounds will corrupt children?


Showing distaste for ones family in any way, shape, or form


waking up at 11am or later

i’m not lazy. my responsibilities are taken care of. i stay up late and value my sleep hours.




Having fun as an adult. Fun has no expiration date, you don’t suddenly no longer qualify for fun and have to live a life of watching the news and drinking coffee. People shame adults for doing fun things and that’s absolute nonsense

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Women not shaving.


Holding hands of guy friends (as a guy) in a non sexual way.

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Walking your cat.

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Being a virgin


Not hiding your tampon when you go to the restroom


Men caring about skincare and getting manicures

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Eating lunch alone in your car at work. It’s quiet, comfortable, and I don’t have to make small talk when I’m trying to have some ‘me’ time out of the office.


Drinking soup, mostly referring to soup that’s mostly broth/cream, directly from a cup or mug and forgoing the unnecessary spoon. Will never understand it.

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Wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row


Having dessert before the entree when eating at a restaurant with others.


There are a ton of rules around clothing that are completely arbitrary nonsense. And I don’t even just mean workplace dress codes and gendered clothing that are obvious bullsh*t. Even in casual situations, jeans and a flannel shirt are normal, but if you wore plaid flannel pajama pants and a denim shirt, you would look psychotic.


Not wanting to make small talk. Sometimes being alone in a public place is my only alone time.

I have to put on the show at work and talk to people ALL DAY LONG and if I just want to sit in a bar or cafe or on a bench by myself and stare at my phone I shouldn’t be forced to exchange small talk with someone just because they happen to be in the vicinity of me.

Like currently, I’m having a really bad day and just want to go sit and have a drink and stare at cats or something because being in my house is making it worse, but I can’t, because I’ll be forced to chit chat with someone near me.


Laying down in public.

Source: likes to lay.

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For men to carry purses.

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Ladies can call their friends her “girlfriends,” but a man, absolutely not, cannot call his friends his “boyfriends.” That’s not fair.


hats indoors. No one has given me a valid reason why I need to tell students to take their hats off.


Going to the movies alone.

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Walking while you’re on an escalator. Srsly dude, stop looking at me like that


My voice gets a lil high pitched when I’m annoyed or excited (guy) and my dad of all people frowns upon it for no reason


Standing backwards in an elevator.

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My dad gets SUPER offended when I put my elbows on the table. I still dont know why.

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Using two different socks


Talking about the money you make/your salary.

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Being the first person to get up from your chair when snacks are brought into a meeting room. There’s always that one hero that does it though so others can get in line.


Running everywhere instead of walking.

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Buying beer at 7 am. Not everyone works a 9-5. Some people just got off work


standing on a roof, sometimes. why cant i stand on my dang roof, its my business if i break my legs

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Realising you’re walking the wrong way and then turning around and going back

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Picking my nose. Who cares? It’s not like I’m picking your nose!


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